MCW 45

Chapter 45     [There is me here]


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‘Go home with me’, it sounds like we’re going to sleep in the same bed tonight!

Qin Chuan’s mouth twitches but he obediently follows Wang Yue back home. Although that maid wasn’t bad but it’s not like I wish to do that anything with her, I was only messing around.

Which woman is able to walk into my heart?

Qin Chuan himself also does not know the answer to this question.

The two of them took the elevator down and finally enters the car park.

Every single underground parking lots were gloomy and very chilly. Wang Yue is wearing slightly lesser clothes thus she was hugging herself as she shivers lightly.

Qin Chuan subconsciously takes off his jacket and drapes it over to Wang Yue.

Wang Yue gives Qin Chuan a glance and didn’t say anything, neither did she take off the jacket.

This lass…when she becomes aloof she’s still quite charming.

Qin Chuan thinks in his heart. Different from Miao Tian that cute lady, Wang Yue’s a reserved female president, they are two completely different taste.

In comparison, Miao Tian is a lot easier to attack while Wang Yue’s difficulty is a lot harder.

As for Secretary Qian? Although her looks aren’t bad and is very kind to me. But she’s a sophisticated person. Her pursue towards materialistic things is also higher. I’m definitely not able to satisfy her appetite.

As for He Su, she is a hot chilli pepper…

[Cry: Guess we now know who will fall in love with him.]

Damn it, why would I think about that He Su lass! That girl is way too swift and fierce. I do not wish to get my face splashed with hot porridge!

Also, don’t know how Xiong Ba’s barbeque was doing. After sending Wang Yue back home, I should go and have a look.

Just as Qin Chuan was about to walk up to the car, Qin Chuan subconsciously frowns and immediately stops Wang Yue who was about to open the car door.

“What’s the matter?”

Wang Yue was slightly unhappy as she looks at Qin Chuan, “I want to board the car, it’s too cold outside.”

Qin Chuan didn’t have time to explain as he pulls Wang Yue to him and walked backward, “Quickly back off!”

Wang Yue also doesn’t know what’s happening and becomes slightly flustered. She sprained her leg slightly as the heel of her high-heels breaks. “Ah!”

She directly sits onto the ground and stares at Qin Chuan angrily, “Are you deliberately messing with me?”

At this moment Qin Chuan directly uses a hungry tiger pouncing on its prey and presses his body on top of Wang Yue’s fragrant body.

How could Wang Yue’s strength be higher than Qin Chuan’s. She was immediately pressed down him!

“You this scumbag!”

Wang Yue thought that Qin Chuan was about to rape her, thus she hammers Qin Chuan’s arm with all her might and finally directly bite his throat.

The smell of blood instantly entered Wang Yue’s nose, this just shows how heavy was the bite that Qin Chuan received.

While Qin Chuan only wrinkles his brows and continues to press Wang Yue down tightly.

At this moment Wang Yue’s Mercedes-Benz R series transformed into a fireball, exploding in front of Wang Yue!

Wang Yue only feels her ears buzzing with echoes as everything turns slightly dark in front of her sight. Her heart beats very rapidly.

When the fire dispersed, Qin Chuan pats his butt and stands up. The back of the shirt had already been mostly burned off. He takes off the shirt and tossed it to the ground.

The insides of the vest were also burned. But can still be reluctantly worn. Qin Chuan furiously said, “Motherfucking hell ah, do I have any grudges against an Armani? Wear one set and that set will be ruined!”

Wang Yue wipes the blood off on her lips as she blankly stares at Qin Chuan who was squatting there distressed over his clothing.

So….he was only doing so to save me…

Qin Chuan says to Wang Yue who was still lying on the ground in a daze, “President Wang, how cold is the ground ah, if you still do not get up, be careful of getting a cold.”

“Ah!” Only then did Wang Yue understands as she looks at the slightly wretched looking Qin Chuan, “Did, did you save me…”

Qin Chuan rolls his eyes, “Nonsense if it wasn’t me who saved you then could it be superman?!”

Wang Yue stands up and pats off the dust on her body as she subconsciously asks, “How…how did you know that there was a bomb inside the car?”

“Instinct.” Qin Chuan chuckles, “I’ve experienced them for so many years, this instinct of mine had never been wrong before.”

Wang Yue mutters, “Just what on earth did you do in the past…”

But Qin Chuan will definitely not tell her, “I’m only a small security guard ah….”

Qin Chuan squats on the ground and he placed his ear onto the ground. After which he frowns, “There’s a lot of people coming over. At the very least twenty of them.”

“What do we do…”

Wang Yue exposes a kind of weak expression, “I, I sprained my leg….I think I sprained the bones.”

“Women are really troublesome.”

Qin Chuan directly carries Wang Yue into his embrace. Wang Yue lets out a startled cry but as she was injured, she can only let Qin Chuan carry her.

“They’re over there!”

“What the heck, they did not actually die from the explosion!”

A lot of men wearing green caps runs out from a staircase by the side. Seeing Qin Chuan and Wang Yue they immediately started shouting.

“Chase after them and hack them to death!”

“Boss has given word, regardless of them being alive or dead!”

All of them were either holding a watermelon chopper knife or a 7 hole kukri machete. All of them immediately charges towards Qin Chuan.

Qin Chuan’s expression turns serious and says, “Grab hold of my neck tightly.”

