MCW 50

Chapter 50     [Nationality is then the world]


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But this lass is wearing a leather shirt thus there was nothing protruding. She’s probably using breast petals.

She is indeed daring and fiery enough.

“You…you stop!”

Chili pepper finally admits defeat. Qin Chuan’s hand caused her to be both angry and bashful, unable to raise any strength at all.

Although she keeps wanting to forget about this matter…but in the end, she is still a woman…and have the weak points of a woman.

Qin Chuan presses against chili pepper’s fragrant body and asks, “Are you finally willing to have a proper conversation?”


Chili pepper did not say anything. She only bites her lips and faintly nods her head. Qin Chuan who had his hand pressed against her head was able to feel it.

“Okay. Don’t attack me again. I’m able to subdue you once, I’m also able to subdue you the second time!”

[Cry” the saying ‘If I could beat you once, Then I could beat you twice]

After all that is said and done, Qin Chuan is not a greedy lecher. After seeing chili pepper yield, did he place her down.

After chili pepper lands on the ground, she felt like she just had a nightmare as she takes two deep breaths.

This guy wearing security guard uniform in front of me. Looking at him, I actually have a feeling that I’m unable to win against him…how is this possible…isn’t he just a small security guard.

Qin Chuan finally has the time to light the cigarette in his mouth. After which he merrily smiles as he asked chili pepper who was sitting down, “Where do you want to sit to have a chat with me?”

“Hmph…” Chili pepper finally stands up and glares at Qin Chuan fiercely, “Sooner or later I shall rip off that stinky mouth of yours!”

“How do you know that my mouth stinks?”

Qin Chuan suddenly takes the cigarette away and covers his mouth as he looks at chili pepper in shock. “Did you take advantage of me when I was sleeping and did something to me?”

“Do you wish to die…”

Chili pepper clenches her hands but can only helplessly loosen it.

She was unable to defeat the person in front of her.

“If you’re able to speak properly to me, I can also speak properly to you.”

Qin Chuan breaths out a smoke ring, “Can we have a chat now?”

Chili pepper directly says, “This place is the territory of my Azura Dragon Group. I want you guys to scram out.”

Qin Chuan instantly becomes delighted as he walks over to chili pepper who subconsciously retreated a few steps and finally leans against the tree.

Qin Chuan only presses an arm against the tree as he looks down at chili pepper who is almost sticking to his embrace. At this moment on chili pepper’s face, her fierceness disappeared and was replaced by timidness.

“Lass did you think you’re in the position to say that?”

Qin Chuan said softly. To chili pepper, this voice was like the voice of a devil whispering into her mind.

“Right now I was the one who won and not you! The loser actually dares to have such a large tone!”

“What…what do you wish to do…”

Chili pepper instantly becomes unable to be calm. The fellow in front of her was giving her too much pressure….

“One, in the future, this place no longer belongs to Azura Dragon Group. This is the territory that we had legally bought. We do what we wish to do, so ask your people to scram!”

Chili pepper seems to be unhappy but yielded to Qin Chuan’s gaze.


Chili pepper hurriedly asked, “There’s another one?! The first one was still not enough?!”

“How was that enough.”

Qin Chuan smiles, “If you had a good chat with me earlier then it would have just been only the first term as a sign of friendship. But right now you have lost, thus you can only sign an unequal treaty!”

“This…this is unfair…”

“How are there so much fair things in the world?”

Qin Chuan says, “If it was fair then Azura Dragon Group wouldn’t have been able to tyrannize City H.”

Chili pepper subconsciously says, “This world….the weak are the prey to the strong…”

“That’s right. Like you had said, the weak are the prey to the strong. Then right now you’re my dish.”

Finished speaking Qin Chuan also licks his lips. Chili pepper starts trembling. Don’t tell me that this fellow is a demon?

“But…don’t you forget…after all this place is the territory of Azura Dragon Group…”

Chili pepper points, “In the surroundings are my subordinates….over a hundred members while you alone dare to say that you yourself…is the winner?”

“If the numbers are able to determine who the winner is, then China would have been the number 1 country in the world already.”

Qin Chuan chuckles, “Although there are over a hundred people in the surroundings but how many of them can be used? Just now I can put down over 20 people right now. I don’t care about putting down 80 more. But….before that, your little life can only be hand over in my hands.”

As he speaks, he stretches his hands out as his palm grasp around chili pepper’s neck, “I believe those subordinates of yours will not, not care about your life this vice-hall leader right?”

Qin Chuan only wished to symbolically threaten and did not have the intention of really taking action.

While at this moment, amongst the group of gangsters from the Azura Dragon Group came a shriek, “He had killed the vice-hall leader! Take revenge for vice-hall leader!”

“Chopped him to death!”

The group of Azura Dragon Group gangsters immediately carried their weapons and charged towards Qin Chuan!

“Looks like…someone really wished to let you die.”

Qin Chuan scowls and directly push chili pepper to the side before kicking the metal rod on the ground up.

The metal rod flies out and hits the foremost gangster on the nose making him have a nosebleed and causing him to fall onto the ground.

