MCW 40

Chapter 40    [ Steam bun store]


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Although the drawing room outside is slightly dark but by borrowing the lights from the street lights outside of the villa, the silhouette is able to be seen clearly.

A person’s figure that was not moving was lying down on the sofa.

Is this fellow only quiet when he’s sleeping?

Wang Yue tiptoed as she secretly walked towards Qin Chuan. Really ah, it’s obviously my house but I’m acting like a thief!

Alas, why did I out of nowhere have such a fiance? The two of their families were too tyrannic already. To actually set this kind of engagement!

When I was young I also didn’t mind, furthermore, back then I also liked to play with Qin Chuan. But after growing up, I slowly got in touch with more stuff and thus started to reject this engagement!

Why should my life be decided by other people?

Originally, Qin Chuan and her can only be friends but because of this engagement, Wang Yue hates him a lot!

But right now this guy is in danger but Wang Yue was still worried about him in her heart. After all, he had saved me once, now that I had already helped him once, we can be considered to be even.

Although this case is slightly troublesome, but Wang Yue is willing to use everything to clear the relationship and do her best to make Qin Chuan safe and sound.

She subconsciously walks over to the sofa and looks at Qin Chuan who was lying there.

At this moment Qin Chuan seems to be in deep sleep as he was breathing slowly.

This fellow, only when he is asleep would he give people a feeling of relief. Talking about this, the way he looks is rather handsome…oi, why would I think of such things. Wang Yue you definitely must be muddleheaded from sleeping!

Wang Yue secretly criticized herself and suddenly becomes slightly curious. Because Qin Chuan who was lying there, his breathing was very, very slow!

Wang Yue counts a bit and it was around 1 breath per minute! Gods how is this possible, how can a person only breath once a minute? Could it be that he had fallen sick?

She squats down and get closer to Qin Chuan. Her eyes were staring at his nose like she was curious about how the inside of the nose works.

But at this moment, Qin Chuan who was originally sleeping suddenly opened his eyes.


Their gazes clashed together in the darkness and both of them turned silent.

At that instant, Wang Yue suddenly feels slightly panicky.

What’s the matter with me, why did my heart become so chaotic when he’s staring at me.

She takes two deep breaths and calms down her mental state before glaring at Qin Chuan, “You didn’t sleep?”

Qin Chuan smiles cheekily and said, “I was originally sleeping but I suddenly smelled a flowery fragrance I couldn’t help but wake up.”


Wang Yue snorts before immediately turning around and leaves.

In the end, she steps onto her slightly too long nightgown. Losing her center of balance, she couldn’t control her body as she falls forward.


She lets out a shocked cry and prepared herself from falling!

At that moment, a powerful arm grabs hold of her and pull her into his embrace.

Her head leans into his embrace while her back and legs were under his arm.

Being so close, Wang Yue seems to be able to hear his heartbeat.

At that instant, even Wang Yue was unable to stay still.

While Qin Chuan was also a bit stunned. His gaze lands on the beauty in his arms.

Because after the nightgown got stepped on, it caused the nightgown on Wang Yue’s upper body to slide down. This being in Qin Chuan’s embrace what he should see can be seen, what couldn’t be seen, he had also seen them.

It’s not just anyone who was able to take such kind of stimulation. Qin Chuan was currently just a step away from being a real man!

He hurriedly controls his blood to get rid of those thoughts that he should not have! Damn it what nonsense is this, how can this be!

“Still, still not putting me down…”

Wang Yue’s voice is slightly soft like she was begging.

Looks like this lass also has some moments where she’s afraid.

“Ah, sorry president Wang. Seeing that you were going to fall, I become anxious…”

Qin Chuan also didn’t dare to tease her too much. The main point is that he does not wish to have too much association with this rich missy. Thus if he can avoid he will try to avoid.

“You, you sleep earlier!”

Throwing this sentence down, Wang Yue becomes like a startled cat and escapes hurriedly. In a blink of an eye, she ran back to her room and did not dare to come out.

Qin Chuan lets out a sigh of relief. Luckily that lass was too anxious and forgot about the matter that I wasn’t wearing my handcuffs.

He had also just rushed back to the house. Before he was able to keep everything properly, he heard Wang Yue opening the door.

He hurriedly lies on the sofa and covers himself with the blanket and pretended to sleep.

But I did not expect that Wang Yue will really come over to my side to check on me…that was fine but her hair which tickled my nose nearly made me sneeze.

Thus Qin Chuan directly didn’t do anything and just opened his eyes.

“Alas, wanting to be a peaceful handsome guy, it really is hard ah.”

Qin Chuan puts back on the handcuff before lying on the sofa.

Now that he had settled everything, Qin Chuan also becomes slightly relax. He enters the turtle breathing state and starts to sleep.

Using turtle breathing technique to sleep, it will make sleeping even better. This night, it was rare that Qin Chuan didn’t dream of his past battles, instead, he was dreaming of a few girls.


Wang Yue, Miao Tian and Qian Jiao…he dreamed that he was sitting on the President’s chair while Qian Jiao was massaging his legs while Miao Jian was massaging his arms. As for Wang Yue she was feeding him red wine mouth to mouth.

