MCW 36

Chapter 36    [Exposed]



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Qin Chuan’s expression did not change as he continues to walk into the department store like normal.

The department store is also slightly messy. Currently, the department store isn’t officially open for business nor is there any guest inside yet. There were only a few employees who were whispering to one another secretly.

Just as Qin Chuan walks in, he sees Qian Jiao walking down from upstairs. Thus he greets her warmly.

“Good morning Secretary Qian!”

“What’s there to be good about! Today is seriously tormenting me ah…got called so early in the morning to work.”

Qian Jiao stretches her body before sighing and says, “I originally planned to take leave today…my Maldives romance trip…wuwuwu, completely got crushed.”

Maldives romance trip…still wish to meet the owner of an island is it!

Qin Chuan pretended to be ignorant and ask, “Just what’s going on. Why are there so many police officers outside?”

“Alas, also don’t know who did it. Our Director Li Hua got assassinated by someone.”


Qin Chuan exclaims as his eyes widen, “Wasn’t he perfectly fine yesterday? He even sent me into the police station! Damnit, how did he died just like that! I still wished to go and beat him up ah! Looks like I can only spit saliva at him during his funeral!”

“You this fellow, really wants the entire world to be in chaos!”

Qian Jiao sighs, “I guess today you would also be brought in for investigation.”

Qin Chuan sneers, “What for? I’m just a small security guard, what’s there for them to investigate about.”

“Isn’t it because of the conflict that you had with Li Hua yesterday…”

“Just because of a conflict I would also need to be investigated?  So weird.”

Qin Chuan was chatting with Qian Jiao when a few policemen walked over from the side and one of them asks Qin Chuan, “Are you Qin Chuan?”

“That’s right I am Qin Chuan, why are you guys looking for me for?”

Qin Chuan’s expression was calm as he lights up a cigarette. He takes a puff before blowing the smoke into the policeman’s face.

That policeman instantly frowns as he immediately waves away the smoke and berates, “Straighten out your attitude! Right now we are suspecting that you are involved in a murder case!”

As the policeman berates, Qin Chuan realized that a few other policemen had already walked over and imperceptibly blocked up all of his escape routes.

Chen Zui is the captain of the criminal investigation police force. Originally he was accompanying his lover in his apartment when a phone call pulls him out from his bed.

Li Hua had actually died!

Vice-Mayor Wang’s son actually got killed! This is definitely an explosion in City H! The biggest case among all of the cases they handled!

Chen Zui falls off the bed and runs to the police station. City H had specially established a team just for the sake of handling the case to prepare to make a breakthrough from this big case at the highest-speed!

Through their investigation, they had discovered and locked on to a suspect. This suspect was called Qin Chuan, a security guard in Imperial. They have a conflict prior to the death of Li Hua! Li Hua’s death must be accounted for, furthermore, it must be swift! Otherwise, no one would be able to bear the anger of Vice-Mayor Wang!

The special investigation team immediately locked onto their target and monitored Qin Chuan’s home and realized that it was already empty! This situation immediately made them believe in their judgment firmly. Qin Chuan definitely must have escaped after committing the crime!

Thus the police deployed surveillance at all of the places that Qin Chuan could have gone and one of them is this department store. Unexpectedly they really arrested him here!

Chen Zui feels that this fellow was really daring. After killing someone, he actually dared to go back to work without even hiding!

“There are people dying daily in this world.”

Qin Chuan sneers, “Could it be that you’ll be coming to look for me for every death? Am I a death god?”

“Li Hua’s death is greatly related to you!” Chen Zui says, “You’re going with us!”

Finish speaking a policeman immediately walks forward from the side and handcuffs Qin Chuan.

Qin Chuan did not resist while Qian Jiao by the side hurried blocks forward.

“Police Officers, you guys are mistaken, definitely mistaken!”

Qian Jiao says good words, “Qin Chuan is just an ordinary security guard. Although his temper isn’t that good but he does not dare to do things like killing people. Police Officers must also be tired. Why don’t you first come to our VIP room to have some tea and let us all sit down and have a talk.”

“Whether he did it or not, is not up to you. Nor is it up to me. Naturally, we will let the evidence decided!”

Chen Zui did not take Qian Jiao’s invitation, today he must take Qin Chuan away.

“Relax Secretary Qian, justice is in a human’s heart.”

Qin Chuan smiles, “This officer would not give me difficulties. I’m just going following them for a trip that’s all.”

“It’s good that you know!” Chen Zui smiles in delight, “When you are inside, everything will naturally be apparent!”

Finish speaking Chen Zui lets two policemen escort him to the police car. Qian Jiao is very worried as she watched the policemen take him away. After they had left, she immediately pulls out her handphone and gives Wang Yue a call.

Qin Chuan was taken away by the policemen with their sirens on. The surrounding passerby were all startled when they saw this. What’s going on? it had been years since I had seen such a large matter in City H.

He finally got escorted to a small black room. It was a rather special interrogation room. Because the evidence against Qin Chuan wasn’t enough, it is insufficient to convict him. Thus he needs to be interrogated first.

