MCW 37

Chapter 37    [Release on bail]


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“Don’t be impulsive. If you have things to say, say them properly. Even if he’s a suspect, he also has his human rights.”

Yang Ye stops Chen Zui before saying to Qin Chuan, “Xiao Chuan, you had also seen that a youngster’s temper is always so explosive. Right now I can still hold him back. But if you do not cooperate then whether I’m able to hold him back later, it is hard to say. I this person is old already so my temper is better. Let us have a good chat.”

Qin Chuan did not say anything as he understands that the two of them were playing the good cop and the bad cop. This trick is not something new.

Qin Chuan smokes silently. The blaze on the cigarette flickers with red light like a kind of signal.

Yang Ye asks, “Xiao Chuan, are your parents doing fine?”

“My father had died a long time ago while my mother had remarried. You tell me if they are fine or not.”

Qin Chuan grinned while Yang Ye instantly blanked out. Usually when they mention a suspect’s parents at this moment, they will more or less have some psychological changes. From there they can be lead along by him and slowly be pulled into an emotional whirlpool, unable to expect themselves. But unexpectedly Qin Chuan actually replied like this. It’s not like they haven’t investigated his information and realized that his father is an ordinary worker while his mother is a doctor which is an ordinary family that cannot be even more ordinary.

But in Qin Chuan’s information, there is a 6-year blank. During these 6 years, no one knows where Qin Chuan was!

“Not having your parents love since young, I’m able to understand your sadness.”

Yang Ye is indeed an old hand. Very quickly he changes the topic back, “Don’t look at the current me. Since young, my parents were always quarreling I had really wished that they were able to coexist together, that is the greatest wish and fortune of a child ah.”

Finish speaking he also lights up a cigarette and takes a puff, like he was really confiding with Qin Chuan.

“What this Chief Yang says is correct ah!”

Qin Chuan nods his head, “With you saying so my heart brightened up, looks like in future I’m a bureau chief material!”

Yang Ye blanks out slightly while Chen Zui by the side immediately slaps the table, “Qin Chuan! Don’t be insolent! Say it! What did you do during your 6 years of blank in your files! Did you went to do illegal work!”

“How can you say it like this.” Qin Chuan sneers, “Could it be that I need to go to the police station to make a greeting wherever I go?”

Yang Ye ask, “Then where did you went doing those 6 years!”

“Alas, talking about that is such a tearful matter ah. Those 6 years I had been in the gangs as a small hooligan. I don’t mind telling you guys that during that period of time, I had indeed done some stealing. Every day I was unable to eat to my fill, so I could only steal the cabbage from my neighbour…thinking about it now, I am filled with remorse ah…I’m really too much! I….am unable to forgive myself even till now…”

“Ah? What matters, no worries. Tell me.”

Yang Ye and Chen Zui became delighted at the same time. Looks like this Qin Chuan is going to take the initiative to come clean!

“At that time, I had also downloaded a number of tapes and watch them daily as well as masturbate. Every time I masturbate, in the end, I would fail! I really shouldn’t have done that, really regret of my past deeds ah! I am a sinner ah, you guys punish me ah!”

Qin Chuan spits away the cigarette butt as his eyes turn red.

Yang Ye’s mouth twitches while Chen Zui was finally unable to take it and slaps the table again.

“Enough! I see that you will not shed a tear until you see the coffin!”

Chen Zui points at Qin Chuan’s nose and scolds, “I will definitely find evidence and send you into prison!”

“Police officer didn’t I just masturbate only, as if there’s a need to arrest me and send me into prison! How major is this ah, did you not masturbate before?”

Qin Chuan retort back in shock making Chen Zui clenches his fist.

He really wishes to beat this fellow up but was held back by Yang Ye.

“Forget it….let him think about it for a while…”

Yang Ye pulls Chen Zui out and did not forget to say to Qin Chuan, “Xiao Chuan ah, honesty brings leniency while resisting bring strictness. If you are willing to confess your crimes it can still be lightened slightly. Perhaps it can be changed from death penalty to life imprisonment. With life imprisonment, if you behaved well, it might also be changed to parole. You are still young, please don’t walk down the wrong path ah!”

Chen Zui walks out and angrily says, “Chief Yang, what are we going to do now? I think we should give this fellow a bit more pressure!”

“You are still too tender.”

This Vice-Bureau Chief pats Chen Zui on his shoulder, “That person sitting inside that room is not like those hooligans that you normally meet. With my many years of experience being a policeman as well as interrogating many convicts, I believe that I can see through people. but, I am unable to see through what that fellow is thinking about.”

“But the higher-up is urging us urgently ah…”

“I know. He has to be the criminal.”

“But we don’t have any evidences, what can we do?”

“Xiao Chen ah, you are really too young.” Yang Ye shakes his head, “Evidence this thing ah, when you need it, he has it. When you don’t need it, then you don’t have it…”

“Ah, then Chief Yang’s meaning is…”

“Ah, I did not mean anything. I’m just casually rueful over a verse only. It’s no longer early anymore. I also need to go back to video call my grandson who is overseas.”

Finish speaking Yang Ye turns around. Chen Zui sneers, hmph, old dog, all of the good things is yours while the bad things are carried by me right?

No choice. Who asked him to be the vice-bureau chief while I’m just a captain only!

