MCW 42

Chapter 42    [Open a store]


Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet

Qin Chuan was slightly curious, “This is a flourishing business street, there are still people snatching territories?”

“City H’s gangs are still very powerful…”

The youngster looks at the surrounding before saying, “The most powerful among them is the Azura Dragon Group. Azura Dragon Group has four halls and each of them are very impressive. Not only that, other than Azura Dragon Group, there’s also the Black Tiger Hall, Scarlet Flame Gang, as well as Rouge Powder…..these groups, are all snatching territories from one another. After all City H is only so big, there’s not enough cake to split…”

Qin Chuan cannot help but praise, “Didn’t expect that although you’re quite young, you’re quite clear of these types of matters eh.”

The youngster embarrassingly rubs his head

“Not bad looks like you really have room to grow.”

Qin Chuan pats his shoulder, “What’s your name, in the future you can follow me.”

“Replying to big brother, I am Wei Jie.”

He immediately stands up and says loudly, “In future I shall be following big brother!”

“Not bad!”

Qin Chuan was very satisfied, “But big brother is impoverished. My pockets are even cleaner than those who start from scratch! How about this, in future, you just follow your Big brother Xiong. He will take care of you. But you must remember to learn properly only then will I bring you along. If you dare to have any more contact with that green head, then don’t blame me for cleaning up the door!”

“Big brother you can relax. Greenhead is just a person who shoots off his mouth! I don’t wish to follow him!”

Wei Jie hurriedly says, “If I had met big brother earlier, I would have already come over earlier.”

Although Qin Chuan says he will shade him but Xiong Ba who has a timid nature cannot help but ask, “That green head….will not come and find trouble for me again right?”

“Big brother Xiong, relax. Didn’t I already say that green head is just a person who shoots off his mouth!”

Wei Jie smiles, “He’s just showing off when he had nothing to do. Taking advantage of the fact that the 4 big gangs had not come yet, he’s just here to leech off them that’s all. With big brother here, that green head perhaps will not dare to come back again.”

“That’s good then, that’s good then…”

Xiong Ba lets out a sigh of relief, “Then I’ll be relieved then…Xiao Jie ah, you come and help me pack the things a bit. Later in the afternoon, we’ll go to the department store together to buy the things we need and strive to promote our store tonight.”


Wei Jie instantly agrees and looked slightly happy.

“Brother Qin ah, I shall no longer delay you. You still need to go to work.”

Xiong Ba says to Qin Chuan, “You helped me came up with an idea as well as helped me find a helper. In the future, I’ll give you 30% of the earnings I get from this stall.”

“It’s too much already!”

Qin Chuan pets his stomach, “My food intake is large, you won’t be too surprised.”

Qin Chuan hurriedly waves his hand, “I haven’t even helped and you’re the only one who takes out some money, how can I take so much!”

“Brother Qin, you should just accept it.” Xiong Ba immediately says, “The cost of arranging this barbecue stall isn’t very high. I’m also unable to find a suitable person. Xiao Jie also came for you, furthermore, for the stall to be able to continue operating, more or less it needs you to shade us.”

“Alright since you say so, then I won’t decline anymore.”

Qin Chuan nods his head, “Xiao Jie, you follow Big brother Xiong and work properly. I’ll go and eat first then I’ll go to work. After I finished working I’ll come and look for you guys.”

Finish speaking Qin Chuan sits down and concentrated on eating the remaining buns. Wei Jie helps packing the stall while watching Qin Chuan. After he realized that Qin Chuan had really finished eating over 10+ bamboo steamers worth of buns, he was completely stunned.

“Big brother….you, you really are able to eat a lot…”

Xiong Ba was a bit disbelieving of his own eyes. A bamboo steamer has 10 buns and over ten bamboo steamer’s means over 100 buns…is this amount possible for a human to consume?

“Hahaha, I had just eaten to around 80% full only.”

Even I’m also afraid, right now I became so capable in eating, how is this bit of money that I earn going to be enough ah?

Looks like the condition of my increase in physical strength is an increase in food consumption. But thinking about it, it’s not that unreasonable. After all, a human’s energy is mainly absorbed from food. With an increase in my strength, I naturally need to replenish more. Even if it’s other people is an AA battery, then the time and quality of the current will naturally be lower. As for me, I’m a powerful battery!

“Indeed scared me…but being able to eat more gives more strength, no wonder big brother is so strong!”

Wei Jie nods his head and says, “In future, I also want to learn ah big brother. Eat more and then I will have strength.”

“Eat more but remember to exercise ah.”

Qin Chuan reminds Wei Jie before saying goodbye to the two of them and walks to the department store. Having just finished eating, it wasn’t suitable to do tiring exercises, otherwise, Qin Chuan would have run there already.

After he had walked to the entrance of the department store, he was surprised to see a familiar looking model wearing a qipao at the entrance.

He took a proper look while that model actually rolls her eyes at him.

“What are you looking at, didn’t you see me this morning!”

“What the! Ao Su!”

Qin Chuan suddenly recalls. This lass became even more mature after putting on makeup to actually make me unable to recognize her for a while!

Makeups are really very scary things ah…

“I’m working, I have no time to talk to you, go and do want you need to do!”

Despite knowing that Qin Chuan is her brother-in-law’s good friend, Ao Su did not give Qin Chuan any face. After rolling her eyes, she smiles towards the other guests.

