MCW 51

Chapter 51     [Big Miss]


Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet

Qin Chuan placed the tobacco pipe in his mouth like an old man in the vegetable field as he sits on the makeshift chair as he smokes.

Chili pepper who was opposite of him sits on a dermis chair as she smokes a cigar reveals a complacent expression as she looks at Qin Chuan.

It seems like at that instant, chili pepper finally felt like she had won Qin Chuan.

“Just now I wasn’t finished speaking. There’s still a second point.”

Qin Chuan taps his tobacco pipe on his feet before saying to chili pepper, “In future, you will follow me.”

The moment he says this out, the Azure Dragon Group’s gangsters by the side immediately let out killing intent as their gaze turn ferocious.

A few of them immediately pull out their machete and prepare to take action and fight. While Qin Chuan sits there and does not place them in his eyes.

“You wish to recruit?”

Chili pepper raises her eyebrows as her gaze watches Qin Chuan closely.

“It’s not like I’m a government official, using recruit these two words isn’t too suitable right.”

Qin Chuan laughs, “But you can say that I do wish to recruit you.”

A burly guy by the side laughs, “Just based on you?”

“That’s right, just based on me.”

Qin Chuan takes a long puff of the tobacco pipe, “Our President Wang wishes to construct a new super department store here. This way it will be able to once more drive and spur the economy of the old city district. While I would naturally use all of my strength to help. But without any gangs who are willing to help me manage this place for me, I’m afraid it won’t be possible. Thus, I want to recruit you.”

“A woman who just wish to only earn money.” Chili pepper sneers, “Filled with the stink of money.”

“Idiot! If it was me, I would definitely not open a super department store in this kind of place.”

Qin Chuan gives chili pepper a look filled with disdain, “Why don’t you think about it. What are the benefits of opening a department store here? There are no people here, the territory is in a mess, it’s basically summarized in a single word, trash! If I have this money I would have just find a place to develop in the new city district! I’m guaranteed to earn even more there than here! Although our President Wang, appears to be an unkind, miserly, and a wholeheartedly seeking profit of a woman! But, deep in her heart, she is a kindhearted person and only I’m able to see! The reason why she wants to invest here is because she hopes that she can once again pull the economy in the old city district up. Take a look, how many poor people are there in this place, how many old households! Don’t even have school or hospitals! Don’t you feel pained about it? Even I’m deeply pained about it! What kind of spirit does President Wang have, this was basically sacrificing one’s interest for other people! The same spirit as Norman Bethune!”

[TL: Norman Bethune(1890-1939) is a Canadian doctor who worked for communists in Spanish civil war and for Mao in Yan’an where he died of blood poisoning.]

Qin Chuan’s speech causes chili pepper to blank out.

While Wang Yue who was behind crosses her arms as a trace of spirit flashes across her eyes.

“In order to once again pull the old city district up, Our President Wang went through a lot of trouble ah! Let’s take a look at you guys again, the so-called Azure Dragon Group, do you think that you guys are very amazing? You guys are just bullying the ordinary people in the old city district for your own happiness only!”

“Nonsense! We do not!”

Chili pepper immediately stands up, “I had grown up in the old city district…you do not understand the feelings I have for this place!”

“I indeed do not understand. I only see you guys guarding here not letting outsiders in while also not letting the old city district people to be able to live like a normal person!”

Qin Chuan puffs out smoke angrily, “What Azure Dragon Group, nothing but a bunch of waste that’s all!”

An Azure Dragon Group gangster directly walks in front of Qin Chuan. This guy is 1.9m tall, bald and is not wearing a shirt. On his back was a tattoo of a descending tiger!

A lot of small hooligans like to tattoo their body but dragon and tigers cannot be tattooed that easily. This guy’s ranking should not be low, at the very least he should be chili pepper’s right-hand man.

He towers over Qin Chuan as he fiercely says to him, “If you dare to speak nonsense again, I, your father am going to chop you down!”

Qin Chuan sits there and digs his ear, “I didn’t hear that clearly, can you repeat?”

“I say if you dare to say nonsense, I, your father…”

Before that guy was able to speak finish, Qin Chuan suddenly stands up before grabbing his face with a hand.

Qin Chuan’s arm exploded out with rock-like muscles as push down the guy’s body and instantly overpowers him onto the ground.

The people from Azure Dragon Group felt the ground seems to have trembled! While the guy had already fainted as he foamed from his mouth.

“Whoever who dares to call themselves ‘I, your father’ in front of me, don’t blame me for being merciless when taking action.”

At this moment Qin Chuan suddenly kept his smiling manner away. His entire body half squats there like a killing god that came from hell. He lets out a frightening aura from his body causing the surrounding people to cannot help but tremble.


A lot of the gangsters wished to take action but were stopped by Qin Chuan’s aura and doesn’t even have the strength to lift their blades.

Chili pepper finds it slightly hard to stand. Her gaze towards Qin Chuan was slightly bewildered. Just who on earth is this fellow. Is he really just a small-time security guard? How is a security guard able to have such skills and demeanor. This kind of judgment as well as this kind of killing intent?

“Choose then.” Qin Chuan directly sits on that guy and plays with the machete of that guy as he asks chili pepper, “Do you chose to follow me or chose to be disposed of by me! For President Wang’s great cause, I have no scruple in clearing this tract of the region!”

“Clear this region? Just you?”

By the side, a skinny guy who wears spectacles finally cannot take it and says, “Do you know just how complicated and tangled up are the powers in this old city district? This place isn’t like the outside. There’s no police here and the gangs here are the order and protector in this place!”

