MCW 62

Chapter 62    [Title below]


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Qin Chuan feels like this is the first time in his life he’s shouting this kind of words, “They don’t need to take action. They just need to put up a front for me that’s all.”

The Last time when I was fighting against Luo Li, my two brick chair plus a tobacco pipe was really too damn shameful already! This time round I must make the scene bigger. Damn it, we can lose people but we cannot lose the formation!

“Done! I’ll go and call some people for you right now! At that time they might take a taxi over so remember to submit an expense account!”

Hearing that he wasn’t lacking money, Xu lei immediately went to look for some people for Qin Chuan.

“Da Mao, hurry up and call for some people! This time round it’s a big deal. The other person is rich, 30 per person! Right, right. The location is the old city district’s Dana intersection. Relax, there’s no need to take action. Just need to put up a front that’s all!”

“Ban Ya, I got a job for you ah! 30 each where can you go to find such a good deal! Right, come to Dana intersection…what are you afraid of. It’s not like there’s a need for you to take action. This time around I had already called 300 people, gonna scare the opponent to death ah!”

As Xue Lei starts helping Qin Chuan call for people, Qin Chuan gives Wang Yue a call.

“Isn’t this considered as fighting against criminals…”

Wang Yue is silent for a while before saying, “Is this way alright?”

“President Wang. This is a matter of life and death at a crucial time ah!”

Qin Chuan reminds, “I reckon that Fang Qingshan is going to thoroughly focus all of his firepowers to snatch the territory back. If we don’t beat him until it’s painful for him to endure, this transaction of yours might not succeed already.”

After a while Wang Yue says, “Alright…then call for more people. 20-30k is also alright. I’ll pay for it.”

Qin Chuan smiles, this lass is indeed damn rich.

“Not that much people. Can only call for 300 to put on a front for me!”

“Can, being an actor, 100 per person, this type of people is rather cheap.”

Wang Yue finally nods her head, “You head over first. I’ll come over afterward.”

Qin Chuan concentrates on driving and drives into the old city district.

Entering the place and taking a look, the workers had indeed stopped working again. In front of him was a group of Azure Dragon Group fighter’s who were eyeing them like tigers watching their prey.

A guy wearing a white mink fur overcoat was sitting there with a cigar in his mouth. His right hand is embracing a pretty and flirtatious girl as he props up his leg and looks at them.

“If you guys don’t scram out from here today, I, Chen Hu shall break all of your legs one by one!”

The workers look at each other in dismay while the foreman is as anxious as a cat on a hot tin roof. He looks to the side and sees Qin Chuan’s Santana stopping by the roadside. Seeing his savior getting of the car, he instantly eagerly welcomed him.

“Mr. Qin, you finally came ah!”

“Leave this place to me.”

Qin Chuan pats his shoulder and walks forward to take a look.

In front of him stands over a hundred Azure Dragon Group fighters. All of them were fierce looking like they want to turn the workers into minced meat.

The man wearing the mink coat shouts, “Who’s the one in-charged! Hurry and stand out for me!”

“I am.”

Qin Chuan pushes up his spectacles and walks over, “May I know who you are?”

“Damn it, a gigolo.”

Seeing Qin Chuan’s western suit as well as his golden framed spectacles the other person sneers, “Listen carefully, I am Azure Dragon Group’s 8th Desolate Hall’s, Hall leader Chen Hu! You’re in my fucking territory, have you asked for my opinion before?”

“Mr. Chen, the government had given us this piece of territory. I have the government’s official approval right here do you want to see?”

As Qin Chuan speaks he starts going through his bag.

“See your head!”

Chen Hu directly curses, “How’s the government’s official approval related to me! To dare make a mess in my territory, I’m going to kill you! Da Zhaung go and do him in! I want his left leg!”

As he speaks, he waves his hand and a burly guy holding a metal rod walks over towards Qin Chuan from the side.

That burly guy was tall and sturdy. His bare arms were showing his muscles clearly which are like boulders.

He’s Azure Dragon Group’s 8th Desolate Hall’s Red Truncheon. Only those high ranking members in the gangs can be called `Red Truncheon`, on the outside he can also have other forms of addresses. While Luo Fu’s Blood Fiend continued to use this term of address until Blood Fiend got disbanded and finally reaches Azure Dragon Group, the rest of the forms of address were removed only leaving behind the `Red Truncheon`.

Being able to become a `Red Truncheon` proves that in the hall, he has some status, furthermore, his fighting capabilities exceeded normal people.

Da Zhang is just like this. He does not place this refined person in his eyes. In his eyes, this guy was already holding his leg as he lies on the ground screaming in pain.

The metal rod in his hand swings towards Qin Chuan’s shank.

Qin Chuan only withdraws his left leg and dodges the rod.

At the same time, he grabs that burly guy’s head and presses him down. His left knee rises and heavily crashed into the face of that burly guy.

Da Zhuang’s nose starts bleeding and gets knocked flying out and lies on the ground as he fainted.

That aggressive guy earlier had instantly turned into a dead dog.

“Really, why are you so violent.”

Qin Chuan dusted his hands before straightening his slightly askew spectacles, “We’re all civilized people, can’t we all have a nice talk?”

A military adviser like Shou Hou said into Chen Hu’s ear. “Hall leader…he’s a bit thorny ah!”

Chen Hu gives him a slap, “Fucker is there a need for you to tell me that? Aren’t I able to see it?”

Shou Hou covers his face feeling wronged.

