Chapter 4    [Shoulder throw]


This stinky fellow! Who would ask such a question!

Qian Jiao’s eyebrow is twitching, “Asking this kind of question. Even if it is me who is good tempered will also wish to beat you up.”

“It is Secretary Qian who say that I can just ask any question that I have.”

Qin Chuan smiles, “Isn’t this the so-called don’t feel ashamed to ask and learn?”

Damn it this is not don’t feel ashamed to ask and learn! No wonder CEO Wang got so vexed by him. He is really shameless!

“Can it be real? Does not seem like it though….a bit too big…”

Qin Chuan rubs his eyebrow as he stares at her chest like he is really researching!

Qian Jiao is neither shy nor angry. Instead, she hooks her finger at Qin Chuan, “If you wish to know if it is real then come and try yourself ah.”

Damn still can try as well? Did not expect that this secretary is that open!

Qin Chuan is not polite as he immediately stretches out his demon claw. But Qian Jiao silently takes a step back before saying, “Hey but that does not also mean that you can try as you like. If you wish to try then you need talents that I Qian Jiao looks up to. Qin Chuan, if you wish to try then use your real ability.”

Hmph, what a perverted guy, why would CEO Wang know this kind of person?

“Aiyah, you said it one ah. I Qin Chuan do not have anything but a lot of real ability.”

Qin Chuan narrows his eyes making Qian Jiao giggle delicately, her giggle like the bells tingling, like waves surging.

“You this fellow…really do not know what to say about you! Let’s not take about joking around with me so casually, don’t be like this with others do you know?”

“Why can I be so casual with you then?”

Qin Chuan ask, “Could it be that Secretary likes me?”

“That’s right ah, I like you, you raise me?”

Seeing Qian Jiao smiles, Qin Chuan is unable to guess what she is thinking of. As the secretary of CEO, her monthly profits definitely will be high. Perhaps her wages are several times of mine. Me raising her…it is more like she raising me!

“Okay ah I raise you. As long as I am able to eat meat, I definitely will not let secretory eat vegetables!”

“I understand Mr Qin’s intentions, but my mother says before a guy can marry me, he must prepare a 300k betrothal gift, a villa, and a branded car as well.”

Saying finish Qian Jiao smiles at Qin Chuan causing his heart to become fiery. This little hussy, the way she speaks is really watertight! Although she looks like she is joking around, but she also passes you the information. Isn’t this obviously telling me that goddess is hard to find if you are poor don’t come and disturb?

Qin Chuan places his hands together, “Then let’s forget about raising you. It is enough if Secretary Qian shades me. In the future, I will be able to walk horizontally in the department store.”

“Mr Qin your brain is really straight ah…this department store is not as simple as what you say.”

Qian Jiao smiles merrily and says, “Furthermore how can I be qualified to shade you. I am just a small CEO secretory that’s all.”

Qin Chuan is slightly shocked, “CEO secretory what, isn’t that below a single person and above millions!”

“Do you think that being a CEO secretary is like an official? What below a single person above a million…..don’t talk about me. Even CEO Wang herself….”

“For example what?”


Qian Jiao notices that she nearly let it slip. She rolls her eyes fiercely before suddenly smiling.

“I take back my previous words. Mr Qin, you are not simple at all.”

Qin Chuan clucks but thinks in his heart, office works are indeed not easy. When I am in the army, it is a strong eat weak place. The one with the biggest fist is the boss! Coming to this place it seems like it is different.

“Anyways, working in the department store, you before be careful.”

Qian Jiao explains, “Especially do not provoke your higher up, Zhang Dana. Otherwise, no one will be able to protect you! You wait here first, I go and take your identity card and uniform. Don’t anyhow run ah, if you get lost I will not care about you.”

Being able to make the CEO secretory personally serve me, it is indeed very haughty ah. Still, have not become the CEO and had already first experiences the treatment of a CEO, hahaha!

Qin Chuan waits in the hall for a while. Being bored, he walks around.

The super department store is indeed very big. The first floor is a mixed market. Everywhere is customers and sales employee. The merchandise is also in a dazzling lineup, causing Qin Chuan to be dazzled seeing them.

On one of the wall, a beautiful woman advertising poster is hanged there. Qin Chuan remembers that this woman seems to be a very big star….call Chen Jiayin? She seems to be the ambassador for this department store.

Imperial is indeed very rich to be able to invite over this kind of beauty.

Qin Chuan strolls around and realizes that all of the female sales-persons in this department store looks very fresh. They are all wearing uniform short skirts! White tights can be seen everywhere! Ah, heaven on Earth ah…

At this moment, an unharmonious voice enters his ears.

“You…you don’t be like this…”

Oh? This voice is very sweet ah!

“Hehe…Miao Tian ah, this cosmetic product of yours is rather good eh. Did you use it yourself, how well you maintain it, let me touch and see.”

Another rather perverted voice, damn, who dares to take liberties on girls in front of me! Isn’t this snatching away my food bowl!

Qin Chuan turns around and takes a look. He notices a tall and big middle-aged man standing in front of a cosmetic stand. He is currently grabbing the hand of one of the female salesperson and is also trying to touch her tights.

“I beg you….don’t be like this…”

That female salesperson turns pale but only dare to become angry but do not dare to say. She can only try to struggle but is not as strong as that guy. From the looks of it, she is about to suffer from the devil claw.

At this moment Qin Chuan walks over and pats that middle-aged man on his shoulder.

“What the, who is it, to spoil I, your father good matter!”

The middle-aged guy immediately turns around and glares at Qin Chuan in anger, “Where the heck did you come from! Scram to the side!”

Although there are a lot of super VIP customers that he cannot offend, but seeing Qin Chuan is wearing a western suit that was bought from the roadside, he knows that Qin Chuan is a poor ghost.

Qin Chuan says, “Brother, it is not good to bully girls.”

“What the, who the hell are you, when is it your turn to meddle in people’s matter?”

The middle-aged man becomes unhappy, “Do you know who I, your father is? I, your father…”

Before he is able to speak finish Qin Chuan suddenly take a step forward and grabs hold of that middle-aged man’s arm. After which he turns around as his back pressed against his chest. His legs exert strength and with a twist of his waist, Qin Chuan ruthlessly throws.


A beautiful shoulder throw directly swings that middle-age guy over his shoulder and onto the floor in front of him.

The female salesperson by the side is also stun as she covers her mouth. Her eyes is filled with shock.

In this Imperial Department Store….there is actually someone who is willing to help a small salesperson…this guy is he a real hero or a real idiot?

Qin Chuan looks at the middle-age guy who is letting out painful cry on the ground and says, “My father is already dead. I don’t mind sending you to hell as well.”

While he is speaking Qian Jiao walks over energetically.

“Qin Chuan why did you come here! I ask you not to anyhow run about, this is your…”

Her gaze lands on the middle-age guy who is on the ground as her eyes widen.

That pretty eyes blink twice before she says, “Zhang….Zhang Dana? Manager Zhang…you this….”

Zhang Dana?

Qin Chuan also got a shock as he looks at the brother who had fainted on the ground. This is my higher up?

Damn it ah! This time round it is grave ah…


Chapter 4    [Shoulder throw]

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