MCW 68

Chapter 68    [Title below]


Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet

Qin Chuan’s flat price instantly takes away 180k even if he was not hearted pain about money, Wang Hai feels that his face was about to be thrown away.

Being scammed so much by a newcomer, isn’t it super shameful!

Wang Hai’s mouth is twitching as the two burly guards behind him immediately walks up as they clench their fist letting out cracking sounds.

Wang Hai digs his ear as he asks Qin Chuan expressionlessly, “Little fellow. Just now much did cut did you say you want? Hai-ye, I did not hear clearly. You say it again.”

Qin Chuan smiles, this fellow wants to play fierce with me?

He immediately claps his hands, “Come, come, come. Brothers come and meet Mr. Hai-ye!”

The moment he finished speaking over twenty members walks out of the building. Each of them was stinky and had worked until they were angry. The fire in their eyes as they stared at Wang Hai’s skeleton-like body.

Wang Hai instantly got stunned, what the heck. How did so many people emerge from this small and trivial company!

There were over twenty members and a number of them appear to be quite strong fighters from just a look, they are old hands in the gangs!

“Hai-ye asked us how much cut we take when we collecting debts. Come, tell Hai-ye loudly.”

Qin Chuan shouts. With his back facing Wang Hai, Da Mao secretly shows a six in an angle that Wang hai is unable to see.


Violet’s members shouted while Qin Chuan’s nose nearly turned crooked from anger.

“Fucking hell?! How much?!”

Da Mao instantly becomes anxious as he shows a figure 10.

The guys hurriedly change their words and said, “10%!”

Qin Chuan becomes mad and roars, “Fucking say them together!”

The guys anxiously shout, “Ten….six…….sixty percent!”

No matter how many times they shout Wang Hai was already terrified.

Originally he had thought that `Violet` this place is just a pushover that he can pinch as he liked but who would have known that he would actually run into a prickly hedgehog!

“Can already, Hai-ye. You also know the rules, hand the IOU over to me and go back!”

Qin Chuan took the IOU before cupping his hands and sending him away, “Come back in three days to collect the money! If you cannot collect it, then you tear my signboard!”

Wang Hai resentfully sits in his minibus and leaves. At this moment Xu Lei finally had a chance to speak.

“My little brother ah! You really dared to take any kind of jobs ah! How is Brother Pao someone you can take care of ah!”

Xu Lei starts lecturing, “He’s the tyrant of Taiping ah! Back then when he made his mark, you were still mingling somewhere for food! Right now his business is so big already how are you going to deal with him?”

“Old brother what are you afraid of. We’re doing legal business ah!”

As Qin Chuan speaks he shakes the IOU in his hand, “This IOU is still in our hands written in black and white! As a matter of fact, because of an urgent matter, Yu Dashan borrowed 300k from Wang Hai in 2009! On the back, there’s also both of their names! Helping people collect debts, not only is this only an honorable business, or chivalrous, it’s simply like Lei Feng ah! Ah, I’m really worshiping of myself ah!”

“You can drop it! I don’t care about whoever you want to collect the debt from! That Yu Dashan does not have less than 50 subordinates. But all of them are old foxes in the gangs, our assistant is impressive why are we confronting them head-on?”


Qin Chuan suddenly smiles as a trace of evilness appears in his eyes, “Our `Violet` had just been established. But eventually, we will need to have an offering! That Yu Dashan is unlucky and just nicely falls into our hands!”

“You with this inflexible thinking!”

After speaking for so long Qin Chuan did not listen to his advice making Xu Lei swing his hand, “Damn it. I’m no longer caring about you! You can do whatever you like!”

Finished speaking he sits in his Jetta and wants to turn on the engine and drive away. But in the end, after half an hour, he was still unable to turn it on and he finally tossed his car key angrily onto the ground and said to Qin Chuan gloomily.

“Damn it. Brother can still lend you a hundred people on my side. Da Mao over there can also gather 200 people for you. If really cannot, you can just scare Yu Dashan away!”

