MCW 48

Chapter 48     [Old city district]


Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet

City H was not only split into the north river and south river. At the same time, it is also split into two city districts. One is the old city district while the other is the new city district.

The new city district was a section that was extended out from the old city district. It’s almost 8 times larger than the old city district, flourishing and developing.

As for the old city district, it was located at the center of City H. Because the government keeps emphasizing on the development of the new city district, they slowly started neglecting the constructions of the old city district. In the past, the old city district was the industrial base. Inside had possesses a large number of abandoned factories. In the past, there used to be schools, hospitals and the rest of the essential facilities but right now all of them were shut down already.

There’s no other reason just that the old city district is now tantamount to a slums housing. A lot of the old buildings there were about to collapse soon, thus it was hard for the government who wish to demolish the buildings and relocate the inhabitants inside. Those householders refuse to vacate despite the pressure from the property developers and there were too many of them. Finally, they simply give up on this district and continued to develop the new district outside.

All the way until the new mayor came, this new mayor believed that the old city district is the city center of City H’s and should not continue to be such a piece of malignant tumor, thus they started to focus on it again.

The plot of land that Wang Yue had bided for was an abandoned factory in the old city district. This plot was still okay, it does not have any squatters thus it will not be troublesome.

But there were still thorny places. This morning when the construction team went over, they returned and told Wang Yue that the abandoned factory had been occupied by the Azura Dragon Group. The entire old district is basically evenly split by the four large gangs. Among which the Azura Dragon Group’s territory is slightly more.

As Qin Chuan drives the car, he cannot help but ask, “You actually dare to go to a place that got occupied by Azura Dragon Group on your own?”

He really loved this Mustang a lot. The gearbox is simply tyrannic, there is not one bit of discomfort at all!

If they were not on the streets of the city, Qin Chuan would have wanted to do some street racing at top speed!

“What’s there to be afraid of. In broad daylight, could it be that they really dare to be fierce towards me?”

[TL: apparently she forgot the memo…they already send a hitman at her when she went to celebrate her father’s birthday…why would they not dare to attack her at the plot of land?] [Cry: Amazing how humans could forget something so fast. Amazing character author.]


Most importantly aren’t you here.

But Wang Yue did not say the final words out loud as she keeps it in her mouth.

“Fine then. Who asked you to be the boss. Where you wish to go, even if it was the tiger’s den I will accompany you all the way!”

Finish speaking, Qin Chuan slowly pressed down on the accelerator causing the car to speed up. After driving across a flyover, a road leading to the old city district appears ahead.

Comparing to the flourishing new city district, the old city district was like a city that had transmigrated over from the 90s. The roads inside were still the old asphalt road which was slightly uneven. Qin Chuan unwillingly slowed down the car and slowly traveled along the old city district’s road.

The old city district was actually not that small. By the roadside were shabby structures.

Qin Chuan drives pass a 5 story hospital and on it still hangs two slightly tattered red words, ‘Central Hospital’.

“This place had been abandoned for too long already.”

Wang Yue suddenly says emotionally, “There’s still a number of resident staying here. Their lifestyle is very inconvenient. Lacking the necessary medical treatment, education environment, how can this do?”

“This place is already an unregulated zone already right?” Qin Chuan smiles, “The government really knows how to sell land ah. It seems like this plot doesn’t even have any policemen. They sold it to you and you still have to settle this problem left behind by history on your own. If you’re unable to settle it, you would have wasted your money buying it.”

“In this world, frankly, it’s just a single word ‘profit’.”

Wang Yue says, “As long as you understand this word then there’s nothing that you will not be able to handle.”

“Is that so?” Qin Chuan raises his eyebrow, “So the reason why you pulled me over to become your boyfriend is for this word ‘benefit’?”

“You are thinking too much.” Wang Yue becomes silent for a while before saying, “Concentrate on driving your car.”

Qin Chuan follows Wang Yue directions and drove in. Finally, they came to a row of factories.

In front of the factories stood a lot of workers. Because they were unable to start the construction, all of them were standing in their spot blankly.

Opposite of the workers are some gangsters from Azura Dragon Group. These gangsters had gathered together and set up a coal fire and is having a BBQ.

Seeing Wang Yue’s car coming over the construction group’s foreman says bitterly, “President Wang, we’re unable to take this job ah!”

“Foreman Yang, don’t you say such things. It’s not like we had just started working with each other. We are familiar with each other do you think that I would pit you?”

“There’s no need to say about how President Wang treats us….but today, this job really cannot be taken ah…”

As the foreman speaks, he points at those Azura Dragon Group gangsters who were drinking and eating meat, “The moment we start to work, they would start beating us ah! A number of my brother’s limbs had been broken already and were sent to the hospital. We don’t even know when will they be okay!”

“I can pay for all of their medical fees. But the construction matters cannot be delayed. I still propose to start work immediately.”

“President Wang, right now money is a small matter ah!” The foreman is about to cry, “If this goes on, perhaps we might lose our life ah!”

“They aren’t letting you start work?”

Wang Yue looks at the construction site that had yet to be rigged up.

“That’s right ah…President Wang, this job really cannot be done ah! We can’t even tear down the walls…they are blocking there.”

“Is that so? I want to see who’s able to stop me from tearing down these walls.”

As Qin Chuan speaks, he stretches out his hand and picks up a huge hammer by the side.

