MCW 43

Chapter 43     [Boyfriend]


Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet

Wang Yue looks at Jin Jiu coldly and says, “Manager Jin, I believe that you are sitting in the wrong seat right?”

“President Wang….ah no, soon you won’t be called President Wang anymore.”

Jin Jiu chuckles as he continues to sit there like a boss and unhurriedly say, “Perhaps you still don’t know that this morning the board of directors already had a meeting. They will send word down very soon and you will no longer be the president of Imperial.”

Wang Yue raised her eyebrows and asks, “Oh? Is that so? I wish to know their reason.”

“Reason? Is there a need to say them? The board of directors is questioning your capability.”

As Jin Jie speaks, he removes a grape from the fruit basket in front of him and tosses it into his mouth.

“Even if I’m going to be dismissed by the board of directors, but that needs to wait until the official documents are passed down.”

Wang Yue wasn’t angry at all as she calmly say, “I know that Manager Wang really desires to sit in this position. But you are a bit too anxious. Firstly you ought to have fought the intelligence war properly.”

[Cry: Basically properly gather intel before going to fight/war.]


“What do you mean?”

Jin Jie suddenly sensed that something was wrong. Wang Yue isn’t the type of person who would speak without thinking. Since she dares to say so, she must definitely have her reason.

“ You will know what I mean very soon. Right now, can you move away from my seat?”


Jin Jiu frowns. Although he has some unwillingness in his heart, but he still gets up from the president’s chair.

“Wait a bit. Don’t go first.”

Wang Yue suddenly stops Jin Jiu who was about to leave. Jin Jiu turns around and Wang Yue asks, “Recently the number of sales of the household electric appliances had declined by quite a bit. Doesn’t Manager Jin feel like you should explain this to me?”

“Recently it has entered the offseason period…”

Jin Jiu clenches his teeth and bears with his irritation. He explains, “As long as this offseason had passed it will be okay already…”

“When enter offseason then take a laissez-faire attitude is it?”

Wang Yue smiles coldly, “As an Operations Manager don’t you have any countermeasures for dealing with this situation? If that’s the case, then why would I still want to keep you this Operations Manager for?”

“I….I will prepare some promotion sales event to deal with the offseason…”

Although Jin Jiu is angry, but being able to climb to the position of Operations Manager, he is also an elite among elites.

If he didn’t have the ability, then the board of directors wouldn’t have supported him to replace Wang Yue and be the next president.

“Okay. I shall be looking at your performance this month. If you are unable to raise the sales of the household appliances then you would need to be careful of your situation.”

Wang Yue was not polite, making Jin Jiu turn around in anger as he leaves. At this moment someone knocks on the door of the office and Qian Jiao opens the door, only to realize that a group of policemen had walked in.

Seeing those policemen, Jin Jiu reveals delight in his face. Very good, they had finally come to arrest people! This time round, Wang Yue’s position cannot be saved anymore! That damn lass, how dare she be fierce at me earlier, in future wouldn’t she still be chased out of the company!

The one leading them was none other than the vice-bureau chief of the public security bureau Yang Ye.

Seeing Yang Ye, Jin Jiu immediately smiles and immediately stepped forward and said, “Chief Yang, you had personally brought your people to capture that person? Quickly, the murderer is over there!”

“What murderer! Don’t speak nonsense!”

Yang Ye glares at Jin Jiu, “President Wang, why are there people at your place who likes to speak nonsense!”

When Jin Jiu hears this he was stunned. Bullshit, why is it different from what we had agreed on!

“President Wang ah, I’m really sorry that I had inconvenienced you.”

Firstly Yang Ye greets Wang Yue before walking over to Qin Chuan’s side. He holds his hand and apologetically says, “Xiao Qin ah, I really am sorry. We had made a mistake earlier and made you into a suspect. I Really am sorry ah.”

Hearing what Yang Ye said, Jin Jie was stunned.

What’s going on? Where is the agreed upon suspect?

“No worries, it was also not easy for the public security bureau. As a citizen, we naturally ought to fully cooperate.”

Qin Chuan is also smiling as he holds Yang Ye’s hand, giving back a passionate gaze, “As long as we are able to capture the real killer then everything is fine. Mr. Li is a good person. As for his death, I’m really deeply sorry about it! Now that the murderer is caught, I believe that Mr. Li will now know below and can finally close his eyes and die contentedly!”

Yang Ye nods his head seriously and says, “That’s right, that’s right. Still need more cooperation with Xiao Qin ah! Our public security police need to be like this! Cannot wrongly arrest a good person and also cannot let off a bad person!”

By the side, Jin Jiu was finally unable to hold back and asks, “Chief…chief Yang. Then the murderer…who on earth is he?”

“Hmph, it’s a scum within our public security!”

Yang Ye’s face was filled with resentment, “It was Captain Chen, Chen Zui! He and Li Hua had always had some conflicts. Finally, after drinking, he accidentally killed him. That was nothing much, but to wash away his criminal charges, he actually faked the evidence of the perjury and framed Xiao Qin!”

By the side, Jin Jiu’s scalp was numb when he heard this. Is it really like this. This time around, it’s really out of our expectations!

“Xiao Qin ah, this time around I am here to apologize to you for causing you to feel wronged previously!”

“No worries, it’s alright. It was something that I ought to do.”

The two of them chatted together, enquiring about each other’s well-being. At the same time, they were looking down on the other person.

Bullshit, who doesn’t know who ah, all of you fucking knows how to act!

[Cry: I was tempted to put f*cking on the act part.]


Jin Jiu walks out of the President’s office and hides in the toilets by the side and immediately makes a phone call.

