MCW 47

Chapter 47     [Mustang]


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The opponent does not seem to be in a hurry as well. After all hitman’s must have very high patience. Whoever becomes anxious first, will be easily lured into a trap.

The current situation is that Qin Chuan and the hitman didn’t move at all, waiting for the other party to be the first one to expose a gap.

Qin Chuan didn’t make any sound as he thinks rapidly trying to think of a method to lure the other person.

His eyes were also slowly getting used to the darkness. By the time he got used to it, it will be disadvantageous for the hitman. That assassin should also have some movement.

But what caused him to be surprised was that he actually didn’t move at all and was like a good hunter who wasn’t impatient to hunt his prey, only waiting for the prey to walk into his trap.

But to Qin Chuan, this wasn’t a problem. He pulls out a cigarette from his pocket as he leans against the wall. He lights up the cigarette before tossing it out.

-bang! bang! bang!-

Three shots in a row chased after the cigarette.

While Qin Chuan had used those three shots to determine the location of the other party. He suddenly sticks to the ground and slides out. His butterfly knife flies out drawing a white line through the darkness and finally disappears into the darkness as a muffled groan was let out.

Qin Chuan rolls on the ground and rolls back to the back of the stairs.

Although this blade of mine didn’t strike any of his vital parts, but it was enough to cause that hitman to eat a lost. But the butterfly knife is my only weapon, I must get it back. Although we can walk underground, through the fence and return back to the carpark, then go up at the other stairs.

But Qin Chuan knows that a good hitman will definitely not leave behind such an easy escape route. Perhaps the moment we went down to the carpark, there will be an even bigger trap!

“Brother! This knife is quite painful right!”

Qin Chuan leans against the wall and suddenly says, “I say what’s the point of you doing so! Of all the things to be, why do you want to be a hitman. Always needing to hide in the darkness like a rat. How boring is that ah! Why don’t you come out and let us brothers have a real knife battle? If you lose, I will not kill you and let you off. How about it?”


The other party remains silent not replying Qin Chuan’s question.

“Why are you so silent for? How boring is it! What Hitman, you should be charming and humorous a bit. Being so dark in the future, you will not be able to find any girlfriends.”

The other party was finally unable to take it and talked. His voice is slightly hoarse as he says, “You talk too much.”

Qin Chuan instantly grinned as he directly takes off his shirt before tossing it out.

-bang! bang! bang!-

It was yet another 3 shots which hits the shirt.

While at that interval, Qin Chuan’s figure was like lightning and was basically sticking to the ground as he rushed towards the location where the gunshots were from.

At that instantly Qin Chuan is able to sense the franticness of the hitman! Perhaps he had never expected that I would actually be able to get so close to him so fast!

Qin Chuan was like a cannonball and instantly reached in front of the hitman. The moment he gets close, he’s basically able to see the outline of the hitman. His pistol was aiming at him.


Qin Chuan bends down and the hitman’s bullet hits the air.

The moment the gun fired, Qin Chuan’s fist had already punched that hitman in the stomach.

When this punch smashed into the hitman’s stomach, it nearly made him vomit out his supper.

When Qin Chuan fights, he had never given the other party the chance to take a breather. He grabs that hitman’s arm that was holding the gun and uses strength to pull it to the side.


With a crisp sound, the hitman’s arm was instantly dislocated making him strengthless to hold the gun.

The pistol drops onto the ground and lets out a clanging sound.

But the hitman is also ferocious. he instantly pulls out the dagger from his waist and lunged it towards Qin Chuan.

Qin Chuan did not carry any other knives. After all the karambit, throwing daggers and the likes are controlled weapons. Isn’t it just basically looking for trouble to carry them on his body for nothing?


Before the killer is able to finish speaking, Qin Chuan had already used his own shoulder to receive the hitman’s dagger.

The dagger sinks into Qin Chuan’s shoulder while he sends out a hook into the lower jaw of the hitman fiercely.

-cracking sound-

The sound of bones cracking as the hitman’s lower jaw was instantly smashed into pieces.

Qin Chuan’s right leg hooks around the hitman’s neck. Before he was able to react, Qin Chaun exerts strength to his right leg, like a clamp, he forcefully breaks the neck of the hitman.

Finally, the hitman’s head revolved to 180° as he stares behind him in disbelief.

Perhaps this was the first time he didn’t need to turn around to be able to see the back view. But it’s a pity as it was only for a split second.


Qin Chuan stretched his hands out and pulls the dagger out on his shoulder before pressing against the bleeding wound.

Although his regeneration ability is very powerful, but it wasn’t possible to instantly heal up such a large wound.

“Really is unlucky ah…”

Due to blood loss, Qin Chuan is slightly dizzy. He shakes his head before gathering his spirit and tears off a piece of clothing from the hitman and simply wrap up his injury.

“Qin…Qin Chuan….”

From the corner comes the weak voice of Wang Yue.

“It’s fine now President Wang.”

Qin Chuan turns on the flashlight of his handphone and glances at the hitman who had died. Indeed as he expected, this brother was that hitman who tried to assassinate Wang Yue. Currently, he was wearing a night vision goggles and it looks like he had already made his preparation earlier, it was only a pity that he had meet him.