Qin Chuan and Luo Li smile. Their smile makes Xu Lei feel completely uncomfortable.

“What are the two of you smiling for! Looking down on me Xu Lei?”

“Brother Lei. We’re no looking down on you. We’re looking down on those people that you can call.”

Qin Chuan walks over and takes Xu Lei’s car key, “Later if we need people to organize a plaza dance and the likes, I guarantee to let you call those people up. Let me tell you, our `Violet` needs people who dare to use a real knife and gun! Does that don’t play with fakes! Da Mao is also the same. Those people of his are must mass of performers. I don’t wish to find them. I only wish to first properly develop the strength of the core of 30+ people here. Some more with that 30+ people in Luo Li’s hands all together there are over 60 people which can be considered as our elite senior members.”

“What do you wish to do?”

“Do what? These 60+ people will definitely not be able to survive if we only do security business. But we don’t have any capital in our hands. Later I’ll set up some stalls! We will definitely take Taiping District. Later during this week, we’ll set up a few small food stores, mahjong parlor, arcades! Either I don’t do it, if I’m going to do it, I shall do them big!”

Xu Lei was unable to believe the plan that he just heard, “You’re going to fight against Yu Dashan on all sides?”

“That’s right.”

Qin Chuan nodded his head, “Tonight I’m not going home. Let’s fight against Yu Dashan on all sides now!”

“Qin-ye how ah? Do you want me to use a summoning technique to call down some celestial army and generals?”

Da Mao hand covers one of his eyes and blinks with his other red eye and said, “This Taoist had cultivated for so many years, today this scattering beans which turns into soldiers can finally be put to good use!”

“Less fucking nonsense!”

Towards these fellow Qin Chuan bluntly shouted, “Call those 30+ little brothers of yours over. Tonight we’ll go to Yu Dashan’s territory to collect some protection fee!”

“Not bad ah, looks like I didn’t make an error of judgment.”

Luo Li smiles, “To actually go to the tiger’s den to extract its tooth, you’re ruthless enough.”

“That’s right. If want to play let’s play big!”

Qin Chuan smiles, “I shall let Yu Dashan know pain first then make him vomit out the money!”

“Can, but collecting protection fee, can those bunches of yours even do it or not?. Let my people follow you.”

Luo Li was somewhat restless, “Usually it was always me who was fighting for territory while the pleasant task of collecting protection fees was done by Chen Hu. Today let me try it.”

“You can follow me. But those brothers of yours cannot.”

Qin Chuan waves his hand, “What is the point of gathering so many people. It’s not like we’re an evil sect going around. Bring this group of little fellows to let them see the world. We cannot keep asking them to do heavy manual work right?”

“Right, right, right. Qin-ye, let us follow you!”

“That’s right. After moving things for an entire day, it’s torturing me to death ah!”

These youngsters started blurting out. Hearing that they can collect protection fee, their eyes brighten up.

Entering the gangs, isn’t it for this day!

When young, these fellows do not like studying and most of them drop out of school and stay in the internet cafe. Since young, they were watching gangsters as they grow up making them yearn for those kinds of killing and fighting of the gangs, the code of brotherhood kind of life!

But the moment they really entered the streets, only then did they know that was not the case! Sometimes they were so poor that they didn’t even have the money to eat and is worst than the beggars on the street. There were no such scenes happening!

“Can, then let’s prepare a bit.”

Luo Li thinks a bit before saying, “This Taiping food market is Yu Dashan’s territory. At night it’s also very bustling. With a night market, there are a lot of stall owners. Usually, they would give Yu Dashan’s people some cuts. Today it’s time to change owners.”

“Okay. It’ll be them then.”

Qin Chuan and them click together before discussing their plans.

“I feel that we ought to have some trait.”

Qin Chuan breaks a watermelon into pieces with his bare hands and split them to those in front of him, “We cannot work blindly!”

“Qin-ye, I recommend that we should look more imposing!”

Da Mao gives a suggestion, “I see that Azure Dragon Group members are wearing green belts and the like. When a group of people gathers together it’s quite eye-catching! Let’s also have the same!”