“Inside and outskirts have what kind of difference?”

Qin Chuan smiles, “Could it be that in the outskirts there aren’t any powers from the four big gangs?”

“This place is only the outskirts of the old city district.”

Chili pepper sighs, “Were also nothing but the periphery power of Azure Dragon Group…although I’m a vice-hall leader, but I’m just a mere figurehead vice-hall leader which was exiled. The real core powers are all inside the old city district…I think that you will get to know about them in the future.”

“So what?” Qin Chuan laughs, “Chili pepper, let me ask you. Could it be that you’re willing to only be a minor vice-hall leader?”

This sentence causes chili pepper to tremble as she takes a few more look at Qin Chuan.

“So the four gangs had a deep-rooted influence in the old city district is that it? Interesting. This is then interesting ah. Then I, Qin Chuan insist on coming in and plow them lose. Chili pepper if you’re willing to follow me, I will let you be my vice-gang leader!”

Chili pepper suddenly asks, “How many people are there under you?”

Qin Chuan stretches out his finger and points at his nose.

“You ah is empty-handed white wolf ah!”

[TL: basically it means a swindler who does not make any investment and goes everywhere cheating people.]

The bespectacled guy besides chili pepper open his mouth again, “You’re dreaming to beautifully aren’t you?”

“You really don’t have any vision ah.”

Qin Chuan stabs the machete into the ground in front of him as he props his hands on the handle. He looks at the bespectacled guy in front of him, “You this group of mobs is lacking of a leader you know?”


The bespectacled guy hesitated a bit and actually did not say anything to refute!

He cannot help but agree to what Qin Chuan just said. Although Chili Pepper is very loyal and very caring for them, but in the end, she is only a woman. A lot of times, when the top gave her hard to endure orders, she can only bear with it and swallow it down.

They indeed need a strong leader to bring them out of this confusing circumstances.

The bespectacled guy suddenly pushes up the spectacle on his nose, “Actually we weren’t part of Azure Dragon Group people in the past.”

“Shan Jiu!”

Chili pepper glance at this bespectacled guy but he sighs and says, “Big miss… I feel that this guy is very interesting…can you let me talk with him?”


Chili pepper was silent. This was the first time she had seen Shan Jiu to actually take the initiative to have a chat with outsiders.

Usually, Shan Jie’s character is very introverted and he seldom speaks.

“Looks like you are a small security guard, but I know that you’re definitely not an ordinary security guard.”

“Right now I am a security guard ah.” Qin Chuan exercised his body, “Every month I take a set amount of wages, it’s barely enough to pass my days only.”

“If this is the case, then there’s nothing between us to talk about.”

“Can, don’t say nothing useful, you continue to speak.”

“In the past, we are people from Blood Demon!”

The moment he said these two words out loud, the workers, as well as Wang Yue, trembled.

Arrogance appears on the face of all of the Azure Dragon Group’s members present, even in Shan Jiu eyes have delight.

“Blood Demon? What’s that ah?”

But Qin Chuan’s sentence directly case Shan Jiu to fall on his butt.

“I say big brother you don’t even know about Blood Demon?”

A worker was giving looks of disdain at Qin Chuan, “That was the biggest gang in City H back then! The entire City H was under their rule ah!”


Qin Chuan raises his eyebrow, “A gang that was able to rule over City H why would it collapsed?”

“Because of our boss Luo Fu…”

Shan Jiu sighs, “In the end, Boss was too proud of himself and in the end and had a conflict with the government. Finally, the government waves their swords at Blood Fiend and smashed Blood Fiend apart in the end. The original Blood Fiend’s Four big powers collapsed and fall apart and became the current Azure Dragon Group, Black Tiger Hall, Scarlet Gang, and Rouge Powder.”

“So it was such an awesome predecessor!”

Qin Chuan nods his head, “After you say so, I more or less understand already.”

“Mm, Azure Dragon Group used to be the strongest hall and right now it naturally became the strongest gang.”

Shan Jiu continues and says, “Although we weren’t willing…we can only surrender and pay allegiance under the wings of Azure Dragon Group.”

“So that’s the case.” Qin Chuan seems to understand something, “So that’s why you are willing to discuss these with me right?”

“I didn’t say anything.” Shan Jiu shrugs his shoulders, “Everything of ours will be as big miss says.”

“Big miss…”

Qin Chuan seems to understand something as he looks at chili pepper, “Chili pepper could it be that you are…”

“I’m not called chili pepper.” The beauty rolls her eyes, “I have a name called Luo Li.”

Luo Li….Luo Fu…

Qin Chuan understands immediately, “So you are Luo Fu’s daughter?”

“That’s right, but right now I have no relationship with Luo Fu. I am Luo Li, the 8th scarce hall’s vice-hall leader of Azure Dragon Group.”

Luo Li looks at Qin Chuan not to be outdone, “It isn’t that easy to subdue me! but this territory, I promise you and I will leave it out and won’t let anyone mess around here. What I can do is only this.”

“You’re really not willing to follow me?”


Luo Li was instantly able to understand the other meaning of Qin Chuan’s words and immediately shouts, “Next time I meet you, I shall use my whip to trash your mouth! Let’s go!”

Finish speaking Luo Li gets on her motorbike and hides her red hair under the helmet before kicking up dust and leave.

“Our big miss likes roses.”

Shan Jiu winks at Qin Chuan before turning around and walking off.


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Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 51  [Big Miss]

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