MCW 61

Chapter 61    [Title below]


Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet

“This attire really fits you.”

Miao Tian cannot help but praise when she Sees Qin Chuan wearing the assistant’s attire.

“I feel that you’re quite suitable in wearing formal attire. It’s even more refined than the time you were wearing the security guard’s uniform…but, these spectacles doesn’t really suit you…”

Miao Tian points at the frameless gold spectacles that Qin Chuan was wearing and feels that it is very uncomfortable.

“Is there really a need for this…”

“This is the requirement for working.”

Qin Chuan pushes his spectacles, “I’m actually a really refined person.”

“Only ghost would believe you!”

Miao Tian pouts before picking up her chopsticks and picks up the capsicum that Qin Chuan place by the side and place it back into his bowl.

“Don’t be picky.”

Qin Chuan’s face becomes slightly bitter. I hate eating capsicums the most. Perhaps eating lunch with Miao Tian was a mistake….but she said that she wanted to give me a lesson and dragged me away for lunch.

“I…don’t like to eat capsicum…”

“It’s not like you’re a kid how can you picky about food!”

Miao Tian looks at Qin Chuan and cannot help but giggle, “Be obedient, listen to what big sister says!”

This lass really climbed all over me ah.

Qin Chuan really wish to press her under him and  ** to let her know how powerful man can be!

But this thought disappears very quickly. Qin Chuan does not really dare to put it into action. He silently picks up his food and eats. Recently his food intake had greatly increased and this was already his 8th portion. Qin Chuan feels that if this goes on, his meal card will need to be recharged once again.

Obtaining strengthened capabilities isn’t that bad. But this kind of eating consumption…perhaps one day I might eat myself until I become poor.

That cannot happen ah. Should I consider doing something else to earn money? For the barbeque store to earn money, perhaps it will still need some more time.

“Damn it…”

Sun Jialiang was sitting far away as he watches Qin Chuan and Miao Tian sit together and eat. He grinds his teeth in anger.

Qin Chuan becoming an assistant in a blink of an eye made him very unhappy! Just a small security guard, he actually climbed up so quickly!

“He Su come over here and sit with us ah!”

Qin Chuan looks up to see He Su looking around. Because of a few unwritten rules in the department store, she seemed to not know where she should sit. Qin Chuan waves his hand and He Su immediately lets out a sigh of relief before walking over with her plate and sits by Qin Chuan’s side.

He Su is around 19 years old. She’s still in university. Recently it was her summer vacation thus she came to Imperial Department Store to work part-time while studying.

“This person is?”

Miao Tian stares at the pretty young girl in front of her and in her gaze, there’s actually hostility.

“This person is Xiong Ba’s little sister-in-law.”

Qin Chuan was rather surprised, “Have you forgotten that you saw her at the barbeque store?”

“Ah…sorry….back then I didn’t notice…”

Miao Tian sticks out her tongue, “You’re so young, studying and working part-time right?”

“This was also found out by you.”

The food on He Su’s plate is mostly vegetables which were cheaper. Looks like this lass is sincerely saving money ah.

“Big sister also looks quite young, you must definitely have graduated from university right?”

He Su’s attitude towards Qin Chuan had always been rough but towards girl’s she had always been very soft and gentle which made Qin Chuan feel that it was really unfair.

“Hehe that’s right. I graduated last year. You’re so young and you already came out to work part-time. Such a good personality. In the future, inside the department store, big sister shall shade you.”

“You yourself is also in the back section…how are you going to take care of her?”

Qin Chuan cannot help but mock, making Miao Tian roll her eyes.

“Eating so much again.”

Seeing the large number of empty trays by Qin Chuan’s side she cannot help but mock, “Are you a pig?”

“What the!”

Qin Chuan is unconvinced, “Can’t your attitude towards me be a bit better. After all, I’m your brother-in-law’s friend!”

“Uncle it’s already not bad!”

He Su pats Qin Chuan’s shoulder, “Go to my university and ask which guy dares to go against me! I’ll beat them until their mother cannot even recognize them!”

Qin Chuan wipes away his cold sweat. This lass…is too violent already! Who did she learn such violence from? Really is too damn amazing already!

Could it be that she and Luo Li that lass have a relationship?


Miao Tian really wishes to laugh but forcibly bore with it.

“What’s so  bad about uncle?”

Qin Chuan places down his chopsticks and pushes up his spectacles before looking at He Su beside him. He asks with a slightly deep voice, “Don’t you feel that my age is slightly too old, thus really makes people turn their backs on me?”


Being questioned so seriously, He Su was unable to say anything for a while.

There seems to be a kind of distressed feeling due to time in this guys eyes.

“Also….also not…”

He Su actually becomes nervous and feels like she had really said a bit too much. Was I being too harsh when I am talking to this guy in front of me?

Wanting to say good things to him is also not easy. It seems…I ought to reflect over it for a bit…

“Scumbag, here you go again.”

Miao Tian picks up her chopsticks and uses it to lightly knocked on Qin Chuan’s head, “Susu, don’t be tricked ah. This fellow can change his face as he wishes!”


He Su is slightly stunned while Qin Chuan’s expression becomes even more laden with grief.

“Tiantian…didn’t expect that you would also talk to me like this….you really make me too sad already.”

Qin Chuan lets out a long sigh, “My eyes already become very sorrowful.”

