MCW 59

Chapter 59     [Young master Liu]


Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet

“What’s this?”

Wang Yue looks at the parked black Santana outside and her face turns chilly.

Qin Chuan rubs the back of his head and laughs, “This….it’s the car ah…. what else can it be, hahaha…”

Wang Yue asks, “Where’s the Mustang?”

“Mustang…that car is too high-profile already!”

Qin Chuan casually finds an excuse, “It’s not suitable for me this small security guard ah. President Wang you see this car, Santana 2000, this is an antique car. It’s historical value is exceeds Mustang countless of times! Furthermore, I had only changed the outer shell. The Mustang parts are all inside!”

“Do you know how much was that Mustang worth?”

Wang Yue’s expression is very ugly making Qin Chuan a bit startled. She doesn’t mind a 500k carpet but she actually minds about a car now?!

Could it be because it was her birthday present?

If she really cared about this birthday present she would not have casually gifted it to me ah, not to mention placing it there for so long and didn’t even drive it!

Why does it seem like she is very angry ah? [Cry: Cause it’s her gift to you dumbass.]

“Also….. 500k+….”

“That’s right, 500k. To our Mr. Qin, it isn’t considered as money already?”

Wang Yue snorts coldly, “Or is it that you look down on the car that I gifted to you?”

“Ah…no…can say so…”

Qin Chuan no longer laughs as he says, “I needed the money so I sold the car first…”

“Since you needed money, why did you not tell me?”

Wang Yue frowns, “You sold the things I gifted to you just like this?”

“Isn’t it because it was an emergency…”

Qin Chuan says awkwardly, “This Santana is also very good. Although it has the exterior of a Santana but inside is the core of a Mustang.”

He had learned it from Xu Lei.

“Buy it back.”

Wang Yue’s voice is very cold, “How much you sold it for, buy it back at the same price.”

“President Wang, didn’t you gifted it to me?”

“Right now I’m taking it back.”

Qin Chuan is slightly angered, “What the, can you not be like that! I already said that I’m in need of money! Why are you this woman such so heartless?”

“I am heartless? You sold the things that I gifted to you and you still say that I’m heartless?”

Wang Yue crosses her arms as she looks at Qin Chuan mockingly, “Are you that lacking of money? Aren’t you a person who split a dollar to spend? What, you owe a gambling debt? Or could it be that you had knocked a girl up and need money for an abortion?”

Qin Chuan’s lip twitches, “In President Wang’s eyes am I that kind of person?”

“I’m just afraid that you’re inferior to that kind of person!”

Wang Yue is very mad, “Anyways before tonight you must immediately buy that car back for me!”

“I’ll buy, I’ll buy okay!”

Qin Chuan does not have any other choice. Bullshit, at most I just go and sell my kidney! A grown man was still being troubled by money! Us men have legs and hands, how can we starve to death ah!

To coax Wang Yue to be happy, he personally helps her open the car door, “President Wang, please.”

Wang Yue snorts but still walks over and enters the car.

Qin Chuan returns to the driver’s seat and starts the car. The rumbling of the motor makes his heart a lot more comfortable.

If I really cannot get it I’ll just go and borrow a bit from Thorn Snake that little fellow…damnit, borrowing money from my student, perhaps this is unprecedentedly the first time! Indeed it’s a cent that stumped a hero ah!

“President Wang ah, don’t be angry. How about I treat you to breakfast?”


Wang Yue did not say anything thus Qin Chuan continues and says, “Since you didn’t speak then I’ll take it as you agreeing ah.”

Wang Yue relies coldly, “I had never eaten breakfast.”

“Aiyah President Wang. Not eating breakfast is no good! Scientist had said before that breakfast is very important for humans! If you don’t eat breakfast, later on, your digestive system will automatically start absorbing that….shit.”

Wang Yue’s face turns green.

“So scientist said that not eating breakfast is equivalent to eating shit.”

“Enough from you!”

Wang Yue berates, “I’ll go eat okay!”

Qin Chuan smiles faintly as he continues to drive. Although the destination wasn’t far away but going out from the district also needs a certain amount of time.

Qin Chuan takes out a tape and smiles and says, “President Wang ah, we should live our lives with a broader mind. Why don’t we listen to music to help us relax our emotions.”

Finish speaking he puts the tape in and a woman singing voice was played.

“What song, so unpleasant to hear.”

Seeing that tape recorder Wang Yue becomes very unhappy to death. In the previous Mustang, a superior quality CD player was placed inside. The sound quality is far more amazing. As for this tape recorder, the voice is filled with static and sounded like watching a ghost movie. Very vexing.

“This is a generation Tin Hau Teresa Teng’s song ah!”

Qin Chuan says, “Damn I reckon that this tape is already out of print already! Listening to it really is filled with our childhood feelings ah…tsk, those years of youth that had elapsed…”

While they were talking, the cassette suddenly jammed. Following which the music also stopped.

“What the heck, the cassette jammed!”

Qin Chuan pulls out the cassette. The magnetic tape strip inside had bundle up into a mess. After a while did he manage to untangle it.

Wang Yue covers her forehead. Seeing Qin Chuan she becomes mad, did God send me this guy to torment me?

“President Wang we had arrived.”

Qin Chuan pulls the Santana to a stop by the roadside besides Xiong Ba’s steam bun stall.

“You sold that for so much money, there should be a few hundred thousand right and you actually invite me to eat buns?”

Seeing the bun stall outside, Wang Yue lets out a mocking smile.

“This family’s bun is very nice to eat.”

Qin Chuan directly pulls open the car door, “President Wang please.”

