MCW 44

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Qin Chuan followed by Wang Yue’s side going through a high-level wine reception.

In the past, Qin Chuan had taken part in some high-level wine receptions, but back then he was attending with the identity as an employee. His objective was to protect his employer. But now, he had become one of the upper-class people.

Qin Chuan was currently wearing a black Armani suit that was borrowed by Qian Jiao. While Wang Yue was currently hooking her arm around his arm as she stands by his side with a smile on her face.

This was the first time he had experienced this kind of treatment, it was a pity that it was fake.

Wang Yue was wearing a black evening gown. Her neckline was slightly lowered revealing a piece of whiteness which attracted countless of men’s eyes. Silky breasts, white tights, these are all superweapons that would instantly kill a man!

Wang Yue was originally very beautiful and now she was wearing a low cut attire, she was basically instantly killing everything.

From earlier to now, countless of guys had come to make greetings. Wang Yue will warmly embrace Qin Chuan’s arm and exchange greeting with those guys before finding an excuse to leave.

Qin Chuan went into neutral gear as he asks Wang Yue by the side, “Aren’t you tired of having to keep exchanging greetings?”

“This is the lifestyle of us upper-class people.” Wang Yue says, “Perhaps you are unable to understand.”

“Neither do I wish to understand.” Qin Chuan shrugs his shoulders, “It’s my kind of people’s life which is far more enjoyable. Nothing to do than meet up, drink some wine, how free and easy ah.”

“Sitting in a well and observing the sky.”

Wang Yue glanced at Qin Chuan with some disdain, “In a while, we’ll be meeting my father as well as some important directors in Imperial. At that time, I hope that you can carry yourself a bit and don’t throw my face.”

“Since you disdain me then do not ask me to come with you ah.”

Qin Chuan raises a winecup with his right hand and swirls it gently. At the same time, he smiles while roasting Wang Yue, “For what reason did you want to bring me here? Also wanting to say such things, you’re really troubling me ah.”

“Hmph, do you think that I’m willing to bring you here?”

As Wang Yue nods towards a guy who was greeting her, as she says with a frigid of irony and scorching satire to Qin Chuan, “If it wasn’t for my father’s request, would I bring you here? Dream on!”

“Your father celebrating his birthday you can come on your own what, for what reason to pull me along.”

Qin Chuan says uncomfortably, “What I hate the most is this kind of upper-class people’s gathering. It’s like a group of people gathering together to tell lies to each other. Take a look at that beautiful young woman on the left. Although she’s embracing her husband warmly, but she’s secretly giving a handsome lad amorous glances…mm, I believe that both of them will be going to the toilet soon.”

Wang Yue rolls her eyes at Qin Chuan, “Ah…isn’t that Shenshen Corporation Chairman’s wife….you are saying nonsense again.”

“Oi, if you want to believe then believe. Anyways this eyes of mine had never misjudged a person wrongly before.”

Qin Chuan chuckles as ridicule fills his eyes.

Wang Yue shakes her head indicating that she does not believe what Qin Chuan just said.

Very quickly, she brings Qin Chuan in front of an old man. That old man was wearing a Chinese tunic suit from head to toe. His temperament is 3 parts similar to Wang Yue and is clearly her father.

Behind this old man was three bodyguards. Qin Chuan was able to see that they are all real elites. Each of them had withdrawn their killing intents and were completely concentrating on observing the surroundings, eliminating all foreseeable dangers.


Wang Yue walks forward and happily hugs that old man.

The eyes of a lot of gentlemen by the side turn red wishing that they were Wang Yue’s father! Even if **, being able to enjoy this kind of hug is damn enviable!

“Good darling.”

The old man who was originally very serious looking smiles as he pats Wang Yue’s back, “It’s been several days since we last met, Daddy really misses you ah!”

Wang Yue says sweetly, “I also miss daddy.”

Qin Chuan does not dare to believe that the cold-hearted president would actually have such a side of her!

“Good daughter. This one must be Qin Chuan right?”

The old man’s gaze lands on Qin Chuan. Qin Chuan feels that this old man’s gaze seems to have a searchlight like he wants to completely see through him and illuminate everything!

“Nice to meet you uncle.”

Qin Chuan walks up as he bows slightly while giving off a faint languid aura. Along with his dashing face, it caused the surrounding women to glance at him a few more times.

“Not bad. The last time I met you, you were only so tall.”

The old man laughs as he stretches his hand to his tights to indicate, “Back then ah, my Yue Yue keeps shouting that she wants to marry you daily, making my ears grow callus from listening to her ah.”


Wang Yue stomps her legs angrily making the uncle generation people by her father’s side laugh loudly.

“Let me introduce them to you guys. This one is my daughter Wang Yue. The one beside her is her fiance, Qin Chuan.”

By the side, one of the old men with white hair chuckles, “Miss Wang is indeed as beautiful as a flower ah!”

“President Wang is overpraising.”

Wang Yue’s father, Wang Zaitian immediately waves his hand, “If you praise my daughter like this, then wouldn’t she become arrogant.”

“Not at all, not at all. Outstanding people deserves to be praised.”

Zhang Zeduan was the President of the Chamber of Commerce of City H. He was wearing white clothing with his hands behind his back as he gives off a pretending to be cool smile.

“Thank you Uncle Zhang for your praise.”

Wang Yue returns a smile making Zhang Zeduan laugh again, “Really didn’t expect that Miss Wang actually have a fiance already. My grandson Zi had just returned from the USA, Wall Street to open a company domestically. My intentions were to introduce him to Miss Wang.”