Gods, this is basically discrimination in treatment!

This lass, I must find a day to have a good chat with Xiong Ba and completely teach this lass a lesson!

So fiery, in future which guy dares to want her!

Qin Chuan walks to the security guard room and realized that Zhang Dana and the rest of the security guards were already sitting inside.

“I’m sorry ah, I’m late due to some matters.”

Seeing the weak security guards inside the room, his heart is slightly emotional. This Imperial’s security guard system is only like this. And some of them are looking at me with an ambiguous gaze which also carries their joy in others misfortunes.

“Aiyah, brother Qin, so be it if you are late. No worries. Come, come, come, have a sit!”

Zhang Dana was also smiling merrily which made Qin Chuan’s skin shudder. Did this fellow take the wrong medication?

“Brother Qin ah, come, have a fruit, eat!”

Zhang Dana takes out a fruit placed from the side. Inside has a few apples as well as tangerine and the likes. He places it in front of Qin Chuan, “No need to be polite, come and eat!”

“Manager Zhang, you can just tell me what’s the matter.”

Like the saying goes ‘no one fawns upon others for nothing!’ Qin Chuan does not believe that Zhang Dana would suddenly become a good superior that takes care of his subordinates.

“Aiyah how can brother Qin say so! I had only heard that brother Qin had committed some crimes and might be leaving our side. As your leader, I feel very sad and emotional ah!”

Qin Chuan sneers, I thought so, so it’s because he thought that I was going to leave, that’s why he’s so happy.

“You relax, This leader of yours believes that you’re a good person.”

Zhang Dana pats Qin Chuan’s shoulders and says, “When you’re inside, you need to repent sincerely and mend your mistaken ways, be a good person and try to come out earlier! At that time, leader will personally come and pick you up!”

Pick your sister! This Zhang Dana is already starting to dream already!

Qin Chuan picks up an apple and bites into it. As he chews he asks, “I’m leaving? Why do I not that know ah?”

“It had already spread in the entire company! Who doesn’t know ah.”

The fatty by the side mutters while Zhang Dana smiles faintly, “Brother Qin ah, don’t hide from leader ah! Although I’m going into my middle-age soon, but I’m not deaf nor blind yet aren’t it?”

“Why do I not understand anything?”

Qin Chuan continues to pretend to acts stupid, “I had done well ah, how can President Wang still fire me?”

The old security guard seems to be slightly afraid of Qin Chuan. After finally gathering his courage he asked, “Did…didn’t you kill a person?”

After asking this, the entire room turns silent while Zhang Dana and the fat security guard seems to be slightly nervous.

What the heck, that old man had become senile is it?! How can he ask this question directly! What if he becomes angry and kills everyone inside this room! After all, killing one is killing, if he will kill a group then he earns big already ah….

“How’s there such a thing! You really can joke around!”

Unexpectedly Qin Chuan starts laughing, “How could I this small security guard do such kind of things? Why don’t you say that I’m a professor that comes from the stars!”

“But I had heard ah…”

Zhang Dana basically does dare to believe what Qin Chuan said. This fellow still does not wish to admit to it? The entire department store already knows that if it wasn’t for President Wang who personally bailed him out, he will still be squatting in the prison!

This time around President Wang can be considered as getting into a mess. The security guard that she had personally arranged, killed a director of the company and got bailed. Hehe…looks like this president position will be lost.

Did not expect that Wang Yue who had always been smart would finally have a muddlehead moment.

At this moment the security guard room door was pushed open. Wang Yue was standing outside. The beautiful female president instantly attracted the gaze of everyone inside the room and a lot of them starts to salivate.

“You come over.”

Wang Yue calls Qin Chuan over while Qin Chuan didn’t care about her and continues to sit there eating the apple.

Wang Yue frowns and orders again. “I asked you to come over.”

Qin Chuan shrugs his shoulder and did not turn around and replied, “I don’t hear the word please.”

Wang Yue nearly exploded in anger while Qian Jiao who had always been following by her side is gloomy in her heart. What time is it now and the two of them are actually still butting heads!

Forget it, both of them are the boss, cannot anger either of them. Looks like I can only sacrifice me this small character.

“Security guard Qin, can you please come along with us?”

“It’s still Secretary Qian’s words that I love to hear!”

Qin Chuan instantly placed the apple down and walks over. The fat security guard was stun as he subconsciously asks, “That, she is the president ah….you actually dare to not give her face?”

[TL: sound weird as hell…] [Cry: Yeah sounded weird since you forgot to add `not`]

“What face or not face!”

Qin Chuan sneers, “When humans interact, courtesy is the basis! Even when a leader to a subordinate, he cannot order him around like calling a dog to come and go right? I’m only a security guard, not a dog. If you guys are willing to be dogs then that’s your problem, I’m not going to do it.”

This sentence instantly caused the rest of them in the room to clench their teeth but they cannot do anything to him!

Qin Chuan follows Wang Yue all the way to the 5th floor. In between, Wang Yue did not say anything and seems like she was waiting to enter the office to discuss.

When the three of them pushed open the office door, all of them were stunned.

As they see Jin Jiu sitting on the boss chair with both his legs on the office table. He is holding a cigar in his mouth and seems to be enjoying himself.

When he sees Wang Yue he was also stunned, but after which he starts smiling.

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Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 42  [Open a store]

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