Chapter 9    [Beauty visiting home]


Qin Chuan is living in one of his comrade’s home. This building should be rather old, around 70-80 years old. Qin Chuan feels that this place should be sent to the museum to become an antique on display. Being able to preserve it until this time period without collapsing, it is really one of a kind.

He is currently doing push-ups in his house. One hand pressing on the ground while his body is doing a handstand. He is doing push-ups consistently.

Qin Chuan’s upper body is currently bare. Every single piece of muscle is perfect carrying a bronze hue. His perfect body line will accept an unknown number of young ladies shriek.

While on Qin Chuan’s body, there were also a lot of scars, knife scars and bullet holes that were like a beautiful badge. Qin Chuan always believes that scars are a man’s badge of honor.

He is using a single hand to support his entire body’s mass. Normal people are basically unable to do such kind of actions. But he does it very easily. He did 50 of them in a row without a single bit of sweat appearing on his forehead.

From next doors comes the moaning of a woman. The moans were rather rhythmic which were like music accompanying Qin Chuan doing his push-ups.

Qin Chuan sneers. Looks like that woman next door started working already. There are all kinds of people who stay in this building of mine. For example my neighbor next door, she’s a prostitute wakes up early and going to bed late, a hardworking person. This girl’s looks is very ordinary but her figure is still okay. More so is that she is very open. Usually, there will be three to four customers who come together. Using her own words, who cares who he is. With my eyes closed, all of them are husbands.

Although he had returned back to the city and become a small security guard, but to Qin Chuan, he cannot stop training. On the battlefield, he more or less had made a number of enemies. He does not know how many people wished to kill him!

At this moment suddenly there was someone knocking on his door,

-thump thump thump-

The urgent knocking on the door resounded in the ten square meters wide room. Qin Chuan maintains his handstand and did not move.

“Qin Chuan, open the door! I hear you inside!”

Outside comes the yell of a middle-aged woman, “If you have the ability to owe the rent then have the ability to open the door.”

Someone keeps knocking on the door. The knocking and cries of the woman next door form an unusual symphony.

“Stop fucking moaning already!”

The landlady shouts, “You moan until the people in the USA can hear! So annoying!”

The lady did not care about this, instead, she moans even louder.

“Open the door ah! Qin Chuan open the door, the movements in your house I heard it!”

The landlady continues to knock on the door and Qin Chuan pinches his throat and cries out, “Meow~”

“Damn it, that stinky brat actually raised a cat! Later on, I must increase his rent!”

The landlady says angrily, “Looks like he is really not in! Next time round, I must get him!”

Qin Chuan did not move at all. Like a statue, he listens attentively until that voice had gone far away before he lets out a sigh of relief and continues his training.

Damn it isn’t it just 200 dollars of rent that’s all. Just owning two days and you chase after me like I want your life! It is not like I am not giving you right? What open the door, open the door like I Qin Chuan had snatched her man!

Just as Qin Chuan plans to continue training, someone knocks on the door again.

This time the round the sound of knocking is a lot lighter. Qin Chuan became impatient, damn it, at most I’ll get slashed by water.

He jumps up and lands on his feet.

“Pressuring me to death ah! Isn’t it just 200 that’s all! I am only late for two days that’s all…”

Qin Chuan pulls open the door and got stunned. The one standing outside is not the landlady but a lovely charming beauty.

“Why did you come?”

Qin Chuan seems to be unhappy.

“What is the matter. Seeing your beautiful big sister you became so happy that you are unable to speak properly?”

The beauty smiles sweetly and the room becomes like a flower that is blossoming.

If it was a normal time seeing this kind of beauty, Qin Chuan will definitely be delighted, furthermore, he will properly take liberties of her as well.

But when he sees this woman in front of him, he is unable to become happy at all. Instead, he looked like he is slightly suffering, like he is having constipation.

“Seeing my good little brother living in this kind of place, as the older sister, I am really feeling heart pain.”

Long Jiaojiao opened her arms towards Qin Chuan, her breasts were like waves surging forth, the cup size was really not small at all.

“Come let elder sister hug, so heart pain ah.”

“Are you done…”

Qin Chuan takes a step back and dodges Long Jiaojiao’s hug, “Not staying at Long Family and run over to my place for? ”

“My temple here is for dirty people. It is unable to contain you this kind of great god!”

“My good little brother, it seems like your willful phase have ended right?”

Long Jiaojiao does not seem to be angry as she crosses her arms and looks at Qin Chuan with some playfulness. “Seeing how unhappy you look, could it be that you got provoked by that Wang Family lass? I had already said before that Wang Family lass does not match up with my good little brother….how about, elder sister helps you look for an even better girl?”

“Forget it.”

Qin Chuan immediately rejects, “Staying by Wang Yue’s side is more comfortable than stay by your side.”

“Aiyah, if you say it like this, you will make elder sister very sad ah!”

Long Jiaojiao glances at the scars on Qin Chuan’s body, “With your constitution, there are actually so many scars left on your body? Back then just where did you go and live ah…I just don’t understand why are you so unwilling to return back to Long Family?”

“I am a person from Qin Family.”

Qin Chuan says bluntly, “I follow my father’s surname. My surname is Qin. Furthermore, I have hands and legs, I can earn money and provide for myself.”

“Earn money and provide for yourself? And live in this kind of place?”

As Long Jiaojiao speaks she pinches her nose, “The moment I entered there is this smell. Don’t even know when this building will collapse! If you really like I can buy the biggest apartment building in City H for you.”

“I already said it before that I will not any money from Long Family.”

Qin Chuan smiles and sits down on his marching **. He crosses his legs and lights up a cigarette and says, “This place is much cleaner than the house that is bought with the filthy money from Long Family!”

“Hmph, sooner or later you will regret it.”

Long Jiaojiao says and pulls out a name card from her LV bag and toss to Qin Chuan. “No matter when you can just take this name card and come and find me. I can agree to any of your demands, after all, you are my little brother.”

Finish talking Long Jiaojiao turns around and walks out. Before leaving she mutters, “This place is too broken already. If a girl stays here, don’t know if she will get pregnant or not…”

Qin Chuan wipes away his sweat, this elder sister of mine is so fierce is she not afraid that she is unable to get married in the future?

Long Jiaojiao is indeed my older cousin. Different from me, Long Jiaojiao is the daughter from the direct family line of Long Family. While I am a born of a concubine, as well as have a father who is not acknowledged by the family.

But what is so good about Long Family? It is my current way that’s more comfortable, everyday free and easy one.

As for snatching other people favor to live, this kind of matter is not Qin Chuan’s character.

Tomorrow is my first day of work, thinking about it I am slightly excited!


Chapter 9    [Beauty visiting home]

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