He turns around and carries Wang Yue up again before walking out without looking at the corpse of the hitman.

Later on, I should go and greet Yang Ye. This brother is a hitman, perhaps he’s carrying a number of murder cases. Letting Yang Ye take him to claim some merits is also good. After all with the deadly evidence against Yang Ye in my hands, the higher he climbs up, the more advantageous it is for me.

“This…this person…”

Seeing the corpse lying on the ground, Wang Yue realizes that his appearance is slightly familiar. She instantly covers her mouth in shock, “You…you killed him?”

“He’s a hitman. If I didn’t kill him, he will kill you.”

Qin Chuan directly says, “Furthermore, who knows how many murder cases were committed by him. Me killing him is actually helping the society getting rid of a menace.”

“Killing people is wrong…”

Wang Yue doesn’t know what to say. She only feels that Qin Chuan’s methods were slightly too ruthless.

“President Wang, this is no longer the business world but a battlefield.”

Qin Chuan’s voice carries some mocking, “I have the final say regarding the rules of the battlefield.”

Wang Yue did not say anything and was clearly peeved. No matter what, killing a person is wrong can’t you just call the police? Although this is the underground, but don’t you still have signal from your phone?

What he has the final say on the battlefield, who does he think he is? A War God?!

He’s nothing but a small security guard with a slightly better skill that’s all!

[TL: right…slightly better.] [Cry: okay 1. He’s a security guard because it’s his job now. 2. If you f*cking know his history you won’t be saying sh*t about his position. He’s probably wanted in 2-6 countries at least]


After staying in the darkness for too long, the sunlight becomes slightly piercing.

“You had gotten injured!”

Under the sunlight, Wang Yue saw a shocking wound on Qin Chuan’s shoulder! Although it was wrapped up by a piece of black cloth, but there were still bloodstains as well as some blood trickling onto the shirt, turning the white suit red.

“Nothing much. Just a small injury.”

Qin Chuan subconsciously says, “I had already pulled the dagger out, it’ll be fine in a while.”

Qin Chuan had already taken back his butterfly knife as well. Just now that hitman was slightly thorny thus this was something that he could do nothing about. After all, right now he’s only a small security guard and is only carrying a butterfly knife on his body only. If it was the battlefield, he would have instantly taken away the life of that hitman!

No matter how good the technique is, it’s no match for bullets!

“Are you really fine? You had bled a lot.”

Wang Yue cannot help but become worried after all, Qin Chuan had gotten injured for her.

“Relax, I’m young and vigorous I’ll be fine.”

Qin Chuan grin, “This is the so-called one cum is ten blood. I just treat it as I masturbated twice!”

Wang Yue is slightly angered, “I’m speaking to you seriously, can’t you be proper?!”

“I had always been proper.”

Qin Chuan hurriedly says, “A person like me, how can I not be proper! They always say that I’m usually too serious already and always asked me to be more good-natured!”

“Are you joking?”

Wang Yue is unable to see which part of Qin Chuan is serious.

Qin Chuan smiles but did not say anything. Back then when I was employed as the Instructor in the mercenary world, I was the nightmare of countless soldiers. But this place is already different, the environment is different. Since I had come to City H, I indeed have changed a lot.

It seems like this kind of life, isn’t that bad indeed.

“Have we reached it?”

Qin Chuan looks at the rows of luxurious cars parked in front of him. This place is basically a super motor show ah! Any Lamborghini, Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S., Audi R8, Porsches 911…as well as some antique cars like Maybach ah, Ford and the likes. All of the cars in this place when added up together is a few hundred million worth ah!

“Which car is your fathers?”

Qin Chuan looks at a blue Bugatti which looks not bad. If I drive this small car, perhaps it will be very cool.

“All them.”

Wang Yue’s single sentence instant killed Qin Chuan, “You can just drive any one of them away. I’ll call for the butler to come over.”

Finish speaking, she lets Qin Chuan place her down before making a phone call.

Within moments, a white-haired butler wearing a swallow-tailed coat walks out. He nods towards Wang Yue before taking out a large bunch of car keys.

“Miss, please choose.”

Wang Yue urges Qin Chuan, “Quickly choose”

Qin Chuan glance around once before his gaze lands on a black luxurious Mustang.

Normal Mustang’s were usually red in color. But this one had clearly been modified before. On top, it was also pattern spray and can be seen that Wang Yue’s father is a person who likes to modify his cars.

On the rear, the rear spoilers had been added while the front and back had been modified as well. The sides were also the same, perhaps the inside might also have a special gearbox added as well.

This car alone cost a few million and perhaps the modifying also cost nearly a million as well!

Rich ah! Just how rich ah!

“This one then!”

Liu Yi’s gaze towards the Mustang more or less have some greed.

Wang Yue stretched out her hand and the butler by the side hands over the car keys which Wang Yue passes to Qin Chuan. Qin Chuan touches the car key like he is gently caressing his own wife.

“Enough of the nausea! Hurry up and get in the car!”

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Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 47  [Mustang]

Just saying for a while when I first started translating this chapter, I thought that ‘Mustang’ was ‘wild horse’ in the beginning until I reached the part where they are talking about cars…

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