“Less nonsense from you. It’s not like it’s my first day knowing you!”

Miao Tian rolls her eyes at Qin Chuan, “Don’t bully Susu. Just take a look, she’s a good lady.”

“Then I’m also not a bad person ah!”

Qin Chuan says in his heart, why did these two lasses team up together so quickly?

“Hmph, if you’re not a bad person when who is!”

“Why did you say such things?”

“Yesterday…my father still saw your car…”

Miao Tian unhappily says, “He keeps persistently questioning me who was the one who sent me home…asked until I was very vexed ah…”

“You should have just said that it was your colleague.”


Miao Tian’s expression is very ugly, “My father he…even if it was colleague he will not allow it…”

“Isn’t your family upbringing a bit too strict!”

Qin Chuan feels like he was looking at a lady living in the 80s.

“Other people also have strict upbringing alright!”

He Su knows that she got tricked by Qin Chuan’s performance making her angry. Hearing this she glares at Qin Chuan, “This way then she wouldn’t be tricked away by you this kind of bad person!”

Qin Chuan complains, “I’m very wronged here ah, how am I a bad person!”

“If you’re not a bad person would you have sent a girl home in the middle of the night causing other people to be misunderstood”

He Su rolls her eyes before holding Miao Tian’s hand, “Big sister Tiantian, in future, don’t follow this kind of scum man. You will be lead astray by him.”

Qin Chuan wishes to retort. What the, why did I become a scum again!

“He…he’s also not that bad…”

Miao Tian cannot help but help Qin Chuan explain a bit.

“Hmph you see, you had already been confused by him!”

He Su pulls Miao Tian’s hand and says slowly, “Like big sister Miao this kind of good person, there will definitely be a lot of guys who want to take advantage of you! You better be careful not fall for Qin Chuan’s tricks! This kind of uncle, knows how to trick girls the best!”

By the side Qin Chuan threatens, “If you speak nonsense again do you believe that I would not beat you.”

“You see, she even want to beat girls, scumbag!”

“Okay ah, you also don’t target Susu ah.”

Miao Tian feels that between the two of them, there’s a bit of tit for tat. Thus she starts to be a good person and advises the two of them, “If you interact with each other more, it will become better.”

Qin Chuan smiles bitterly. Miao Tian got to know He Su because of me. In the end, right now I become the intermediary for the two for them.

“Hmph, I would not want to be in contact with this kind of uncle!”

Recalling how Qin Chuan lied to her earlier, He Su becomes angry.

This guy is really very bad!

Just as He Su plans to ridicule Qin Chuan a few more times when his handphone suddenly rings.

“In the middle of the day who’s calling me ah.”

Following which when he picks it up and it was the foreman from the construction site at the old city district.

“Mr. Qin! Mr. Qin it’s not good ah!”

When Qin Chuan heard this brother making a big fuss, he immediately asks, “What’s the matter?”

“Mr. Qin…I heard some news that Azure Dragon Group’s people will come and beat us out of old city district ah!”


Qin Chuan slaps the table and stands up kicking the chair, “They are revolting are they! Just wait a bit. I’m coming over right now!”

Miao Tian and He Su were slightly stunned as they don’t know what Qin Chuan was talking about.

“The two of you continue eating. There are some problems with the construction site. I’ll go first.”

After Qin Chuan finished speaking, he speedily leaves the department store. Entering his Santana 2000, he starts the engine.

As he drives, he gives Xu Lei a phone call.

If he didn’t guess wrongly, Liu Tang should be on the same boat with Fang Qingshan. This matter today made Liu Tang suffering a large loss thus Fang Qingshan would definitely be ruthless to take back the territory!

I alone would definitely not be able to control the stage. I can only then play some tricks on them.

“Little brother ah, what did you call me for? Are you here to invite me out for a meal?”

From the phone comes Xu Lei’s voice. “Can, we are our own people, just got invited a bit already. How about Xionggelila there?”

“Let’s talk about eating later.”

Qin Chuan directly says, “Brother Lei, I want to find some people from you to do some things.”

“Can. How many?”

Xu Lei calmly said, “For brother I would not take any profit then. Anyways you also know how much I charge, 15 per person. How many do you need?”

“Ah, then prepare for me three thousand then.”

Qin Chuan calculated a bit, three thousand people should be around 45k. After all this money isn’t going to be paid by me. I’ll later go and ask them from Wang Yue. After all this is handling work for her.

“What the….are you trying to seize control of the city hall ah!”

When Xu Lei heard this he nearly fell off the chair from fear, “Three thousand! Why don’t you want 30 thousand!”

“Brother Lei is able to get 30 thousand? Also can ah! The more the merrier!”

Anyways what Wang Yue has is money. Problems that can be solved with money isn’t a problem.

Xu Lei lets out a bitter laugh, “Brother can you not tease me….where can I go and get so many people for you? Do you think that I’m Lanxiao Vocational high school’s headmaster ah…”

“Then how many people can Brother Lei can prepare for me?”

“At most 300…you prepared the money right? Just tell me where you want those people to go.”

“The Old city districts, Dafa intersection.”

“What the…better forget it…”

Xu Lei got shocked, “Isn’t that Azure Dragon Group’s territory…. I reckon that they don’t dare to go…”

“You tell them, that it’s 50 per person!”

Qin Chuan directly shout, “I’m not lacking of money!”

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Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 61  [Not lacking of money]

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