Although this tone was very forceful, Wang Yue was slightly comforted when she heard this. She subconsciously holds onto Qin Chuan’s neck tighter.

Qin Chuan immediately exerts strength to his legs. Like a horse equipped with a battery, he runs like lighting through the underground carpark.

Over twenty people were chasing behind him shouting that they were going to hack them into pieces.

Although Qin Chuan was carrying a person, he was still running very quickly. After running for a while, he wasn’t even panting.

He was running towards the other staircase, preparing to escape from there.

But before he reached it, another twenty plus people run out from that staircase and charged over.

“Azura Dragon Group really does have quite a number of small fries.”

Qin Chuan snorts as he carries Wang Yue and immediately changed direction and runs towards the right.

Over forty Azura Dragon Group members had gathered together as they chased after Qin Chuan.

Very quickly they chased Qin Chuan to a pile of cars. Qin Chuan leaped upwards with a bit of strength and gets on top of the car’s hood

He was like a grasshopper as he keeps jumping here and there on the car’s hood. Every time he lands on a car, it will cause the car to let out its alarms.

Those gangsters chased behind them very closely but they didn’t have Qin Chuan’s skills. After jumping over two cars, some had slipped and fallen onto the ground and let out cries of pain.

A few blades hacked at Qin Chuan’s legs which he dodged.

Wang Yue’s heart was beating rapidly as she watched Qin Chuan carry her and jumps about, she only feels like she was surrounded by danger.

There were more and more of Azura Dragon Group thugs appearing at the underground carpark. In a while, there were over 70 of them surrounding Qin Chuan.

Wang Yue’s gaze was filled with worry, “They….have a lot of people…”

“So what if there’s a lot of people, they are nothing but small fries only.”

Qin Chuan grins, his smile carries a surge of killing intent, “I will not let you get an injury, you can relax.”

As he speaks he had already jumped off the car and runs towards the final corner.

A gangster had already run behind him as his watermelon chopper knife hacks down at Qin Chuan.

Qin Chuan’s actions were even faster. He raised a leg and ruthlessly kicks the gangster in the stomach.


That gangster was instantly kicked out like a soccer ball. He went flying over 7 meters high before falling onto the ground fainting.

Qin Chuan’s current strength was very big around 7-8 times that of a normal person.

After defeating a gangster with a kick, even more Azura Dragon Group members had already rushed over to Qin Chuan.

It wasn’t convenient for Qin Chuan to carry Wang Yue. Thus he said to her, “President Wang, please excuse me.”

Finish speaking, he directly shakes his hands and tossed Wang Yue out onto the staircase corridor.

After tossing Wang Yue away, Qin Chuan stretched his hands out and holds the corridor’s fence door.

Wang Yue lies on top of the fence door and shouts at Qin Chuan, “You, you also come over ah!”

“Stop joking around President Wang. This fence doesn’t have a lock.”

Qin Chuan smiles and says, “But no one will be able to go over because I’m the lock of this path.”

As he finished speaking he turns around and looks at the group of gangsters who had rushed over.

Amongst them was someone who Qin Chuan had seen before. It was the baldy that was shouting ferociously the most during the car chase previously.

At this moment that baldy was holding a watermelon chopper knife. Seeing Qin Chuan he has some hesitation.

“You this fellow, better move aside!”

That baldy raises his blade and says to Qin Chuan, “Today, we will definitely take that woman’s life!”

Qin Chuan did not say anything as he pulls out a cigarette and slightly lights it up in front of everyone.

Qin Chuan breaths out a smoke ring and unhurriedly said, “I say, so many of you chasing after a woman, don’t you feel ashamed?”

“If you want to blame someone then blame her for provoking someone whom she should not have provoked!”

The baldy says coldly, “You better be smart otherwise we will also cut you down as well.”

“Brothers have you guys heard of a saying.”

Qin Chuan continues and says, “This is so-called after taking other people’s money and help them avoid calamities. The person you want to chop up is the boss that pays me my wages. If you guys chopped her up, then who’s gonna give me my money ah?”

“Fuck, you this fellow has so much nonsense! I’m going to chop you to death!”

A yellow head seems to cannot endure it anymore and charge forward with the chopper knife in his hand.

The chopper knife carries a cold glint of light as it hacks down.

While Qin Chuan leaned to the side, dodging the chopper knife before grabbing the yellow head by the throat. He pushes his body and smashes the yellow head onto the wall behind him.


The yellow head’s head got smashed open as a trail of blood was left on the wall. He softly slides onto the ground as a bloody line is left on the wall behind him.

“I said already with me here, no one will be able to pass through this door.”

Qin Chuan grabs the yellow head’s chopper knife and says with killing intent, “Whoever does not believe it can personally come over and have a try!”

“There’s so many of us, how can we still be afraid of him alone?”

“That’s right! Everyone attack together! Chop him up!”

They gathered courage from their numbers and roars together as they all charged towards Qin Chuan, preparing to chop him up into pieces!

Seeing the dense pack of people, Wang Yue was numb in her head as her gaze towards Qin Chuan was filled with worry.

Can, can he really do it? There are over 70 people ah and each of them is carrying a weapon!

Qin Chuan flicks away the cigarette head and holds the chopper knife. Instead of retreating, he advances and directly charges onto the group!

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Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 45  [There is me here]


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