MCW 41

Chapter 41    [ Take the back door]


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The reason why Xiong Ba resigned was not only because this matter is shameful, the most important point was that he felt that the environment in Imperial was too complex and wasn’t suitable for him.

Furthermore, he needed to leave Imperial to let him and his wife start a new life. His family had a steam bun recipe that was passed down from generation to generation. Today he had once again decided to take it out. Although it might not have sounded very amazing when it was said out loud, but he does do a bit of business, earn some money which doesn’t throw his face.

Xiong Ba is really grateful to Qin Chuan.. There were so many people in the entire department store but the only one who was willing to help him was only Qin Chuan.

He originally planned to discuss with Qin Chuan about the matters in that were in his heart, but unexpected a few hooligans walk in and immediately scares a few tables of guest away.

The leader was a guy with green hair. Qin Chuan doesn’t know what this brother was thinking to actually dye his hair green. Is he afraid that above his head was not green enough?

Qin Chuan had seen many people who dyed their hairs, but he had never seen someone who dyed their hair with this color. This is the first time he had seen it in China. Indeed with such a big world, there are all kinds of weirdos.

“This, this brother..I’m only a small stall, please be gentler!”

Seeing those hooligans, Xiong Ba was instantly terrified.

“What the, who cares about what you’re selling. Opening your stall at our turf, you need to give money you know?”

The green head kicks the chair by Qin Chuan’s side as he shouts at Xiaong Ba.

As for Qin Chuan, he just sits there as he eats his buns while watching the show.

He was really too hungry already, thus he decided to first fill his stomach.

“I had already paid the rent ah…” Xiong Ba immediately says, “I had already paid the property management fee already…”

“What does that have to do with me!”

The green head smacks the table, “Where’s the protection fee that you need to pay to our Azura Dragon Group? Not even handing over gift money and you still wished to open a stall here?”

“This brother, I had just opened my stall and still haven’t earned any money ah, I just have a small business capital(income) ah!”

Xiong Ba immediately begs for mercy, “Let’s not let you brothers come for nothing. How about I treat you to some buns.”

“Eat your mother’s bun!”

The green head roars in anger as he stretched his hand out and grabs one of the bamboo steamers by the side and was about to throw it at Xiong Ba’s face.

At that moment a hand suddenly pressed down on that bamboo steamer stopping that green head’s action.

The green head feels like the bamboo steamer was stuck to the table. He used all of his strength but was unable to lift up the bamboo steamer.

The green head stares at Qin Chuan and angrily says, “Stupid fellow, you dare to meddle with our matters!”

“It was you who disturb me eating.” Qin Chuan indifferently says, “If you don’t get lost then I’ll make you crawl out.”

“What the fuck! You actually dare to go against our Azura Dragon Group?”

The green head berates, “I see that you don’t wish to live anymore! Just a small security guard! Fuck you!”

“I see that you did not brush your teeth before you left your house.”

Qin Chuan wipes his mouth and says, “So full of bullshit.”

“Little fellow, I see that you are seeking death!”

The green head pulls out a dagger with his other hand and prepares to make Qin Chuan suffer.

While Qin Chuan’s other hand was even faster. He directly picks up a plastic chopstick and pierces it through that green head’s palm nailing his hand to the table.

“Ahhhh! My hand, my hand!”

The green head was in so much pain that he feels like dying. While the other hooligans by the side blank out.

Bullshit, a plastic chopstick is actually able to pierce through both a human hand and the table! Is this brother still human?

The other tip of the chopstick emerged under the table and blood started dripping from it.

The green head was trying his best to pull the chopstick out with his other hand but he was unable to do so. The chopstick was stabbed in too deeply and every time when he tries to pull it, it will make him feel intense pain, making him cry out in pain.

“Remember to compensate for spoiling the table.”

As Qin Chuan speaks, he picks up another pair of chopsticks and picks up a small bun. He places it in his mouth and continues to smoke slowly. It’s like he doesn’t place the other 5 hooligans in his eyes completely.

“You, you actually dare to provoke our Azura Dragon Group. You’re seeking death!”

The green head roars, “I’m going to smash your stall! As well as that pretty girl, I’m going to press you under me and let my brothers enjoy you a million times!”

He Su who was standing at the back immediately walks over to the porridge pot and uses the ladle and scoops out a ladle of scalding porridge and tosses it at that green head’s face.

“Ahhhhhh! Hooootttt!”

The green head covers his face as his entire face turns red from the scalding!

Even Qin Chuan also feels a bit of pain on his face, this lass…is too fierce already! She’s basically a tiny hot pepper ah!

“Susu…you, you calm down a bit.”

Xiong Ba can only weakly advise his sister-in-law. Ao Su was still scooping out porridge and immediately scared the rest of the hooligans into retreating. That green head who had managed to pull out the chopsticks with great difficulty was carried away by his brothers.

“This sister-in-law of yours is even more awesome than me.”

Qin Chuan gives a thumbs up, “Looks like she had scared the hooligans away!”

“Tsk, it’s just that they bully the weak and are afraid of the strong!”

Ao Su sneers, “If they dare to come here again, I’ll scald them!”

“Heroine, please accept my feelings of admiration.”

Qin Chuan teases which makes Ao Su roll her eyes.

“You dare to tease me and I’ll scald you as well!”

“This sister-in-law of yours is really impressive.”

Qin Chuan says, “I’m afraid that no guys would dare to marry her in the future!”

“Who needs you to care!”

