MCW 53

Chapter 53     [Xiong Ba’s difficulty]


Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet

Zhang Dana did not say anything as he waves goodbye and slips away.

While Qin Chuan drives the Mustang and makes a turn, driving towards the barbecue stall by the side that was not far away.

Miao Tian cannot bear it and asks, “Did you really bought this car?”

“How’s that possible!” Qin Chuan waves his hand, “This is President Wang’s car. She asked me to be her driver and told me to drive for only two days.”


Miao Tian nods her head as her gaze suddenly become curious, “ and President Wang….seems to have quite a good relationship?”

“Our relationship is still not bad?”

Qin Chuan instantly starts pouring out his grievances, “I don’t want to be bullied too miserably by her okay? You do you know that she’s a harsh, tyrannical, lacking of humanity of a female president!”

“Oh….I feel that….President Wang is quite kind though…she isn’t like what you just said…”

Miao Tian lets out a breath of relief in her heart. She does not know why but still say good things about Wang Yue, “A lot of us from the lower layer staff’s welfares were all obtained by her for us…Manager Jin usually doesn’t care about all these.”

“Saying good things is useless! In my eyes, she’s a demoness!”

Qin Chuan said bluntly. Miao Tian sees that Qin Chuan already has a deep-rooted image of Wang Yue in his heart and thus didn’t say anything anymore.

The Mustang does a beautiful drift before stopping by the roadside.

Qin Chuan purposefully displayed his driving skills to shock Miao Tian a bit. But she unexpectedly only grabbed hold of the car’s handle tightly before seriously saying to Qin Chuan, “This way of stopping your car is wrong! It’s too dangerous!”

Qin Chuan nearly died from speechlessness. Bullshit such a beautiful drift it’s just that you this lass doesn’t know!

He resentfully exits the car as Miao Tian follows along from behind.

“What the heck, Brother Qin, where did you get this race car from!”

Seeing Qin Chuan exiting the Mustang, both Xiong Ba and Wei Jie were both shocked.

“It’s President Wang’s car. I borrowed it to drive a bit.”

Qin Chuan laughs as his face revealed his delight.

When Xiong Ba saw Miao Tian by Qin Chuan’s side, there was an ambiguous look in his gaze. Miao Tian this lass is very pretty. Currently, with her just standing there, she instantly attracted the gaze of the guys in the surrounding.

Only Wei Jie only glanced at Miao Tian a few times before looking away.

“Oh, little fellow, So young but your strength isn’t bad eh!”

Qin Chuan pats Wei Jie on his shoulder, “Seeing Miao Tian such a beauty you’re actually able to remain such so calm!”

When Miao Tian hears Qin Chuan praised her, her face turned slightly red.


Wei Jie is slightly bashful as he embarrassingly lowers his head and twists his hands.

“It isn’t determination…but…”

Qin Chuan asks, “But what?”

“But…I like men…”

Wei Jie’s word causes Qin Chuan and Xiong Ba’s expression to change greatly. Bullshit, this 19 years old prime youth of a lad actually possess an out of ordinary person’s sexual orientation!

Qin Chuan instantly take two steps back subconsciously but Wei Jie immediately waves his hand, “Big brother…there’s no need for you to be afraid…big brother isn’t the type that I like…”

Qin Chuan doesn’t know whether to be happy or sad but he still lets out a breath of relief.

“Then what type of guys do you like?”

“I…I like those like big brother Xiong…”

Xiong ba instantly trembles.

“Big brother Xiong…you also shouldn’t be afraid…”

Wei Jie immediately says, “I had never laid my hands on married man…I hate being a mistress the most.”

Qin Chuan gives Wei Jie a thumb up, “Little fellow has awareness ah!”

“Thank you big brother…”

Wei Jie becomes even more bashful. Qin Chuan takes a look and realized that the barbecue had already started.

A number of folded tables were set up by the roadside and several tens of people were already sitting there. A lot of them are lovers as well as some groups of scoundrels gathering together, as they drink while they gossip. The business seems to be very good.

“Quite good ah.”

Seeing Wei Jie helping by the side and looks to have his hands full, Qin Chuan cannot help but exclaim in admiration, “Setting up barbecue was indeed the correct choice.”

“It’s indeed quite good…but….there’s currently a bit of a problem….”

Xiong Ba’s complexion was a bit awkward, “This barbecue stall….also don’t know how long could it still be opened…”

Qin Chuan raises his eyebrow and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Wei Jie continues to barbecue while Qin Chuan, Miao Tian and Xiong Ba sit together on a table and started chatting.

“The money for this steam bun stall….was also lent to me by my father-in-law.”

Xiong Ba sits there as he sighs, “In total its 600k, the fee for the three-month rents as well as operation. But in the end, he suddenly came over today and wanted me to give him back the money.”

[Cry: Feels like a scam but I don’t know how much a stall actually sells for. Still feels like a scam though.]


Miao Tian ask, “What happened?”

“I still have a wife’s younger brother…recently he wanted to marry and father-in-law wished to buy a house for him.”

Xiong Ba scowls miserably, “Who would have thought that it would happen. The money was given to me by my wife to use secretly. After my father-in-law knew about it, he scolded me quite badly. He said that I married his daughter, not only was I unable to provide for her, but I also take money from them.”

“You relax. The matters of the money problem, I can help you settle it.”

Qin Chuan pats Xiong Ba’s shoulder, “Isn’t it just 600k. Tell your old man that tomorrow you’ll give him the money!”

“Brother Qin, how, how would you have 600k?”

Xiong Ba looks at the cheap sportswear that Qin Chuan was wearing, not really believing in what he was saying.

“There’s no need for you to care. This Big brother of yours, If I said that I’m able to get it for you that means that I’m able to get it for you!”

