MCW 58

Chapter 58     [Hemorrhoid burst]


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Two hours later, Qin Chuan finally endured until it is done!

This two hours to Qin Chuan was like enduring it for two years!

He lies on the ground spread open, beneath his body is blood.

These blood does not belong to anyone else but him. He was currently lying on the carpet filled with blood. The clothes that he was wearing was also torn apart.

Qin Chuan lies there and feels like he had just experienced rebirth from death.

He stretches his hand out and picks up a cigarette before slowly placing it in his mouth.

The hand holding the lighter trembles a few times before he barely manages to light up the cigarette.

“Big brother ah…”

Qin Chuan lies there as he forced out a rueful sentence, “Just what did you inject me with ah…”

After he finished smoking the cigarette, he feels that his body had become a lot better. Although that injection had made him so painful that he wished to die but was unable to, but it allowed his body to recover very quickly.

But his stomach was rumbling from hunger, looks like I need to go to Xiong Ba’s bun store to have a feast.

Qin Chuan climbs up and takes a look at the messed up carpet and have a bit of a guilty conscience. What the heck. If Wang Yue sees this…wouldn’t I die from shame ah…

Amitabha…hope that she doesn’t see it.

Qin Chuan starts praying before walking into the toilet and uses hot water to bath, washing away the sticky blood on his body.

Qin Chuan was surprised to realize that the skin on his body had turned a lot fairer. He suddenly recalled something and immediately opens the mirror before looking at his butt.

What the heck! The tattoo that I had on my butt had disappeared!

Fuck ah, so it really was a change of skin!

Qin Chuan really liked that tattoo in the past. Looks like I need to re-tattoo one again.

Qin Chuan’s tall body stands among the mist as he unfolds his joints.

Rich people’s home’s is indeed very different. The bathroom is so big, by the side, there is also an enormous bathtub which was filling up on its own automatically. Everything is automatic just like a natural hot spring. Everything will automatically change the water, automatically heating it up simply amazing.

Qin Chuan does not have time to soak anymore. After he finished bathing, he prepares to go out.

In the end at that moment, the bathroom door was suddenly pulled open.

A beauty wearing a silk nightgown was standing at the entrance as she stares blankly at Qin Chuan who was standing in front of her.

At this moment Qin Chuan was not wearing anything and is basically completely naked in front of her. Every single line of muscles attacks her line of sight.

Qin Chuan is also embarrassed. He did not expect that at this time Wang Yue would actually come to bath as well.

Talking about this, wasn’t there a bathroom upstairs, why did she come down to use this one instead…currently she looks like she had just woken up. With her hair being coiled up in a bun, she looks very graceful. That body of pure silk nightgown perfectly portrays the curves of her body.

In front of her chest, there are also two very clear looking dots while the nightgown continues to flow down. Between the two legs, the nightgown faintly forms an arc together.

At this crucial moment, Little Qin Chuan suddenly excitedly raises his head…. Wang Yue’s eyes indeed land on this firm and upright lethal weapon.


Even if she is a female President, at this moment she also cannot hold back her panicked and shriek. Following which she raises her hand and gives Qin Chuan a slap before turning around and runs away.

What the!

Qin Chun covers his mouth while feeling a bit wrong. The one who had been completely seen is me! What is she screaming for!

Qin Chuan’s clothes had already been torn to pieces. But there’s still a single set of the security guard uniform on the coffee table. Qin Chuan was naked as he went to the living room. Stepping on the soft carpet he picks up the uniform on the coffee table and swiftly putting it on.

He was not wearing any underwear inside. Later he will have to go to the local stalls to buy 8 pieces for 10 dollars.

As long as Little Qin Chuan can remain calm…then he will be able to safely survive this day.

Just as Qin Chuan finished putting on his clothes, his cellphone starts ringing. Picking it up and taking a look, it was actually from Wang Yue.

Qin Chuan does not know whether to laugh or cry as he picks up and asks, “President Wang is your phone bill too much?”

“Pervert….had…had you put on your clothes properly already?”

Qin Chuan says, “Put on already. You can come down.”

She hangs up and in a while, Wang Yue indeed carefully walks downstairs. Seeing that Qin Chuan has indeed put on his clothes on, her face turns slightly better before sighing softly.

“Scumbag…really wish to fire you…”

“Oi, oi. How is this related to me ah?”

Qin Chuan had a bellyful of grievance. “It was me who was completely seen by you okay? The one who’s playing rogue is you okay?!”

Wang Yue’s face turns slightly red, “Nonsense….it’s not like I knew that you were in the bathroom…”

“Isn’t there a bathroom upstairs? Why did you come to the first floor?”

“Upstairs one….can not bath…”

Wang Yue says gloomily, “I’m used to bathing in the morning…it’s my habit…”

“Fine then, this matter is my mistake.”

Who asked the other person to be a woman. What should yield then yield, a man should not make life difficult for a woman.

“Nothing…I’m also in the wrong…”

Unexpectedly Wang Yue actually also take a step back, “I should have knocked at the door…. but I’m also used to opening the door and walk in…. wait a minute….”

Wang Yue seems to have thought of something important and she immediately ask, “Why did you not lock the door when you were bathing!”