Ao Su rolls her eyes, “There are countless people who are chasing me in school! Brother-in-law, I’ll go now and be busy, you continue to chat.”

Finish speaking, Ao Su turns around and went back to be busy.

After the hooligans were chased away, a few people can finally order at the stall to have breakfast.

“This sister-in-law of mine ah…her character is indeed a bit wild.”

Xiong Ba smiles and says, “Although she is a cousin, but my wife pampers her and asked me to take good care of her.”

Although he feels that it’s slightly awkward, but Qin Chuan still asks, “That…how’s your wife…”

“She got drugged that time. After waking up, she doesn’t recall anything.”

Xiong Ba is slightly glad, “Let me be the only one to bear with those terrible memories.”

“It’s good that you’re able to get over it…”

“No worries. Even if she lost her arms or legs, she’s still my, Xiong Ba’s wife!”

Xiong Ba says loudly, “Since the day I resigned, I, Xiong Ba swore that I’m going to earn big and make it so that no one would dare to bully my wife ever again!”

“Talking about this…I remember you saying that your family was the descendant of Baguazhang ah!” Qin Chuan is slightly curious as he asks, “Why did you suddenly turn into selling buns?”

“Hehe…those are just something that I say to scare people one…”

Xiong Ba rubs his head in embarrassment, “Brother Qin don’t laugh at me ah.”

“Will not.”

Qin Chuan pats Xiong Ba’s shoulder, “But remember, a guy’s ability doesn’t just rely on speaking. It depends on yourself, do you understand?”


Xiong Ba nods his head. Right now it’s not considered too late, thus Qin Chuan wasn’t in a hurry to go to work. After all, this matter had turned into such a big mess, perhaps Wang Yue also wouldn’t bother if I didn’t go to work on time or not.

Now that he had met Xiong Ba, he has some thoughts in his heart.

After 7, the number of people in the bun stall becomes lesser and lesser. Even Ao Su is able to tidy up and get off to work before leaving.

Looking at Xiong Ba who was packing up, Qin Chuan asks as he smokes, “This stall of yours, I guess that it’s only a morning business if you’re selling buns only.”

“That’s right. In the afternoon and at night, no one eats buns anymore.”

Xiong Ba nods his head and sigh, “But I only know how to make buns and don’t know how to make anything else.”

“How about this, you listen to me.”

Qin Chuan smiles and says, “In the morning you sell bun, afternoon you turn into a barbecue stall selling some barbecue skewers and the likes. You see opposite, you’re the Imperial Department Store. Inside has an enormous cinema, I don’t know how many people come there to watch movies. After the end of the show, they’ll come to your stall to have a bit of barbecue, how nice would it be?”

“Brother Qin, what you say is rather good…but I do not know how to barbecue ah…”

“I, I know…”

At that moment, a youngster standing by the side raises his hand eagerly.

Qin Chuan glance at him and recalls that this youngster was standing by the green head’s side previously. To think that he actually did not leave.

“Why didn’t you leave? Still, want to ask for money?”

Xiong Ba is slightly angry as he looks at the youngster, “So young and of all things to learn, you went to learn how to mingle in the gangs!”

“No…not that…”

The youngster’s timid manner wasn’t like any bad person. He lowers his head and says embarrassedly, “My parents had died when I was young. I had always grown up with my grandfather….during senior high I no longer had any money thus I stopped going to school. After which, I had always been following my neighbor big brother mingle…”

Qin Chuan smiles and says, “So young and you already know how to hug the tights of Azura Dragon Group. You really know how to mingle around eh.”

“How is that so….big brother you had really mistaken.”

The youngster says embarrassedly, “What Azura Dragon Group. Just now that green head is our big brother and the entire gang is called Bullhead Gang. Because he knows a little brother in the Azura Dragon Group…thus he calls himself a person from Azura Dragon Group daily.”

“Tsk, and I thought that he was really from Azura Dragon Group. So it’s just him using powerful connections to intimidate people.”

“Big brother…can you let me follow you!”

The youngster immediately steps forward and holds Qin Chuan’s hand, “I can do anything for you! Even if you like taking the back door….I can also agree. As long as you allow me to follow you!”

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What the heck! Still, take back door, does this fellow read novels until his brain became messed up?

Qin Chuan becomes serious and asks, “As for taking back door and the likes…I’m not interested. I only wish to know if you really know how to do barbecue?”

“Hehe…in the past I learned them from my grandfather. My grandfather used to have his own stall. But later on, his body was unable to take it anymore thus he stopped doing them anymore…me coming out to mingle in the gang was to wish to earn some money to support my grandfather.”

Hearing this Qin Chuan nods his head, “Why do you wish to follow me?”

“it’s because I heard that big brother wished to open a barbecue stall which is my old profession!”

The youngster is slightly excited as he says, “Furthermore, I feel like big brother has the real ability! That green head fellow is a person who only knows how to bully the weak but fears the strong. I no longer wish to follow him! I wish to follow you, big brother!”

“Brother Qin, I see that it’s possible…”

Xiong Ba says, “I see that this fellow’s gaze is still rather clear. He shouldn’t be that wicked. If he really wishes to work properly, then let him help over my place.”

“Thank you for this big brother!”

The youngster is very grateful as Qin Chuan nods his head, “I don’t have that much starting capital to invest in you. But I can give you a skilled fist. As long as I, Qin Chuan is around, no one will dare to touch your stall!”

“Seem, seem to be a bit dangerous…”

But the youngster butts in again, “In this district…there seems to be a lot of people snatching territory…”

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Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 41  [Take the back door]

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