MCW 64

Chapter 64    [Title below]


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“Speak less nonsense, Chen Hu!”

Luo Li’s expression was being filled with anger as anger started filling her eyes.

“How dare you address the Hall Leader by his name!”

Shou Hou beratingly said, “Luo Li, you’re offending your superiors!”

“I see that you’re the one who’s offending your superiors!”

Luo Li retorts, “I am the vice-hall leader which is of the same rank as Chen Hu. Why can I not call him by his name? On the contrary, you a good-for-nothing advisor also dares to call me by my name, I could see that you’re the one who is wishing to be punished by the hall’s rules!”

Being berated by Luo Li like this, Shou Hou instantly became afraid while Chen Hu said, “My Vice-hall leader, I will teach my own people their lessons. There’s no need for you to exceed your place and meddle in my affairs right?”

Hearing Chen Hu’s tone which seemed to be very unhappy, Luo Li only smiles coldly.

“Is that so? This piece of territory is still mine. You personally ran over here, aren’t you the one who’s meddling in other people’s business?”

“Luo Li, I had been polite to you over and over again but you don’t want to give face!”

Chen Hu’s expression sinks as he berates, “This matter is a trash that you managed! Right now the Head had personally given the order to take back this territory! If you want to find trouble, go and argue with the Head!”


Luo Li’s expression turns heavy, “Then you’re not going to give me face?”

As she had promised Qin Chuan to let him develop this territory, Luo Li does not wish to break it.

“Hahaha, Luo Li you’re thinking too highly of yourself already right?”

Chen Hu impolitely says, “Who do you think you are? Do you still think that you’re in the past where you’re the daughter of that Luo Fu? The underworld godfather’s daughter? Wake up! Right now it’s only because the Head pitied you that’s why you were able to become a vice-hall leader!”


Luo Li clenches her fist as she stares at Chen Hu in anger.

No matter what Chen Hu’s words were indeed a bit too much. While Da Mao is standing by the side watching the show happily and even says to Qin Chuan, “Qin-ye, they seem to be arguing amongst themselves, we have a show to watch!”

“I don’t enjoy watching shows.”

Qin Chuan lights up a cigarette and places it in his mouth, “I like to be the main character.”

“Qin-ye, then you’re really going to fight against Azure Dragon Group?”

“Then why do you think I’m standing here for?”

Qin Chuan pats Da Mao’s shoulder, “In the past, you had been mingling amongst the gangs had you seen such a scene before?”

“I had already seen this scene in advance already.”

Da Mao covers his left eye and said, “Actually this eye of mine is the `Wicked Eye` which is able to see the future. Qin-ye…I seem to be unable to see anything.” [Cry: Chuunibyou reference]

“See your sister!”

Qin Chuan rolls his eyes at this 30-year-old chunibyo, “Anyways I want to protect that lass,  from those who want to subdue her!”

“Qin-ye indeed has good vision!”

Da Mao gives a thumbs up and prostrates himself in admiration, “After subduing this chilli pepper to **, is definitely damn exciting!”

“What are you thinking about!”

Qin Chuan glares at Da Mao, “Am I, Qin-ye this kind of person? I want to subdue her as my subordinate okay!”

“Qin-ye indeed is broad-minded with high aims. This one admires!”

Da Mao still gives a thumbs-up, “But, Qin-ye, my `Wicked Eye` seems to see through the real body of this lass. She ought to be a top grade cauldron! If Qin-ye is able to subdue her and dual cultivate with her, I guarantee that your cultivation will greatly increase and your martial luck become prosperous!”

[Cry: Okay quick discussion for those who are new to dual cultivation talks.
From what we know there are 2 types of Dual Cultivation.
The one-sided one. Where the Girl Dies and you robbed everything from her (Life/strength etc…)
The other is Sharing with each other type. Meaning Increasing both of your strengths etc… ]

“Scram to the side! If you say nonsense again I shall beat you into a panda!”

Qin Chuan can be considered as being defeated by this chunibyo as he holds his forehead.

“Luo Li, you better obediently move to the side.”

Chen Hu is not polite as he said, “Calling you vice-hall leader is giving face to you already. Actually, you in our Azure Dragon Group is nothing!”

Hearing Chen Hu say so, Qin Chuan is actually slightly happy in his heart. Chen Hu this idiot actually only cares about being impressive in front of his brothers and imperceptibly pushes Luo Li this lass to me!

Actually, there is more or less ought to be internal conflict in Azure Dragon Group’s 8th Desolate Hall. Chen Hu ought to be pushing aside Luo Li. Like the saying ‘a mountain does not tolerate two tigers’. Unless one is the husband the other is the wife. But Luo Li this girl was Fang Qingshan’s nominal fiancé thus even if Chen Hu had some thoughts he does not dare to carry them out.

Furthermore, Luo Li is very proud and arrogant. This vice-hall leader, says that she is his subordinate, perhaps Chen Hu simply do not dare to command her!

Thus Chen Hu should be wishing to borrow this opportunity to utterly chase Luo Li out of Azure Dragon Group’s 8th Desolate Hall!

Chen Hu ah Chen Hu, I, Qin Chuan really need to thank you properly ah!

Qin Chuan smiles widely. He takes a step forward as his smile fades away and turns into anger.

“Chen Hu, you’re too much of a scum already! To actually say such things to your own people!”

He glares at Chen Hu fiercely and says, “Luo Li, in any case, is your vice-hall leader but you don’t respect her at all! Luo Li you relax. Today, I, Qin Chuan shall go risk it all and raise my 50kg body and fight with you all you!”

