MCW 46

Chapter 46     [Hitman]


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This kind of gang fight the more there are within the group the more advantages it gets. Qin Chuan charges in alone and surrounding him were all Azura Dragon Group’s people. He himself is just fine as he hacks them down as he wished. But Azura Dragon Group’s people had to worry that they would accidentally chop their own people thus their hands and legs are slightly tied.

After all, around them are their own brothers, it wasn’t that convenient to attack as they wish!

Qin Chuan who was wielding a blade slashes in all directions without holding back like he had entered an uninhabited place.

His strength was boundless as killing intent coils around his body. His entire body was covered in the blood of the Azura Dragon Group’s people! The 70+ people were slaughtered badly by him in all directions, within moments over 30 members were lying on the ground moaning in pain.

“What the heck….this, this fellow does not know the meaning of being tired?”

“All of you fucking chopped him up to death!”

“I, I’m slightly afraid…”

“Bullshit, there’s so many of us, afraid your head!”

The Azura Dragon Group is in a mess as they were completely stunned from Qin Chuan’s reckless fighting methods!

Qin Chuan had also been slashed a few times as well but they were at negligible places. While those wounds were also swiftly closing up making some of the Azura Dragon Group’s people crying that he isn’t human!

Qin Chuan kicks down an Azura Dragon Group member before stepping on his head. He was holding the blade with one hand as blood drips down from it. He chuckles as he say to Azura Dragon Group’s members, “Come continue ah.”

A few minutes later yet another 10+ members were chopped down onto the ground. Right now there were only roughly 30 members left and all of them were fearful and alarmed.


Qin Chuan flicks his lighter as he leans against the fence again and gently lights up the cigarette on his mouth and takes a puff, “Such timidness still have the face to mingle in the underworld? Hmph, looks like Azura Dragon Group’s is nothing much.”

Big head was completely frightened as he didn’t expect that over 70 people were unable to defeat this security guard!

While he was slaughtering outside, some gangsters wished to take the opportunity of the mess and tried to pull open the fence door but Qin Chuan casually picks up some fallen blades and tossed them into their tights.

Where did Imperial rope this kind of expert from, this is basically a shocker!

“Let me do it!”

An Azura Dragon Group member suddenly walks forward and pulls out a wooden crossbow from his waist and aims at Qin Chuan.

[Cry: How the heck did they managed to get there without the police or security batting an eye, seeing people having crossbows.]

“Qin Chuan! Be careful ah!”

Seeing Azura Dragon Group even taking out such a long range weapon, Wang Yue’s expression changes.

It isn’t like everyone in Azura Dragon Group is able to possess a pistol those kinds of firearms. Only those of higher ranking members have a Hualong made one for them and it was very easy to explode on their chest.

But for hall master rank, all of them have a pistol.

This gangster’s family sells handicraft articles and this crossbow was one of them which he had stolen. He aims at Qin Chuan and immediately pulled the trigger.

Qin Chuan frowns as he basically subconsciously tossed the blade out in his hand.


The crossbow bolt hits the blade and was deflected to the side.

“What the fuck?!”

“What the fuck?!”

The thugs of Azura Dragon Group were completely stunned. To actually use a blade to deflect a crossbow bolt! How is this possible!

Qin Chuan’s back is also covered with cold sweat. He had basically followed his instincts and tossed the blade out. This is basically luck! But he still decided to pretend.

That gangster froze from shock. He did not crack the crossbow again and had basically treated Qin Chuan as something of a myth.

“Today I don’t wish to start a massacre.”

Qin Chuan breath out a smoke ring and faintly say, “If you don’t wish to die then scram.”

The moment he tossed this sentence out all of the Azura Dragon Group members immediately turned around and ran off, all of them hate that they don’t have another pair of legs.

In a while, everyone in the underground carpark had run away and those injured companions on the ground were carried away.


Qin Chuan lets out a breath of relief as he tosses the blade to the side and massages his slightly aching muscle and bones.

After moving around for so long, although he still has some stamina but his mind was a little bit tired.

Exchanging slashes with a group of gangsters was a really techniqueless event. The main point was that profound feeling earlier. Using a blade to hit a crossbow bolt, it really made him overdraft his mind badly!

“Let’s go.”

Qin Chuan pushed open the fence door and walks over to Wang Yue.

“Are….are you fine…”

Wang Yue had seen Qin Chuan being slashed a few times but there were a number of cuts on his clothes but there were no wounds on his body, only a faint red line.


Qin Chuan chuckles, “Have you forgotten that I’m a person from the Long Family? Since young, I had been soaking in medical baths that my family created with all kinds of herds. As long as I don’t break my arms or legs, no matter how heavy the injury was, they will swiftly heal up.”

Wang Yue mutters, “Long Family’s people are really all monsters…”

“Hahaha, it’s only me who’s the monster.”

Qin Chuan points at himself and said, “Long Family went through so much effort to cultivate me this weirdo and in the end, I left them behind and ran away. Right now Long Family really hates me to the bones.”

“Actually I’m very curious…why did you not become a doctor.”

Wang Yue looks at the man who made her shocked time after time. “With Long Family’s might, if you wished to become a doctor, I believe you would definitely have a meteoric rise and even control a few hospitals. At that time, wouldn’t you be able to have anything that you want?”

“Hahaha, will there still be any meaning for that kind of life?”

