Chapter 8    [Will not be done with you]


Brother Gui did not expect that Qin Chuan would suddenly take action. Furthermore, when he takes action it will be so ruthless and instantly scream out in pain.

While Qin Chuan instantly grabs hold of Brother Gui’s collar and pulls his head into the car. After which he raised the car window and jams the glass on Brother Gui’s throat. Brother Gui’s head is stuck in the car while his body is left outside.


An enormous blood bubble is scalded out from Brother Gui’s tongue. He can only cry out hoarsely but is unable to let out loud sound.

Furthermore, his throat is jammed by the glass window, thus it was hard for him to breath. This kind of suffering left him in tears. He struggles with all his might wishing to escape from this suffering!

The rest of the hooligans and Qian Jiao were all staring blankly. They did not expect that Brother Gui who was arrogant earlier become so wretched right now.

“Quick, quickly save Brother Gui ah!”

“Brother Gui!”

The hooligans were flustered as they wish to pull Brother Gui’s head out. But who knows that they would pull wrongly causing Brother Gui’s neck to instantly becomes more painful like his neck was about to break. He waved his arms about with all his might to prevent his brothers to pull him anymore!

[Cry: Damn they are idiots.] [TL: Indeed]

“Ah!!! Brother Gui let us use more strength!”

“Everyone work hard! Pull Brother Gui out!”

The little brothers became more energetic as they pull on Brother Gui’s waist, doing their best to pull him out.

Going to die, going to die, going to die ah!!!!

Brother Gui cries even harder. He no longer has the strength to cry out and nearly got killed.

“Scumbag quickly let him go. Otherwise, he will really die!”

Seeing Brother Gui’s manner, Qian Jiao becomes compassionate.

“I will do as what Secretary Qian says!”

Qin Chuan smiles cheekily before lowering the car window.

With a plop, Brother Gui’s head is finally pulled out from the car window like a cork! A few hooligans lost control and all of them falls to the ground. While Brother Gui lies on top of them facing the sky in a starfish position. The scene was very ugly!

“Fucking hell, finally got Brother Gui out!”

“Brother Gui’s head really got stuck there quite firmly ah!”

The hooligans start rejoicing and then start striving for the merit

“Just now if it was not for my huge strength, Brother Gui might have choked to death!”

“Nonsense, it was obviously me who uses the most strength!”

“Rubbish with your few pieces of meat what joke are you saying!”

Brother Gui gasp a few times before standing up and ruthlessly kicks those little brothers who were shouting that they had used the most strength.

“Ahhhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhh!!!”

As Brother Gui’s tongue is scalded, he is unable to speak and can only cry out ‘ah’. But if you translate it, his meaning is -Fuck you guys! Just now I nearly got killed by you guys!-

Qin Chuan points, “Wife, quickly watch, dogs are biting dogs!”

“Never I see a villa and a sports car, I am not your wife.”

Qian Jiao rolls her eyes. This Qin Chuan really knows how to climb up the ladder. I only treat him slightly better, he immediately starts his flowery words again.

“I learned it from the dialogue in the tv dramas ah!”

Qin Chuan looks at Qian Jiao in shock, “I did not say that you were my wife ah, how can you take the position ah! Aiyah, Secretary Qian, could it be that you are interested in me?”

Qin Chuan suddenly holds his chest, “You…you call me onto the car…don’t tell me it’s because you want to do something to me…let me tell you, I, I am not such an easy person…”

Qian Jiao is about to explode, I am also not an easy person ah! Can he be even more shameless!


Brother Gui suddenly picks up the machete from the ground and charged towards Qin Chuan!

“Don’t have enough brains to learn from one’s mistakes.”

Qin Chuan shrugs his shoulders and pulls open the car door and kicks the door.

The car door instantly crashes onto Brother Gui’s body and sends him flying away.

He came fast and left fast as well. Brother Gui instantly flew a few meters away. He tumbles on the ground while the machete drops to the side.

Qin Chuan walks off the car and bends his waist while looking at Brother Gui. But unexpectedly Brother Gui suddenly pulls out a dagger and stab towards Qin Chuan.

“Ah!!!” Qian Jiao cries out in shock. She thought that in the next second Qin Chuan will be lying on the ground in a puddle of blood.

Although I don’t like this fellow…but, but I also do now wish to see him injured…I, I do not wish to owe him a favour!

But Qin Chuan’s left hand shoots out like lightning and slaps away Brother Gui’s wrist away, causing the dagger to drop to the side.

At the same time, his other hand stretches out and grabs hold of Brother Gui’s collar. His wrist uses strength and lifted him up before ruthlessly smashing him onto the ground.


Brother Gui’s head is about to break from the smash. He lies there seeing stars in front of him.

After finally dealing with this Brother Gui, Qin Chuang sits on his stomach and nearly causes Brother Gui to vomit out what he had eaten yesterday night.

Qin Chuan lights up a cigarette before picking up the dagger that dropped to the side and plays with it.

The dagger looked like it was alive as it spins around in Qin Chuan’s hand. The other hooligans by the side watched until their eyes were dazzled and no one dared to step forward to help.

Qin Chuan takes a puff and says, “Remember, in future, this is my, Qin Chuan’s territory. If you dare to have any ideas about my woman. This stab will be into your head.”

Finished talking with a ‘ding’ Qin Chuan stabs the dagger by the side of Brother Gui’s ear! The concrete was very solid. The dagger instantly scattered and a piece of the dagger’s blade brushed by Brother Gui’s cheek leaving behind a line of blood.

Brother Gui was so frightened that he nearly peed in his pants. Bullshit…why did I provoke such a fiend!

“Still not scramming?”

Qin Chuan shouts at the hooligans by the side causing them to toss their baseball bat onto the ground and escapes away like the wind.

“Secretary Qian, the problem is settled!”

Qin Chuan stands up and pulls up Brother Gui whose leg had softened from fear. He tossed him to the side and went to Qian Jiao to claim credit for his achievements. “Does this means that I can have a salary raise?”

Qian Jiao raises her eyebrow and says, “You’re originally a security guard for the department store. This carpark is also within your administrative region! Next time I see hooligans harassing guest here again, I will tell CEO Wang to dock your pay!”

“Really…. exploitation! Undisguised exploitation!”

Qian Chuan instantly looks bitter and feels like he had just wasted his efforts!

“Listen to big sister’s advice. Do your work properly!”

Qian Jiao grins as she looks at Qin Chuan who is deflated and is about to drive the car away, “The car park is in a mess! Just who was the one who parked an electric bike here let me knock it down!”

“Don’t ah it is 1k RMB ah!”

Qian Chuan immediately pulls out his car keys and climbs onto the bike. After which he turns on the bike, “Secretary Qian, want to race?”

“Race your sister!”

Qian Jiao does not know whether to cry or laugh.

What is the matter with me….to actually know such a living treasure! After half a day, this bike was actually his!

Just now she was angry at Qin Chuan and now she has a feeling that she got completely toyed.

“Then that is too regretful, I will be counting on you then!”

Saying finish Qin Chuan steps on the accelerator and immediately wobbles away.

Qian Jiao clenches the steering wheel ferociously and glares at Qin Chuan’s back view as she says in her heart, damn scumbag…I will definitely get revenge for this hatred! Qin Chuan, this miss will not be done with you!

[Cry: If you see any mistakes or sentences that does not make any sense whatsoever please ping in the discord channel. P.S then she falls in love with him in the end 🙂 ]


Chapter 8    [Will not be done with you]

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