Smelling the fragrance of the bun, Wang Yue also becomes slightly hungry. Thus she gets off the car and takes a seat in front of a table.

“Boss give me 20 bamboo steamers!”

After experiencing a round of life and death, Qin Chuan’s stomach is very hungry. He directly slaps the table and shouts making the gaze from the surroundings turn into shock as they looked at him.

Twenty bamboo steamers? What does this brother do?

“Are you crazy?”

Wang Yue also looks at Qin Chuan in shock, “Half a steamer is already enough for me…are you going to finish the rest by yourself?”

“That’s right. Relax, I had never waste food.”

Qin Chuan pry opens the chopsticks and passes a pair to Wang Yue before preparing a pair for himself, “This family bun is definitely very nice. I guarantee you that you won’t regret eating it!”

“Can already. I will eat okay. Those who don’t know would think that you’re this family’s supporter!”

Just as she was speaking Xiong Ba walks over from the side with a large pile of bamboo steamers.

“Brother Qin ah today you came super early ah…ah, President Wang…”

Seeing Wang Yue, Xiong Ba was clearly shocked, “You…you also came to eat buns ah…”

“Xiong Ba?”

Seeing this former security guard Wang Yue is also slightly shocked, “This bun stall…is opened by you?”

“Hehe…small business, just a small business…”

Xiong Ba’s face is filled with some worry. I don’t even know until when this business could continue operating, perhaps tomorrow it might be closed down.

“Xiong Ba you take this.”

Qin Chuan pulls out a bank card and slaps it onto the table, “Later on I SMS you the password. How much you owe your father-in-law, inside has that amount.”


Xiong Ba got a huge shock as he looks at the bank card on the table, “Brother Qin…how, how did you get so much money?”

“Don’t worry about that. Take it and give your father-in-law. You continue to do this business and don’t fall through.”

“How…how can I do this ah…”

Xiong Ba immediately waves his hand, “I cannot take it…”

“I asked you to take it then take it!”

Qin Chuan glares, “Still chirping at me! Are you looking down on me?”

“No…not at all…”

Xiong Ba is so emotional that he starts tearing, “Brother Qin…you relax…I will definitely repay you the money as soon as possible…”

“Enough already. There’s no need to hurry with repaying the money. After the business is good already, it’s not too late to repay me the money!”

Qin Chuan stuff the bun into his mouth, “Didn’t you say that the stall at night I invested 30% right. Just treat this money as an investment.”

“This money is already enough for a 100% investment…”

“Talking about that is no use! Give me two more bowls of porridge, thank you!”

Xiong Ba keeps the bank card properly before wiping away his tears and went to bring the porridge for Qin Chuan.

Wang Yue looks at Qin Chuan weirdly and asks, “You sold the car was to give the money to Xiong Ba for his business?”

“What is it…”

Qin Chuan placed a leg on the chair and acts shamelessly, “I indeed did not handle this matter properly. President Wang is still questioning me is it! Fine, today I’ll give you this 50+kg body of mine. You see which part is worth how much and you just cut it off!”

Wang Yue rolls her eyes.

“Let’s talk about the matter of the car some other time. Anyways I also don’t like that car.”

What the… Is this woman crazy?! How can she be cold just a moment ago and positive the next ah!

After Qin Chuan and Wang Yue finished eating, she also compliments Xiong Ba a bit.

The two of them returned back to the department store and realized that today the department store seems to be a bit different.

Zhang Dana who was usually sloppy had come to the department store so early. He wore his uniform very solemnly as he paces around.

“That who, stand properly for me!”

“How did you display these goods of yours! Rearrange it! So messy!”

“Ah, Manager Zhang what are you doing today ah?”

Qin Chuan just nicely walks in front of Zhang Dana and cannot help but ask, “Why did you become so professional all of the sudden?”

“This el….I had always been so professional.”

Seeing Wang Yue behind Qin Chuan, he swallows down his scolding words and puts on a smiling face and says, “President Wang ah, today you had also come quite early.”

Wang Yue frowns faintly and asks, “What type of person is coming to the department store?”

She sees that Jin Jiu was wearing a very well-ironed suit as well as bring his own son Jin Yang standing at the doorway like they were welcoming a guest.

“President Wang, you don’t know?”

Zhang Dana is a bit surprised, “Didn’t young master Liu say that he’s coming to the department store today?”

“Liu Tang?”

Wang Yue frowns even deeper, “Why did he come here for?”

“This I also don’t know..”

Zhang Dana waves his hand, “Wait till he comes then you ask yourself!”

Finish speaking he smugly runs towards the doorway.

“Today Qian Jiao had taken leave.”

Wang Yue takes a look at her handphone before saying, “Today you shall play the role of being my assistant.”


Qin Chuan is also shocked, I’m a security guard, I’m actually being transferred to being an assistant already?

Already said that female boss likes to find male assistant but didn’t expect that I would finally be able to have this day ah!

Damn, my life success, victory is in sight!

Wang Yue orders, “Follow me upstairs and take off this clothing of yours.”

Qin Chuan immediately covers his body and looks at Wang Yue in alarm.

“President Wang…I, I’m not that kind of person…”

“Person your head! I want you to change your clothing! How is this clothing look like an assistant?”

“Eh…that President Wang why didn’t you say so and made me misunderstood. You scared me to death.”

Qin Chuan solemnly pats his chest making Wang Yue so mad that she wants to slap him to death.

While at this moment, a round of applause comes from the department store entrance. Following which a black Rolls-Royce stopped in front of the entrance.

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Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 59  [Young master Liu]

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