This huge hammer was around 40kg. When Qin Chuan holds it in his hand, he swings it around like it was a toy hammer.

He raises the hammer and walks to the factory and aims at the wall in front of him.

“Fuck, you want to fucking die is that it?”

By the side, a gangster who was gnawing on a meat skewer immediately walks forward and shouted towards Qin Chuan, “If you touch them again, I’m going to remove your leg, do you believe it or not!”

Qin Chuan does not even care about him as he continues to swing the hammer at the wall, letting out a booming sound.

“Fuck you, I see that you’re seeking death!”

That gangster instantly becomes angered. The other gangsters by the side tossed over a metal rod which he catches with his hand before swinging it towards Qin Chuan’s legs.

Qin Chuan swiftly withdraws his leg and dodges the metal rod. At the same time, he raises the hammer in his hand and smashes it into the chest of that gangster.


The gangster’s body was immediately sent flying over 8 meters away and tumbles onto the ground as he vomits blood.

Qin Chuan presses the hammer onto the ground as he steps on the hammer as he stares at those stunned gangsters and asked, “Who else still wish to come over?”

Seeing Qin Chuan’s natural disposition, the foreman was somewhat astonished, “What the heck…President Wang….did you find a big gangster ah….”

“He isn’t a gangster.” Wang Yue says, “He’s a security guard of my department store.”

The foreman’s mouth twitches, how is there any security guard like this. Isn’t this just a gangster?! But his strength is a bit too great already, to wave a demolition hammer like it is a toy!

“Old Nine!”

Seeing the gangster being smashed onto the ground, the rest of the gangsters become both startled and angered.

After staying in the old city district for such a long time, this was the first time they had seen anyone who dares to go against Azura Dragon Group inside the ODG!

“Brothers attack, kill him!”

“Chop him up into 8 pieces!”

These gangsters were holding metal rods as well as machete’s as they yell and throw themselves towards Qin Chuan.

Qin Chuan smiles faintly as he kicks a hammer at the gangster that was charging at the front. This hammer smashes into that gangster and sends his body flying up a few meters in the air before crashing into the others behind him.

The remaining people detoured around them before continuing to charge forward. Qin Chuan was holding a demolition hammer in his hand like a war god holding a divine weapon, he holds the pass against ten thousand enemies.

Every time the hammer was swung, it will be able to put down two gangsters. Qin Chuan does not have any sympathy as he brandishes the hammer viciously swatting anyone he sending them flying away.

These gangsters were immediately smashed until their bones break and bleed as they lied on the ground. But Qin Chuan did not show any sympathy as he puts down over 30 people in a row.

Qin Chuan raises the demolition hammer and chuckles as he asks, “Still want to continue?”

“Damn it…you wait for me! Since you dare to provoke my Azura Dragon Group, we will definitely not let you have an easy time!”

A small gang leader fiercely throws a sentence behind before running away with the rest of his brothers.

“It’s settled.”

Qin Chuan kicks away one of the gangsters lying in front of him and says, “We can start the work right now.”

These workers let out a cheer as they already had enough of the unpleasant manner of these gangsters. Now that they can punish the other party, they have become very happy. Under the command of the foreman, the workers started working.

Seeing Qin Chuan place down the hammer before walking over, Wang Yue frowns as she asks, “Why are your actions so ruthless?”

“Ruthless?” Qin Chuan lights a cigarette as he smiles and says, “Why do I not feel it’s so?”

“You see, so many of them are such so heavily injured…perhaps their arms or legs are broken.”

“So what about it? When they hit our workers had they ever been lenient?”

Qin Chuan’s lips twitched, “Times like these, you cannot be lenient. Since they’ve come to mingle in the gangs, they should have the awareness of consequences mingling in the gangs. Brother, I also had it tough and this is the only way to teaching them how to be a good person.”

“You always have reasons. I’m unable to out talk you.”

Wang Yue rolls her eyes, “Anyways in future, don’t be so heavy-handed…I don’t like it when you’re reeking of blood.”

“Are you requesting that to me as your subordinate…or asking me as your fiance?”

Qin Chuan suddenly smiles merrily as he asks provoking Wang Yue into rolling her eyes.

Wang Yue says, “You’re thinking too much. Let’s prepare to return.”

“We’re returning now?” Qin Chuan was slightly shocked, “We aren’t staying here?”

“Isn’t everything settled already? What’s the point of staying here for?”

Wang Yue had already walked to the car.

“I say President Wang ah…you are really super naive at this kind of matters ah…”

Qin Chuan lets out a bitter laugh, “You think that this had ended? Actually, this is only the beginning.”

“What’s just the beginning?”

Just as Wang Yue expresses her confusion, from the surroundings comes the rumbling of motors.

She turns around and was shocked to see that countless of black Santana’s as well as white pickups were driving over from all directions. By the side, there were also a number of motorbikes.

There were a lot of them who were wearing azure badges which clearly indicates that they are the higher ranking members of Azura Dragon Group.

Among them was a woman who was riding a black bike removes her helmet and flings out her fiery red hair.

She was wearing black leathers, her figure is really good, the so-called buxom with long legs! Along with that scorching gaze of hers, she’s basically a hot pepper!

[Cry: EHM please this could only end in 2 ways in the future. 1. That Hot biker becomes his lover. 2. He kills her in the future. But I bet on 1.]

[ Cry: If you see any mistakes at all that needs editing just tell in the comments or discord.]

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 48  [Old city district]

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