MCW 57

Chapter 57     [Take effect]


Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet

Although Wang Yue’s villa is very big but Qin Chuan does not dare to have too big of a movement. He can only stealthily enter!

Qin Chuan walks quietly on tiptoes and tries his best to walk with the steps of a cat. The second floor of the enormous villa is Wang Yue’s territory. As for the first floor, it is considered as Qin Chuan’s dwelling place.

Even the sofa is better than Qin Chuan’s pig’s nest!(former house) This sofa is one of those horizontal sofas. On top of it, the material is very soft. When Qin Chuan lies on top of it, he feels like it’s even more comfortable than lying on Simmons. [Cry:a type of mattress perhaps]

Just as Qin Chuan lies down, he suddenly heard a tapping sound coming from the window.

He directly jumps to his feet from the sofa and picks up a fruit knife from the table by the side. He vigilantly stares at the window that was making the sounds.

The curtain to the window was drawn. From outside came three knocks, -po, po, po-.

Qin Chuan listens carefully before suddenly realizing it. He places down the fruit knife before pulling the curtains to the side.

Outside of the window was a bald eagle standing on the window sill. The sharp beak was knocking on the window from time to time.

“Old fellow, you really found me really quickly ah.”

Qin Chuan opens the window. The bald eagle flaps its wings and flies into the room before landing on Qin Chuan’s shoulder.

“Old fellow, did you not caught anything good to eat tonight?”

Qin Chuan smells a bit of blood coming from the beak of the bald eagle.

The bald eagle flaps its wings a bit like it was replying to Qin Chuan’s question.

Just as Qin Chuan planned to find some tidbits to feed his bald eagle when his body suddenly shuddered. Following which his eyes suddenly starts changing.

In Qin Chuan’s eyes, those far away objects suddenly got pulled closer. Qin Chuan was able to see a sparrow on a tree outside the villa, burying its head under its wing to sleep.

While by the side, another sparrow landed. That sparrow’s movement ought to be very quick, but right now in Qin Chuan’s eyes, it keeps slowing down like he was able to grasp the sparrow’s movements!

What the heck, what is this situation!

The bald eagle on his shoulder flies out like an arrow. It directly rushed in front of the sparrow and instantly grabs hold of the sparrow with its claws!

While that sight that Qin Chuan had earlier also instantly disappear.


Qin Chuan is startled, “What’s going on just now?”

He covers his forehead, could it be that after rushing around for the entire day, I started seeing illusions?

Qin Chuan shakes his head. Just as he was about to lie back down on the sofa. At this moment, the staircase suddenly lights up.

“4:03am in the morning.”

Wang Yue was wearing a sexy white silk pajamas as she stands on top of the staircase. Her complexion carries a bit of ridicule.

“You came back really early eh, Mr. Fiance.”

“Anyways I’m just a tenant, isn’t that so?”

Qin Chuan smiles, “President Wang is actually so concerned about the time your subordinate returns home ah.”

“I also don’t wish to care about you. But after all, you are living in my house.”

Wang Yue pouts slightly before saying, “You coming back so late might affect my rest.”

“I’m already very quite alright?”

Qin Chuan immediately says, “I know that you’re very tired after working in the morning, and didn’t wish to wake you up.”

Hearing Qin Chuan says so, Wang Yue seems to be slightly happy but soon her expression turns cold again.

“Anyways you coming back so late, you must have definitely been messing around outside.”

Wang Yue is ruthless as she says, “On the surface, you’re still my fiance, hope that you can have a bit of awareness.”

“Till when do you want to continue acting this play?”

Qin Chuan cannot help but ask, “Even if it’s acting for your father, acting till now ought to end already right…”

“You think that with just a few casual acts my father would fall for it?”

Wang Yue sneers, “You still need to accompany me to finish acting this show.”

“You do need to give a meal to the extras you invited okay!”

“Didn’t I agree to give you a pay raise?”

Wang Yue says, “You better don’t overdo it ah.”

As they speak a white Alaskan dog wags its tail and walks over and stretches its tongue towards Wang Yue expressing goodwill.


Wang Yue bends over and warmly rubs the head of the Alaskan dog. The Alaskan dog happily pounces into Wang Yue’s embrace as it rubs about making Qin Chuan who was watching become envious.

Bullshit, really is human inferior to a dog ah!

Qin Chuan wishes that he was able to become that Alaskan dog and rub against Wang Yue’s breasts.

“Ah, Louis, don’t be like this…”

The dog had it’s paws on Wang Yue’s shoulder as it keeps licking Wang Yue’s face.

What the heck you this horny dog, are you trying to push other people’s woman down! Damn it, this is my fiance, what do you want to do to her!

Qin Chuan was actually jealous of a dog.

While Wang Yue seems to feel like this is rather losing face in front of Qin Chuan. She slaps the Alaskan dog, “Louis stop messing around! Listen to me!”

The Alaskan dog was slightly unwilling as it climbs off Wang Yue’s body as it stands by the side and wags its tail.

“This is my dog…a few days ago it ate something bad and was sent over to the vets. Today I just picked it back.”

Wang Yue explains to Qin Chuan, “Don’t think of sneaking up! I will let Louis watch my door! Hmph!”

