MCW 66

Chapter 66    [Title below]


Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet

“Is this office…reliable…”

Qin Chuan looks at the two-story building that Xu Lei rented for him as his heart is more or less a bit weak.

Since the last time he defeated Chen Hu from Azure Dragon Group, Qin Chuan and Luo Li had been discussing about jointly establishing a company.

Based on Luo Li’s intentions, she only wished to establish a gang. For examples like the Black Tiger Hall or Azure Dragon Group these kinds of organization which was directly rejected by Qin Chuan.

“We’re together to spread love and justice.”

Qin Chuan emphasized on this point, “We are not entering things like the gang world do you understand?”

“Boss, why don’t we rent a boat and go out to sea!”

Da Mao crouch by the side. During that day of discussion, this guy did not wear Dante’s clothes, instead, he was wearing Jack Sparrow’s clothes and put on the make-up of smoke and fire.

The most amusing part is this brother had gotten a wooden prop from somewhere which covers his hand turning his right hand into a hook….Qin Chuan feels that this fellow must have spent the money that he had earned on cosplaying!

“We are men who’s going to conquer the seas! The treasure `One Piece` is waiting for us!”

[Cry: Well a Reference to the anime/manga `One Piece!` ]


Qin Chuan directly hits him on his head, did this brother watch too many Pirates of the Caribbean or too much One Piece ah!

In the end, the entire group had no choice but to find Xu Lei. Although Xu Lei this old fellow is very cheap, but his knowledge is very smart and had experienced a lot. It was best to ask him, thus there is this two-story building in front of them.

The two-story building looks rather shabby. The walls were made out of red bricks, the windows on the second story were broken. After purchasing it, perhaps there was a need to renovate.

Besides the balcony on the second floor, there was a big red paint with the writing ‘Tear it down’ which is shocking.

Qin Chuan cannot help but ask, “This building…is really fine?”

“Relax, when your Brother Lei, handles things when had I made an error of judgment!”

Xu Lei laughs as he takes out a key. “This building was built in the 90s. The materials used were all old material which was durable. Let me tell you, it’s all because of my face otherwise, normally you wouldn’t be able to rent this building.”

“The company’s door curtain seems to be a bit lacking….”

Qin Chuan is very gloomy. Today he had requested for a leave of absence and came out with Luo Li and Xu Lei to see this new company.

Under Xu Lei’s suggestion, they finally opened a security company. Although they said it like this, but in actuality, it was still somewhat on the shady side. Basically, other than security services, this company also does other works. Like Collecting debts, fighting, as well as collecting protection fee from the surrounding area.

“This is Yu Dashan’s territory.”

Luo Li looks at the surroundings before saying, “If we collect protection fee here, we will definitely have a fight with him.”

“Yu Dashan, Brother Bao?”

Da Mao is also part of the gangs. Although he did not mingle around quite well, but he does know some of those people with fame, “He is also in this area?”

“Of course. A lot of the area in Taiping District is under his hands.”

Luo Li nods her head, “This place has his business. Nature Spa Center. This guy is a mad man. Even 8th Desolate Hall who likes fighting all over the place also does not dare to come to this area to snatch territory from him. Brother Lei, why did you wish to open shop here?”

Xu Lei chuckles, “Although Yu Dashan is a bit ruthless but after all, it’s still a small gang. They don’t have that many fighters under them. Azure Dragon Group is not willing to snatch territory from him, honestly speaking it is because Azure Dragon Group looks down on this piece of territory. If our company wish to build up from scratch we must set up from here. Furthermore, this place isn’t that far away from my Autoparts Workshop. If there’s any problem, I’m able to look after you guys a bit. The people around this place knows me and more or less will give me some face.”


Qin Chuan nods his head, “It’s good if Yu Dashan doesn’t come. If they come then we kill them. Anyways this territory, I am going to occupy it!”

Qin Chuan looks at this two-story building in delight. Didn’t expect that after entering Imperial a few days, not only did I get promoted and have a pay raise, I had already opened my own company! It’s a pity that I can only be an arm-flinging shopkeeper. As for the concrete matters, I still need Luo Li and Shan Jiu and the rest to handle.

Although Da Mao is wholehearted in following me, but this fellow cannot be relied upon as his chunibyo syndrome is too serious already!

My direct subordinates are only those hot-blooded youngsters. They also don’t have any brains and are unrefined.

Alas, recalling the time when I was in the mercenary army, those generals of mine…if they were still alive, there was no need for me to fall to this stage. What Azure Dragon Group and Black Tiger Hall, wouldn’t they be flattened within minutes!

Today Da Mao is wearing slightly low profile but it is only relatively low-profile a bit. This guy was wearing Amaterasu’s robe. The black robe is decorated with red clouds.

While Da Mao had purposefully put on a cosmetic contact lens. His left eye was red as he says, “My Wicked Eye is already finding it hard to endure already…”

Qin Chuan really wish to bash him up!

“Come, come, come. Today you guys open up for business. Don’t say Brother Lei is cheap, I had bought the board for you guys.”

As Xu Lei speaks he takes out a cardboard from his Jetta.

The cardboard seems to be from an old household electric appliances box. It was almost two meters long and on it was a few words written in red paint.

<Lei Lei Security>

“What the?! So be it if you use cardboard to make the board! Why is the company name yours?!”

“Aiyah, anyways we also didn’t register anything…so I casually made one…”

Xu Lei coughs drily, “Most importantly is because I write these two words the most smoothly.”

