MCW 38

Chapter 38    [Midnight visit]


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I’m going to sleep together with Wang Yue? What the, I’m not one bit prepared ah!

Seeing Qin Chuan’s slightly changed gaze, Wang Yue seems to have thought of something and adds, “It’s not the kind that you are thinking of! It is purely just sleeping!”

What did you mean by ‘purely just sleeping’ ah, where did this phrase come from! In the end, she’s still a female president, she is able to create her own phrase!

“Anyways…you don’t need to overthink this! Sleeping together is just to make it more convenient to watch over you! I have bailed you out, naturally, I will watch you seriously!”

Qin Chuan is slightly unhappy, “It’s not like I’m a criminal, why did you need to watch me seriously ah?”

“This is the only way! I had already help you find the best lawyer. He will help you defend your case.” Wang Yue says to Qin Chuan, “I also believe that you are innocent, but you must listen to me first.”

“Fine then.”

Qin Chuan nods his head and did not say anything else. But he had already seen through everything inside his heart. The higher-ups are hellbent on closing Li Hua’s murder case. Since they were unable to find the real killer, they needed a scapegoat. While this scapegoat is none other than me.

The small towns overseas are filled with war, some people were born as soldiers. Before they even learn how to run, they needed to hold weapons on the battlefield first. These people have hardship in living, they can fight for resources, for beliefs. While this Country C which had always been peaceful would inevitably have a vermin be born, like the rats in the Book of Songs.

Without any pressure, they only wished to maintain their own positions, enjoy and live a high and aloof life.

If Li Hua’s case is not closed quickly, then the entire City H will be having a large spring cleaning!

Even if Wang Yue was rich and imposing, perhaps her arms are unable to wring the legs. Yang Ye and Chen Zui actually dared to forge evidence already, what else would they not dare to do?

Ever since Qin Chuan returned back, he keeps mistaking a matter. He thought that as long as he was honest and played his part, he will be able to live peacefully. But this society’s rules are even more profound than the rules of the battlefield. His set of methods were already no longer viable.

But Qin Chuan had always been adapting to their rules. Right now, he’s going to bring in his own set of rules.

Qian Jiao follows Wang Yue and Qin Chuan back to the villa. Because it was already too late, there wasn’t much traffic, she did not stay for long before leaving.

In the end, there’s only Wang Yue and Qin Chuan left. Wang Yue hesitates before saying, “You….let’s go upstairs.”

Wang Yue’s single sentence causes Qin Chuan’s heart to move slightly. Although he knows that she is only doing so to keep an eye on him, after all, she is a charming beauty, it was impossible for him to not have any kind of weird thoughts!

Qin Chuan followed Wang Yue up to the second floor only to discover that the second floor was really not that bad. It was decorated very comfortably. In total there were three room’s which were linked together as a suite room. After following Qin Chuan into the room, Wang Yue directly locked the door and the combination of locks clicks and locked the two of them inside this suite room.

“What, what do you want?”

Qin Chuan subconsciously embraced himself and looks at Wang Yue in fright.

“What’s your brain filled with!” Wang Yue is angered, “Why would I do anything to you! You come over!”

“Didn’t you say you weren’t going to do anything….”

“I ask you to come over here then come over!”

Wang Yue rolls her eyes while Qin Chuan walks over obediently, “That…be gentler…”

“Speak nonsense again and I shall fire you!”

Wang Yue glares at Qin Chun before taking out the handcuffs and with a ‘kacha’ she cuffed Qin Chuan’s wrist.

“What the, that movement of yours was really smooth ah!”

Seeing Wang Yue’s efficient movements, Qin Chuan was shocked.

“I had learned a few female defensive techniques in the past.”

Wang Yue dusts her hands off and points to the sofa inside the room, “You shall be sleeping on that sofa tonight. I’ll be sleeping inside.”

Finish speaking, she turns her graceful body and slowly walks into the room, after which she stretched out her head and gives Qin Chuan a warning, “The door to this room has an anti-theft system. If you even dare to have any random thoughts, you should just wait for me to personally to send you to the local police station!”

Finish speaking she closed the door and the anti-theft system automatically locks them.

Qin Chuan chuckle, this lass really thinks too much. Even though I’m not proper but I had never done those kinds of things that Li Hua had done.

He yawns before pulling out a paper clip from his pocket. He breaks it into a pick and stuffs it into the lock of the handcuffs.

The handcuffs open up with a ‘kacha’. Qin Chuan placed the paper clip back into his pockets before exercising his body.

Wang Yue was inside the room, if she comes out to check, it will be pretty bad.

Qin Chuan turns the lights off before taking off his jacket and placing it on the sofa before stuffing a few cushions under it.  It’s not like Wang Yue that lass will come and check on me. After all, we aren’t even that close to each other yet.

After completing everything, Qin Chuan dusts his hands off before shouting, “President Wang, I’m going to sleep already! You don’t come and night attack me ah! I’m wearing handcuffs and is unable to resist!”

There was no sound from inside, perhaps she’s angry again. Qin Chuan chuckles before opening the second-floor window and jumps down.