As he was speaking he flicks his cigarette to the side and points at Chen Hu and says, “I do want to see. With me standing here, who dares to touch Luo Li!”

Chen Hu was a bit bewildered. bullshit when did I ever say that I want to touch Luo Li? Even if I want to chase her influence out from 8th Desolate Hall, I also don’t dare to do anything to her ah! Because nominally she’s still Head’s woman!

Even if the two of them, in reality, don’t have those thoughts, I would also not dare to have any other thoughts. In our line of work, touching brother’s woman will get you three knives and six holes ah!

Before Chen Hu was able to reply, Shou Hou snatched and spoke out first, “Damn it! What a good Luo Li! To actually dare to have thoughts of rebelling!”

“Hmph! Even if I leave Azure Dragon Group I would still be able to mingle around well.”

Luo Li tugs off the long whip on her waist and lets out a cracking sound, “I had already said before that I’m shading these people. Since you’re making life difficult for them, that means that you’re making life difficult for me Luo Li. From today onwards, I’m not going to be this Azure Dragon Group’s 8th Desolate Hall Hall leader!”

The moment this sentence was said out, Chen Hu and Qin Chuan were both delighted at the same time.

“Alas…didn’t expect that I, this kind of person would actually implicate you.”

Qin Chuan’s expression was filled with self-blame, “How about…I hand over this territory to you, at worst I’ll only get fired….while you’re the vice-hall leader. There’s no need for you to throw away such a good position for me.”

“What nuisance is the position vice-hall leader. I already don’t wish to do it anymore!”

Luo Li rolls here eyes at Qin Chuan, “If you’re a man then stop yapping and accompany me to fight!”

“Alright! With these words of yours, I, Qin Chuan shall go risk it all today!”

Chen Hu can only order, “Take them down.”

His subordinates cannot help but ask, “Hall Leader….that about vice-hall….Luo Li, what do we do…”

“She’s already a traitor of Azure Dragon Group.”

Chen Hu’s expression turns sinister, “Towards traitors we Azure Dragon Group had never shown mercy!”

Even if it was the Head, when facing traitors, he is also unable to plead for leniency! This is Azure Dragon Group’s rules. Traitors must be completely expelled! This is also the reason why Azure Dragon Group has the World Hall this hall which was in charge of training experts to kill traitors!

“Hmph! You Azure Dragon Group are then the biggest traitors!”

Luo Li does not care about what Chen Hu said. She snorts as swings her whip letting out a cracking sound.

“Take them down!”

Chen Hu roars and the hundreds of Azure Dragon Group fighters charge forward.

“Do them in!”

The foreman roars, as well as the workers, and raises their bricks and charges up!

Those hot-blooded youngsters also followed behind Da Mao while Da Mao this fellow is the most sinister. He placed the sword behind his back before grabbing a brick. When he passes a person he would unexpectedly smack him from behind. The hot-blooded youngsters also learned it quite well. They all smashed the Azure Dragon Group’s fighters from their backs and hit a few into crying out in pain!

Within moments, Da Mao had already established a `matured brick smacking squadron`. They are specialized in acting on Azure Dragon Group’s fighters in large groups. In less than a few minutes, they had smacked over 20 people already.

While that Shou Hou from earlier lets out a weird cry as he charges up to Qin Chuan. While Qin Chuan raises his legs and kicks a brick on the ground.

The brick instantly flies out and directly smashes into Shou Hou’s face sending his front teeth flying out as he collapses onto the ground screaming.

While Chen Hu seems to have some skills. He takes off the mink cloak and exposes his leopard pattern tank top inside.

His beats down a few workers within moments. After which he starts fighting against Luo Li.

Qin Chuan feels like Chen Hu had learned a bit of Hard Qigong before. This brother is actually fine after using his body to take a few whips from Luo Li which I cannot be compared to.

Although I had been a mercenary before, but Hard Qigong is something that must be learned in the military. Even if the ability to resist being hit is strong, but it was incomparable to Hard Qigong.

Even if the Hard Qigong that was taught in the military is just a superficial skill, but it was able to greatly increase the ability to resist attacks. Sometimes this makes Qin Chuan slightly envious.

Although Luo Li’s whip skills are not bad but in the end, Chen Hu grabs hold of it.

“Little girl, you’re still too weak to fight against me!”

As Chen Hu speaks, he tugs the whip and that tug forced Luo Li forward a few steps.

At this moment his fist directly smashed into Luo Li’s stomach making her feel pain in her belly and nearly vomited out her stomach acid.

But Luo Li is also cautious as she endures the pain and pulls the whip apart and coils it around Chen Nu’s neck.

She tightens the lash and Chen Hu started to choke. He grabs the whip with both hands and tries to tear the whip apart.

While Luo Li grabs the whip with both hands and uses one leg to step on Chen Hu’s back and planned to directly choke Chen Hu to death!

At this moment, one of Chen Hu’s hands lets go of the whip and pulls out a bullhorn dagger from his waist. The sharp dagger directly cuts the whip apart.

With a snapping sound, the whip was cut while Luo Li retreats a few steps.

While Chen Hu nearly sprawls onto the ground. He swiftly got up and ferociously lungs at Luo Li. At the same time, the bullhorn knife in his hand stabs towards Luo Li.

Luo Li stretches out her hand and pulls out her flying dagger but it seems like it was already too late.

At this moment, a hand suddenly stretches out from the side and grabs hold of Chen Hu’s head and slams his head ruthlessly onto the tree by the side!

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Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 64  [A Messy fight]

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