Finish speaking he waves his hand, “Zicheng ah, come over and get to know Miss Wang.”

As he speaks, a handsome guy wearing a western suit walks over from the back as he greets Wang Yue. “Miss Wang, nice to meet you. I’m called Zhang Zicheng.”

While speaking, he stretches his hand out. Wang Yue was unable to decline and can only stretch her hands out to shake hands with him.

While they are shaking hands, Zhang Zicheng clearly grasps it a bit tighter making Qin Chuan raises his eyebrows as a slightly unhappy feeling emerges in his heart.

This kind of feeling was like someone had touched his things!

Strange…It’s not like Wang Yue is my woman, we’re only fiance’s on the surface, why would I have such feelings?

Could it be that I had subconsciously taken her as my woman already?

“Nice to meet you.”

Wang Yue very cleverly extract back her hand before smiling, “President Zhang’s grandson indeed appears to be a talented person. There will definitely be a lot of women who would like him.”

“Haiz, this grandson of mine ah, since he had seen your photo he had always liked you.”

President Zhang laughs, “Youngsters what, aren’t they popular with this….love at first sight? I already had multiple chats about marriage with him. Even the Bank President’s Liu’s daughter who is such a beautiful lass had been brought up, yet he is unwilling ah.”

“It’s really because Miss Wang is too beautiful already, leaving behind an unforgettable position in my heart.”

Zhang Zicheng wears a humble smile, “Although I just learned that Miss Wang had a fiance, but I still hope that Miss Wang can give me a fair chance to chase after you.”

“This isn’t good right.” Wang Yue plays ball, “My fiance isn’t an ordinary man. In my heart, no one can even be much more outstanding than him.”

“This Mr. Qin indeed appears to be talented. Don’t know where you’re working at?”

Zhang Zicheng’s gaze was finally willing to leave Wang Yue’s and lands on Qin Chuan.

Qin Chuan briefly and powerfully replies with the word, “Imperial.”

“Could it be that you are a director of Imperial?”

Zhang Zicheng immediately asks like he want to thoroughly defeat Qin Chuan in domestic affairs.

Wang Yue was slightly nervous. If Qin Chuan says that he’s a security guard in Imperial, then this laughing matter will certainly be big.

But unexpectedly, Qin Chuan frowns before saying in a happy tone, “Yue Yue, don’t introduce me to just anyone alright. I’m not interested in them.”

Finish speaking, he turns around and leaves, leaving behind a group of awkward people.

Wang Zaitian laughs and says, “Aiyah, this Qin Chuan still has that terrible temper ah. President Zhang don’t mind him ah. Later I’ll have a talk to him about it.”

“Not at all, not at all. After all, he is a youngster…”

Zhang Zeduan curses in his heart but smiles on his face, “Today’s your birthday. You’re then the main lead. Let the children worry about their own matters.”

“Okay. Yue Yue ah, you go and talk to Qin Chuan. That child’s temper is really becoming more and more like his mother’s.”

“Okay.” Wang Yue nods her head before saying goodbye to Zhang Zicheng, “Sorry I’ll be leaving first.”

Finish speaking, she chases after Qin Chuan. Right now, Qin Chuan was sitting at the corner taking liberties on a waitress.

“Girl, you see whatever you wear is beautiful, this is the first time I have seen a person who is so beautiful wearing a maid attire!”

“Mr….your wine…”

The girl’s face was slightly red as she places a winecup on Qin Chuan’s table.

“Although this wine is good but there’s no beauty to accompany me ah…”

Qin Chuan raised the winecup and slightly emotionally says, “Don’t see that I’m very great mingling in the upper layer society. Actually, I’m very lonely in my heart…alas, sometimes, I don’t even have a person to listen to me. Alas…”

He takes a deep breath as his gaze reveals deep grief.

That waitress was slightly emotional and was unable to withdraw her gaze from Qin Chuan’s gaze.

“Mr…if you have any worries…you can have a chat with me…”


Qin Chuan is very happy like he had just grabbed onto a life-saving rope as he grabs hold of that tender hand of the waitress and asks, “I, can I have this honor?”


The girl nods her head as her gaze towards Qin Chuan nearly melts.

By the side, Wang Yue was nearly angered to death. This damn fellow, the moment I’m not looking at him, he runs here to pick up girls!

I had really looked down on him. His ability in picking up girls’ is really high!

Wang Yue walks over and coldly stares at the waitress, “You don’t have things to do?”

“Ah, sorry miss…”

The waitress gives Qin Chuan an unwilling look before tossing behind a phone number and swiftly leaves.

“What is it, can I stop pretending to be a tyrannic chairman already?”

Wang Yue glances at the phone number as she smiles coldly, “The feeling of picking up a girl isn’t bad right?”

“I’m only just trying and it was rather interesting.”

Qin Chuan didn’t look at the paper and only drinks his wine. “No wonder so many people are trying to snatch the position of the president. It is indeed rather enjoyable. How is it, how was my acting earlier?”

“Considered as you having passed.”

Recalling Zhang Zicheng’s deflated look, Wang Yue cannot help but smile, “Let’s go. We’re returning home.”

This sentence to return home caused Qin Chuan to let his imagination roam wild.

“Today is your father’s birthday party, you are leaving just like this?”

“Just a greeting, we can leave already. He naturally has someone who will celebrate with him.

Wang Yue waves her hand, “Either you follow me home or you go and look for your little waitress. It’s up to you.”

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Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 44  [Follow me home]

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