Finish speaking Wang Yue turns around and went back up. While the Alaskan dog wags its tail and did not follow Wang Yue up. Instead, it lies on the staircase as it sticks its tongue towards Qin Chuan like it is showing off.

“What the heck, a dog actually dares to show off to me!”

Qin Chuan stretches out his hand and flips the dog a middle finger.

At this moment Qin Chuan’s bald eagle flies back. It seems like it had just finished it’s sparrow snack and lands back on his shoulder.


When Louis sees this bald eagle, it instantly lets out a low growl like it had seen an enemy.

The bald eagle did not even turn it’s head over and does not place this Alaskan dog in its eyes.

Louis seems to be even more angered as it arches it’s back and instantly pounced towards the bald eagle on Qin Chuan’s shoulder.

“What the! A damn dog actually dares to be so savage ah you!”

Qin Chuan leaned to the side and dodges the dog’s leap before punching it on the head.

Louis lets out a miserable cry before lying on the ground not moving. Apparently, the punch from Qin Chuan made it quite miserable.

While at the instant Qin Chuan knock down the mutt, his body suddenly turned sluggish and following which his body suddenly turns burning hot. A kind of dizzy feeling arises involuntarily. While he was feeling the same hallucination earlier.

This time around Qin Chuan feels like he had smelled a delicate fragrance. This delicate fragrance was very familiar. It was the smell of Wang Yue. But currently, Wang Yue wasn’t in the living room nor was she by my side. Instead, she’s on the second-floor bedroom sleeping ah!

She is so far away from me how am I able to smell her fragrance!

Furthermore, this fragrance seems to come from the second floor, but in every place on the first floor, there are remnants of this fragrance existing…

What the heck…what happened to my sense of smell, did something happen?

Qin Chuan is puzzled not understanding what is going on!

While at this moment that fragrance is getting closer as a clear voice comes from the side.

“Not sleeping so late at night, what are you doing? Ah! How did that eagle get in!”

It was Wang Yue’s voice which shocked Qin Chuan awake as he loses his keen senses of smell.

Strange…what happen to me earlier?

Before Qin Chuan was able to comprehend what just happened, Wang Yue suddenly exclaims, “My Louis…what happened to him?”

“He’s sleeping.”

Qin Chuan smiles faintly as he crouched down and rubs the dog’s head, “Your little dog is quite obedient.”

“Ah, how is that possible…”

Wang Yue is even more curious, “Louis has never been close to other people…some more what’s with that eagle of yours!”

“This is also my pet.”

Qin Chuan winks at Wang Yue, “There’s no need for you to be worried about it. This child is very wild in nature and it normally doesn’t remain in the house.”

Just as he finished speaking, the bald eagle had already flapped its wings and flies away.

“Raising him in a house isn’t suitable for this child.”

Qin Chuan’s Bald Eagle is different from a certain idiot dog. After this bald eagle had followed him, Qin Chuan had never whittled away it’s wild nature. Occasional when he feeds it, it is also eating the fresh meat that he had bought. Most of the time, Qin Chuan lets it hunt on its own.

The moment it loses its wild nature, this bald eagle will really then become a pet.

“As long as you guarantee that it would not bring blood into the house it can already stay!”

Wang Yue is also disinclined to care about these. After waiting for such a long time for Qin Chuan, she doesn’t know when she had fallen asleep. After which she got awaken by the sound that Qin Chuan made when coming in thus she was a bit tired.

She turns around and went back to sleep, not forgetting to tell Qin Chuan, “Tomorrow morning at 7am prepare to send me to work.”

What? This lass had really decided to go to work, together with me and not avoid the two of us traveling together?

Qin Chuan is also not willing to think about this question. He’s also a bit tired, thus he directly falls onto the soft sofa.

This sofa is really soft ah…so damn comfortable…

Qin Chuan feels like his body and mind were loosening as his eyelid becomes tighter and tighter.

Just as he was about to fall asleep, his body suddenly starts to burn up badly making the temperature in the room to rise!

All the way until the dog by his side was unable to take it. It spits out its tongue and runs up to the second floor and lies down on the balcony to cool down.


At the same time in the far away around the Atlantic Ocean, on a small island, Qin Hai was wearing a colorful underpants as he embraces a local blond beauty while enjoying the sea breeze.

He takes out his handphone and takes a look at the time before smiling.

“Calculating the time, it should have taken effect by now. Perhaps only people who has Xiao Chuan’s constitution would be able to bear the ‘Zero’ gene ah.”

The blond by the side didn’t understand and asks, “Qin, what are you saying?”

“Nothing. Your breast is very big ah, seems like there is some growth. Let me help you check?”

“Oh, mischievous Qin, here you go again….mmm…”


While Qin Hai was enjoying a beauty while Qin Chuan was hovering between life and death from the pain!

He had already fallen off the sofa and had rolled onto the rug.

His skin was ripping apart before peeling off like a snake molting it’s skin. Qin Chuan knows that this is not any molting but his body seems to be unable to support some strength and is festering!

While at the same time, his inner body’s healing ability was swiftly healing his injuries!

Crumbling and healing like two armies fighting a huge war in Qin Chuan’s body!

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Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 57  [Take effect]

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