MCW 63

Chapter 63    [Title below]


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Da Mao, Qin Chuan did hear Xu Lei calling this fellow before. In his mind, Da Mao should be a person who idles around daily and only knew how to smoke and play internet games.

He Did not expect that he is also a person who likes cosplaying! A hooligan actually have such a classy moral character! Really makes people unable to accept ah.

Da Mao is holding a bunch of taxies ** as he smiles merrily at Qin Chuan and said, “Qin-ye, that, can you first compensate us the payment for the taxi’s first.”

Qin Chuan pressed down his hand and say, “Relax, in a while, a rich woman will come and settle the accounts for all of you. She’s the president of Imperial, I guarantee that you will not owe anyone money.”

Hearing that a rich woman will settle the bills, Da Mao’s eyes immediately brightens up.

“Qin-ye, you’re actually going against Azure Dragon Group ah!”

Da Mao’s gaze lands on the fighters of Azure Dragon Group, “What the heck, Chen Hu is actually there! Qin-ye you’re damn amazing!”

“Afraid of what, Chen Hu has people, don’t we also have people.”

Qin Chuan looks at the three hundred people and forces himself to say, “Don’t we also have so many people here?”

Da Mao raises his sword high in the sky and roars, “Right, right, right. We are Sparta 300 brave warriors!”

Qin Chuan’s forehead is completely covered with sweat, what the…. this is also called Sparta’s 300 brave warriors?

If these people are 300 brave warriors then the mountain pass military campaign’s soldiers, perhaps those Persian soldiers would have flattened them already!

“These are your people?”

Chen Hu grin, “Your Imperial really have a galaxy of talents ah.”

“What’s the matter. Looking down on us?”

Qin Chuan waves his hands, “Comrades, shout our slogan to shock the Azure Dragon Group people!”

Da Mao hurriedly ask, “Qin-ye…what do we shout ah?”

“Let’s just shout ‘Azure Dragon Group certainly die’!”

Qin Chuan says in his heart. The number isn’t important. The important thing is their vigor!

Da Mao immediately spread the word down and the 300 people are weak without strength as they shouted one after another.

“Azure Dragon go and die…”

“Azure Dragon go and die ah…”

“Go and die, go and die…”

What the heck…what is this bullshit!

A number of the opposing Azure Dragon Group people had already kneeled down laughing already!

Qin Chuan’s forehead is throbbing, this anger really cannot be endured!

“Tell them to shout properly for me. After shouting finish everyone another 10 dollars!”

He feels like he had really invited a group of actors!

Da Mao waves his hand, “All of you fucking shout properly. Boss said that after finish shouting everyone could have another 10 dollars!”

Instantly the group of people eyes brightens up as they roar at the same time.

“Azure Dragon certainly die!”

Even that middle-aged aunty who is holding the vegetable basket also raises the big cabbage from her basket and shouts the loudest!

This shout indeed frightened the Azure Dragon Group people. Chen Hu also trembles before he narrows his eyes.

“Looks like you guys are insisting on making life difficult for our Azure Dragon Group eh.”

“I feel that it’s Azure Dragon Group who is making life difficult for us.”

Qin Chuan showed no quarter and said, “Didn’t you just say that whoever has more people, whose word counts. Isn’t that so Mr. Chen?”

Chen Hu turns sluggish, just now it does seem like I did say so. This time, I had lifted up a stone and smashed my own foot!

Shou Hou seems to wish to speak up to gain merit. He immediately cut in from the side, “So what about that. You with these three hundred people at most is equivalent to 30 people! My Azure Dragon Group people are all elites. What kind of people are those of yours? Bring them out to make people laugh is that it!”

“Motherfucker, who said who’s making people laugh!”

The youngsters here did not fear death. Hearing Shou Hou’s words their eyes immediately turn red.

“Motherfucker, you say who’s a joke!”

“Everyone don’t be too emotional, don’t be too emotional!”

Da Mao blocks them. After all Qin Chuan has not given the word yet. These youngsters are only momentary hot-blooded. If they really did start fighting, they would immediately run away the fastest. Out of these three hundred people two hundred were found by me. I need to give them 20 each and I’ll take 10. Everyone missing is money ah!

“How is it. You guys still wish to fight?”

This time round Chen Hu did not acknowledge what Shou Hou said as he slowly stands up. Using a kind of despising the whole world look, he stared at those gathered here, “I’m Azure Dragon Group’s 8th Desolate Hall Hall Leader Chen Hu. Who dares to make life difficult for me is equal to becoming enemy with Azure Dragon Group! I’ll ask again, who wish to be my enemy!”

The hundred Azure Dragon Group fighters roared “KILL!” at the same time.

This roar really frightened those people who had gathered there. Within a moment a number of people instantly returned back to the taxi and left. Bullshit who would really go against Azure Dragon Group. We’re only here to fill up the numbers. There’s no need to risk their life for 30 dollars.

Instantly the large group of 300 people is now left with around 40 people and most of them are those hot-blooded youngsters.


Qin Chuan really wished to curse. Those fellows really cannot be relied on! Where’s your vigor from earlier aunty who sells vegetables! Where is the agreed upon being each other guardian’s!

“That…Qin-ye ah…you see…this transaction cannot be done….”

Da Mao was a bit embarrassed as he rubs his head, “But the payment for the tickets…. you will still pay them right…”

What the. What time is it already and this brother still remembers about the money!

“I will compensate you.”

