MCW 55

Chapter 55     [Jetta speed king]


Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet

“Old pal Qin, I’m very convinced by you!”

Xu Lei gives Qin Chuan a thumbs up, “I had been selling spare parts for so long and this is the first time I have seen a master like you! Can, with your character, from today onwards, you’re my big brother!”

“Brother Lei is too polite.”

Qin Chuan smiles, “You’re older than me thus you’re my Big Brother Lei. But, since you’re Xiao Jie’s cousin-in-law, let us get along with each other well.”

Qin Chuan realized that although Xu Lei is very cheap but his contacts seems to be quite amazing.

“Can! In the future, let us get along like blood brothers! I’ll go and pour some water for you!”

“Enough big brother, spare me.”

Qin Chuan hurriedly stopped Xu Lei, “I would not drink that water. Let me ask you, are you familiar around this area?”

“Familiar! How to not be familiar!”

Xu Lei laughs, “This entire Three Ring district, including the agricultural machinery school that’s behind as well as the old city district, who doesn’t know me, One Cent Daoist Priest! No matter where, as long as I say the word it will be done!”

Finish speaking, Xue Lei points at his shop, “See my store? Old pal Qin, it’s not like I’m bragging to you or anything, but within 800 miles all of the taxi drivers’ cars were repaired by me. You say within the city which department has the fastest and abundant news? Hehe, isn’t it this group of taxi drivers! From big government changes to small street relocations, what matters would they not know? Thus, not only is my contacts not bad, I this One Cent Daoist Priest is also a thousand-mile ear!”

Qin Chuan nods his head, “Hearing this, Brother Lei indeed has some ability.”

“How can you say that! Am I Xu Lei that kind of person?! I cannot mingle with the Big guys, I’m still unable to cause winds and waves to appear while mingling around with the lower ranks!”

Xu Lei pats his chest, “So what does brother want to inquire from me?”

“Indeed have some matters that I want to inquire.”

Qin Chuan pats Xu Lei’s Jetta and asks, “Brother Lei do you know anything regarding Azure Dragon Group?”

“Aiyah…Azure Dragon Group is very amazing….”

Xu Lei’s expression turns a lot more prudent, “Brother what do you wish to ask?”

“I just wish to ask you how’s the relationship between the 8th Desolate Hall’s vice-hall leader Luo Li and their Chief Fang Qingshan?”

“Aiyah, this matter, you really asked the correct person!”

Xu Lei smiles, “Xiao Wei ah, this matter isn’t suitable for you to listen to. Go to the side of the house and stay there for now.”

“Don’t, Xiao Wei is also not young anymore. There’s nothing that he cannot listen to.”

Qin Chuan stops Wei Jie, “If it was in the old society, he would be the father of several children already.”

[Cry: It’s past China. Where you could have several kids but they changed it to 1 child policy in recent years.]

“Brother…this Xiao Wei is Wei’s family only child…I know that you’re definitely not a person who’s able to be safe and sound…but, you wouldn’t wish to pull Xiao Wei into the water as well right?”

Xu Lei also becomes slightly worried. Although he was very cheap, but he still has a lot of affection for Xiao Wei.

“I won’t. Right now Xiao Wei is a helper at my brother’s store.”

Qin Chuan waves his hand, “This 600k is to give it to my brother to do business. It’s a proper business so there’s no need for you to worry. But Xiao Jie is no longer a flower grown in a greenhouse anymore. There’s no need for him to avoid all of these, what he ought to listen to let him listen.”


Xu Lei nods his head, “If we want to talk about Luo Li, that lass indeed appears to be quite beautiful. Her figure is also quite excellent. In the past she was quite good, her father is Luo Fo. But Luo Fu…tsk tsk…”

Qin Chuan is more or less a bit curious, “What happened to Luo Fu?”

“Alas, back then this Luo Fu had unified the entire City H’s underworld and became a bit too delighted!”

As Xu Lei speaks about this he becomes delighted, “Back then he saw a pretty woman by the roadside and directly snatched her back to be his mistress! In the end, that girl was the provincial Party committee’s secretary’s daughter. How big was that matter ah! It instantly stabbed into a large basket and Luo Fu was immediately got posted online. A few days it got taken down. But his underlings, those whose influence was very deeply rooted in City H. They are deeply tangled and complicated. After Luo Fu went down, they did not fall apart.”

“Okay, I understand now.”

Qin Chuan nods his head, “The heaven’s sin can be forgiven. While self sinning cannot survive ah.”

“This saying is correct!”

Xu Lei slaps his leg, “Let me tell brother about Luo Li’s this lass matter…Aiyah, after talking so much, my throat is definitely dry. Xiao Wei, go and get me some tap water!”

Qin Chuan starts sweating, This guy really is a One Cent Daoist Priest ah, such so cheap towards himself as well!

He just earned 100k but he still drinks tap water!

“I say…brother…you don’t spend the money you earn, what are you saving them for?”

Qin Chuan cannot help but be curious, “Could it really be that you’re really going to use it to get a wife?”

“Alas, I had already gotten over it. Marrying a wife this thing, after giving her money to spend, she still gives me attitude!”

Taking advantage that Wei Jie was not around, Xu Lei chuckles, “This money ah, half is put aside for me when I retire. Wait till I’m really unable to work that day, living well isn’t too late. As for the other half ah, I’m leaving it for Xiao Jie. This child had a bitter life. Didn’t meet good parents. As his cousin-in-law, I cannot abandon him.”

Qin Chuan is suddenly somewhat shaken. This cheapskate is actually concerned about Xiao Jie in his heart?

