Chapter 5    [Bury oneself in work]


Zhang Dana is lying on the ground groaning.

Today he had finally found a chance and prepare to take action against the sales department Miao Tian. Talking about Miao Tian this lady is not bad. Not only is she pretty, but her figure is also very good. Most importantly is she is rather reserved. Zhang Dana is able to see that even if she got bullied, she will not dare to tell other people. While in the department store, towards those staff members below, he is a person who is able to hide the sky with one hand!

Finally, he had found a chance but he did not expect that he would be over shoulder throw by a damn poor fellow for no reason!

This throw nearly wanted my life ah….

Although he am a company commander back then, but it had been a long time since he had trained. His body is basically hollowed out from wine and woman, right now he only has the form without any substance. Furthermore, his beer belly is also very big!

While Zhang Dana is groaning, he sees the uniform in Qian Jiao’s hand. He ignores his pain and shouts, “Secretory Qian! What is that thing in your hands?”

Qian Jiao calms down and says, “The ground is quite chilling Manager Zhang shouldn’t you stand up first before speaking?”

“My bones are broken from the fall and I am unable to stand up! I am asking whose clothing does those belong to!”

“Aiyah, leader. How can you lie down on the ground, it is very cold ah.”

Qin Chuan smiles brightly as he stretches out his hand to support Zhang Dana up, but Zhang Dana slaps away his hand.

“Don’t touch me!”

He shouts, “Who does this uniform belongs to!”

“It is mine.”

Qin Chuan points at himself and says, “In future, I am your colleague please take care of me.”

Take care, take care your sister!

Zhang Dana really wishes to kill people.

Jiang Dana scolds, “Who is your motherfucking colleague, I am the security guard manager you are my fucking underling do you know!”

“Right, right, right. Underling, I am your underling!”

Qin Chuan nods his head, “How did you fall down leader, who is the one who mops the ground making it so slippery. What if leader really got badly injured from the fall!”

Zhang Dana did not expect that this fellow would twist the words and in the end, he does not admit to his fault!

“Who needs to you this underling! Some more it is obviously you who cause me to fall!”

Qian Jiao stands by the side wanting to smile but she does not dare to. Aiyah this fellow is indeed thorny, he just left my sight for a while and he trips Zhang Dana already. Although I already do not like Zhang Dana from a long time ago. There are female staffs who come and complain frequently that this fellow gropes them. But because he has people at the top, CEO Wang can only ignore it.

Being throw over the shoulder? Looks like this fellow is rather interesting.

“How is that possible!”

Qin Chuan is shocked, “Leader had come out from the army. Didn’t they say that your skills are very good? I am only a student who dropped out of school when young. I lack the strength to even truss a chicken how is it possible for me to make you fall.”

Saying finish he turns around to Miao Tian by the side and asks, “Beauty did I causes Manager Zhang to fall?”

“It is Manager Zhang who falls down on his own. The floor is too slippery. I also nearly fall down a few times myself today.”

Miao Tian says unhesitatingly and also pretends to have lingering fear.

Zhang Dana is about to go crazy. Motherfucker, the two of them actually gang up together such so quickly! Furthermore, I had intentionally chosen an area which is not monitored to take liberties on Miao Tian! There is also no one else who is able to bear witness for me, thus I can only swallow down my anger!

Damn it when had I been so sullen before! Hmph, since this person had become a security guard under me then sooner or later I will be able to play him to death!

There is a path to heaven and you did not take it, instead, you walk into the doorless hell. Then do not blame me, Zhang Dana!

“Enough, enough. There is nothing more important then Manager Zhang injury. Let us hurry and go to the hospital to check it and make sure that that place is not injured from the fall. Manager Zhang is our department store elite. You are responsible for the safety of the department store you cannot meet with a mishap ah.”

Qian Jiao comes out smooth things over. Zhang Dano clenches his teeth, climbs to his feet and hobbles away.

“Thank you!”

Miao Tian is very grateful as she says to Qin Chuan, “If it is not for you, today I will definitely be bullied by that fellow…”

“No worries, in future I will be the security guard in this place. Do you see it, this is my uniform!”

While he is speaking Qin Chuan take the uniform from Qian Jiao’s hand and compares in front of him, “From today onwards call me the security guard god of Imperial!”

Qian Jiao and Miao Tian cannot help but starts giggling. This fellow really got the face to say such things.

“Hehe…then in future we are counting on you…”

Seeing Qin Chuan’s manner, Miao Tian’s eyes brighten up.

Did not expect that in this dog eat dog workplace, there is actually this kind of person who is willing to stand out for others…

“You ah, still have the heart to worry about others!”

Qian Jiao pulls Qin Chuan over before stuffing his id card into his hands, “Do you know that just now you are provoking your higher up! Zhang Dana is a petty person. If future you cannot avoid wearing small shoes!”

“What is there to be afraid of, I am a grown man, am I still afraid of that damn fatty.”

Qin Chuan sneers, “If he dares to provoke me then I shall pinch him to death!”

“Qin Chuan you need to think for CEO Wang.”

Qian Jiao reminds, “Remember that you are a person that CEO Wang arranged to enter. If you make any mistake, at that time not only would it be your problem, it will also implicate CEO Wang! Although you like to create trouble, but I feel that you are not an innocent person or a person who create trouble for others right?”

Qin Chuan pauses for a bit, damn it, entering this workforce, indeed is inconvenient ah.

“Qin Chuan….in future you really need to be a bit careful…”

Miao Tian also cannot help but reminds, “This department store is not as simple as what you think.”

“Okay beauty. I had saved you, you treat me to a meal some other day!”

Qin Chuan stares towards Miao Tian, “This way you will not owe me a favor.”

Being stared at by Qin Chuan, Miao Tian’s face turns slightly red but her heart feels strange. This guy is really weird. There are a lot of guys who are chasing me and all of them are shouting to treat me to a meal. But this guy actually makes me treat him to a meal…

Hmph, he does not have any grace at all….

But recall how Qin Chuan stands out for her, Miao Tian becomes slightly puzzled.

Just what kind of man is he?

“Enough, stop teasing our sales personnel pretty lady anymore! If Zhang Dana gets a hold of that you will become unlucky!”

Qian Jiao pulls Qin Chuan and leaves the cosmetic sales counter.

Qin Chuan looks at his blue security guard uniform and says. “Aiyah working in this workplace is indeed not easy ah. I am just being a small security guard by is it so troublesome.”

“There are a lot of doorways here.”

Qian Jiao reminds, “I can only help you to here. The rest of the matters, you need to deal with it yourself. The security guard department is in front. You go there yourself. If I bring you in, there will be people who start gossipping.”

“Being a security guard is too boring already….”

Qin Chuan looks at Qian Jiao’s devilish figure and licks his lips, “Secretary Qian are you lacking a private bodyguard?”

“Get lost where do I come out with the money to invite you to be a private bodyguard.”

Qian Jiao says in her heart, having you as a bodyguard would you protect me to the **!

“You ah, obediently be a security guard! Little fellow, work hard!”

“If I can follow Secretary Qian, right now I can work hard one…”

“Do you believe it if I make CEO Wang fire you immediately! Quickly scram in!”

No matter how good is her self-restraint Qian Jiao is also about to flip out!

Qin Chuan obediently walks into the security guards room. The moment he walks in he got stunned. Because Zhang Dana is sitting inside and giving him a sinister smile.


Chapter 5    [Bury oneself in work]

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