Since they came then I cannot sabotage them.. Qin Chuan pats his shoulder and made him feel reassured.

“Then Qin-ye…I’ll also leave first ah…”

Da Mao looks at Chen Hu fearfully. He’s only a small hooligan, how would he dare to go against Azure Dragon Group.

“Can, go back then.”

Qin Chuan waves his hand and didn’t seem to mind.

Da Mao seems to be a bit embarrassed. He hides amongst the workers and did not leave. Perhaps he wished to watch the show.

The remaining hot-blooded youngsters were also watching. They had mingled until it’s

so big and had not seen such a scene before.

“Do you see this?”

Everything was within his expectations. Chen Hu laughs coldly and looks at Qin Chuan and says, “Your people had run away. How are you going to fight against me?”

“So what if the people run away.”

Qin Chuan takes off his golden frame spectacles and toss it to the side before loosening his collar of his shirt and takes off the necktie. “Even if there’s only me, I will not surrender to you this kind of Azure Dragon Group’s hooligans.”

Finish Speaking he hooks his finger at Chen Hu.

The workers also start shouting, “That’s right, who’s afraid of him!”

“There’s so many of us, what’s there to be afraid of!”

Around 80 workers also started shouting as they raise the shovel in their hands and roars along with Qin Chuan.

All of these workers already had enough of Azure Dragon Group’s attitudes. At this instant, all of them exploded out with Qin Chuan.

It seems like he was also touched by their hot-bloodedness, Da Mao also raises his Dante’s sword and walks to Qin Chuan’s side shouting, “Qin-ye. You’re damn amazing! Not even afraid when you’re facing against Azure Dragon Group’s hall leader! I Da Mao had never admired anyone before in my life. Today I admire you! In the future, I shall be following you, Qin-ye!”


Chen Hu is very unhappy as he looks at Qin Chuan coldly.

“Good…even though I don’t like you, I must admire you a bit. You indeed have some backbone. But, having backbone is useless. The more backbone a person has, the faster he dies!”

While he speaks, the Azure Dragon Group fighters had already pulled out their machete’s as they slowly walked forward and move closer to Qin Chuan and the rest.

Qin Chuan cannot help but ask Da Mao who was standing by his side. “Da Mao are you afraid?”

Da Mao’s legs were trembling. When he suddenly heard Qin Chuan asking him this question, he immediately thickens his face and says, “Damn it. Spring winds blow the sound of war drums, who’s afraid of who is this world! Qin-ye you just need to say the word and I shall attack! My qilin arm is already starting to break out!”

Break out your sister! Qilin arm some more. Looks like this brother had indeed watched too much anime and is a bit of an idiot! [Cry: There’s a difference between too much watching and being too stupid and running away from reality. ]

“Mr. Qin. This time round, we’ll back you up!”

While the foreman tosses his cigarette onto the ground and stomps it out. “Damn it, this group of trash. Have hands and legs but don’t even work. Only know how to bully us, workers! Brothers we also cannot be trifled with! Let’s fucking do them in!”


All of the workers were holding two bricks as they bounce it in their hands.

What the construction site have the most were bricks.

“Mr. Qin, have one as well!”

The foreman stuff a heavy brick into Qin Chuan’s hands, “Smack them until their peaches blossoms!”

Qin Chuan says in his heart, this foreman is damn amazing when he becomes brave ah.

The hot-blooded youngsters also followed as well. As they pick up two bricks and stood behind Da Mao.

Seeing the workers becoming angry, the Azure Dragon Group people actually hesitated and did not dare to step forward for a while.

“Qin-ye do you see this. Our people are also not bad ah!”

Da Mao is holding is Dante’s sword, “What Azure Dragon Group. I see that it’s a green bug group!”

“You’re seeking death!”

One of the Azure Dragon Group fighters instantly roars when he heard what Da Mao said as the machete in his hand slashed towards Da Mao’s head.

All of the Azure Dragon Group fighters were very fierce. He does not have any sentiment when he slashes out! This is also intentional. As long as he slashed this cosplaying fellow into having heavy injuries, the rest of the people will also give in!

Da Mao was so frightened that he withdraws his neck and did not have the boldness of Dante like in the game.

While Qin Chuan who was standing by the side definitely will not let Azure Dragon Group’s people have their way.

He raises his leg and kicks that fighter’s leg. With a cracking sound, that fighter’s leg instantly broke from the kick.

That fighter instantly screamed like a dog about to be slaughtered. Qin Chuan adds another kick from bottoms up hitting the fighter’s nose.

That fighter instantly spins a circle before crashing heavily onto the ground causing dust to rise.

His face was covered in blood and had completely fainted.

“Damn it!”

Chen Hu finally is unable to endure it. He tosses the cigar away in his hand, “Do them in!”

The hundred Azure Dragon Group fighters instantly roar as they charge over.

At this moment, a black motorbike suddenly leaps in from the side and stops horizontally between the two groups of people.

Luo Li takes off her helmet, releasing her fiery red long hair and gazed at Chen Hu coldly.

“Chen Hu, what do you wish to do?”

“Oh, isn’t this vice-hall leader?”

Chen Hu chuckles as a trace of light flashes across his eyes, “Isn’t the vice-hall leader supposed to be snatching territories from the Black Tiger Hall at the Yellow River Road? Why do you have the skill to come here? Could it be that you’re afraid already and escaped back?”

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Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 63  [Have backbone]

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