Qin Chuan cannot hold back and laughs, “I this person has a life that cannot be idle! I have my hands and legs why should I rely on my family? Furthermore, I’m not a person from the Long Family. I’m a person from Qin Family. My surname is Qin not Long.”

“That’s why I say that you’re a weirdo.” Wang Yue’s lips twitched, “Long Family is a great family name. All of the Long family’s children must follow the surname Long.”

“Tsk, who set up this kind of rule. I then don’t even care!”

Qin Chuan snorts, “My father’s surname is Qin, naturally my surname is Qin!”

“Enough already…I do not wish to bicker with you about these.”

The two of them had just experienced a large calamity, thus Wang Yue also do not wish to quarrel with Qin Chuan, “Do you want to go and look for your big brother?”

“My big brother had already run away already. Furthermore, I’m also fine.”

As Qin Chuan speaks, he waves his fist letting out the sound of air.

“Then let’s go. You would accompany me to the old city district”

Qin Chuan becomes slightly curious, “Go to the old city district what for?”

“The place that we bought was over there.”

Wang Yue says, “Today when the construction group went over and started developing, they were met with a number of obstructions. I plan to personally go and take a look.”

“You really do everything yourself ah.” Qin Chuan smiles and says, “Meeting you this kind of leader, really don’t know if it’s good or bad.”

“Are you going or not?”

“Going, of course, I must go.” Qin Chuan shrugs his shoulders, “Who asked you to be my boss! But am I a security guard or a male secretary ah?”

“I will give you a subsidize.”

“Then there’s an even lesser problem but how are we going? The car got bombed.”

“Isn’t it there as many cars as we want.”

Wang Yue rolls her eyes at Qin Chuan before saying, “This Imperial Hotel is my family business. My daddy has a private car park by the hotel side.”

[Cry: If it was owned by your family how did the thugs get in…..]


“Your father is extremely wealthy ah.”

Qin Chun smiles faintly, “Should I go and do some things like robbing the rich to help the poor.”

“Get lost, you just go and rob the bank!”

Wang Yue glares at Qin Chuan and said, “Hurry up.”

Finished speaking she turns around and prepares to leave. But due to her feet that had just been sprained earlier, with a single step she was already tearing in pain and collapsed onto the ground.

“If you cannot walk then don’t force yourself!”

Qin Chuan looks at Wang Yue helplessly before squatting down and carrying her in his embrace again.

“Why do you keep carrying me!”

Wang Yue expresses her unwillingness.

Qin Chuan did not give face and says, “Because you are a lame person! Taking care of a disabled person is my duty!”

Wang Yue hammers down his chest in anger, “You’re the disabled person!”

“If I’m a disabled person, can you give me more subsidize?”

“Subsidize your head! Hurry and walk! How long more do you wish to stay at this place!”

Qin Chuan suddenly uses a tone that was filled with grief and says, “If it’s possible…I do wish to stay with you here forever….”

Suddenly hearing Qin Chuan speaking like this, it caused Wang Yue to blank out slightly. What’s the matter with him? Why does his tone have some kind of unspeakable grief?

“Our identities….are too wide apart already.”

Qin Chuan sighs as he slowly says, “In my heart, you will always have an irreplaceable position…I know you’re the president while I’m just a small security guard only…in your eyes perhaps you look down on me greatly. But no worries, being able to protect you by your side makes me satisfied already…”

“Qin Chuan….”

“Okay, don’t say anything.”

Qin Chuan takes a deep breath. “Being able to stay with you so peacefully, it’s already very satisfying.”


Wang Yue suddenly feels that her heart is very sad and seem to have heart pain about Qin Chuan. But the moment she turns around, she suddenly sees a trace of laughter deep in Qin Chuan’s eyes she immediately becomes angered.

“Qin Chuan! You’re lying to people again!”

“Not at all ah, I’m saying my heartfelt words ah!”

“Less nonsense you this fellow. Really don’t know which words of yours is real and which is fake!”

Wang Yue turns her head no longer looking at Qin Chuan. Qin Chuan also didn’t say anything else. He only smiles and continues to carry Wang Yue as he walks up the staircase.

Just as Qin Chuan was about to walk out from the staircase, all of the fine hair on his body suddenly stands up and he instantly takes a step back.


A bullet hits the wall by the side and a large piece of the wall falls off!

Wang Yue also got a great shock as she immediately asked, “Ah, what’s the matter?”

“There’s a hitman.” Qin Chuan says seriously, “You sit here obediently and do not move.”

Finished speaking he placed Wang Yue on the flight of the stair lightly. “I’ll go up and meet that fellow.”

Qin Chuan immediately walks up the flight of the stair as Wang Yue reminds, “You…be careful…”

“Relax, in this world a person who’s able to kill me hasn’t appeared yet.”

Qin Chuan waves his hands and walks to the side of the flight of the stairs.

At this moment there was another gunshot. The light in the staircase got blown out. Because this was a tunnel, the staircase instantly sinks into darkness.

Qin Chuan’s heart becomes heavy. This hitman is quite experienced. Looks like it’s no ordinary hitman. He recalls that fellow who tried to assassinate Wang Yue previously, perhaps it might be him.

The opponent might be wearing equipment with night vision on. Qin Chuan leans against the side of the staircase as his mind starts thinking rapidly.

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Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 46  [Hitman]

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