MCW 49

Chapter 49     [Sensation is quite good]


Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet

“Vice-hall leader!”

The surrounding gangsters of Azure Dragon Group immediately give the beauty who was getting off the bike a respectful look.

Qin Chuan was also shocked. This girl looks to be around 1x+ only and she’s actually the vice-hall leader of Azure Dragon Group?

Damn ah!

“Who dares to cause trouble in my territory?”

The female hall leader who was wearing leather jacket looks at Qin Chuan before smiling, “Is it him?”

“That’s right, it’s him!”

By the side that small section head who ran away earlier nods his head, “It was him who injured our brothers!”

“Oh….what does he do?”

“Heard that he’s a security guard.”

The little chili pepper nodded her head before raising her hand and gives that small section head a slap, causing him to turn a circle before falling on his butt with a red print on his left face.

Chili pepper snorts coldly, “Can’t even handle a security guard and you still have the face to talk to me?”

“Vice, vice-hall leader….”

That small section head covers his face as cowardness appears in his eyes.

Because they were surrounded by the Azure Dragon Group gangsters, the workers also subconsciously stop again not daring to start working again.

“Really didn’t expect that a vice-hall leader of Azure Dragon Group would actually be a young lass.”

Qin Chuan leaned against the Mustang as he looks at little chili pepper with a smile on his face.

A flying dagger brushed past by Qin Chuan’s ear and stabs into the tree behind.

“You’re actually able to dodge it.”

Chili Pepper raised her eyebrows.

“Your throwing dagger skill isn’t bad.”

Qin Chuan earlier slightly tilted his head which allowed him to dodge the dagger. With his many years of brushing with death, just as the Chili Pepper had raised her hand, he had already subconsciously tilted his head to the side already.

“No wonder my subordinates would be in such a miserable state. Looks like you’re no ordinary security guard.”

As Chili pepper speaks, she removes a whip from her waist and brandish it letting out -pa- sounds, “Might as well, let me personally have a go at you.”

“A whip eh, you want to play S&M is it?” Qin Chuan teases, “But I don’t have such a craving ah my dear.”

“Play your sister!”

Chili pepper immediately swings her whip at Qin Chuan. Qin Chuan immediately moves sideways and the whip strikes the ground in front of him, blasting up the dirt on the ground.

“So violent, wouldn’t you scare guys away? ”

“Who needs you to care!”

Chili pepper lifts her whip, each whip faster than the previous as she swings out her whip at Qin Chuan.

Qin Chuan has to admit that this lass whip technique is indeed quite good. She was able to strike anywhere that she points to. If my physique hadn’t become stronger than a normal human as well as having quick reactions, I would definitely have fallen for her attacks!

Every time the whip will let out a -pa- sound like the sound of a firecracker, very sharp and clear.

By the side Wang Yue was also slightly worried as she watches Qin Chuan, that vice-hall leader’s whip skills is so good will Qin Chuan be able to avoid them?

Qin Chuan currently doesn’t bother to act cool anymore as he does all kinds of rolls on the ground to dodge that chili pepper’s attack.

As Qin Chuan dodges, he said to chili pepper, “Oi, oi, oi. I’m bare handed here while you’re using a whip, this is too unfair!”

“Like I care!”

Chili pepper whips again and with a -pa- it breaks off a large piece of the bark of the tree behind Qin Chuan.

The Azure Dragon Group gangsters at the side were shocked. Usually, their vice-hall leader’s whip is like King Yama’s soul seeking rope ah, the wipe will go wherever she wants to go! Even the Boss also praises vice-hall leader. But today vice-hall leader’s whip actually becomes ineffective?

“Really is a completely unreasonable woman! Even more unreasonable than our President Wang!”

Qin Chuan words made Wang Yue don’t know whether to cry or laugh. Is he praising me or mocking me?!

“So much nonsense! If you want to fight then fight! Don’t say so much nonsense!”

Chili pepper is also very shocked in her heart. This is the first time she had not been able to hit her target after so long! Could this security guard be a monkey spirit?

“Don’t ah beauty. You see us meeting each other is fate, isn’t it boring to just keep fighting, why don’t we sit down and have a chat.”

Qin Chuan dodges behind a tree as he smiles cheekily and says, “You see how good your figure is, can you tell me how you could maintain them?”

“Seeking death!”

Qin Chuan’s words cause chili pepper to become even more impatient. She swings her whip out at Qin Chuan’s face. She wishes to tear that mouth of Qin Chuan! And making him unable to speak any more!

But Qin Chuan bends down and dodges that attack. At the same time, he rolls on the ground and reached the side of a member of Azure Dragon Group.

That gangster is stunned as he gives Qin Chuan an incomprehensive look.

Qin Chuan kicks that gangster on the leg causing him to fall. At the same time, he casually picks up his metal rod. (Cry: Could be a bat or a pipe. I think it’s a pipe)

“I’ll be borrowing this for a bit!”

Just as Qin Chuan finished speaking, an evil wind assaults him.


A crisp sound but Qin Chuan raised the metal rod horizontally and the whip actually coils around the metal rod.

Chili pepper’s brows instantly creased while Qin Chuan only chuckles. His hands grab hold of the metal rod and tug it towards him.

The whip was instantly tugged all over the place. Chili pepper’s strength was clearly below Qin Chuan’s as she stumbles forwards a few steps from the tugging.

