MCW 52

Chapter 52     [Take a sit and have a try]


Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet

“Not bad eh, rather impressive.”

On the way back, Wang Yue cannot help but praise Qin Chuan, “With a few words you were able to persuade Azure Dragon Group’s people, I indeed have a whole new level of respect for you.”

“You being like this will make me shy.”

Qin Chuan chuckles and said, “Actually I really do wish to recruit Luo Li. This way she can protect our construction site.”

“How can the Azure Dragon Group people be recruited by you as you wish?”

Wang Yue rolls her eyes at Qin Chuan, “Could it be that you really wish to empty-handedly grab the white wolf.”

“President Wang, you’re belittling me like this ah!”

Qin Chuan’s mouth twitches, “No matter what, I’m also a powerful security guard! If they followed me, in future they will be able to eat and drink well, definitely will not be worst than Azure Dragon Group!”

“Just you?”

Wang Yue seems to think that Qin Chuan was boasting.

Qin Chuan holds the steering wheel as he pats his chest and says, “Oi, what about me. I’m a person who chased a gang leader down to 10 streets with a knife!”

Wang Yue asks expressionlessly, “Didn’t you say seven streets previously?”

“Cough…anyways, I chased him with a knife for several streets…aiyah, the number of streets is secondary, more importantly, is that I indeed am very awesome!”

Qin Chuan coughs drily, “But no matter how awesome I am, I cannot be compared to President Wang’s benevolent heart right! President Wang cherishes the whole world, for the people in the old city district you’re willing to take such a big risk ah!”

“Although this bootlicking of yours does make me feel very comfortable, but I still have to tell you honestly that I did not think so much. I only wished to make money only.”

Wang Yue’s single sentence caused Qin Chuan to blank out for a while.

“The plot’s price in the old city district is very cheap.”

Wang Yue finally summarised nearly causing Qin Chuan to crash the car. What the heck, so I’m letting my imagination run wild at that time? Indeed, really cannot think of Wang Yue this lass too simply!

“Today you had helped me settle the old city district’s matter’s and saved us quite a bit of money. I shall gift this car to you.”

The following sentence of Wang Yue nearly caused Qin Chuan to fly into heaven.

“President Wang….what you just said is for real?”

The smile on Qin Chuan’s face cannot be hidden, this kind of matter indeed makes people happy ah!

What the heck this Mustang is simply my lifetime dream! If I’m able to drive this car every day to work, that’s simply awesome!

Qin Chuan feels that like he didn’t eat medicine today as his mood became adorable. [Cry: Yes it’s adorable. Doubled checked it]

“Before this matter is done, you can drive this car for now…in the future when I’ll go to old city district I can just ride in your car.”

Wang Yue seems to have turn into another person today. This cheapskate is willing to fork out money?

“That….President Wang….the oil money…”

“Electric car’s doesn’t consume oil.”

Wang Yue’s sentence made Qin Chuan swallow back his remaining words. Bullshit, it’s still me who has to fish out the oil money.

Qin Chuan suddenly asks, “Would uncle say something to you if you gifted this car to me?”

Wang Yue says calmly, “This car was my 20th birthday present it’s just that I had never driven it that’s all.”

What the heck other people’s birthday gifted with an over a million Mustang while as for my birthday, my big brother gifted me a bottle of Vitamin C, damn it!

“This car isn’t that expensive.”

[Cry:…..Rich people’s standards from plebs standards ;_; ]


Seems like she had guessed Qin Chuan’s thoughts, Wang Yue suddenly adds another sentence, “It was only 500k. Because the uncle who sells this car is my father’s good friend. Afterwards, my father found someone who modified the car one but I don’t really like it.”

“I also feel that it’s not good.”

Qin Chuan smiles, “If I modify it myself a bit, you won’t be mad right?”

“Up to you. It’s only just a car, anyways I had already gifted it to you.”

Wang Yue does not care while Qin Chuan admired her rich and imposing manner!

Don’t even mind a Mustang, this lass is indeed rich ah!

Since she wants to gift it, Qin Chuan will not say he does not want it. After all, he had settled half of the old city district matter.

“You indeed have some ability, letting you be a security guard is slightly wasting your talent.”

This sentence from Wang Yue basically sends Qin Chuan to heaven.

What’s with this lass? Did she eat the wrong medicine today?

Qin Chuan looks at her like he was looking at an alien.

“But you had just entered the department store…if I were to transfer you so quickly it will be somewhat rude. You should continue to work steadily for a while more. I’ll give you a promotion as well as a pay raise.”

Wang Yue’s sentence causes Qin Chuan to grin, good days are finally coming ah! Today I didn’t take those stabs for nothing!

Qin Chuan takes a look at the clock in the car and asks, “President Wang, you see, I should get off work already right….”


Being urged by Qin Chuan like this Wang Yue seems to be a bit unhappy. This fellow, could it be that he’s so anxious to leave?

“Send me to the department store and you can get off work already.”

“Thank you, President Wang, a good person will be safe forever!”

Qin Chuan’s sentence nearly made Wang Yue mad, still saying a good person will be safe forever! Can’t this fellow have times where he is serious?

Qin Chuan drives all the way to the department store and watches as Wang Yue gets off the car.


Wang Yue did not close the door for a while, instead, she glances at Qin Chuan a few more times.

Qin Chuan thought that Wang Yue still has some orders thus he asks, “President Wang do you still have any other orders?”


Wang Yue throws behind a sentence, “Return home early at night.”

Finish speaking she slams the car door shut before turning and leave, leaving Qin Chuan who was slightly in a daze.

What the heck, is that really Wang Yue?