“Hall leader there’s so many of us here if everyone spit saliva at him we would be able to drown him to death!” [Cry: Basically They could beat him up with numbers is what he is saying ]

A fighter with a rather rough temper shouts, “Do him in!”

Over a hundred Azure Dragon Group fighters shout at the same time, “Do him in!”

This grandeur is really a bit amazing.

“Did you see this!”

Chen Hu is very delighted as he smiles merrily at Qin Chuan, “These are all my underlings. How do you plan to fight them all by yourself? I see that you’re a smart person thus let me give you a bit of advice.”

“Then what do you plan to do?”

Seeing that the people that he had called had yet to arrive, Qin Chuan can only continue to drag out the time.

“We’re lawfully carrying out construction work. You want to disturb?”

“We’re all smart people. Let’s not talk in riddles.”

Chen Hu chuckles, “Little brother. I see that you’re a talented person so don’t lose your life for this bit of matter. Don’t have money you can earn. Don’t have a life, you can never find it back ah!”

“In broad daylight, you guys would dare to kill people?”

“Hahaha killing people this matter we usually don’t do it.”

Chen Hu says slowly, “But everyone’s head is pinned to the waist while passing one’s days. I also don’t feel like your life is worth a lot. Even if you earn a few hundred thousand a month, it’s not enough for a chop from each of us. Our life is inexpensive if we die then we die. But you, need to think about it more ah.”

“Not to mention if each of us stabs you once each, if you die, we will also not take a lot of responsibility.”

By the side, Shou Hou adds, “The law doesn’t punish the mass. I believe you ought to understand the meaning of these words.”


Chen Hu is very unhappy as he kicks Shou Hou away, “Did I fucking let you speak?”

Shou Hou is even more wronged but he doesn’t dare to say anything.

“What I hate most is people snatching my words.”

Chen Hu angrily says, “If you snatch my sentence again, I’m going to beat you to death!”

Qin Chuan gives a thumbs-up and says, “Chen-ye is rather impressive ah.”

“Hehe, you had also seen it already.”

Chen Hu smokes his cigar as he demonstrates to Qin Chuan, “My 8th Desolate Hall isn’t something that you can provoke. Today I must give my brothers an explanation. Either you guys walk off yourselves or I’ll let my a hundred of my brothers carry you guys out.”

Qin Chuan asks, “If I don’t leave?”

“Not leaving? Are you an idiot?”

Chen Hu raises his eyebrows, “Don’t you see the people behind me? Could it be that you’re an idiot?”

“More people means your words count?”

“That’s of course. Who has more people, would have more influence.”

Chen Hu chuckles, “Is there a need to ask this kind of things? If you have more people than me, I, Chen Hu will naturally listen to you.”

“Oh, so that’s the case ah.”

Qin Chuan looks at his handphone, “Looking at the time, it’s almost time.”

While he was speaking one taxi after another starts driving in from outside and stopping at the surrounding of Dafa Intersection.

For a moment the people of Azure Dragon Group were stunned, what the heck what’s with this situation? There are more people coming? Isn’t this a bit too much?!

Within a moment over 30 taxi’s stops by the side. One idle youngster after another jumps out from the cars.

Cannot call them youngsters because there are all kinds of age among them.

Those that are young are around 12/13 years old with ear piercing, lip piercings and all kinds of dyed hair colors as well as attire.

There were those old enough to have white hair. They were wearing white singlets as well as holding a radio. As they walk they are listening to the broadcasting stories. Qin Chuan counted a bit, at the very least there are 30 old men who are enough to have a plaza dance already.

Xu Lei really cannot be relied on, how can he send all these kinds of people!

Furthermore, there was a middle-aged woman who was holding a vegetable basket walking over. It’s clear that she had just gone to the food market before coming over!

Bullshit….how is this proper!

But luckily most of them are hooligans in the 20s-30s. All of them were standing there sloppily. Together as a group, they were rather eye-catching!

Among them was a guy who’s around 30 years old was the most eye-catching as he was wearing a red windbreaker. It was wide open and he was not wearing anything inside exposing his stomach. The most amusing thing is that he was wearing a large underpants. Along with the red overcoat, it looks just like a joke.

Qin Chuan recognized this attire. In the past when he had nothing to do and play games, isn’t this Dante’s overcoat from devil may cry?! [Cry: Waw. Can’t tell if author is making fun of DMC or he loves it.]

Most importantly this brother had also gotten Dante’s Devil Sword Dante from gods know where. What the! Is this a cosplay convention ah!

“For the Horde!” [Cry: World of Warcraft Reference Mainly Orcs.]

Seem like because there were a lot of people, that brother starts bellowing nearly making Qin Chuan cover his forehead.

Too fucking silly but an amusing person ah…where did Xu Lei find all of these weirdos.

“Who’s Qin Chuan, Qin-ye!”

That guy cosplaying as Dante starts looking all around.

Qin Chuan helplessly waves his hand, “I’m here.”

“Aiyah so you are Qin-ye ah. Indeed is bold and powerful, golden lance does not fall ah!”

That brother directly rushes up and pulls Qin Chuan’s hand and start throwing all kinds of beautiful rhetoric phrases at him.

Qin Chuan starts sweating, bullshit, where the heck did you come out with this kind of idioms! What bullshit golden lance does not fall….this idiom does not even match ah!

“Qin-ye I’m call Da Mao. It’s Brother Lei who asked me to come!”

This brother starts to introduce himself.

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Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 62  [Dante]

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