[Cry: I’m surprise it wasn’t a Bl*wJ*b. :v ]


Damn it this kind of days are too beautiful.

At that moment a figure runs passed his side. Qin Chuan blinks his eyes, that sexy ass, isn’t that the beautiful lady I had seen in the small district back then?

That young lady runs over and says, “Move aside, this position is mine.”

Qin Chuan immediately opened his eyes and realize that it is already bright daylight.

What the heck who is this lass, why did she run into my dream? But that just now was really a beautiful dream ah. How nice would it be if it was real!

Qin Chuan shakes his head in regret before continuing to lazily lie on the sofa. At this moment, he realized that the handcuff on his wrist had disappeared while Wang Yue was no longer in the room.

What the, that lass actually woke up earlier than me! The most important point was that I actually did not sense that she approached me!

Looks like yesterday night I had really loosened myself too much and slept too sweetly. To actually overlook this kind of matter!

This really is inexcusable …Qin Chuan how can you commit this kind of mistake!

He shakes his head as he sits up before going to the toilet to do a simple wash up.

Looking at the spirited fellow in the mirror, he is rather handsome! Currently, it wasn’t early, Qin Chuan immediately went downstairs to start his running.

This time round, he didn’t see that beauty making him slightly regretful. He simply runs out of the small district and outside.

Most importantly Qin Chuan is slightly hungry. Even if his bodies inner quality was even better, he also still needed to eat. This is the so-called one cannot function properly on an empty stomach, not eating a meal will make one unbearably!

The company’s canteen doesn’t offer breakfast thus he can only run along the street as he takes a look at the surroundings vendors.

Very swiftly Qin Chuan runs to a newly opened steam bun vendor and smelled the fragrance of meat.

This made him feel like eating. He immediately runs to a table in front of the vendor. He pulls out a chair and sits down before saying loudly, “Boss, give me three tray’s of meat-bun!”

Right now Qin Chuan has a large appetite. Since his body had been strengthened, his appetite had also increased by quite a bit!

A pretty girl who’s holding 3 trays of meatbun’s walks over. She was wearing white clothing as well as an apron over it, but it was unable to conceal her beauty. This lady should be around 18 but her 5 facial features make her a beauty.

Seeing this lass, Qin Chuan was stunned, oh, such a beautiful lass was actually selling bun’s here?

Could it be that she’s steamed bun Xishi?

A lot of the male customers were also secretly peeping at this steam bun Xishi. Some brothers missed their grab of their buns and only waked up when they bite on their own finger.

[TL: Sishi is a famous beauty of the 450 bc]


“Nice to meat you. Here’s your bun.”

The beauty placed the buns on Qin Chuan’s table. Seeing that the buns are only the size of an infant’s fist, his mouth instantly twitches, “This bun is too small ah, not enough to eat! Boss give me 10 more bamboo steamers!”

“Ah?” The beauty pauses for a bit, “How, how many trays? Are you able to finish eating them or not? Buns are not that expensive but you also shouldn’t waste them. These were all painstakingly made by my brother-in-law!”

“Ten bamboos steamers only! What is there that I cannot finish!”

Qin Chuan repeats again, “Quickly bring them up, add another 3 bowls of porridge as well, I’m starving badly!”

The beauty froze there for a while before coming back to her senses. After which she rushes into the stall while shouting, “Brother -in-law…he wants ten bamboo steamers…”

“Ah, let me!”

A slightly skinny guy who was also wearing a chef’s clothing walks out holding ten bamboo steamer of buns.

When Qin Chuan’s and his gaze collide, both of them blanked out.

Isn’t this Xiong Ba? Why did he run here to open a bun stall?

“Ah, Brother Qin!”

Seeing Qin Chuan, not only was Xiong Ba not mad, instead, he was slightly emotional, “This is great, it’s really great that you were fine!”

He placed the buns on the table before holding Qin Chuan’s hands and started crying, “Really scared me to death ah, all of them say that you killed Li Hua and said that they are going to execute you by a firing squad. I’m really badly frightened and had thought that you really got arrested!”

“Not at all, not at all. Everyone knows that the person who killed Li Hua is getting rid of a vermin for society, I still need to thank him! That person is a real hero!”

“Anyways Li Hua really deserved his death!” Xiong Ba did not care but

Xiong Ba didn’t care about the dumbfounded beauty by the side as he slaps his legs and says, “That bastard died to easily! He had really gotten off cheap!”


The beauty by the side finally comprehends, “This person is your friend?”

“That’s right. He’s one of my old colleagues, Qin Chuan. Brother Qin, take good care of me ah!”

Xiong Ba introduces the beauty, “She’s called He Su, a cousin of my wife. She’s still attending university and came out to work part-time while studying! Just now, I also no longer planned to be a security guard anymore, thus I opened this bun stall and let her be my helper! Brother Qin, you just eat what you like. In future, eating here is free for you!”

Although Xiong Ba is thin and weak, but his character was very loyal.

Just as Qin Chuan was about to decline, a few people who dressed up like hooligans walks over from the side.

One of them kicks a chair over as he digs his nose while saying, “The heck, who opened a stall here. Did you obtain the permission from our Azura Dragon Group?”

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Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 40  [Steam bun store]

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  1. Nice to meat you. Here’s your bun change to
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