MCW 34

Chapter 34    [Three-point covenant]


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“Qin Chuan I’m giving you 10 minutes to immediately scram over to my side!”

From the phone came the cold voice of Wang Yue after hanging up.

Qin Chuan was slightly stun, what is this?

He immediately gives Wang Yue a call but she did not pick up.


Qin Chuan really wishes to scold people. What that woman’s big miss temper appears again! No choice…who asked her to be my superior!

“Why am I a security guard there ah? Aren’t I just a bodyguard now?!”

Qin Chuan sighs. He can only put on his security guard uniform and gets up to open the door. Just as he was about to grab the door handle, he instantly pauses before carefully and slowly opening it gently.

Fuck it, right now I have to do everything carefully otherwise I might break it!

Just what happened to me ah, why did I become something like a superman! What kind of medicine did big brother inject me with ah! Right now I’m really confused ah!

He turns around and went downstairs. The bald eagle was circling at the sky. When he reached the ground floor, he realized that a black Rolls-Royce was parked there and two bodyguards wearing black uniforms were standing by the side of the car.

“Aiyah…this car is really good…”

Qin Chuan’s neighbor the miss was standing at the entrance. She stared at that Rolls-Royce in envy, “When am I able to sit on such a ride, I would not have lived in vain then…”

Qin Chuan who walked past clucks as he says, “If you are able to find a guy and change his name to Rolls-Royce, won’t you be able to ride him once? Don’t say only once, you’d be able to ride him ten times and it won’t be a problem!”

“Scram you this poor fuck!”

She retreats a few steps like she was afraid of being dirtied by Qin Chuan’s poor aura. Qin Chuan shrugs his shoulders and did not bother to lower himself to the level of this heavy makeup woman.

Seeing Qin Chuan walking over, the two bodyguards immediately bowed, “Mr.Qin!”

What the? Qin Chuan was slightly shocked, what’s going on?

“Mr.Qin, we are representing Miss Wang to pick you up.”

One of the bodyguards respectfully opens the car door and said to Qin Chuan, “Please board the car Mr.Qin.”

“Hmph, President Wang is already too polite to actually send a private car to pick up me this small security guard, hahaha!”

Qin Chuan chuckles. He wasn’t polite as he immediately bends his waist and gets on the car. The woman behind him was instantly shocked when she sees this. What the, what’s with this situation? That poor fuck actually gets onto the Rolls-Royce?

She slaps herself fiercely, painful! I’m not dreaming!

Just where did it went wrong? Did the world descend into chaos

When Qin Chuan entered the Rolls-Royce, he wasn’t surprised at all. Instead, it was like it was his own home. He wasn’t polite as he opened the refrigerator and pulls out a wine bottle.

The bodyguard at the opposite did not stop, instead, he takes out a winecup for Qin Chuan.

“Mr.Qin. Our family’s Big miss still needs you to look after her.”

The bodyguard enquires about QIn Chuan, “If Mr.Qin has any needs, please let us know!”

“What kind of needs would I have. I’m just a small security guard. It’s enough as long as I’m able to eat and drink to my fill!”

Qin Chuan takes a sip of the red wine and exclaimed in admiration, “Not bad, a 90s Lafetti, what a pure flavor! Indeed it’s the Wang Family who is really rich. To put such a good wine on the car.”

“If Mr.Qin really likes it, later old master will definitely send people to send over two boxes.”

“Forget it. There’s no need to take a reward that I don’t deserve. I, Qin Chuan am not a shameless person.”

Qin Chuan rejected the goodwill of this bodyguard. At the same time, he was still cautious so as to avoid breaking the delicate winecup.

Qin Chuan feels like he had become a lot stronger. The usually sturdy stuff had become something akin to a piece of paper in his hands currently.

The car did not drive towards the department store. Instead, it drives to an upscale apartment district area. This apartment was also the Imperial’s industry, called International Imperial. International Imperial possesses 10 tall buildings and 20 villas. Right now the car had stopped in front of the largest villa.

“Mr.Qin please.”

The bodyguard opens the car’s door and invites Qin Chuan off the car.

Qin Chuan who was wearing a security guard attire was a bit incompatible as he stands in the upscale villa district. Those who don’t know would have thought that he was a security guard from this district.

After leading Qin Chuan here, the two bodyguards drove away.

Qin Chuan was slightly puzzled. What did the two of them bring me to here for? To have a look at the living environment of a rich man?

He crouches in the garden of the villa as he starts smoking.

Qin Chuan realized that his eyesight had also become very sensitive. Even an ant that was crawling in the garden was unable to escape from his sight!

What is this situation? Did I evolve into a superman? Could it be that my eyes are able to shoot out death beams?

[Cry: I think author likes Superman very much.]

Qin Chuan stares with wide open eyes. After trying for half a day, he was unable to shoot out any laser at all! In the end, it still failed!

[TL: I have to agree after the sentence above]

“Damn it, could it be that I have guessed wrong?”

Qin Chuan saw a butterfly flying across in front of him, it was very swift. He instantly stretches out his hand and actually holds the butterfly in his hand!