This Qin Chuan must be guilty. Looks like I can only use some emergency methods!

All the way until night time did Wang Yue finally came over to look for Qin Chuan.

This female president is currently sitting in front of Qin Chuan and her complexion is more haggard than usual.

“President Wang did you not have enough rest? Hehe, you have panda eyes.”

Qin Chuan cheekily chit chat with Wang Yue, “The meals in this detention center is really bad. Next time when you come, can you bring me a bowl of beef noodles and the likes?”

“Already at this point of time and you still have the mood to eat beef noodles?”

A smile that is not a smile appears on Wang Yue’s mouth.

“What the, before beheading I first need to eat to my fill right? Not to mention that I’m also not a murderer.”

Qin Chuan smiles, “You have one less competitor, shouldn’t you be celebrating? You treat me to some beef noodles okay?”

“What you say is rather correct.”

Wang Yue forced a smile, “Right now there are countless people jabbing at my back saying that it was me who incite you to kill Li Hua. The one who was locked up is you while the one who is in genuine torment is me ah.”

“This group of people really knows how to blindly ponder ah!”

Qin Chuan shakes his head, “Perhaps when that Li Hua was playing outside, he had accidentally picked up someone’s chick thus got beaten to death. What kind of relationship does it have to do with me and President Wang! Why don’t those people think whether our President Wang is the kind of person who uses such kinds of third-rated methods! What a joke!”

Hearing Qin Chuan’s boot-licking, Wang Yue is actually a bit happy.

“Considered you to have a bit of foresight. I indeed disdain to use those kinds of methods. but, my matter is easy to deal with. At most, it’s just a period of rumors which I just need to stick it out. As for you, it is a bit difficult to deal with.”

“Difficult to deal with? What’s there so hard? Aren’t you here to bail me out?”

“Indeed I’m here to bail you out.”

Wang Yue nods her head. “But being the one who bails you out, I must keep an eye on you 24/7.”

Qin Chuan says, “That’s great then. After two days, the truth will be revealed and I shall be free.”

“Really is…can not be saved….wait till we get out then I tell you.”

Just nice Qian Jiao walks in and tells Wang Yue that the bail was settled. One of the policemen walks over to help Qin Chuan remove the handcuffs.

“Leave the handcuffs to me.” Wang Yue suggested, “If he really did have the intent to killing people, I will help you guys lock him up.”

“President Wang is really cautious.”

That policeman gives a fawning smile, “Since President Wang is slightly worried, why don’t you continue to let him stay here. The policeman inside the station will keep their eyes on him 24/7.”

“I definitely will not allow any one of my employees stay inside a prison cell.” Wang Yue calmly says, “If something really does happen, I’ll take responsibility.”

“Fine then.”

The policeman gives Wang Yue the handcuffs before leading them out.

As the three of them walks out of the police station, just nice they meet Chen Zui. The criminal police captain’s expression was bad as he looks at Qin Chuan wants to do an execution by a firing squad action to him.

Qin Chuan shakes his head, this fellow, how did he become a criminal police captain ah.

He follows Wang Yue back to the Mercedes-Benz and Wang Yue lets him continue to be the chauffeur.

“The air outside is really good ah.”

Qin Chuan rolls down the window and takes a breath of the fresh air, “Indeed it isn’t suitable for a person to be inside. Wanting to smoke is so troublesome!”

Wang Yue did not say anything but Qian Qian is already badly anxious as she berates Qin Chuan, “Still wish to smoke, you are in big trouble don’t you already know?”

Qin Chuan did not understand, “Just what is going on?”

“They had found your handphone in the location where Li Hua had died! Right now they are doing an investigation! Being bailed is just for a short time that’s all. If they really proved that it was your handphone, you will definitely die do you know?”

“How is that possible. I had obviously handed my handphone over to them to search okay.”

The moment Qin Chuan finish speaking, he instantly becomes silent.

“Looks like you also understand.” Wang Yue speak again, “It’s not that difficult for me to bail you out. But the rest, I am really unable to help you.”

“President Wang relax. I believe that justice is in a human’s heart!”

Qin Chuan did not have a panicking expression. Instead, he smiles merrily and says, “Evil will never win over the righteous, a good person will be safe and sound throughout one’s life.”

“You? A good person?”

Qian Jiao rolls her eyes, “Little brother Chuan, you better think of what you want to eat. Hurry and eat, otherwise, in the future, you will not be able to eat them anymore!”

“You don’t say. I really have something that I really want to eat! I’m only afraid that Secretary Qian will not give it that’s all!”

“Nonsense, our President Wang had already promised. For what we will satisfy whatever you want to eat. Even if you wish to eat an imperial feast, we will also get it for you!”

“Eat anything is fine?”

“Eat anything is fine!”

“Then I wish to eat Secretary Qian this kind of charming beauty!”

“You go and die!”

Not only is Qian Jiao angry, even Wang Yue was also angered. This Qin Chuan is really thoughtless!

“Tonight I shall be eyeing you.”

Wang Yue suddenly says, “If you really are the murderer…I will personally send you back into the prison. Tonight you shall be sleeping in my room.”

Qin Chuan laughs, “President Wang, you can relax. I am a really good per…wait a minute what did you say?”

Qin Chuan finally came to awareness!

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Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 37  [Release on bail]

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