MCW 56

Chapter 56     [Super-Santana]


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After a large amount of effort, the car finally restarted. With the speed of an electric motorbike, they drive towards their destination.

Along the way, Qin Chuan was a bit silent. Until an old aunty easily overtakes them on a bicycle, Qin Chuan was finally unable to take it.

“Bro…this car of yours is a bit too slow already alright…”

“Little fellow ah, you don’t understand.”

As Xu Lei drives he slowly explains, “Brother had been young before…at that time everyone called me the Peace Racing King…but it’s not that brother was old, I just understood a principle.”

“What kind of principle?”

“The faster you drive, the faster you die!”

“Bro…I’m still young, let me drive.”

Qin Chuan cannot take this turtle of a speed, If I ride an electric bike it’s still going to be faster than this!

“Cannot, I will not take brother’s life as a joke!”

“No worries…my driving skills are still alright, Brother Lei you can just relax.”

“Cannot! Brother listen to me, how can you play with your life,. Wait calmly for a while, it’s just in front, we’re about to reach them already!”

“Brother ah, my nature is hasty…I guarantee that nothing will happen okay? You see, so late at night, there’s no one on the road.”

“That…. The main point is that my car, it’s quite pampered…the moment it drives over 30km/h, it will basically start to fall apart.”

What the, this is called pampered? This is basically a scrap metal that’s going to be returned back to the factory right?!

Since Xu Lei had said so, Qin Chuan does not have any other choice and can only sit there gloomily keeping calm as he waits for the car to slowly crawl its way to the destination.

Luckily the remaining road was not very far away. After driving for less than 10 minutes, it finally stopped in front of a small company. There is a yard behind the company. In the front, there is a fence. Xu Lei stops the car by the roadside and makes a phone call.

“Dongzi. It’s your Brother Lei, open the door!”

The moment he finished making a phone call, the company’s light are turned on as a child walks out and pulls open the fence. Xu Lei drives the car in and stops in front of the small building.

“Uncle Lei.”

That child closed the fence door before propping his hand towards Xu Lei.

“This time round it is not your Uncle Lei who want to do business!”

Xu Lei immediately points at Qin Chuan, “Find him!”

“Hand it over!”

The child pushes his hand in front of Qin Chuan.

“What’s the meaning of this?”

Qin Chuan does not understand.

“Uncle don’t you know the ropes ah!”

The child rolls his eyes, “Did you not heard of a saying before, ‘Easy to meet Yama, hard to deal with imp’! I am that imp. If you don’t bribe me, then I will not lead you up!”


Qin Chuan finally understood, “Really feel that this company of yours is really black. Still have not entered the door and already need to hand over the money!”

“After handing over money easy to do business.”

Seeing Qin Chuan taking out a ten dollar note, the child sneers, “Are you even more miserly than Uncle Lei, I’m not a beggar!”

Qin Chuan smiles bitterly as he pulls out a 50 and places it in the child’s hand, the child l check it with the streetlight before placing it into his pocket with satisfaction. He then smiles towards Qin Chuan and says, “This uncle, please enter!”

What the, this attitude indeed is completely the opposite ah!

Qin Chuan sensed the malice in this world. He and Xu Lei followed the child and enter the company.

Inside the company’s lounge, there was a number of burly brothers watching a soccer match as they drink beer.

“Brother Lei ah, let Er Wa bring you to the back to take a look at the cars. I’m watching Spain’s finals right now so I won’t be accompanying you!”


Xu Lei also didn’t insist. And let that child call Er Wa lead them to the back. Reaching here, Qin Chuan thought that he had entered a completely different world. From the outside, it appears to be not that big but inside there were actually several cars. But all of them were second-hand cars and some even had multiple places there were bumped spoilt.

“These are the cars which had crashed before, they are called cursed cars.”

Xue Lei gives Qin Chuan an explanation, “Cursed car had all experienced a car crash before…some had even knocked down and killed people before…these cars are very ominous. Usually, no one dares to recover them, only this place dares to recover them.”

Seeing the Cayenne with a shriveled head, Qin Chuan cannot help but be slightly surprised, “What the, there’s even a Cayenne here.”

The red Cayenne, the car model is indeed nice-looking.

“This car 20k.”

Er Wa stretches out two fingers. Hearing this figure, Qin Chuan is shocked, “Only 20k?”

“You are introduced by Uncle Lei, so we will not pit you.”

Er Wa smiles faintly as he digs his nose and says, “The previous owner of this car was a rich second generation. He knocked down over 6 people in a row as well as a pregnant woman, one corpse two lives. If you dare to drive it, then we’ll sell it to you for 20k.”

What the!

Qin Chuan’s mind shakes immediately like a rattle drum. Isn’t this just teasing big brother!

Don’t say 20k. Even if it is 2k I also would not dare to drive!

Qin Chuan’s gaze lands on a dusty unlicensed car by the side and his eyes instantly brighten.

“There is also this kind of car here?”

Xu Lei takes a look, “Ah, Santana 2000. This car is old enough ah.”

“Ah, this car is quite old.”

Although Er Wa is a child, but towards cars, he does understand quite a bit. “Santana 2000 stopped production in 2004. The car is basically scrapped in Shangdu, you will definitely not be able to find it anywhere outside! This car can also be considered as an antique car. In the past, an experienced taxi driver eloped with a foreign daughter and tossed this away. But if you want this I must remind you. This car had run over a million km already. Whether or not it can start up, I’m also unable to say it.”

