MCW 54

Chapter 54     [ Selling car]


Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet

Qin Chuan pats the steering wheel and said, “I want to sell this car.”

“Big brother….this, isn’t this your boss’s car?”

When Wei Jie heard this, he was instantly stunned, “Will it be alright…if you actually sell it?”

“My boss is very generous and had already gifted it to me.”

Qin Chuan smiles, “I plan to sell it and give the money to Xiong Ba to repay his debt.”

Wei Jie cannot help but ask, “But…but I could see that big brother likes this car a lot ah…are you really willing to sell it…”

“How can a car be compared to friends!”

Qin Chuan inquiries from Wei Jie the direction and he can only point it out to Qin Chuan.

As Qin Chuan drives he asks Wei Jie, “How is your relationship with your cousin’s husband good?”

“Still okay I guess…”

Wei Jie was a bit ashamed, “In the past, before my cousin married…our relationship was quite good…after she got remarried….”

“It became bad?”

“Our relationship became even better…”

Qin Chuan asks, “What the? Why is that so?”

“Because my cousin usually…likes to bully her husband….as well as looking down on him…thus when my cousin remarried, my cousin-in-law was rather happy.”

“Your cousin-in-law is also a weirdo.”

Qin Chuan gives a thumbs-up.

“Cousin-in-law is actually very good…”

Wei Jie hurriedly says, “He treats his friends very well….thus he knows a number of people…but, his only bad point is that he’s very petty and too miserly….you can say that he’s a stingy cheapskate. Furthermore, when he was young, he had also left his home to become a Daoist priest for some period of time….thus….everyone gave him a nickname called ‘One Cent Daoist Priest’…”

One Cent Daoist Priest….when Qin Chuan heard this, it sounds quite similar to Feminine Cent Daoist Priest…but he bears with it and did not say it.

Under Wei Jie’s direction, he drove to a 2 story tall warehouse. This warehouse is located on the three ring road near the old city district. It also belongs to the countryside zone and was rather messy and shabby. The small warehouse was transformed into a garage and hangs a red board saying ‘Leilei’s Auto Repair’.

Arranged in front of the garage was Jetta without a roof. The car’s body had also been sprayed black and white which gives it a sports car appearance.

A 30+ year old guy was wearing a white singlet and big underpants with his legs resting on the car’s door was reading a pornographic novel with great interest.

This novel name was quite interesting, call <I am a legend>

[Cry: Okay so I searched in case it’s real. Yes there is a novel called `I am a Legend` But it’s a Horror Novel not a Pornographic novel .]


Qin Chuan’s mustang stopped as he and Wei Jie gets off the car. Wei Jie greets the man that was reading.


The cousin-in-law kept sitting there. He did not even raise his head and seems to be quite engrossed as he casually says, “Xiao Jie ah! Today there’s water, if you’re hungry you can go to the tap to drink some tap water. There’s no need to be polite with your cousin-in-law, we’re one family after all.”

Qin Chuan’s forehead was covered with cold sweat, what? Treat tap water ah! You could drink this thing till your full? Wouldn’t you drink until you have diarrhea! He’s indeed a cheapskate, One Cent Daoist Priest!

There was no one else in the garage, looks like this cousin-in-law is doing business on his own.

“It’s not that ah…cousin-in-law…today I’m not here to ask for food. I brought my big brother here to sell a car.”

“Sell a car? I don’t accept those that are going to be trashed. I only accept second-hand cars here no trashes.”

“A Ford Mustang.”

Qin Chuan opens his mouth and shocked the cousin-in-law. He raises his head as his eyes instantly land on that black Ford Mustang behind Qin Chuan.

The pair of eyes instantly brightens as he nearly salivates.

“This, this car is yours, you want to sell?”

The cousin-in-law instantly jumps down from the Jetta and runs over to the car as he stares at the Mustang.

“This car is almost completely new ah…furthermore, it had barely run 100km…are you sure you want to sell this?”


Qin Chuan nods his head heavily, “I urgently need money.”

The cousin-in-law spreads out his palms and directly asked, “Papers?”

“No papers but the car is mine. If I have all the papers would I come over to your place and sell?”

Qin Chuan smiles. Although everyone has a tacit mutual understanding, but the cousin-in-law gives a bitter expression.

“Aiyah…recently got crackdown ah….without car papers….this isn’t that easy to sell…”

“Cousin-in-law…this is my big brother, he’s a good person and helped me find a job.”

Seeing that his cousin-in-law have the appearance of wanting to discuss business, Wei Jie is slightly awkward as he butts in and says, “You don’t sabotage my big brother ah…”

“Damn it you this stinky kid, elbow turning outside ah! Usually, you eat my things and freeload off me, right now you actually speak for the outsider!”

The cousin-in-law gives Wei Jie a glare before starting to tearfully say, “I’m also not having it easy ah…I’m already over 40, don’t even have money to get myself a wife…I only have this rotten yard, you say who’s willing to marry me ah! Your cousin-in-law is also almost unable to have money to eat already ah and you this stinky fellow still don’t think for me!”

“Fine, fine, fine, you better not cry that you’re poor already!”

Qin Chuan stopped the cousin-in-law that was preparing to brawl and says, “You just tell me how much can you buy it for.”

“30 thousand.” The cousin-in-law covers his ears, “Not a single cent more.”

“Wei Jie get on the car and let us go.”

Qin Chuan did not say anything else and immediately turns around to leave.

The cousin-in-law immediately grabs hold of Qin Chuan, “Eh, eh, brothers, we can still discuss about the price ah, how can you go ah?”