But she borrows that strength and changed tactics. She instantly sends a kick towards Qin Chuan!

She was wearing high heels and if this kick lands on someone, it would be pretty bad!

But who was Qin Chuan. His palm instantly grabs hold of her legs with his hand.

“Your calf muscles are not that bad eh.”

Qin Chuan gives chili pepper a look.

“Scumbag, let go!”

Her face turns red as she pulls out a dagger from her waist and tossed it towards Qin Chuan.

Chili pepper has some amazing killing techniques. One was her whip techniques, the other is flying daggers! Earlier as they were quite far away from each other, the flying dagger didn’t hit. But now, that they were so close to each other, she will definitely not miss!

She was also not polite with this throw as she throws it towards Qin Chuan’s mouth.

Qin Chuan did not dodge or you can say he purposefully provoked chili pepper into throwing the dagger.

Earlier in the underground carpark that feeling of using a knife to intercept the crossbow bolt, he keeps feeling like he’s able to find it again! But normally it was impossible to find it and must be at a crucial situation only then is able to be found!

For example right now!

Qin Chuan subconsciously sweeps the metal rod in front of him.


The dagger that turns into a white light was knocked away by the metal rod before stabbing into the thigh of a gangster by the side making him cry out in pain.


Chili pepper’s eyes widen as she did not expect that there will be people who were able to deflect her flying dagger!

This is basically violating common sense ah, could it be that this person in front of me is a monster?!

While Qin Chuan is also very regretful. Why am I so courageous to use my own life to test! But my luck isn’t bad and it was like what I had expected!

I’m so amazing. Don’t know if I would be able to deflect away bullets next? But this seems to be a bit difficult…after all the speed of a bullet is way faster than a person’s reaction time!

“Chili pepper, your throwing daggers skill is a bit lacking ah.”

Qin Chuan continues to say flowery words, “It’s still your figure which has a higher standard!”

“Enough!” Chili pepper clenches her teeth, “What do you wish to do?”

“Let go of our vice-hall leader!”

“dice him up!”

A group of Azure Dragon Group gangsters carries their machete as they started to encircle them. But Qin Chuan wasn’t afraid. As he holds chili pepper’s leg, he pulls out a cigarette from his pockets and placed it in his mouth. Afterwards, he slowly says, “Don’t be in such a hurry, I’m only chatting with your vice-hall leader that’s all.”

“All of you back down!”

Chili pepper shouts. Her prestige wasn’t bad as the surrounding gangsters all stopped.

“You’re still not letting go of my leg?”

Chili pepper glares at Qin Chuan and says, “I’m not that stupid. The moment I let go of your leg, you will kick me again.”

Qin Chuan chuckles and says, “Furthermore, the sensation of your leg isn’t that bad. I’m also not that willing to let go.”

Chili pepper and Wang Yue curses in their heart at the same time. Pervert!

Wang Yue added another sentence at the back, shameless!

“You let go of me then I can have a chat with you”

Chili pepper says, “Otherwise you still wish to continue to be in a deadlock?”

“Fine, I’ll let go.” Qin Chuan lets go, “Then let us chat..”

Before he was able to finish speaking, chili pepper suddenly springs forward as her slender legs immediately lock around his neck. Her hands braced against the ground as she exerts strength with her waist and flips up as she rides Qin Chuan’s neck. After which her hands scoop towards Qin Chuan’s eyes.

Locking neck, sealing eyes! This chili pepper uses a whole string of ruthless moves!

But to Qin Chuan who mastered the Turtle Breathing Technique, the choke hold becomes useless against him.

When Chili Pepper’s hands jabs over, Qin Chuan suddenly leans forward and knocks her body into a tree, paining her until her sights turned dark as her arms lose strength at the same time.

Qin Chuan immediately captures her hands and hold it behind the tree before lowering her body and berates, “Still not getting off me!”

“I’m going to twist your neck!”

Chili pepper wasn’t going to let go no matter what as her legs clenched tightly on Qin Chuan’s neck.

“Are you letting go or not?!”

Although Qin Chuan has the Turtle Breathing Technique, but having his neck held tightly by Chili Pepper’s powerful legs, and slowly being choked until his face turns red finding it hard to bear.

“Not letting go!”

“Then do not blame me for being impolite!”

Qin Chuan immediately stretches out his hand and grabs hold of chili pepper’s D cup chest!

Chili pepper trembles as her cheeks turn deep red.

Azure Dragon Group gangsters were all stunned. The construction workers also blanked out while Wang Yue is also covering her mouth.

Qin Chuan he…actually attacked her chest!

Don’t know how many guys are deeply envious of Qin Chuan, bullshit, we also wish to touch as well ah!

While chili pepper is about to go mad. She opens her mouth and crazily tries to bit Qin Chuan’s hand.

But Qin Chuan loosened another hand and press against Chili Pepper’s forehead pressing her head against the tree bark, at the same time he covers her eyes.

Chili Pepper’s arm was shorter than Qin Chuan and was unable to see anything, after waving her arms around, she did not manage to touch Qin Chuan at all.

“Let me ask you one last time. Let go or not?”

Qin Chuan exerts strength with his palm,  seems like this feeling isn’t really that bad…could it be that this lass isn’t wearing a bra?

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Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 49  [Sensation is quite good]

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