Chapter 6    [Which leg do you want]


“Oh! Leader, you were here?”

Qin Chuan immediately smiles and say his greetings.

Currently, Zhang Dana is sitting on the dermis sofa in the security guard department. A few security guards are standing beside him, they should be Qin Chuan’s future colleagues.

Zhang Dana puts a cigarette on his mouth. A security guard who is very sharp immediately pulls out a lighter and helps Zhang Dana light up his cigarette.

Another security guard is even more quick-witted as he immediately kneels down and helps Zhang Dana massage his leg.

Seeing this situation, Qin Chuan cannot help by smile. Tsk, this fellow really think that he is the local tyrant ah! Could it be that these security guards are his concubines? This brothers’ taste is a bit too heavy ah!

-Breathing out sound-

Zhang Dana blows out a ring of smoke before narrowing his eyes as he looks at Qin Chuan.

“Xiao Qin ah. I had heard that you are a person that CEO Wang had personally invited in.”

“How is that possible. I walked in from the proper interview ah!”

Qin Chuan immediately says, “CEO Wang says that I cannot say our relationship ah! There really is nothing between the two of us!”

Zhang Dana’s expression turn stiff, damn it! Are you this fellow really an idiot or doing it on purpose ah! Do you really think that I had mingled so many years in the department store for nothing?

He takes another puff of his cigarette before saying, “Xiao Qin ah. Perhaps you do not know, but if you wish to enter our security guard department, just passing CEO Wang’s interview is not enough. You still need to pass my security guard department exam!”

Qin Chuan’s heart thumps, oh you are already coming right now? What Qian Jiao says is right. This fellow is indeed narrow-minded! But no matter what methods you guys, I shall receive it!

“Our security guard department is a very important department!”

Zhang Dana props up his legs giving the appearance of an underground boss, “When you meet a bad person here, then you need to fight like a hero! You see them here, all of them are Li Yuanba unmounted. Zhao Yun when mounted!”

Qin Chuan glances around and nearly starts laughing.

What the, a room full of old, weak, disabled! Are Li Yuanba and Zhao Yun like this?

There are a total of four security guards in the room. Adding him it is 5. The one who is massaging Zhang Dana’s leg is a fatty. He is around 100 kg and all of it in his stomach. The one who pulls out the lighter is an old man whose hair had already turn white. Perhaps even walking will be very strenuous! As for the last….he is around 1.6 meter tall. Both short and skinny is this an elite security guard? Those who did not know would have thought that this is an elderly club! Or perhaps they are even relationship center!

“Xiao Qin ah do you see the safe over there?”

Zhang Dana points at a two meters tall safe by the side, “The body of us security guards needs to be strong and when we punch it we must have strength! Come throw out your strongest punch for me to see!”

What the hell! This safe is made from steel and you want me to punch it?

Qin Chuan is not an idiot and immediately says, “What leader says is right, but I had just come here and does not know much. Can leader punch out for me to see how!”

Zhang Dana glares, “I am the leader, how can I casually take action! Let me tell you back then I used to be a commanding officer in the army. I cannot causally take action otherwise people will die! Come, Skinny you punch it!”

That 1.6 meters tall brother’s face instantly turns bitter, “Manager…can, can I not hit…”

“Why not?”

Zhang Dana is slightly unhappy.


“Pain your sister! You no longer wish to work anymore is it!”

With his berating, that skinny fellow can only reluctantly walks over and enters a pose. It seems like he had learned from Li Xiaolong as he punches towards the safe, “Hah….. wuwuwuwu…”

This punch did not cause the safe to move a single bit. His fist is both red and swollen as he starts tearing from pain.

“Okay, it’s your turn Xiao Qin! You must have courage ah! We security guards fear nothing!”

Zhang Dana sneers in his heart, hmph, stinky fellow, I do not believe that I will not be able to toy you to death! Since you had entered the security guard department, sooner or later I will toy with you until you leave in tears!