“What the heck! I’m actually able to capture this?!”

Qin Chuan was very shocked as he looks at the nearly pinched to death butterfly.

He seems to understand a matter. It’s not that I have become a superman but my bodies capabilities had substantially improved! I remembered that big brother had told me before in the past that a human’s strength was actually very large. Just that a normal person was only able to bring into play just about 10% of the body functions that’s all! Some people who had went through special training is able to increase it to 15-20%! If a person is able to use 100%, then he is a superhuman!

Just how much can I bring into play currently?

Qin Chuan picks a stone up from the ground and used his strength to clench it.

The stone actually got crushed into pieces by him barehanded!

What the! I’m indeed very powerful now!

It seems like his strength had increased by a lot than from the past, to around 30 times a normal person strength! This kind of power is able to toss an ordinary person a few streets away with just brute strength!

Qin Chuan exclaims, “I’m really the strongest! Damn cool ah!”

Just as he wishes to continue the experiment, his handphone suddenly rings again.

“Stay downstairs for what, come up!”

From the phone comes Wang Yue’s Command. Qin Chuan raised his head and looks around. Where is this President Wang spying at me from?

Did not think that the grand and majestic president would actually have an addiction to peeping!

Qin Chuan opened the door and sure enough, it was not locked. He immediately walked into the upscale villa.

Inside the villa, everything was electronic. Furthermore, they were fitted with the voice control function.

The rugs on the first floor, a circular cleaning robot was walking around. Qin Chuan says in his heart, just this toy alone is already at worth at least a few months of my wages!

Just as Qin Chuan was looking all over the place, Wang Yue who was wearing casual clothes walked down from the second floor.

Seeing Wang Yue in home clothing, Qin Chuan was a bit shocked. What the heck after changing into casual clothes this Wang Yue is actually somewhat cute!

This woman was usually wearing proper work attire. Now that she had changed into some casual clothes, she has another kind of charm.

For a while, Qin Chuan’s gaze was unable to leave Wang Yue’s body. He stares at her blankly.

Wang Yue’s brows crease slightly as she seems to blush slightly.

“You look again I’ll dig your eyes out.”

Wang Yue snorts making Qin Chuan come back to his senses. Damn forgot that she is a thorny rose.

“I say, President Wang, why did you drag me here so early in the morning?”

Qin Chuan suddenly looks at Wang Yue vigilantly, “Although the two of us are in name are fiances…I had never treated it as real ah. Isn’t it a bit too early to urgently live together with me?”

Originally Qin Chuan was only saying nonsense and did not expect that Wang Yue’s face would actually turn red.

What the! It can’t be that I actually predicted correctly right!

“Any-anyways…from today onwards you’ll just live here.”

Wang Yue’s gaze is slightly frantic as she deliberately avoids Qin Chuan’s gaze. “There’s no need to for you to think too much…it wasn’t my arrangement. It’s my family’s instruction.”

What? I actually started my life of living together with a beautiful woman? This is not inside my plans ah!

“Your luggage will be sent over later.”

Finish speaking Wang Yue turns around and runs upstairs somewhat like she was fleeing in defeat.

This lass actually know bashfulness? Qin Chuan finds it hard to believe.

This matter…seems to have something wrong ah…without any reason, so be it if I got thrown into the security guard department. Now I must also live together with Wang Yue?

Normally speaking living together with Wang Yue this kind of beauty is the dream of any man! But Qin Chuan does wish to go back home every day just to watch over a grim iceberg. It’s already rather awkward to meet in the company already and now we have to live together as well!?

Long Family and Wang Family, these two families just what the heck are they doing!

Qin Chuan is puzzled when his handphone suddenly rings. When he looks at it, the fuck, it was Wang Yue calling him.

“Leader you are really rich ah, living in the same house and you actually still use a phone to call me! Can’t you just come downstairs to talk ah!”

Wang Yue’s voice comes from the handphone and said: “Who wants to come downstairs to meet you.”

“Then why did you call me for?”

Qin Chuan’s mouth twitches, “An idiot with too much money?”

“You’re the idiot with too much money! Watch your attitude! I am your superior!”

Wang Yue berates Qin Chuan making him chuckle, “When I’m working then you are my superior. But right now it’s isn’t work time so you are my fiance!”

“Who’s your fiance!”

Wang Yue was a bit chatty today, “You don’t climb all over me! I already said that it was my family’s idea to let you come here to live and it’s not related to me! I give you a call is to come to a three-point covenant!”

“Three-point covenant?”


Wang Yue tries her best to restore her voice back to serenity, “If you wish to live together, then you must agree to the three-point covenant.”


“One, the second floor is my territory you are definitely not allowed to come up! In normal times you can sleep on the sofa on the first floor.

Two, you are only allowed to use the toilet at 8am, 12pm, and 5pm once daily! Every time you use the toilet, you are not allowed to use it for more than 10 minutes! You are not allowed to bath at home, there are public baths outside!

Three, even at home, I am also your superior, your President. You must absolutely obey me!”

Qin Chuan really wishes to curse.

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Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 34  [Three-point covenant]

Lols slave contract

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