MCW 65

Chapter 65    [Title below]


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Chen Hu was also unlucky. He is very fit, with just his 1.8m tall body, his muscles covering his body is even more buffed and powerful. Relying on his brute strength and Hard Qigong he had fought out for his position today!

Originally he thought that he would be able to deal with Luo Li this lass but Qin Chuan unexpectedly appears suddenly. He does not know where his weird strength came from which directly presses his head and the tree into intimate contact!

What a big tree, it was a place to register fainting!


It was thanks to him being a soldier while he was young and had learned some Hard Qigong before thus his head was fine after smashing into bricks! Otherwise, this would have caused his head to burst!

Even though, his vision turned dark as his legs soften. He was having double visions of Qin Chuan who is in front of him.

“Fuck you!”

While Chen Hu is shaking his head and was preparing to ** Qin Chuan, a person suddenly appears behind him as a brick smashes onto Chen Hu’s head!

City H had a lot of constructions that were built on cheap material. The bricks they used were no good and is very weak. After a while, it was very easy for problems to appear. But Wang Yue personally inspected and made the foreman choose good materials. It was incomparably solid, even if it was dropped from the second floor, it was hard to break.

It was also because of this, the brick smacking team leader Da Mao was able to smash three Azure Dragon Group fighters in a row without the brick in his hands breaking apart.

But it finally breaks into two on Chen Hu’s head.

Chen Hu instantly collapsed onto the ground and thoroughly fainted.

“What the heck….”

Dao Mao drops the two pieces of bricks as he stares at his own hands in shock, “I, I actually put down the 8th Desolate Hall Hall Leader…”

“Damn! Nicely done!”

Qin Chuan gives a thumbs up, “Da Mao I see you in a different light now ah! Today even Chen Hu had fallen in your hands. In the future, your standing in the underworld shall rise ah!”

Like the so-called ‘A general in build upon million bones’, in the underworld, it is also the case. Every single new big brother that came up steps on the heads of others.

Da Mao defeating Chen Hu by smashing a brick on his head, in future, his prestige will definitely rise. From now on, he will no longer be able to be an ordinary hooligan anymore.

Let’s not talk about others….perhaps even Azure Dragon Group will not let him off!

“Hahahaha, I just know!”

Da Mao placed his hand on his waist as he laughs loudly, “I, Da Mao is the inheritor of the `Evil King’s Truth Eye!` I am already unparalleled in the world!”

As he was speaking, an Azure Dragon Group fighter kicks his butt, kicking him into falling flat on his face.

“Take revenge for hall leader!”

“Do all of them in!”

Seeing Chen Hu being defeated, a lot of Azure Dragon Group fighters stopped moving. There were still some fierce and tough ones who still hold their weapons and throw themselves at Da Mao wishing to take revenge for Chen Hu.

Da Mao was badly frightened as he does all kinds of rolls on the ground as he screams.

“You guys cannot hit me, I have the protection of God, be careful if I use my magic and shoot you guys to death!”

One of the Azure Dragon Group fighters shouts, “Fuck you, if really can then shoot ah!”

“Cannot. My magic power is too high. I cannot take action that easily against others! I’ll kill people! You don’t force me to take action!”

Da Mao says all kinds of things angering some of the Azure Dragon Group fighters badly.

Seeing Da Mao rolling on the ground, Luo Li’s mouth twitches as she asked, “How come your subordinate is actually this kind of weirdo…”

“It’s this weirdo who had knocked down Chen Hu earlier!”

Qin Chuan chuckles before running up. He directly does a flying kick and kicks an Azure Dragon Group fighter to tumble on the ground for several rounds.

“All of you fucking stop for me!”

As he punches down an Azure Dragon Group fighter he shouts, “Chen Hu had already been defeated by us! The remaining people immediately surrender!”

With Qin Chuan shouting like this, the Azure Dragon Group fighters’ morale dropped. The workers trembles from head to toe as they uniformly carried shovel and bricks as they start the final ‘arms suppression’ work.

Within moments the remaining few resisting Azure Dragon Group fighters were all beaten down.

While a large number of workers had gotten injured and were tended by their comrades.


Chen Hu dizzily raises his body up. A fighter by the side immediately supported his boss up.

“I…I’m not convinced…”

Chen Hu holds his head that is still bleeding, “My subordinates….still has fighters…”

Several of the Azure Dragon Group fighters were his zealous confidants. They were surrounding him tightly as they stare vigilantly at the workers who were surrounding them.

“Your huge influence is already gone.”

Luo Li stares coldly at Chen Hu, “Didn’t you always wish to chase me out of 8th Desolate Hall? Right now you had done it. Seeing that we used to be one family, today I shall let you leave. But from now on, this Dafa road is my Luo Li’s territory! All of the Azure Dragon Group people scram for me!”

“Just based on you?”

Chen Hu clenches his teeth as he stares at Luo Li.

“There is me as well.”

Qin Chuan stands by Luo Li’s side.

“Right! Me as well!”

Da Mao immediately steps forward as well. As he waves a new brick in his hand. Seeing that brick, Chen Hu’s legs turn a bit soft.

