MCW 60

Chapter 60    [Title below]


Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet

Qin Chuan noticed that all of the staff in the department store were standing at the sides like they were welcoming the city leader that was coming for inspections as they wait for that guy in the Rolls-Royce to come out.

Very quickly a young man wearing a white suit gets off the Rolls-Royce. This brother appears to look quite attractive, it’s just that there’s a faint evil look inside his gaze.

“Young master Liu!”

Jin Jiu who was standing by the side immediately steps forward. Seeing Liu Tang taking out a cigarette, he immediately respectfully takes out his lighter.

Liu Tang’s cigarette lights up. He nods his head before under the escort of a group of staff enters the department store.

Some girls by the side were muttering.

“Wah….Young master Liu is so handsome ah…”

“How nice would it be if I became his girlfriend…”

Liu Tang did not take the elevator. Instead, he rides the escalators level by level enjoying the row of welcoming feeling.

“Mental pervert.”

Wang Yue who was standing by the railings on the fifth floor watches Liu Tang coming up level by level.

“I had obtained the info already.”

At this time, Qin Chuan also walks back as he stands by Wang Yue side, “Indeed when it comes to this kind of matters still asking the cleaning aunty is the best choice.”

“What did Liu Tang come for?”

Qin Chuan says, “Heard that it’s to convene the board of directors.”


Wang Yue snorts coldly, “Even the cleaning aunty also knows while I this President was the last to know about it! Looks like this time around the board of directors meeting today is targeted at me!”

While at this moment Liu Tang had already reached the 5th floor. By the side was Jin Jiu as well as the rest of the higher-ups in the department store.

When he sees Wang Yue, he smiles.

“Wang Yue ah, we hadn’t seen each other for a long time.”

“Liu Tang, I remembered that before I said that the department store doesn’t welcome you right.”

Wang Yue does not have any goodwill towards this handsome Young master Liu.

“Hehe, after all this department store is also my business. Why can’t I come.”

Liu Tang does not care about Wang Yue words. He sticks his hands in his pockets as he smiles and says, “Furthermore, I came today not to play but for work.”

“Convening the board of directors meeting is it? You did quite well, to think that I don’t even know about it.”

Wang Yue looks at Liu Tang coldly, “Looks like a number of people in the board of directors are already under your control.”

“Alas, how can you say that.”

Liu Tang waves her hand, “Wang Yue is our President and had dedicated so much for our department store. Even if there are no contributions, there’s also hard work ah.”

“Hearing you praise me really makes my hair stand on end.”

Wang Yue says, “Qin Chuan, help me find where the goosebumps dropped to.”

Qin Chuan?

A trace of sinisterness appears in Liu Tang’s gaze, he’s Qin Chuan?

Based on what Fang Qinshan had told me, the many attempts in killing Wang Yue were all blocked by this fellow. Just what was this fellow work in the past, making people unable to guess.

Could it be that he’s an expert that Wang Yue had found from somewhere? But seeing this Qin Chuan, he’s clearly a faceful of shabby looks! If it wasn’t for this fellow, Wang Yue would have already died! Although it’s a pity for such a beautiful woman to die just like this, as long as I control the entirety of Imperial, I can be considered as stepping to the top of City H! What does beauty count as. Those pretty stars and models didn’t I sleep with them as I wish.

“It’s almost time. Let us meet at the conference room.”

Finish speaking Liu Tang walks towards the highest level.

“Let’s go as well.”

After Qin Chuan finished changing his clothing, admiration flashes across in Wang Yue’s gaze. She masked a bit before stuffing her handbag into his hands, “Don’t forget that today you’re my assistant.”

Qin Chuan feels like Wang Yue was like telling him, `today you’re my boyfriend`, damn it! it doesn’t feel a single bit right.


Qin Chuan endures it and did not say it out, ‘Got bonus or not’.

He follows behind Wang Yue and takes the elevator up to the 13th floor which he has never been before.

The 13th floor at overseas was not a very good number. But here, no one seems to care. The entire 13th floor was not open to external people. Everywhere is the offices of the higher ranking people. Only Wang Yue was rather special and sets up the president’s office at the 5th floor to be able to fuse together with the entire department store and makes it easier for her to handle the matter of the department store.

Qin Chuan follows Wang Yue and enters the conference room on the 13th floor. The moment he enters, he got slightly shocked.

What the? This is indeed the office area of the rich! The entire office is built from crystals. Furthermore, the position of the office’s is created out of the entire ground. The entire crystal ground is transparent and from here they are able to see downstairs.

This is simply damn showing off ah…

A very long glass office table is placed at the center of the room. A lot of directors were already sitting there and was waiting for Wang Yue.

Liu Tang as the second biggest shareholder of the company was sitting at one end of the office table while the other end is left for Wang Yue.

Amongst which was one of the seats was left empty. This seat was originally belonged to Li Hua’s. As for that new Director Liu, he’s sitting at the end most position with Jin Jiu accompanying by the side.

Although Jin Jie is the company’s Operations Manager, but because he was not a director thus he did not have the right to sit here and can only sit by the side.

But when he becomes the president, he will have the right to sit here, this is also what Jin Jiu had always been hoping!

“This place is the board of directors meeting.”

Director Liu who was sitting there upon seeing Qin Chuan, his mouth twitches. Until now he still had not forgotten the matter of Qin Chuan throwing away his face.

“To actually let a security guard enter, Wang Yue, aren’t you disrespecting us a bit?”