Qin Chuan gives Xiong Ba assurance, “Let Xiao Jie bring up some mutton skewers. It’s very difficult to invite Miss Miao to a meal, let’s not starve her!”

“Am I really that capable of eating?”

Miao Tian rolls her eyes at Qin Chuan. While at this moment, Wei Jie places over 50 skewers of savory mutton on their table.

“Xiao Jie roast two more kidneys for your big brother!”

“Okay ah!”

Qin Chuan also takes two bottles of beers. Just as he was about to open them, he was stopped by Miao Tian.

“You’re driving. You cannot drink alcohol.”

“Lass you’re caring too much!”

“I’m only doing it for your own good!”

Miao Tian’s earnest appearance makes Qin Chuan very gloomy.

“Fine, fine, fine no drinking. I’ll drink coke okay!”

“Drinking coke is also not okay. Wasn’t it said to be bad for you men?”

Qin Chuan’s expression turns weird as he looks at Miao Tian, “Then do you know where it will harm you?”

“I don’t know…anyways I only heard that it will injure something…”

“And I thought that you know everything!”

Qin Chuan directly opens the pop-tops and merrily smiles as he says “Anyways that thing I this Big brother have a lot. Am not afraid of injury!”

Miao Tian was very unwilling as she immediately searched with her handphone. After finished reading, her entire face was completely red and no longer dared to stop Qin Chuan from drinking coke.

Only after Qin Chuan finished drinking a can and was about to open another one when she was unable to hold it in and said, “Will….not be able to give birth to a kid….”

Qin Chuan instantly sprays a mouth of coke into Xiong Ba’s face.

Although Miao Tian this lass is very adorable but sometimes she’s too earnest and makes Qin Chuan a bit gloomy.

In comparison to Qian Jiao who was much more interesting. If you joke with her, she will joke back at you.

Every single woman has her merits as well as their shortcomings. God is indeed impartial.

Wang Yue this lass, her appearance and figure as well as her family background is totally excellent. But her temperament was already too cold, repelling people thousands of miles away. As for Qian Jiao, although her character is very good and can joke around, but beneath the surface, she’s that bit of mad about wealth. As for Miao Tian, she’s warm and considerate, but her earnest manner makes it hard for people to accept.

Gods ah, since you created women why can’t you create them a bit more perfectly ah!

But eating with girls is indeed very enjoyable. At the very least a lot of guys were giving Qin Chuan envious, jealous or hateful gazes.

Qin Chuan finally sends Miao Tian back to her small district. But just outside the small district, Miao Tian asks Qin Chuan to stop the car.

Qin Chuan says, “What’s the matter? It’s so dark, let me send you to your house..”

Miao Tian immediately waves her hand. “No need. Just drop me here I can already…”

Qin Chuan asks, “Why? Are you afraid that after I know where your house is, I would come and disturb you daily?”

“No…just that if my parents saw you it would be bad…”

Miao Tian can only explain, “They don’t allow me to date…”

“What the, what era is this already. Furthermore, you’re already over 20, they actually still don’t allow you to date?!”

Qin Chuan was slightly shocked, “Are they planning to let to become a sacred warrior?”

“What is a sacred warrior?”

“Folklore says that 25 years old and still not married is a leftover woman, while 30 years old and still not married is a sacred warrior.”

[TL: leftover woman are successful career woman who has remained single]
[Cry: Equivalent to the saying in jap of 30 being a wizard.]

“Get lost…you’re the sacred warrior…”

Miao Tian rolls her eyes at Qin Chuan, “If you annoyingly speak again…I will ignore you…”

“Fine, fine, fine. I won’t talk anymore. I’ll stop here okay.”

Qin Chuan steps on the gas as the car does another drift causing Miao Tian to exclaim. “You stop your car like this again! Cannot, today I must talk to you! I must make you admit that you’re doing it wrong!”

“Fine, fine, fine, my teacher Miao. If you don’t go home soon, I believe that your parents would also lecture you.”

Qin Chuan points at the internal clock in the car. Miao Tian takes a look and immediately covers her mouth in shock.

“Gods….it’s already past 10…finish, I’m finished….I would definitely be scolded badly the moment I return home…”

With that, she hurriedly pushed the cars door open. Before getting off the car, she warns Qin Chuan, “Tomorrow don’t run away! I must give you a lesson!”

“Yes, yes, yes. Teacher Miao, you quickly return home!”

Qin Chuan hastily cups his hands in submission and sends her off. Indeed inviting buddha is easy but sending buddha off is hard ah!

He turns on the headlights and gives Miao Tian some light. He watches Miao Tian goes up the building before feeling relieved and prepares to leave.

He drove the car back to the barbecue stall again. Just nice at this time, Xiong Ba and Wei Jie were keeping the equipment preparing to go home. Qin Chuan lowered the car’s window and shouts, “Xiao Jie ah, you get on the car.”

“Ah, big brother…you’re really not the type that I like ah…”

Wei Jie’s expression has a slight change while Qin Chuan’s tiger body trembles. He berates, “What the heck are you thinking about! Hurry and get on the car! I have things that I’m looking for you! Xiong Ba I will not chat you with any more. See you tomorrow!”

“Brother Qin see you tomorrow!”

Xiong Ba waves goodbye to Qin Chuan. After Wei Jie gets on the car, Qin Chuan directly starts up the Mustang as engine lets out a purr.

Qin Chuan directly ask, “Xiao Jie, you know a second-hand car dealer right?”

“Ah, my cousin’s husband has some connections in the area….he opens an auto parts factory….big brother, what do you wish to do?”

[ Cry: If you see any mistakes at all that needs editing just tell in the comments or discord.]

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 53  [Xiong Ba’s difficulty]

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