Qin Chuan was slightly dazed by Wang Yue’s attitude. This is what a wife would tell her husband ah!

“Forget it, better don’t think too much about it.”

Qin Chuan tidies his hair against the car rear mirror before stopping the car at the roadside and returned to the security guard’s office to change into his regular clothing.

The Armani that he was wearing earlier had already been scrapped. Qin Chuan changed into a leisure sportswear in his wardrobe. In total there were three sets of clothing that he wore out. One set is the western suit that Miao Tian gifted him, one set is this sportswear. The last one is that two-sided overcoat.

When he went out, he just nice saw Miao Tian.

Currently by Miao Tian’s side was Sun Jialiang. That fellow was still persistently following Miao Tian trying to court her favor.

“Tian Tian. You should follow me home today. My parents are saying that they wish to meet you.”

“I rather not..”

Miao Tian keeps shaking her head, neither a relative nor a friend, for what reason for me to go to his house to visit his parents, so awkward.

“Let’s go, I had specially placed an order for fresh salmon, how about you come and have a taste?”

“I don’t like salmon…”

Miao Tian is somewhat vexed from the pestering. At this moment Qin Chuan suddenly calls out to her, “Miao Tian.”

“Qin Chuan?”

Seeing Qin Chuan, Miao Tian’s eyes brightens while Sun Jialiang’s eyes turn red.

Why is it this security guard again! Could it be that he really wishes to snatch Miao Tian from me? Just base on him? Why doesn’t he take a look at his face!

Qin Chuan walks up and completely ignore the red-eyed Sun Jialiang and says to Miao Tian, “Miao Tian let’s go. I’ll treat you to barbecue. It’s just nearby.”

“Barbecue? There was barbecue nearby?”

Miao Tian is slightly curious. I had worked in this department store for quite some time now, thus I’m quite familiar with surroundings but why had I not heard that there is a barbecue store nearby.

Qin Chuan explains, “It’s opened by Xiong Ba, let’s go and root for him.”

“Ah, then we must go ah.”

Miao Tian is very kind-hearted. The moment she heard that it was open by Xiong Ba, she immediately nods her head.

“You’re not going to eat salmon with me and actually wants to go with this fellow to eat barbecue?!”

Sun Jialiang gives Miao Tian a look of disbelief as his voice carries rebuke.

“What about it?”

Miao Tian counter questioned his question and said, “It was opened by a former colleague. Of course, there’s a need to pay a visit.”

“What’s so nice to eat about barbecue. Some more it’s so dirty Miao Tian”

Sun Jialiang shows a face of dislike.

“You’re not anyone that I’m close to why are you bothering me so much.”

Miao Tian is very uncomfortable as she directly walks out, “Qin Chuan, let’s go.”

Qin Chuan politely asked, “Mr. Sun, why don’t you come along as well?”

“Eat together your head, are you even worthy of eating together with me!”

Sun Jialiang immediately scolds, “Tian Tian. If you go with him, you will regret it!”


Miao Tian does not care about Sun Jialiang while Qin Chuan shrugs his shoulders. Some people doesn’t want any face when they are given face.

“There’s no need to care about him…his family conditions is slightly better thus he lives somewhat like a prince.”

After exiting the department store Miao Tian says to Qin Chuan, “Jialiang’s parents….are university lectures.”

“I don’t really see that he has any upbringing at all.”

Qin Chuan shrugs his shoulders, “Ignore him, let’s go and eat barbecue. Today I’ll be treating you.”

“Okay ah.”

Miao Tian nods her head before looking at Qin Chuan teasingly, “You’re actually willing to treat people to a meal?”

“Hmph, today big brother is in a good mood. Considered as you had pick it up!”

Recalling how he had obtained a Mustang for nothing, Qin Chuan cannot hold back his happiness.

Being happy he must definitely find someone to share it. This was Qin Chuan’s code of conduct.

The two of them walks out of the store and just so happens to see Zhang Dana who was also getting off work and going home.

“Oh, Xiao Qin, going home ah.”

Seeing how good Miao Tian and Qin Chuan’s relationship, Zhang Dana was somewhat uncomfortable in his heart. Bullshit, I’m the one who first sees this lass, how did I let this fellow take advantage for nothing!

Qin Chuan chuckles and asks “That’s right Manager Zhang. I remember that today you’re on duty right?”

Zhang Dana’s expression turns stiff as he immediately says, “Ah, hahaha…today I have something on, thus I asked fatty to substitute for me! Just happen to see you guys are also getting off work, why don’t I give you guys a ride. Today I bought a new car.”

As Zhang Dana speaks, he pulls out his car key and presses it. A Mazda by the side lets out two beeps.

“Oh! Manager Zhang actually drives a red car! Quite coquettish ah!”

Qin Chuan cannot help but tease while Zhang Dana curses in his heart but says, “Aiyah, when I’m not driving, I can let my wife drive what…hey, when did a Mustang park here….tsk, definitely must be a rich guy…”

Qin Chuan is delighted, your wife should be a mistress right? still driving a red Mazda.

“How is it, do you want to get on and have a ride?”

Zhang Dana was currently like a weird uncle who is using candy to kidnap a child.

“No need. We have a car.”

Qin Chuan’s words cause Zhang Dana to be delighted, what car, when did an electric motorbike become a car?

Just as he was about to tease Qin Chuan, Qin Chuan takes out a car key and presses it. After which he opens the black Mustang by the side.

Zhang Dana’s jaw was about to drop, “This, this is your car?”

“That’s right. Do you want to try it out?”

Qin Chuan gives Zhang Dana a look while Miao Tian cannot help but giggle.

This fellow’s vengeful heart is really strong!

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Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 52  [Take a sit and have a try]

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