“Can work, I see that it is okay.”

Xu Lei nods his head, “Da Mao’s suggestion is not bad. But where do we go and get so many violet materials? How about I let Xiao Wei go buy one…I still have 2.50 on me which is for tonight’s midnight snack. It doesn’t matter if I become hungry for a period of time, but our Violet can’t have anything happen to it! Might as well slim down and contribute a bit to our Violet. Let’s treat it is as big brother draping red for you! Let Xiao Wei take the money to go to the market to buy some materials and return to make a purple ribbon for all of our brothers!”

“No, no, no!”

Qin Chuan hurriedly stops this generous Big brother, “There’s no need for brother to spend his money on this small matter!”

“How can you say like that!”

Xu Lei is a bit angry, “No matter how cheap I, Xu Lei is usually, this time I also wouldn’t be so petty! Brother Qin taking such a big business, I also cannot be ambiguous! Spend! Don’t need to be heart pain about big brother’s money! Say I am going to draping red for you that’s mean I am draping it red!”

Da Mao and Luo Li who is listening by the side grin as they say in their heart, this old guy is too miserly already. How is this fucking call draping it red! 2.50 drape your sister red!

Qin Chuan advice Da Mao with deep intentions, “I understand old brother’s intention! But those are old brother’s coffin money, as brother, I cannot touch it!”

“It is still little brother Qin who is heart pain for me ah!”

Xu Lei hugs Qin Chuan and sighs in sorrow, “Brother Lei did not love you for nothing ah!”

Qin Chuan’s mouth was about to curl up already but he is still able to endure it.

At this moment Da Mao came out with a solution for Qin Chuan, “Qin-ye, I have a piece of purple curtain at my home. I see that the material is not bad. Why don’t I go and steal it for you!”

“Still not hurrying!”

Qin Chuan kicks him, why didn’t you say so earlier, making me so troubled!

Da Mao swiftly runs out and drives Qin Chuan’s car. Very quickly he returned carrying a large bundle of curtains. Luo Li orders her subordinates who were slightly more hands-on to fiddle with it.

“Damn, I’m really a bit fired up ah.”

Looking at the people in front of him, for the first time he had a feeling of founding his home.

“Today is a happy day ah. It’s really fated that the few of us would gather together. Why don’t we become sworn siblings!”

Qin Chuan points at the cloth Doraemon on the old cupboard by the side. Don’t know if it was the past owner who throws it there, it is filthy and a bit ugly.

“Let me make that into  Guan Er-ye and become sworn siblings here!”

“Your sister….this can be Guan Er-ye?!”

Luo Li rolls her eyes while Da Mao immediately picks up the red paint and smear on Doraemon’s face making its face completely red, “Big sister, you see is it similar now!”

Luo Li had the urge to trash his head but Qin Chuan’s proposal makes her emotional.

This Violet, through becoming sworn siblings to obtain a stable position indeed is the best way.

They clicked together* thus they let a little brother go and buy wine and joss stick. They kneel down in front of Doraemon Er-ye and becomes sworn siblings.

Halfway through that Qin Chuan suddenly thought of something and mutters, “I see that Xiao Wei is also quite pleasing…Brother Lei, why don’t we call him over as well?”


In the end, because Xu Lei has the oldest age, he comes Big brother. Qin Chuan is number 2, Luo Li is the third while Da Mao who is older but his fist is smaller than the two above thus is the most willing to be the number fourth.

“Okay done!”

Qin Chuan ties a purple ribbon on his arm and drinks finish his wine. He then smashes the bowl in his hand which makes Xu Lei trembles in heart pain.

“It is no longer earlier. Let us start work! Brothers, raid time!”


* [Cry: By sky Fuji – Well like u go uni meet new classmates then hey u make a friend very easily like somehow you can get along with that other person]

[ Cry: If you see any mistakes at all that needs editing just tell in the comments or discord.]

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 68  [Becoming sworn siblings]

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