“Today he’s my assistant.”

Wang Yue directly says, “I believe as the company’s President, I have the authority of appointing myself a temporary assistant right?”

With her saying so, the rest of the people were unable to contradict.

While Qin Chuan was currently wearing a neat suit. Inside is a matching white shirt as well as a necktie. There is also a pair of golden frameless spectacles on his nose bridge which Wang Yue had placed there. Making him have a very refined look.

“Even if he’s an assistant, he’s also a boorish assistant!”

Director Liu expresses his disapproval, “I don’t allow such a violent person to enter the Board of Directors meeting!”

“This sir, please take note of your phrasing!”

Qin Chuan pushes up his spectacles. His voice seems to have magical penetrating power. “From the current situation, your inner quality is a lot rougher.”

Qin Chuan who was wearing refined attire, along with his magnetic voice, it instantly captivated all of the females in the room.

A few female directors started to admire Wang Yue to actually find such an assistant that is filled with charisma.


Director Liu’s temper is indeed slightly violent. He nearly slaps the stable and stands up but was stopped by the director beside him.

“Compared to this, I believe that we should start the discussion about the proper matters?”

Qin Chuan currently did not have the aura of a common person. Instead, he is carrying the aura of a dignified person.

He pushes up his spectacles before saying, “The rest of the directors’ time is precious. I believe that we should not waste any more time on this kind of pointless matters right?”

While he speaks, he smiles towards a few of the 40s-50s-year-old female directors, instantly overwhelming their hearts.

“Right, right, right. Let’s hurry and start the Board of Directors meeting!”

“Mm, Director Liu, how is this person violent ah. I see that he’s quite good.”

A few female directors speak up for Qin Chuan, thus Director Liu can only swallow back his words down.

Wang Yue glances at Qin Chuan a few more time and starts to feel that this fellow is getting more and more unfathomable.

Just what kind of person is he?

I had worked hard for so many years and can be said to be able to see through people quite accurately. But only this Qin Chuan I’m unable to see through.

“I believe that the directors also know the reason why I convent this meeting.”

Liu Tang sits there and says, “We had decided to re-elect a new President.”


Wang Yue sits there as she props up her chin with both hands as she looks at the directors in front of her.

“Re-elect a new president? I believe that my term hasn’t ended yet right?”

“It indeed had not ended.”

Liu Tang says, “But right now were extremely doubtful of your operating capability, thus we decided to dismiss you.”

“You do need to give an explanation right.”

Wang Yue is not that startled. Instead, her gaze lands on Liu Tang and calmly asked, “If you wish to remove the president, it’s not because you Young master Liu find me unpleasant to the eyes then can be accomplished.”

“What else can it be. Naturally, it’s because of the old city districts matter.”

Liu Tang laughs, “Back then you stood against the opinions of the mass and bought that piece of new land. But in the end, that place is late in beginning work, perhaps this time around the investment was wasted there! A few billion of capitals are all the hard-earned money of all of the directors present, how do you plan to compensate them? Because of your stupid decision-making! Right now it’s time for you to be responsible!”

“I had always been responsible for the department store.”

Wang Yue smiles, “But where did you heard from that the land still had not started work yet? Right now the old city district project is building like wildfires ah, does young master Liu want to go and inspect with me the site?”

When Liu Tang heard this he was stunned for a moment.


The work in the old city district had already started? How’s that possible! that place has the Azure Dragon Group ah!

How is it possible for Azure Dragon Group to let the Imperial’s people to carry out construction work in their territory, all of this exceeded his expectations!

“The Old city district started work already?”

“Ah? Then who was the one who told us that it had not started work yet?”

The directors started discussing with each other.

“Although I don’t know who was spreading word and sowing dissension but it doesn’t matter. We have evidence here to refute everything.”

Wang Yue lowers her head and arranges her documents, “Assistant Qin, Give us a report about the progress of the project.”


Qin Chuan takes out the documents from Wang Yue’s handbag. After which he pushes up his spectacles and started giving a report on the construction progress of the old city district.

The information is quite on point, Qian Jiao should be the one who’s in charge of it. Although this lass is a bit mad about money, but her work capability is rather commendable.

Qin Chuan is currently like a genuine assistant as he speaks clearly and logically. The rest of the directors nodded their heads as they listened to him.

“In short, if this department store is finished building, not only would it bring an enormous profit to Imperial, at the same time it will also benefit both the country and people.”

Qin Chuan smiles merrily as he says, “This way the government will also vigorously assist our department store’s construction. It can be said that it’s completely full of advantages without any demerits. What we need is nothing but time and patience.”

“That’s right. President Wang indeed planned far ahead/”

“Believing in President Wang is indeed the right decision!”

A lot of directors who was originally only observing immediately responded to Wang Yue making Liu Tang grind his teeth in anger.

“Looks like everyone doesn’t have any objections then.”

Wang Yue says, “Borrowing this chance, I have a matter to announce.”

Everyone’s gaze lands on her while Wang Yue says calmly, “From today onwards, Qin Chuan is transferred to the secretary department. Officially he will serve as my assistant.”

[Cry: I am pretty damn sure there’s no department named as `Secretary department`
As we all know. Secretary is a position and is not a department. But I’m just rolling with what Fuji told me since I asked this to him and said Author used Department.]

[ Cry: If you see any mistakes at all that needs editing just tell in the comments or discord.]

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 60  [Transferring of post]

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