“No worries, with me Qin-ye here, there had never been `unable to start up` this saying! I shall take it then, give me a price! If you dare to cheat me with this old car, don’t blame me for flipping out!”

[Cry: Sorry I can’t figure out a good structure for the Saying.]

“Cannot, Uncle Lei’s people, cannot cheat you.”

Er Ya stretches out three fingers, “3k. Selling it as scrap metal is also about this pricing.”


Given that he had earned 600k today, Qin Chuan is not lacking this 3k. He hands over the money and Er Wa directly let Xu Lei drives his Jetta to the back and tow’s Qin Chuan’s Santana 2000 away.

This way is even better. When they were coming it was around 20/30 km/h, but upon going back it was basically around 10/30 km/h. By the side, Qin Chuan still needed to endure Xu Lei’s excited voice.

“Do you see this! Do you see this!”

Xue Lei pats the steering wheel making Qin Chuan afraid that the steering wheel might fall off from the pat.

“That a look at my Race King horsepower, awesome right! Power right!”

Qin Chuan was speechless as he says, “Yes, yes, yes…Brother Lei quickly drive the car.”

The two of them took half an hour to get there and an hour to return. By the time they got back Qin Chuan was slightly sleepy, they had finally dragged the Santana back.

“Brother ah, those parts are prepared for this car right!”

When they returned, Wei Jie was leaning against the chair sleeping. Xu Lei also did not wake him up. After getting off the car he starts getting busy.

“The body component of this Santana is really durable. Although the inside is slightly dirty but later I’ll help you brush it later and it will look to be as good as new. Oh…this car of yours is still using a cassette player ah…can, anyways I still have 3 or so cassette’s in my cupboard later I’ll install them for you.”

Qin Chuan does not mind these. The two of them started getting busy. Wei Jie had been busy since morning and his stamina was not like Qin Chuan this kind of monster. Even though it was very noisy, he slept very peacefully.

After an entire night, when the sky is brightening up, the car was more or less refitted!

The entire exterior had some changes but not that big. The tires are the race car tires from the Mustang earlier, on the rear, the rear spoiler from the Mustang was also installed.

But Qin Chuan did not make the body too gorgeous. He still uses the original black lacquer.

Because of the tires, the car is slightly raised. This way it is much more comfortable accelerating. Although there was not much change to the exterior but this Sanatana 2000 is really a bit beauty inside! A Mustang’s engine, gearbox and gears! As long as Qin Chuan is willing, he is able to drive this Santana 2000 out to race against professional drivers!

“Not bad, last night had been hard on you!”

After busting for an entire night, there was not a single bit of sweat on Qin Chuan’s forehead but his face and hands were quite dirty.

“There’s no need to be so polite with brother, in future if you have any matters come and look for brother!”

Right now Xu Lei has some goodwill towards Qin Chuan. Although he has a lot of friends but there were basically none who has the same character as him. Qin Chuan and him are quite suitable thus he becomes more enthusiastic.

“In the future, I shall be leaving Xiao Jie to you. This child’s character is quite good. Don’t let him mix into the matters of the gangs.”

“Relax, I will help you keep an eye of Xiao Jie.”

Qin Chuan nods his head, “Tonight let him sleep here, I’ll go back first.”

Don’t even know if Wang Yue is still asleep or not back home. But now that the sky was about to brighten up, perhaps she’s already awake.

Qin Chuan says goodbye to Xu Lei before getting onto his refitted Santana. The smell of leather inside was very clear which made Qin Chuan enjoy it a bit. He cannot help but recline in the car and light up a cigarette.

Earlier, although that Mustang was very nice to drive, but he feels like it is not his own car. Although this Santana 2000 is a bit shabby and low-end, but it is the very first car in his life.

This kind of excitement is like the first time marrying a wife…wrong, saying it this way is a bit not appropriate, after all, I had yet to marry a wife.

After Qin Chuan finished smoking a stick of cigarette did he starts the car. Hearing the comfortable purr of the engine, Qin Chuan feels that his mood is melodious. At this moment there still need some music. He lowers his car window before putting a Qi Qin’s cassette into the tape recorder and listening to Qi Qin’s shouting that song `I am a wolf that comes from the north`.

At this moment Qin Chuan feels his blood boiling.

He drives for a while before stopping at a red light. Beside him was a BMW mini.

Inside the Mini sits an upper-class woman. She lowers her car’s window and looks at Qin Chuan. Her gaze was filled with disdain like she is unhappy about her car stopping beside a Santana.

“What is it sister, not happy then let’s race!”

Qin Chuan gives that upper-class woman a middle finger.


The upper-class woman seems to be slightly angered. She raises her car window after which the car starts letting out a rumbling sound.

The red light started flickering, the green light is coming.

Qin Chuan starts stepping on the clutch as the gearbox lets out a beautiful roar of machinery operating.

The BMW mini’s startup was somewhat slow and can only watch as Qin Chuan’s antique Santana 2000 stir up the dust and leaves.

“Simply damn it!”

The upper-class woman slaps the honk, “What kind of a  rubbish car is this, can’t even out race against a Santana! Definitely must have gotten lied to by that no conscious person! I’ll go back to his company to make a complaint!”

Qin Chuan did not know that he had caused a terrifying household dispute. He had currently already returned back to the small district and was secretly slipping into his room.

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Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 56  [Super-Santana]

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