Over a hundred people were rushing towards Qin Chuan caused his head to be slightly big.

Bullshit today I had fought too many rounds of group fights…who can fucking give me an AK so that I could directly sweep this group of hooligans!

Qin Chuan retreats and he sees a motorbike. He suddenly raises his leg and gave it a fierce kick.

This few hundred kg motorbike was actually sent sliding out by Qin Chuan’s kick before crashing into the group of gangsters.

Qin Chuan confronted the enormous crowd in front of him and at this moment his blood starts racing.

A surge of warm blood flows throughout his body like his strength had increased!

While his dick is also starting to stand up as it slowly rises.

Fuck ah…could it be that I’m starting to have the sequelae now? When I have the intention to fight and my strength increases, my dick will also start to be excited? This is fucking hell a bit embarrassing ah!

“Kill him!”

“Take revenge for vice-hall leader!”

Seeing that chili pepper keep leaning against the tree not moving, a lot of people really thought that the vice-hall leader had died. They were very angry and does not care about anything as they charge at Qin Chuan.

“Bring it on!”

Qin Chuan stands there and stretches his hand out, grabbing hold of another motorbike by the side.

Although this motorbike was lighter than the previous one, but it also weighted around 50kg.

The motorbike was currently raised up by Qin Chuan before he rotates on the stop. Together with the motorbike, he spins his way into the crowd like a windmill!

A lot of knocking sounds, as long as they get knocked into the motorbike, those people will be send flying as they wail in pain.

“My mother ah!”

“My arm!”

The Azura Dragon Group gangsters were badly beaten up. No one was able to block the crashing force from such a large motorbike. All of them were swept flying away and the remaining ones can only escape in a sorry figure. There was instantly no one in Qin Chuan’s surrounding.

Qin Chuan does a final spin before tossing the motorbike out which crashed into a few gangsters who had run far away.

The Azura Dragon Group gangsters were about to collapse already. How’s this still a fucking person! To actually have such huge strength?

After tossing out the motorbike, Qin Chuan’s strength also slowly drops. Just now it seems like he was using ‘rage’ after a burst of strength, he will return back to normal state.

It feels like although this injection had strengthened me, but it isn’t like I am able to use this limit state as and when I want to!

“Who else?”

Qin Chuan stands there, his face was not red nor was he out of breath as he stares at the remaining people.

“There’s still so many of us, what’s there to be afraid of?”

“When had Azura Dragon Group been afraid!”

“After doing him in, perhaps we might be able to become the vice-hall leader!”

There were still some people who were still provoking as the eyes of the remaining gangsters slowly started to turn red.

“Enough already. All of you stop for me!”

Chili pepper suddenly roars, “I am still not dead yet!”

With her shout, all of the Azura Dragon Group gangsters finally stopped.

What the heck, what is with this situation so big sister head still hadn’t died?

“All of you go and take a break to the side!”

Chili pepper kicks down the person who was shouting enthusiastically the most earlier before coldly saying, “No matter who among you guys wish to take my position, as long as I’m still alive it’s nothing but a dream! Enough, all of you scram for me!”

These Azura Dragon Group gangsters can only scatter in all directions, drives their vehicles and carried their buddies away.

But there were still a few gangsters who stands behind chilli pepper staunchly, it seems like if Qin Chuan dares to act recklessly they will start risking their lives!

Qin Chuan looks at those people and says, “Looks like you still have a few devoted subordinates eh.”

“Hmph, you should stop looking down on people.”

Chili pepper claps her hands and a subordinate immediately carry over a chair, letting her sit on it.

Qin Chuan turns around and takes a look before beckoning a worker over.

That worker asks with an accent, “Big brother what’s the matter?”

Qin Chuan hurriedly says, “Go and get me a chair! We can lose people but we cannot lose face!”

The workers started searching around before finally pulling over two pieces of wall bricks.

“Big brother, we don’t have any chairs. We only have bricks, please make do and sit.”

Finish speaking, he helps Qin Chuan pile them up before placing it behind his butt.

Qin Chuan’s nose almost become crooked from anger, bullshit how was this a chair? Are you trying to embarrass me?!

But currently, Qin Chuan can only make do and sits on it. He also props his legs up, not to be outdone as he looks at chili pepper.

Chili pepper stretches out her hand and a little brother by the sidewalks up as he passes over a cigar as he stares blankly at Qin Chuan.

What the heck, you this lass also smokes cigar? Bullshit it’s also a Cuba cigar as well! Even I’m unable to smoke it!


Qin Chuan realized that he had just finished smoking his last cigarette and stretches his hand towards the workers.

A worker by the side immediately passes over his large tobacco pipe and uses a match to light it up causing Qin Chuan’s eyebrow to twitch.

This is fucking….a large difference in terms of class!

“See…your show of extravagance cannot make it ah.”

Chili pepper finally won a round and says with some happiness, “Not enough class.”


Qin Chuan rolls his eyes, “Let me tell you, little lass. Nationality is then the world!”

[Cry: Don’t know what it means but it’s Qin Chuan.]

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Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 50  [Nationality is then the world]

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