This second floor was around 7 to 8 meters tall. When ordinary people jump down, perhaps their legs would have been broken!

But Qin Chuan’s body was very sturdy. His legs lands on the ground and his body trembled before going into a forward roll immediately to unload the force behind the fall.

“President Wang, today I won’t be accompanying you ah, obediently wait for me to return okay.”

Qin Chuan blows a kiss to Wang Yue’s window before hiding into the darkness.

“Thorn Snake, tell me where Yang Ye is currently located right now.”

“Instructor, your targets are becoming more and more amazing ah!”

Thorn Snake’s voice was filled with admiration, “This one is City H’s public security’s vice-bureau chief ah.”

“Like I care who he is. As long as they are my enemy, I will not let them have an easy time.”

Qin Chuan was leaning against a telephone booth as he uses the public phone to call this old comrade-in-arms who was able to pierce the sky with his hands and eyes.

“Okay, he is currently staying in his lover’s house foolishly.” Thorn Snake told Qin Chuan the address of the lover, “This old man really knows how to enjoy himself. He actually bought a high-grade apartment building for his lover and it’s also one with a view of the river.”

“Mm, understood.”

Qin Chuan nods his head before hanging up.

He walks all the way to Qin Hai’s clinic. Indeed the clinic door was closed securely. The people are gone while the place is empty. But Qin Chuan pulls out a key, opened the door and walked in.

There was a faint disinfectant smell of water inside the clinic. He turns on the small lamp before looking around. There was basically nothing in the room, looks like Qin Hai had really run away. He shrugs his shoulders before walking into the bedroom and pulls out a very large leather suitcase under the bed. Because the place where he currently lives in is too inconvenient, thus Qin Chuan left most of his tools in the clinic.

He picks up a few tools before placing them inside his backpack and carries them on his back.

City H has a very large river. Thus by the side of the river, several houses facing the river were constructed. The house pricing was excessively expensive but there are still a lot of people who scrabble madly for them.

Qin Chuan was currently sitting on the tallest building that is facing the river. He had a cigarette in his mouth as he looks at the river water below him. “It’s rather calm at night.”

Qin Chuan sighs in sorrow, “Those who don’t know, perhaps might really like the city.”

Peace and tranquility conceal the sins of this city. After Qin Chuan finish smoking, he then extinguishes the cigarette butt and flicks it far away.

“Time to start working.”

Finish speaking he pulls on a steel cable as he follows along this steel cable and rappels down.

Qin Chuan holds the steel cable with one hand while the other press against the waist to control the releasing of the rope. Every time he lets go of the rope, his legs will push off the wall causing him to leap outwards like an enormous bat. He descends and lands back on the wall. He repeats this entire movement until he finally descends to the 25th floor.

Because it was still rather hot, the 25th-floor window was not closed but the window screen was pulled down. Qin Chuan lets go of the rope with both hands before pressing against the window screen surrounding the window that was about to spring back to prevent letting out any sound.

The window screen is slowly placed back. He lightly leaps into the dark living room.

There was the sound of flesh slapping flesh in the room as well as the moan of a woman. This old man’s stamina isn’t that bad eh, indeed is a police officer who had worked for many years.

He pulls out a sleeping gas and lights it up softly before throwing it in through the door’s crack.

After 10 seconds there’s no longer any movement in the room.

Back then, this sleeping gas that Sonol invented is indeed very powerful. Really is a good thing for home holidays.

Qin Chuan pushed the door open, in the bedroom lies two naked bodies.

Yang Ye was embracing a beautiful girl who looks like she had just reached 20 years old and is sleeping like a pig.

Qin Chuan lifts up this middle-aged man and walks out.

Yang Ye had already put on weight and his stomach is quite big. He is nearly 100 kg. But this kind of fatty was carried by Qin Chuan on his shoulder effortlessly.

My strength had really increased ah! The next time I meet big brother, I must ask him just what was that injection!

Yang Ye knows that Chen Zui had already finished preparing the evidence thus he was delighted in his heart. He intentionally went to look for his young lover to prepare to vent properly!

He was holding a warm silky body earlier and right now he feels a bone-piercing coldness.

Damn it, that lass must have definitely snatched the blankets again! After taking the pill, I must play with her again and make her honest!

Yang Ye opens his eyes and mutters, “Xiao Yu ah, cover me with the blanket…”

When he had completely opened his eyes, he was immediately completely awakened.

“Mother ah!”

Yang Ye was instantly covered with cold sweat. Right now he was not on his warm bed nor embracing his pretty lass. Instead, he’s being hanged in midair and below him is the black river waters! Right now he discovers that his hands were tied up together like a piece of meat for sale, he was hanging over the river bridge!

While a guy wearing black windbreaker is sitting by his side. As he smokes, he is playing with his handphone.

“Really did not expect that our Chief Yang have the hobby of slapping a girl’s butt…hehe, as well as you and your lover’s sex tape. If this is spread out, I believe I would make a killing.”

Yang Ye feels a chill inside his heart as he shivers.

“You, this is a crime!”

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Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 37  [Midnight visit]

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