The rest of the security guards also smiles as they wait to watch the newcomer get humiliated.

Qin Chuan shrugs his shoulders and walks over and punches the safe.


On the steel door of the safe, a clearly visible fist print can be seen!

Zhang Dana’s calf trembles and nearly have a cramp. He recalls how Qin Chuan threw him over his shoulder earlier…he had thought that it was an accident, but now he realized that it was not the case…

“What the heck…”

The skinny is completely stuned, just what is this strength! Bloody hell this brother is a monster ah!

Qin Chuan digs his ear with a hand while he shakes his other hand and asks, “Leader did I pass or not?

“Little fellow you are the talent that our security guard department needs the most ah!”

Zhang Dana says with a wide smile, “Congratulations in joining the security guard department!”

Qin Chuan stretches out both hands and shakes Zhang Dana’s both hands. At the same time, he wipes his earwax on Zhang Dana’s hands. Zhang Dana is angry but he does not dare to say anything and still had to continue smiling.

Damn it…why did CEO Wang send such a fiend star to the security guard department ah. Just now I really must have made an error of judgment!

“I, I need to to the toilet first…that who, Skinny you are responsible for bringing Xiao Qin around!”

Zhang Dana orders before walking out with his tail between his legs.

That 1.6 meters tall brother walks over and looks at Qin Chuan with admiration and says, “Big brother! You are really fierce ah, in future I will be following you!”

“Okay ah, you really have good judgment!”

Qin Chuang pats this fellow on his shoulder in satisfaction causes him to clench his teeth from the force behind.

“Big brother, have a cigarette!”

The skinny brother small hand pulls out a cigarette and pass to Qin Chuan. Qin Chuan places the cigarette in his mouth and Skinny helps him lights it up.

“Not bad, you have prospects. What’s your name?”

“Big brother, I’m call Xiong Ba”

Hearing this Qin Chuan nearly drops the cigarette from his mouth, the fuck, with this body and physique you are actually called Xiong Ba?!

[TL: Xiong= bear while Ba= tyrant so together it is Bear Lord]

“My father is a martial arts instructor and had high hopes for me! Thus he give me the name Xiong Ba!”

Xiong Ba clucks and says, “Don’t see that my physique cannot make it, my family trained in Bagua Fist! Big brother do you want me to perform for you?”

Qin Chuan cannot help but smile, that earlier was Bagua Fist?

“That punch of yours earlier towards the safe?”

“Big brother…. pain….”

Xiong Ba looks at Qin Chuan pitifully making Qin Chuang sigh. This security guard department is really a garbage recycling center!

Damn it, let me mingle around here first!

Qin Chuang ask, “Okay, then what do I do today?”

“Nothing, there is no need to work on the first day. Big brother, you can go back home and rest first. Tomorrow you just need to report to work on time, otherwise, you will not be able to collect your money!”

“Oh, I know that.”

After knowing that there is no need to work today, Qin Chuan nods his head before taking his uniform and turns around, preparing to leave.

“Big brother, tomorrow you need to come to work on time ah! Otherwise, they will dock your pay!”


Qin Chuan waved his hand before swiftly leaving the department store.

At this moment there was a few smoking hooligans squatting outside of the department store entrance. Seeing Qin Chuan coming out, their eyes brighten up.

“Young master Jin, is it that guy?”

“That’s right, it’s him.”

Jin Yang is wearing a sunglass as he squats among the hooligans.

“Brothers are you guys able to beat him up?”

“Able to! Usually Young master Jin takes cares of us, beating someone up is just a matter of seconds!”

One of the hooligan pulls out his machete and clucks, “Young master Jin just say the word. Which leg of his do you want? Left leg, right leg or the third leg?”

[TL: Just in case people are wondering why it is a machete it is during the olden days where gangs are still prevalent throughout the world]

[Cry: If you are confused just ignore the logic behind that and watch the MC wreck them.]


Chapter 6    [Which leg do you want]

Enjoy the chapter

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