Qin Chuan sneers, “30k to buy my Ford Mustang? You’re trying to get rid of a beggar aren’t you?”

Qin Chuan sneers, “This Mustang of mine is a 13th model GT500, 671 horsepower, the factory price is already 1.3million. You open your mouth and say 30k? Did you think that we have a low IQ?”

By the side, Wei Jie covers his face as he feels that it is a bit to shameful.

“Hehe, little fellow let’s discuss things properly, discuss things properly.”

The cousin-in-law coughs, “Looks like you’re also an expert, you tell me how much you wish to sell it for.”

“I’m a very honest person.” Qin Chuan stretches out his finger, “The lowest price is 600k. A single cent less then I’m not going to sell.”

“My ancestors, you see this small shop of mine everything add together, even if I’m willing to sacrifice everything, it isn’t even worth 600k ah….where can I get 600k for you.”

“Then bye bye.”

Qin Chuan was very blunt, how could he let this fellow trick him.

Although Wang Yue had said that this car was 500k when it was bought, but would it normally be sold so cheaply?

“Don’t ah”

The cousin-in-law still really wished to do this simple transaction. He holds onto Qin Chuan’s hand, not that willing to let go.

“Then what do you want? I had said it, I am not going to sell it if it is less than 600k!”

Qin Chuan confirmed this figure.

“This big brother…how to address you?”

The cousin-in-law is not that anxious to say anything as he first worms his way into being friends.

By the side, Wei Jie says, “My big brother’s surname is Qin, he’s called Qin Chuan.”

“Ah, Big brother Qin!”

“I’m not older than you, cousin-in-law.”

Qin Chuan’s forehead is covered with black lines, you’re already over 30 and I still haven’t even reached 30 yet you actually called me big brother!

“Aiyah don’t call me cousin-in-law. It sounds so weird. Call me Xu Lei, perhaps you’re not as old as me, you can just call me Brother Lei. This business, I will help you settle it.”

As Xu Lei speaks he pats Wei Jie, “Still standing there blankly for what? Still not hurrying to get your big brother some water! The cup is on the shelf!”

“Forget it! I’m afraid of getting diarrhea!”

Qin Chuan immediately stop Xu Lei’s ‘goodwill’ and says “Didn’t you say that you are unable to take out 600k? How would you settle it for me?”

“Hehe…I’m unable to settle it but I have the next buyer ah.”

Xu Lei smiles in delight, “I’ll go and help you big brother to get in contact with a customer. 600k guaranteed that you will not have 1 cent less.”

Wei Jie immediately reminds, “You better not sabotage my big brother ah…”

“Nonsense, am I your cousin-in-law am that kind of person?”

Xu Lei makes a face of anger, “When had your cousin-in-law ever defrauded people! I’m going to make a telephone call now!”

Finish speaking Xu Lei takes his handphone and walks into the garage by the side and starts looking for people.

“You’re really going to sell ah…”

Wei Jie looks at the cool-looking Mustang with more or less a bit of heart pain.

“How good is this car ah….selling it really feels that it’s a pity…”

“Xiao Jie, remember one thing.”

Qin Chuan pats his shoulder, “Objects are dead while a human is alive. Mustang’s and the likes, we can buy it again when we have money. But if Xiong Ba fails this time round, it might be forever.”

“Big brother…”

Just as Wei Jie was about to say something, from inside the garage comes Xu Lei’s voice, “Can’t we discuss okay! 700k alright! 700k is the lowest already…right…this car is a completely new one…mm, mm…guarantee to not sabotage you…okay, okay, okay. You’re coming over now right, you can pick up the car right away….”

Finish speaking this brother laughs happily as he walks out and waves his hand towards Qin Chuan, “Old pal Qin, Brother Lei had helped you settled it! 600k settled! That fellow says that he wanted to buy at 500k and I didn’t agree no matter what! How is it, Brother Lei is wonderful right!”

Wei Jie is awkward, just now your voice, when you were chatting on your phone, was too loud already, we can hear everything outside okay.

“Can, then I thank Brother Lei.”

Qin Chuan did not say anything much, “But there’s still a matter that you need to help me.”

“What’s the matter?”

Earning 100k just like this Xu Lei is naturally slightly happy and did not notice the cunningness hidden in Qin Chuan’s eyes.

“Do you have any engine, tires and the likes?”

“Have ah, I open an auto parts workhouse, there are definitely these parts!”

Xu Lei nods his head.

“Okay then. Help me change out the engine, tire’s and the gearbox of the Mustang…oh and remove the rear spoiler as well, I’m not selling those.”


When Xu Lei heard this, he is instantly stunned.

“What you can’t? Then forget it. Xiao Jie, get on.”


“Oi, don’t ah, can, can, can. Of course can!”

Hearing that the two of them were going to leave, Xu Lei was badly frightened and hurriedly hold them back.

“I’ll go and change them out for you now! Xiao Jie, come over and be my helper!”

Xu Lei pulls Wei Jie and starts tearing open the car. Qin Chuan also pulls up his sleeve to help out as well. In a while, the parts inside the mustang were all changed! Even the rear spoiler was taken down and hidden by the side. The rich buyer came and pick up the car and handed over the money in satisfaction before immediately driving the car away.

After the rich man gets on the car he mutters, “Strange…why do I feel like driving a Jetta instead of a Mustang ah?”

By the side, Xu Lei’s mouth twitches as he immediately says, “Sports cars are like Jetta’s, all very powerful! Big brother you just be reassured and drive! If anything happens you can come back and look for me!”

How can it not be the same as Jetta! This car other than the frame inside were all change out from spare parts!

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Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 54  [Selling car]

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