“Come, come, come. Let’s not talk about this. Let’s talk about Luo Li. When she was young, this girl was completely not like any other girls. Every day she was playing with blades and guns. When she was 15, she relied on her whip and beaten up five hoodlums who wished to tease her. Everyone originally thought that she would take over Blood Devil. But Luo Fu unexpectedly went down. After Luo Fu went down, Fang Qingshan established Azure Dragon Group. With his hands and eyes covering the entire sky, Luo Li also temporarily followed him.”

“That lass is very proud and arrogant and does not seem like a person who would live under someone else’s control ah.”

Although Qin Chuan had seen Luo Li only once, but his impression of her was quite deep.

“Alas…thus you don’t understand…actually this Luo Li was originally Fang Qingshan’s fiance. Before Luo Fu collapse, Fang Qingshan was Luo Fu’s adopted son. The two of them were actually childhood sweetheart. I think ah, perhaps the two of them more or less have some feelings for each other.”

What the, Fang Qingshan this bastard actually had such a young and pretty fiance? It’s really such a waste!

Cannot, as a righteous person, I must save Luo Li from this fire pit!

Qin Chuan swears silently. While Xu Lei drinks the bowl of tap water that Wei Jie brought over and smacked his lips, “This is a bit tasteless ah…. Xiao Jie ah, there are some white sugars in the cupboard, help me put some a bit. Don’t put too much just add a bit of flavor, just a small spoon alright!”

Qin Chuan really admires this fellow to death. He is indeed a One Cent Daoist Priest, so stingy!

“Talking about this why did you ask about Luo Li’s matter? Could it be that you have thoughts about her? You shouldn’t ah, that lass is the 8th Desolate Hall’s Vice-hall leader ah, a demoness ah! Us common people cannot get involved ah!”

“Brother you relax. I’m also just inquiring.”

Qin Chuan chuckles before asking without any change in expression, “Brother Lei ah, I see that you mingle around quite well, why don’t you hire someone and made the store big.”

“Me ah…will be satisfied just earning enough…you wait a bit…”

Xu Lei’s handphone rings.

He pulls out his handphone and picks up the call.

“Ah, Brother Long ah, what is it? Want to quarrel ah! Can ah, I’ll go and help you find people! Old price ah, one person for 30! You wait a bit ah!”

Finish speaking he makes a call, “Da Hua ah, what are you doing? Fuck ah, playing what mahjong ah. You have no more money already right, I have a job for you! Find 20 people to go and do something! Right, right when had Brother Lei sabotage you, still the same old price 15 per person! The other person gives me 20 every time your Brother Lei I only take 5, how nice am I! Hurry up then! Xiangfang River Liao road. Imperial Coast city entrance! Finished already will deduct money ah! Remember to ask for reimbursement of your passenger fare’s!”

By the side, Qin Chuan is slightly shocked, “Oh, Brother Lei, you also help people handle matters?”

“Just stitching together to make some money, hehe…”

Xu Lei smiles, “I already said, I do have some contacts. If future if you want to fight or the likes just give me a call! Big brother I will immediately send people for you!”

Qin Chuan is slightly awkward, “15 per person what kind of people are they ah?”

“15 can only find some youngster!”

As Xu Lei pick his toes, he says, “In this society there are plenty of those youngsters who idle their time away. I’m giving them some work to earn some money.”

“Can this group of people really fight? If they really started fighting wouldn’t they run away faster than chasing after ducks?”

“Hey, this group of people, they are only powerful in talking. Only a few can really fight.”

Xu Lei narrow his eyes, “Gather some people and scare each other than finish already.”

“This matter I don’t understand as much as big brother!”

Qin Chuan gives a thumbs up, “You are the expert.”

“What expert…I’m just mingling around for some food that’s all. Just now where did we left the talk at?”

“Nothing already just one last matter.”

After selling the car, I do need to have something to send that fiance in my home up and down to work ah!

“What’s the matter you just need to ask! As long as it’s not borrowing money from me everything is fine!”

“Not borrowing money…I had sold the car and don’t have anything else to drive. Big brother can you bring me to a second-hand dealer to choose a car.”

“Ah, this is okay ah!”

Xu Lei dust off his butt before standing up. “There’s still a second-hand dealer who still hadn’t close tonight. That fellow only dares to open at night. Come, let’s ride my Jetta over!”

Finish speaking he points at the Jetta parked outside.

Qin Chuan instantly starts sweating.

“Can we…not take a taxi over…”

“What the, brother are you looking down on my this Driving King! Don’t just see that the frame is Jetta, it has a Jaguar’s heart!”

“Can…then I’ll just risk my life and accompany you…big brother lead the way then…”

“Settled! Xiao Wei help me watch after the store, I’ll be back soon!”

Xu Lei brings Qin Chuan and board the Jetta. Qin Chuan uses a bit of strength and the car door got tugged off.

He awkwardly holds the car door not knowing what to do.

“Toss it to the side! Anyways there is no traffic police around at night.”

Xu Lei is indifferent as he waves his hand, “This car of mine, is very durable. Even if there are only four wheels left, this Jetta can still run!”

Qin Chuan does not have any choice and can only sit on the front passenger seat. Let us not say that it does not even have a car roof, it is also missing a car door. This car is basically damn amazing.

“Come, take a look at I Qiuming Mountain God’s famous driving skills. In a while, I will speed up for you to see.”

Xu Lei starts the engine and the car body pulsate as it trembles a few times. Scaring Qin Chuan to think that this car is about to fall apart. Bullshit this is a classic car, not a street racing car! Still Qiuming Mountain God, why don’t you say that you’re Shu Ke of planes!

“Let’s go! No safety belt so brother you hold on to the door properly…ah right you grab the headrest!”

Xu Lei instructed before stepping on the accelerator. The car was like a mad bull as it leaps out before with a bang, it stalled.

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Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 55  [Jetta speed king]

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