After Qin Chuan is locked in the small black room. He sits on the chair as his arms are cuffed behind his chair.

After ten plus hours, no one has come to interrogate him. While Qin Chuan wasn’t impatient. He sits in the room and enters turtle breathing state.

Turtle breathing state is the breathing technique that was passed down by his family. An ordinary person needed to breath 15 times a minute, which is around 20 thousand times a day.

While this breathing technique of the Long Family was able to let a person breath once a minute. Which way it will slow down the blood flow in the body, allowing the body to enter a kind of frozen state.

Right now Qin Chuan was like this. He uses turtle breathing technique to slow down his body functions causing his heartbeat to slow down by a lot.

A normal person would have the heartbeat of 60-70 times a minute while those with weaker constitution will have 80 to even 100 times a minute.

As for sportsman, their heartbeat is around 30 times a minute. Qin Chuan is usually around this figure as well. But when he enters the turtle breathing state, his heartbeat becomes 2 to 3 times a minute which is like a monster.

But the prerequisite is that you need to remain still to be able to use turtle breathing technique. The moment he moves, the turtle breathing state will be broken.

The police tossed Qin Chuan into this small black room was to make him become fretful and lose his calm. This is considered as a kind of psychological torture. But Qin Chuan was a master of interrogation. He had been caught countless times in the past by his enemies and he once had his leg tendons cut by a drug lord. If it wasn’t for the fact that Qin Chuan had been soaking in medicinal waters while growing up, an ordinary person’s body would have been turned into a crippled person a long time ago.

After Qin Chuan had experienced the mistake of sending Li Hua to the police, he had already understood that City H’s police force was basically wearing the same pants as Li Hua’s. Who asked him to be the son of Vice-Mayor Wang. Right now Li Hua had died, the higher-ups must definitely be furious and perhaps would not let him off. But he did not leave behind any trace of evidence and if they wish to put the crime on him, it will be difficult.

[Cry: Ever heard of forgery of evidence?]


Just as Qin Chuan is considering what to eat to supplement his body, the door to the small dark room was pushed open as two figures walk in from the light.

Two people, one tall the other skinny. One of them is older and looks to be amiable looking, while the other is scowling who is the Captain Chen Zui of the crime investigation squad.

After the two of them had seated down, Chen Zui immediately turns on the desk lamp by the side, shooting eye-catching lights into Qin Chuan’s eyes. Thus causes Qin Chuan who is used to the darkness subconsciously dodge the light.

“Want some smoke?”

The middle-aged man pulls out a cigarette and offers one to Qin Chuan.

Qin Chuan smiles, “Then I would have to trouble you to light it up. Forget me that my body is confined and is unable to pay you full respect.”

“Hmph! At this point of time, you are still able to joke around!”

Chen Zui slaps the table and berates, “Looks like you have not been locked up long enough, we should have locked you up for another 10 days! Let’s see if you are still able to be so cheeky!”

“This policeman are you messing with me that I do not know the laws?”

Qin Chuan smiles, “Detained as a suspect, you can at most detain me for 24 hours only.”

“You are the suspect of this major case! I can apply to extend your detainment date and lock you up for a month do you believe me!”

“Police officer. Don’t think that I am just a small security guard. I had learned before a bit of law.”

Qin Chuan is calm as he says slowly, “If you wish to apply to extend my detention for a month, firstly it must be a crime all over the place, should have committed multiple crimes or form a gang to commit a crime this kind of major suspect individual. Really sorry, but I am not any of those. I can only be considered as a suspect of murdering a person that’s all, furthermore, it is you guys who imposed it on me one. At most, you can lock me up for 24 hours only. After 24 hours there will naturally be someone who would bail me out.”

Although Wang Yue is a bit tyrannic but towards this kind of matters she will not sit by and watch while remaining indifferent.

If she really did sit by and watched while remaining indifferent, Qin Chuan really had looked down on her.

“To actually still have wishful thinking! I see that you are just asking for a lesson!”

Chen Zui roars and immediately stands up but was stopped by the middle-aged policeman by the side.

“Xiao Chen ah, you always had such a violent temper ah, sit down and have a proper talk!”

“Chief Yang don’t you stop me. Today I must teach this murderer a lesson!”

Qin Chuan smiles again, “This policeman Chen. You can anyhow eat but you cannot anyhow speak ah! Base on what you call me a murderer? You have any evidence? I am only a suspect for murder, if you say the wrong things again, I will look for a lawyer to sue you.”

“What the, you are just asking for a beating!”

Chen Zui rolls up his sleeve but was stopped by Vice-Bureau Chief Yang Ye.

“Nonsense! Sit down!”

Chen Zui bears with his temper and sits back down but he keeps glaring at Qin Chuan fiercely.

“Come have a smoke.”

Yang Ye place the cigarette in Qin Chuan’s mouth and uses a lighter to light it up for him.

Qin Chuan takes a drag before saying unclearly, “See, how nice this old Police officer is? You need to learn more from him!”


Chen Zui is angered and was stopped by Yang Ye again.

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Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 36  [Exposed]

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