“This…hehe…I also did not expect that you would suddenly come in…”

Qin Chuan coughs drily, “Anyways it was you who saw me, you didn’t lose out right?”

“Get lost!”

Wang Yue rolls her eyes and actually gives off the feeling of acting coquettishly.

“I’m going to bath now. If you dare to peek I shall set Louis to bite you to death!”

Finish speaking she turns around and walks into the bathroom and lets Louis lie outside of the bathroom. Qin Chuan smiles, right now this dog is afraid of me to death seeing me he will clamp his tail between his legs and run away, how can he help you watch the door?

But he will not really go and peek at Wang Yue. Qin Chuan right now has a far bigger question to solve.

He walks in front of the window and looks outside.

His vision suddenly extends out and inside a faraway house, a man was watching Maria Ozawa’s film. Bullshit, it’s actually a pixelated one! Cavalry is inferior to infantry ah!

Qin Chuan feels that brother’s standards need to be raised a bit ah!

Not only vision…as long as Qin Chuan needs it, but his sense of smell can also be increased by quite a bit.

But when he does not need to, his sense of smell and vision will restore back to normal.

What’s going on…

Qin Chuan feels like it was because of his contact with the bald eagle and the Askalan dog and had obtained the vision of an eagle and the sense of smell of a dog.

How can this be? Could it be because of that injection? What the, what kind of medicine is that ah, why does it have this kind of effects. Not only did it strengthened my body, it also let me obtain the abilities of an animal!

Is this a good or bad thing? But from the current situation, it seems to be a good matter. After all, a human being, being able to obtain the abilities of an animal, this can be considered exceeding common sense right?

Qin Chuan subconsciously increases his sense of smell and instantly smells the smell of vapors from the bathroom as well as the fragrance coming from Wang Yue’s body.

Amitabha! I have sinned, I have sinned!

Qin Chuan recites silently and calms his heart down.

Girls need time to bath thus Qin Chuan decided to go out to exercise first. He opens the door and immediately starts jogging out.

The morning air is very good. Everywhere is green trees which brings a surge of clear breath. While the sky slowly starts to drizzle landing on Qin Chuan’s body. It was quite comfortable.

Because of the torment last night, he did not have a good night sleep and his stomach does not have anything. Thus Qin Chuan does not dare to maintain a fast speed. Instead, he chooses to jog.

After running for two rounds, his mind keeps thinking of a question.

Why am I not able to get the flying ability of an eagle and instead had strengthened my vision? As for the Askalan, why is it the sense of smell?

This kind of ability of his is more like a kind of super-gene. He will not get any kind of superpower and the likes, like releasing flames, ice, and the likes.

These abilities can only strengthen my body and let me exceed human capabilities. It can be said it’s more like a kind of superhuman.

First is the strengthening of my strength then increase in physical strength. Right now is the strengthening of vision and sense of smell! If this does on, I wouldn’t turn into a monster right?!

Qin Chuan touches his butt. Realizing that he did not grow a tail as he lets out a breath of relief.

After Qin Chuan run two more rounds, it is almost time thus he returns to the villa. After running for almost ten miles, he did not even break any sweat, instead, he is in great spirits.

Today I’m unable to meet that top grade young married woman. Perhaps it’s because of the rain.

Qin Chuan is slightly regretful as he walks into the villa. Realizing that Wang Yue had finished bathing as well as changed her clothes as she stands in the living room arranging her handbag.

“Let’s go,” said Wang Yue calmly as she restores back to her earlier cold female president manner.

Qin Chuan looks at the large patch of bloodstain on the ground and says embarrassingly, “That…President Wang…I’m sorry that I had dirtied your carpet yesterday night…”

Wang Yue does not mind much. But to tease Qin Chuan a bit she chooses to pretend to be a bit angry and ask, “You know…how much is this carpet worth…”

“This is a pure Kashmir handcrafted carpet. One square meter needs 10k.”

Wang Yue points at the carpet, “Although you only dirtied a portion of it, but the entire 50 square meters cannot be kept already. 50 square meters, is RMB 500k.”

Bullshit…a carpet is already 500k. The lifestyle of a rich person is too fucking disgraceful already ah…no, it’s luxurious.

“You only earn 3k a month, adding full-time bonus of 500 as well as other bonuses, it will be around 4k a month then. This way you earn 48k a month, let me round it up a bit for you to 50k. That means that you need to work for ten years to me for free only then will you be able to pay back the money for the carpet in full.”

Qin Chuan’s entire body is covered in sweat, bullshit, did I play too big already….

“But seeing that you didn’t do it on purposefully, let’s forget it. Later on, I’ll ask someone to buy another one.”

Wang Yue smiles sweetly making Qin Chuan so afraid that his heart nearly drops out. What the heck, nearly got frightened to death by this lass, how can she scare people like this?

Wang Yue cannot help but ask, “But I’m very curious, how did you make it covered with so much blood….did your great aunt came or something?”

“My hemorrhoid burst….”

Qin Chuan was unable to explain and can only cough drily twice.

“……..send me to work then.”

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Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 58  [Hemorrhoid burst]

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