MCW 67

Chapter 67    [Title below]


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Da Mao takes a look at this skeleton-like guy and immediately steps forward and smiled merrily as he says, “Our company had just been established so it doesn’t have any fame. Hope that this customer is able to take care of our business.”

Qin Chuan glanced at this guy and feels that he is really damn scarily skinny! He is like bamboo that would be blown from City H to the neighboring country!

What the heck. If the wind is really powerful then what would happen?

“This is Brother Pao’s territory. You guys opening here, aren’t you afraid that Brother Pao becoming angry?”

Brother Pao is Yu Dashan’s nickname. Because it was said that before Yu Dashan entered the gangs, he was an artillery soldier. He is known for nothing but firing cannon. Furthermore, he fires very loudly and impressively.

Later on, after he entered the gangs and people started to have a habit of calling him Brother Pao. He was also rather happy about it and did not oppose it.

Thus it might be possible that very few people know who Yu Dashan is but if the people mentioned about Taiping Road’s Brother Pao or Natural Spa, then those who know a bit will know who he is.

“Brother Pao does his own business, we do ours. The entire Taiping District is so big. Brother Pao wouldn’t be so petty right?”

Qin Chuan is able to see that this fellow is slightly thorny. He pulls Da Mao behind him and walks forward with a smile.

“I don’t know if I could do anything for you, sir? Are you here to discuss business with us?”

“You don’t say. I really do have some business that I need you to do.”

The skeleton guy chuckles as he pulls out a `Hard China`. A burly guy by the side immediately offers a lighter and lights up the cigarette for him.

Riding a Wuling Sunshine and smoking a Hard China, this brother is a bit too poor already.

“Didn’t expect that the company would have business on the first day it opens.”

Luo Li does not fear anything as she places her hand on her waist while playing with a throwing Knife with the other.”Just hope that you’re not here to mess with us.”

“This girl is rather aggressive ah.”

The skeleton man chuckles, “I, Wang Hai is also a famous person on the streets. Although I’m not that great in mingling around, but there’s also no need for me to make life difficult for you these younger generations.”

“Wang Hai?”

Qin Chuan raises his brows while Da Mao immediately pulls his Qin-ye to the side and softly said, “Qin-ye…this Wang Hai originally mingle around in Taiping district quite well…everyone called him Taiping Brother Hai…but later on, Taiping Brother Pao becomes resolute and brings a few people to do Brother Hai in. Thus, right now Brother Hai’s reputation is slowly declining…”

Da Mao’s gossips while Qin Chuan keeps nodding his head.

“Ah, so it’s Brother Hai! I had been disrespectful ah!”

Xu Lei immediately walks over and starts acting close, “I have been looking forward to meeting you for a long time. Today I have finally met the real person. This is really little brother’s honor ah!”

“Isn’t this Brother Lei? Calling me Brother Hai is really not deserving of me.”

Wang Hai chuckles, “Isn’t it said that Brother Lei had never entered this side? Today you finally decided to open a business?”

“How’s that so ah. I’m already so old, how would I dare to play with such things. I’m only here to root for my little brothers.”

Xu Lei hurriedly waves his hands indicating his position.

“Brother Hai is it. So what advice do you want to give us?”

Although Luo Li was the vice-hall leader of 8th Desolate Hall, she had never met Wang Hai before. After all, Wang Hai’s fame was a few years ago. When Luo Li started to rely on herself to become famous, Wang Hai had already fallen.

“Nothing to advice. I see that you guys do a lot of different kinds of business ah.”

Wang Hai points at the big-character poster posted by the side, “Can also help people collect debts. This security company of yours is rather capable ah.”

“You’re being too polite.”

Qin Chuan cups his had, Right now I had just opened a company and opened business to welcome a customer. Naturally, I cannot go against the customers.

“Nothing to be polite. Just nice I have a sum of money that is about to go blind already. You guys can help me get it back?”

As Wang Hai speaks, he points behind him. “Do you see this van behind me? In the past Hai-ye, I used to drive a sports car. But in the end, right now I can only ride this one! If you can collect this debt back for Hai-ye, Hai-ye will consider you guys having capabilities! If you are unable to get it back, Hai-ye thinks that there’s no need for you to open any more! Without strength, then don’t try to seize porcelain to work with!”

“Collect debt?”

Qin Chuan and Luo Li look at each other while Da Hao secretly tugs Qin Chuan.

“Old pal ah….you need to be careful of the main point.”

Xu Lei also advices softly, “He didn’t come with good intentions ah….in this line of work, collecting debts is way harder than dealing with others….after all dealing with problems is nothing but fighting that’s all. Collecting debts might need to be done with knives and guns…”

“No worries….”

Qin Chuan pats Xu Lei’s shoulder, “Since he had already come to our door, we also opened our doors for business, we cannot refuse to take this job. If we don’t take this job today, perhaps in the future, Violet will no longer have any business.”

When Xu Lei heard this, he can only sigh and did not say anything anymore.

“Collecting debts isn’t hard. What’s hard is who we’re collecting it from.”

Although Luo Li does not wish to take this collecting debt business, but she, in the end, was once the vice-hall leader of Azure Dragon Group. She had experienced a number of winds and rain. She looks at Wang Hai and asked, “Say it, who do you want to collect this debt from. How much is it and when is the deadline?”

“Got guts.”

Wang Hai chuckles, “This debt of mine ah, not that much. A total of 300k. Although I’m not urgent for money but let’s not delay it. I’ll give you 3 days at most! Within three days if you are unable to get it back then I’ll be smashing your signboard…”

Wang Hai’s gaze lands on that cardboard and hesitates a bit.

