Chapter 7    [Lend you to play for 2 days]


Seeing that half a meter long machete, Jin Yang cannot help but shiver.

What the heck, if this blade chops down would how would that guy still be alive?!

But recalling how Qin Chuan had humiliated him earlier, Jin Yang starts to have evil thoughts!

Damn it when have I been made fun of like this! If I do not play him to death I will not be able to release this anger!

“Two legs….no, I want all three legs!”

Jin Yang laughs sinisterly causing that hooligan to pause for a moment, what the, did not expect that Young Master Jin actually have this kind of fetish of keeping a male weapon! What the, don’t tell me that Young master Jin is a pervert ah! Damnit, who cares about that. After all, this young master has money. Helping him do work will not be a disadvantage to me!

That hooligan ask an extra question, “What if he really died?”

“If he did die, I will take responsibility!”

Young master Jin says, “Chop him to death!”

“Good! Brothers let us go!”

The hooligan waved his blade and brings his underlings over.

Qin Chuan does not know that a great catastrophe is about to fall on him. He walks to the parking lot to find his Emma electric scooter.

Currently, his scooter is occupying a parking slot. By the side, a car is unable to drive out no matter what. The car keeps reversing, turning the helm and drive out, then reserve again.

Qin Chuan cannot help but smiles, alas the driver is definitely a lady, her techniques are too unskilled already!

[TL: rip what a sexist…] [ Cry: I agree. ]

“Who is this goddamn person who does not have any civility!”

A pretty woman sticks her head out from the car and starts cursing, “To actually park a scooter in the carpark, what kind of person is this!”

The cigarette in Qin Chuan’s hand drop onto the ground, what the, isn’t this Secretory Qian?

Qin Chuan smiles merrily as he walks up and asks, “Oh, Secretary Qian, are you doing lung capacity exercise?”

“Why is it you?”

Seeing Qin Chuan, Qian Jiao frowns slightly, “Little brother, skipping work during the first day of work? If CEO Wang catches you, don’t say about being a CEO, you will not be able to continue your work as a security guard!”

“Aiyah, Secretary Qian, you follow CEO Wang daily and had separate from the masses for too long. You don’t even know the difficulties of the those below ah.”

Qin Chuan says, “There is no need for us security guard to work on our first day. Otherwise, it will be impossible to calculate our wages!”

“Since that’s the case, then why are you not returning home yet. Do not block me from driving my car!”

Qian Jiao cannot be bothered with this fellow as it’s too troublesome. She prepares to continue to drive her car, but she doesn’t know how to turn the wheel.

“I say Secretory Qian by the time you drive out, perhaps it will be tomorrow afternoon already.”

Qin Chuan looks at his 10 dollar watch and says, “So be it if you do not eat or drink. What would you do if you have to go to the toilet midway? Do you want me to buy a bottle of nutriti-express to tide you over?”

“You this stinky fellow, Big sister is unable to use nutriti-express!!”

Even if it’s Qian Jiao, hearing what Qin Chuan said, her face turns red as her heartbeat speeds up. But she quickly covers it up. “After all, I am still the CEO’s secretary, teasing me like this are you really not afraid of being fired?”

“Aiyah my Secretary Qian, I am saying that I would buy Nutriti-express for you to drink, drink sparingly, what were you thinking about?”

“Bastard, right now I really wish to stomp on the gas and run you over!”

Qian Jiao’s foot is trembling.

Qin Chuan stands there casually and asks, “Stop joking. I am standing here, will you able to knock into me?”

“How dare you look down on my driving skills!”

Qian Jiao is able to see what he is trying to imply.

“That’s right, I am looking down on your driving skills.”

Qian Chuan was about to vomit out blood, this fellow actually admitted it!

“If, if you have the capability then come over! Don’t know which person who doesn’t have civility who parked their scooter here! Blocking it tightly, making it impossible for me to drive out okay?”

“Let me do it.”

Saying so Qin Chuan impolitely pulls open the car door, “scoot over to the shotgun.”

“If you are unable to drive out, then I this big sister, will not let you off!”

Although she is unhappy at being commanded by Qin Chuan, but recalling that she is in a hurry to do her work, she bears with it and obediently moves over.

When she stoops to crawl over, he is faintly able to see the view underneath causing Qin Chuan to keep looking.

Amitabha…this is the secretary of my fiance, I cannot keep looking…

Qin Chuan turns the wheel and immediately press the gas. Causing the car to immediately leap forward.

Qian Jiao got a huge shock as she grabs the handle by the side and asks, “Are, are you able to or not!”

Qin Chuan did not say anything as he pressed the gas. At the same time, he pulled the handbrake. The car instantly turned horizontally as its tail drifts beautifully, rubbing by the parking spot where the electric scooter is parked at.


For a while, Qian Jiao is unable to say anything. He actually really droved out?

“How is it, Secretary Qian. Are you worshipping me now to the fullest?”

Saying finish he pulls out a pen, “Come, come, come. I can sign for you. I don’t mind signing on your chest as well!”


Just as Qian Jiao starts to have a bit of goodwill about Qin Chuan, it instantly disappeared!

This fellow! He is such a complete scum!

“You have completed the task quite well you can get off the car now!”

“Alas, really a heartless girl.”

Qin Chuan sighs, “Just finish using me and you immediately lifts up the pants and refuse to acknowledge on the debt.”

“What, what did you just say! What do you mean by lifts up the pants!”

Qian Jiao becomes very angry. If it is not because she cares about her virtuous lady image, she would have kicked Qin Chuan off the car!

Ah, Qian Jiao, there is something wrong with you! You are the CEO Secretary, your self-restraint is a very good one how can you lose your normal state due to a guy!

Cannot, Qian Jiao you must calm down, calm yourself!

Qian Jiao gently pats her face and prepares to give Qin Chuang a cold face.

But at this moment Qin Chuan lightly lights up a cigarette and says, “Pink color does not suit you.”

Qian Jiao’s face instantly started to turn red after which the flames of anger rise from her belly to her head.

“You this scumbag!”

Just as she is about to erupt in anger, a heavy impact sound occurs on the car.


The two of them turns back to look at the same time only to see a few hooligans standing by the side. One of them who seems to be the leader have his arms bare and on his chest, there was a tattoo. Don’t know what this brother is thinking. Of all things to tattoo, he tattooed a cuckold!

[TL: basically it is a tortoise which can be called Wang Ba which means cuckold depending on the situation.]

[Cry: had a hard time editing this sentence. So I just added some small letters.]

He was holding a machete in his hand which he knocks against the car. He sneers, “This car is quite beautiful eh, lend Brother Gui for me to drive it for two days.”

Qian Jiao is slightly shocked and also a bit frightened. Why would there be this kind of hooligan in the parking lots of the department store! Is the security guard department incompetent?!

Qin Chuan looks at that Brother Gui and instantly smiles. Holding the cigarette in his hand he points at Qian Jiao by the side and says, “Brother, my chick is even prettier, why don’t I lend her to you to play for two days?”

Qian Jiao got a huge shock as she scolds, “You this bastard! Scumbag! Scum!”

Seeing Qian Jiao, Brother Gui instantly becomes mesmerised.

This lass is really fucking damn beautiful ah….this face, this breasts, her legs…if I can sleep with her, it is worth it to live 10 years less ah!

“Little fellow not bad ah, go ahead ah.”

“Go your mother!”

Qin Chuan’s gaze suddenly turns severe as the cigarette butt in his hand jabs into that Brother Gui’s mouth.

[Cry: If you see any mistakes or sentence that does not make any sense. Please tell me in discord.]


Chapter 7    [Lend you to play for 2 days]

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