“Young master Liu….something went wrong…”

“What’s the matter. Shouldn’t you be sitting at the president’s office right about now?”

From the phone comes the voice of a young man, “What could have gone wrong?”

“The public security side had caught the murderer already….”

“Didn’t they already caught him, it’s that Qin Chuan just what are you talking about?”

“No, it wasn’t him….it was the public security criminal investigation police force captain Chen Zui…Right now Qin Chuan is already fine….the suspicion that the board of directors toward President Wang will be useless already!”


The other party was also shocked, “Looks like it’s somewhat thorny now…fine then, you go back and continue being your position as the Operations Manager. Let us take time to make a decision for this matter.”

“Take…then I’ll be waiting for Young master Liu’s arrangements…”


After the phone call comes to an end, a man who looks handsome with a sinister look lets goes of the beauty in his embrace.

The girl leans into Liu Tang’s embrace and says coquettishly, “Young master Liu, what’s the matter, looks like you’re not that happy.”

“You ask too much,” says Liu Tang without any emotion making the beauty not daring to say anything.

Liu Tang opens his contact list and calls a number.

“Young master Liu, why did you think of calling me?”

From the phone comes the voice of a familiar person. It was none other than the head of Azura Dragon Group, Fang Qingshan.

“Bro Fang, how did your negotiation for that piece of lot by the riverside road go?”

“Aiyah, Young master Liu, you had really touched a sore spot ah.”

Fang Qingshan laughs coldly, “I had calculated everything but never calculated that your department store would actually have such a powerful bodyguard. Even Hunter got injured by him. He’s really not an ordinary person ah.”

“I estimated that, that Hunter of yours isn’t as powerful as you say.”

Liu Tang laughs, “What can the security guards in the department store do? Aren’t they already a group of trash? Bro Fan, there’s also not much need for you to worry about the riverside road lot. I believe that it will be hard for Wang Yue to wish to develop that territory right?”

“Hahaha, you ought to understand the foundation of my Azura Dragon Group.”

Fang Qingshan say in delight, “Riverside Road had originally been a place where my Azura Dragon Group was able to hide the truth from the masses. If your Imperial wish to develop there, if two layers of skin didn’t get peeled off, then my Fang Qingshan’s name can be written backward.”

“I just now know that Bro Fang is very capable.”

Liu Tang chuckles, “But, Wang Yue that lass is really a bit of an irksome presence.”

“This matter isn’t something that I should be worried about right?”

Fang Qingshan calmly says, “Isn’t half of the board of directors of your Imperial under your control?”

“Isn’t it’s just that isn’t under my control.”

Liu Tang says, “Bro Fang. You also know that if I’m able to completely control the Imperial Conglomerate, what kind of benefits would you be able to get. I’m a bit unable to deal with Wang Yue that lass. I hope that your Azura Dragon Conglomerate will be able to help out.”

“I don’t understand what Young master Liu is saying. Azura Dragon Conglomerate is a large company not a group of hooligans.”

Fang Qingshan chuckles, “But Azura Dragon Group is different. As long as you agree to give me 5% of the Imperial’s shares, I can promise to help you deal with Wang Yue.”

Liu Tang says, “Bro Fang really is like a tiger opening its mouth ah. 5% is too much. I can only agree to 3%.”

“4%. Both of us should take a step back each.”

“Agree. Then everything shall be depending on Bro Fang then.”

Both of them laughs with mutual understanding before Liu Tang hangs up the phone.

Seeing the woman who curls up by the side not daring to utter a single word, Liu Tang frowns, “What are you hesitating there for? Get on and move yourself.”

The beauty doesn’t dare to hesitate as she mounts Liu Tang and starts moving up and down on her own.

Liu Tang lies on the bed as he enjoys the service of the beauty with a smile.

This way, Imperial shall inevitably be controlled in the center of my palm!


“Today is really carefree.”

Qin Chuan was inside Wang Yue’s office. After sending off Yang Ye, he says full of joy, “Just now the expression on Jin Jiu’s face is really marvelous. I ought to have taken a photo of it.”

“The real battle had only just begun.”

Wang Yue says calmly, “Jin Jiu is nothing but the puppet that they pushed forward that’s all. The real master is still making plans at the back.”

Qin Chuan didn’t understand and asked, “Master? Who is this master?”

Wang Yue didn’t say anything and didn’t seem to feel like replying Qin Chuan’s question. But Qian Jiao by the side came over and explains, “Jin Jiu is only a manager that’s all. Although his position in the company isn’t that low, but it’s still two ranks below from the president. He must have someone behind that’s supporting him, that’s why he dared to be so arrogant towards our President Wang.”

“So that’s the case, then who’s the person behind him?”

Wang Yue who was handling the documents in her hand did not even raise her head and says, “You’re just a small security guard, this isn’t something that you should be worried about.”

At that moment, Qin Chuan sensed that Wang Yue had returned back to her beautifully unfamiliar president appearance again. The distance between the two of them once again pulls apart by quite a bit.

Yesterday evening that split second of charming and gentleness seems to have once again far away.

But this way is also okay. Qin Chuan doesn’t wish to completely be drawn into Wang Yue’s side. I do not like their world.

But at this moment Wang Yue suddenly picks up a phone call before frowning.

Qian Jiao was able to see Wang Yue’s intentions and immediately ask, “President Wang, your meaning is?”

“You’ll be going out with me.” Wang Yue says to Qin Chuan, “Remember from now on, your identity is that you are my boyfriend.”

[ Cry: If you see any mistakes at all that needs editing just tell in the comments or discord.]

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 43  [Boyfriend]

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