“Pei, if want to write also write my name!”

Qin Chuan picks up the paint bucket, “I’ll write Qin Chuan’s Security!”

“Base on what!”

Luo Li stops him, “After all the company was opened by the two of us. If want to write also cannot write your name only!”

“Then what do you want to write?”

“Let’s….let’s write Rose Security then!”

“What the, how common ah!”

Qin Chuan’s lip twitches, “Can’t you come up with a classy one?”

“Boss, why don’t we call it Strawhats!”

[Cry: `Strawhats` another reference to `One Piece` ]


By the side, Da Mao says excitedly, “Don’t you feel that it’s classy!”

“Classy your sister!”

“Based on what I see…why don’t we call it a name that symbolizes something significant.”

Shan Jiu pushes up his spectacles and proposes by the side, “My idol is Napoleon while the flower that he likes is violets which also symbolizes the Wicked Eye. I feel that it’s much more suitable for the rebirth of our Blood Fiend as well as Mr. Qin…”

When Shan Jiu finished speaking, everyone becomes silent while Qin Chuan raises his brows and stared at him causing him to feel a surge of pressure.

“Don’t….don’t use it is also possible…”

“Let’s call it violet then.”

Qin Chuan immediately takes out the paint and writes a few words on the cardboard.

<Violet’s Security>


Everyone looks at Qin Chuan’s writing and realized that it was actually not that bad and was bold and powerful.

“Didn’t expect that your writing is actually not bad…”

Luo Li gives Qin Chuan a surprised look.

“If I say that I had learned calligraphy for a long time would you believe me?”

“Believe your head!”

Luo Li rolls her eyes before ordering a subordinate to paste the cardboard on the wall.

Da Mao immediately pulls out firecrackers from behind him. A small string which he lights up before tossing on the ground.

The firecrackers immediately start exploding scaring everyone present.

“What the heck where did you get this small string of firecrackers from!”

Qin Chuan holds his small heart as he stares at the firecracker on the ground and lets out a sigh of relief, “I had thought that Azure Dragon Group had killed their way over!”

“Azure Dragon Group also don’t have that many guns…”

Luo Li wipes away her sweat and says, “The ones who can have so many guns are perhaps only the Black Tiger Hall.”

“Boss, isn’t this the opening of a new company, let’s celebrate a bit!”

Da Mao smiles, “Light some firecrackers for the festival!”

“Festival your head!”

Qin Chuan reminds Da Mao, “We’re impoverished, the company doesn’t even have any registered capital. Right now we’re an illegal company. You create such a big racket, do you want to bring the police over to knock on our door!”

“Ah, I had forgotten about this!”

Da Mao smacks his own head. Luckily it was only a small string of firecrackers which ended very quickly. Black smoke emits from the ground.

“This firecracker is rather loud.”

Qin Chuan laughs as he turns around and takes a look at the twenty people behind him.

Among these two people, there was 10+ who stands behind Luo Li while around 8 standing behind him. Most of them cannot always stay here and will gather when there are matters.

While those behind Qin Chuan are rather quick-witted which makes Qin Chuan more or less relaxed.

This few subordinates were sent to work to clean up this building which was their Violets’ base.

While Qin Chuan, Da Mao as well as Xu Lei were sitting in front of the door smoking. As they smoke they look at the pretty girls walking through the streets.

“Oh my gosh, you see that lass. Such long legs, she will definitely be exciting.”

Da Mao points at girl far away wearing short skirts and says excitedly, “What a good cauldron ah!” [Cry: Cauldron = Woman who would be good to have s*x with. You get the point if you read many cultivation novels. ]


Xu Lei rolls his eyes at him, “One look and I could already see that you have no experience. That’s a prostitute!”

“What the, really? Why does she not look like it?”

“Real one.”

Qin Chuan nods his head, “From so far away I’m able to smell that special perfume on her body.”

Right now he was using a dog’s nose which makes his smelling senses way higher than normal people.

“What the…it is still Qin-ye who have experience…”

“Have what fucking experienced. But I did go for a foot massage a few times.”

Qin Chuan pats Da Mao’s shoulder, “Later I’ll bring you along to let you have a novel experience!”

“You guys enough already!”

Luo Li walks out from the door with her forehead covered in sweat. Seeing these three fellows, she gives all of them a kick each.

“Everyone’s busy inside, while you guys are actually just chatting outside!”

Luo Li places her hands on her waist. This chili pepper seems to be angered.

“Ah, hahaha….”

Qin Chuan laughs awkwardly before thinking rapidly as he pushes up his golden spectacle and says, “Luo Li, you don’t know ah, there are dangers lurking on all sides. I’m not that easy ah, you see I am guarding here despite having such a strong wind outside, afraid that there will be people coming to mess with us!”

“That’s right, that’s right. We’re helping everyone keep watch!”

Da Mao also cuts in which makes Luo Li rolls her eyes in anger.

“Keep your watch your sister! In broad daylight, how would there be anyone who would come and stir up trouble with us!”

While she is speaking a taxi minibus suddenly stops in front of them. It was a Wuling Sunshine which paint was peeling off.

The car’s door is opened as a skinny man jumps down from the car with two burly guys behind him.

“Security company? Why had I never heard that this place have this kind of damn company?”

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Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 66  [MCW Chapter 66 Zhan Shan as king]

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