“There’s also us!”

The 30+ hot-blooded youngsters shouted along as well.

At this moment the workers did not step forward and join in. After all, they were here to work and earn money. Resisting the Azure Dragon Group once is already enough. They do not wish to professionally join the gangs.

They were not like the hot-blooded youngsters who were full of youthful vigor, no burdens and everyday living for mingling around!

They have family and kids, thus supporting one’s family is their job.

Thus this time around chose to be silent.

After which at the back comes a lot of sounds. Luo Li turns her head around realized that those brothers of her’s who were fighting for territory at Huang He road had returned.

These brothers were set up during the period of Blood Fiend. All of them were loyal and devoted to her! Because of staking their all during the fight against Black Tiger Hall, these brothers were all carrying injuries which makes Luo Li feel heart pain.

Originally when she came out, she had over 100 brothers. But every time Chen Hu sends them out to fight for territory. Although 8th Desolate Hall is indeed responsible for opening up new territory, but Chen Hu had never used his own people before. Every time those that were sent out were her people.

Until the end, her group of brothers was only left with over 30 people. The rest had either died or heavily injured and thoroughly withdrew from the life of gangs.

Today is also considered as an opportunity. She is finally liberated.

“You ought to be clear in your heart! How does Azure Dragon Group deal with traitors!”

Although Chen Hu was defeated, he still throws behind a hard sentence, “We’ll very quickly get this location back!”

Luo Li says in disdain, “Stray dog!”

Qin Chuan curls his lips, “General of the defeated army is not worthy of brave words!”

“Damn it you this defeated general, keep yammering for what, do you want me to give you another smashing!”

Da Mao was even more direct as he raises his brick.

“Let’s go!”

Chen Hu lets his subordinates carry him away while the workers behind lets out cheering sound!

This is their second time beating away these gangsters which made them really happy.

Is the saying ‘us workers have strength! Yes, have strength!’

While at this moment Wang Yue’s car arrives. She and the rest of the assistants walk down together and started dealing with the aftermath work.

After Wang Yue and the foreman talked, they were somewhat shocked as they did not expect that Qin Chuan is able to really rely on himself to fight Azure Dragon Group away. she feels that letting this fellow be a small security guard…no, right now is a small assistant seems to be a bit of a waste of talent.

Jin Linkai is a person of no particular talent ah…this sentence is said like that right?

While by the side, Qin Chuan and Luo Li were discussing their next steps while Da Mao is groveling by the side.

Qin Chuan asks, “Luo Li what do you plan to do now?”

“Cannot do anything now. I shall see as I’ll take it step by step.”

Luo Li leans against his motorbike and says indifferently, “As long as these brothers follow me, where can I not go?”

When Shan Jiu by the side heard this, his eyes instantly turns red as he takes off his spectacles and wipe away his tears and says, “Big miss, no matter where you go, us brothers will always follow you! Even if you go begging we will also escort you!”

Luo Li was a bit moved and had nothing to say to the group of brothers.

Qin Chuan shakes his head, this kind of touching scene should only be seen on TV’s only.

He turns around and pats Da Mao and ask, “What do you plan to do?”

“Qin-ye, we this group of people doesn’t have anything to do daily. We mingle around for a bit of money and gather at the internet cafe to play games.”

Da Mao pats his sword. “You see, I’m a gaming fanatic…but I feel that my past history ought to be even more mysterious….ah, my `Wicked Eye`, it is aching duly….”

Qin Chuan slaps the shit awake, “Speak seriously!”

“Anyways in future, we will follow Qin-ye!”

“Follow me for what? I’m just a small assistant.”

As Qin Chuan was speaking, he found his golden frame spectacles and placed it on his nose before saying elegantly, “I, this person, hate violence the most ah.”

“Less nonsense from you!”

Luo Li rolls her eyes at him, “If you hate violence then this world would already be in peace! Right now, you have 30 people under you. Although all of them are good-for-nothings, but it’s better than a lone soldier. How about this. The two of us join together and work together?”

“You want to follow me?”

Qin Chuan pretends to be shocked as he looks at Luo Li.

Luo Li’s pretty eyes glare at him, “What, I cannot match up to you?”

“No….I still had not prepared by heart yet…”

Qin Chuan was slightly bashful as he says, “I’m still a virgin….can you be as gentle as possible…”

Luo Li holds back her urge to bash Qin Chuan, where is this fellow thinking to!

“I want to form a gang together with you!”

“Oh, you are saying…”

Luo Li is afraid that Qin Chuan would think wrongly and immediately adds, “Right, it’s too form a gang!”

“What are you saying ah, how am I, Qin Chuan that kind of person who would establish a gang?”

Qin Chuan curls his lips and provoked Luo Li’s glare.

“Then what do you wish to do?”

Didn’t he request me before how come it’s now me requesting him?

“If we want to play with them we must also play something elegant. We should set up a company specialized in protecting public security and punish the powerful and helping the weak, spreading love and justice!”

Qin Chuan clenches his fist and says with a face full of holiness and righteousness.

What the?!

Everyone instantly gives him a middle finger at the same time.

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Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 65  [Disseminate love and justice]

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