What the heck how to smash this cardboard…it seems like it still a technique problem…

“I shall tear your signboard!”

Indeed is here to cause trouble!

But since Qin Chuan dare to open this business, he was not afraid of people coming to cause trouble.

“Deal. But you still haven’t said who you want us to collect this debt from!”

“Also not some big character. Comparing to Azure Dragon Group’s head, Black Tiger Hall’s Hall Leader he is still far away.”

Luo Li’s temper is not that good and directly urges.  “Just who is it! Hurry and say! Don’t dilly dally!”

That Wang Hai is also not angry and says out three words, “Taiping Brother Pao!”

This sentence causes everyone to take a cold breath.

Good fellow. This Wang Hai really have a belly of bad water ah. To actually make their Violet go and find trouble for Taiping Brother Pao! Isn’t this lighting a lamp in the toilet and seeking death!

“Are you purposefully finding trouble for us?”

Luo Li becomes very unhappy. She had met several crafty fellows, Chen Hu is one of them, and this Wang Hai is also another!

She pinches the throwing Knife in her hand as her pretty eyes glare at Wang Hai.

Wang Hai was not afraid. Instead, he whistles at Luo Li’s sexy figure.

“Hai-ye I likes fiery girls like you. What’s the matter, if you got guts then toss your throwing Knife!”

As he speaks Wang Hai stretches his head over and place it in front of Luo Li, “Come, come, come. Toss that knife towards Hai-ye’s head and Hai-ye shall instantly lie down!”


Luo Li had never seen before this kind of thick face person. Qin Chuan directly steps forward and press his hand down on Wang Hai’s shoulder.

Wang Hai suddenly felt like he got grabbed by an iron clamp making him unable to move.

“Hai-ye, you also don’t show off here. We’ll be taking this deal. Da Mao, come tell Hai-ye our rules.”

“Okay ah!”

Da Mao immediately walks over and covers his right eye and uses his red left eye to look at Wang Hai and says, “Hai-ye, swearing on my Wicked Eye, right now what I say is the truth…”

“Stop messing around! Hurry and say the serious matter!”

“Okay ah! Qin-ye!”

Da Mao becomes serious and says, “Hai-ye, we also have rules for collecting debts. We cannot help you collect it for nothing right?”

“I understand the rules.”

Being pressed down on his shoulder by Qin Chuan, Wang Hai feels like he got locked up by other people and was very uncomfortable. He can only take two steps back and leave Qin Chuan’s reach before saying, “Say it. How do you guys charge your fee?”

“Hehe…before our transaction is complete, let us state the rules of the street first.”

Da Mao instantly narrows his eyes. That evilness seems to be swimming in those red eyes, “When we complete it, we’ll be taking a cut which is 40%, which is 120k! If it didn’t succeed, then it is us who is incapable, so we will not get anything.”

Hearing this figure, Wang Hai was instantly stunned.

On the streets, the rules were not this high ah! It was normally only 30%, a 300k debt is a 90k cut! it was impossible for it to be higher.

“You guys this…is a bit too shady right?”

“Not shady, not shady at all. Hai-ye you see, we are called ‘Violet’, not Black Widow!”

Da Mao smiles brightly, while Qin Chuan and Luo Li looked at each other and smiles.

This Da Mao is quite quick-witted and understood Qin Chuan’s intentions. This bastard Wang Hai actually dares to sabotage us, but we’re also not that easy to deal with. Since you actually dare to try and sabotage us, then don’t blame us Violet for ripping you off! Otherwise, you would really think that our Violet was a pushover! If everyone comes and pinch us a bit wouldn’t it be shameful!

Just as Wang Hai was about to speak Qin Chuan suddenly frowns and berates, “Da Mao what rubbish are you saying! How can you want 150k from this debt?!”


Da Mao blanks out, what does my boss mean?

Wang Hai’s heart is slightly satisfied. Looks like this guy in-charged is afraid of me. Who am I? Wang Hai. Even if I’m already inferior to Brother Pao, I’m still well known! They are a company that just opened and also dare to challenge me? What a joke! On the contrary, I’m going to make use of them to cause trouble for Yu Dashan! If they don’t dare to go then do not blame me for blackening their company’s name!

“Damn it! 40% is a claimable debt!”

Qin Chuan curses as he says, “Hai-ye’s debt is a fucking dead debt! Dead debt is a flat 60%! Alright then, either accept the deal if not scram!”

In their line of collecting debts, a claimable debt is 30% cut while a dead debt is 50% cut. While Qin Chuan instantly calls out 60% which nearly scared Wang Hai away.

Wang Hai’s eyes narrowed as he says darkly, “Little fellow…you’re a bit too shady already right….”

“Aiyah, Hai-ye, we’re originally playing shady ah.”

Qin Chuan smiles and did not yield at all, “That 300k of your is originally a dead debt. If you’re able to take 120k then it can be considered as you earning already. Our Violet had clearly marked the price already. If you’re willing then we shall help you. If you don’t then the road is underneath your feet. You can go wherever you want!”


[Cry: Okay, I had trouble if Luo Li was actually using daggers or Knives. Since I only know Throwing knives and not Throwing Daggers. That’s usually just them throwing their daggers. So until further calrification, I’ll be editing Luo Li’s Throwing Daggers to Knives. ]

 This is the only image I could find considering Throwing knives made by Chinese. According to Google at least.

[ Cry: If you see any mistakes at all that needs editing just tell in the comments or discord.]

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 67  [Black eat black]

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