MCW 33

Chapter 33    [Strange injection]


Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet

Li Hua became delighted. Everyone has their price even if it’s this small security guard in front of him is also the same!

Li Hua have to admit that this security guard had exceeded his expectations and actually had this kind of ability! But so what if his ability is great. He is still unable to resist the allure of money! As long as this security guard walks out of this room, as long as I’m able to live, he shall be facing my endless revenge! He wants to show this security guard whose the king in City H!

[Cry: If someone actually went this far already and still let his target lived. I would be so speechless and dumbfounded by the sheer stupidity of that action.]


“How is it 20 million. You consider a bit. Compared to killing me or taking 20 million which one is more alluring?”

Li Hua strikes while the iron is hot while Qin Chuan suddenly sighs.

“Young master Li does indeed play a big hand ah. Spending 20 million to buy your life.”

Qin Chuan looks at Li Hua, “Don’t know how many people are unable to eat outside. How much are their lives worth?”

“Everyone is born different!”

Li Hua says, “I was born superior! This is the power that the gods give me! If I don’t use this power well, wouldn’t I be living for nothing? The rest of the people are indeed worth nothing, but that cannot be blamed on me, it’s their life that is bad! I’m able to take out 20 million to buy my life but are they able to? They only have a lowly life, this is the law of the society!”

“You have your own codes, I also have my own codes.”

As Qin Chuan speaks, he spins the karambit in his hand twice, letting out a sinister cold light.

“It’s a pity that even if it was 2 billion, there are some things that you are unable to buy back!”

Finish speaking Qin Chuan pulls out a dagger from his waist. He pierced it through Li Hua’s right hand onto the sofa.


Liu Hua shrieks, “My hand! My hand!”

Qin Chuan pulls out another dagger and pierced through Li Hua’s other hand and basically nails him onto the sofa.

“What, what do you want to do!”

Li Hua looks at Qin Chuan in shock “Didn’t I agree to give you money? Why do you still want to kill me!”

“When did I promise you?”

Qin Chuan smiles, “I was just joking around with you, young master”

“Save me! ah! Come! There’s a killer here!”

Li Hua starts shouting loudly and his shout was indeed very ear piercing.

“There’s no need to waste your efforts,” Qin Chuan smiles faintly, “You ought to be more clear of the soundproofing of this private room more than me. Furthermore, who would dare break into the territory of Young master Li.”

Li Hua roars in despair “You dare to kill me! You will definitely not have a good ending!”

“I already said that I only have a worthless life.”

Qin Chuan lights up a cigarette, “The chaos of this world, the fall from grace, filled with unjust. If there’s no one who will come and punish you guys, then I don’t mind sacrificing my life and personally transform into a devil and reap your lives.”

“Who-who do you think you are?!”

“Me? Nothing but a small security guard in Imperial.”

Qin Chuan smiles, “But I am your bane. Say do you have any last words? I’ll give you the time for one last sentence.”

“I, I have a lot of money….”

Before he was able to finish speaking, Qin Chuan stretched his hands out and breaks his neck.

“Really strange for last words.”

He shrugs his shoulders as he looks at Li Hua whose head is hanging down, “Clothes come stretched your hand, food comes, open your mouth. In your next life, just be reborn as a pig, perhaps it’s much more suitable for you.”

[Cry: basically it’s like just need to stretch out hands and someone puts on clothing for you, open your mouth, people feeds you – source: Skyfuji]


Finished speaking Qin Chuan extinguishes the cigarette and puts it into his pockets. He dusts off his hands before leaving this private room.

The corpse of the two bodyguards was still lying outside. As he had expected, no one dared to approach this ‘Heaven’ private room.

He puts on his sunglasses before swaggering out of the hallway. At the very end, he did not forget to give the surveillance camera hanging there a middle finger.

The surveillance camera’s position seemed to be decorative and was basically unable to record the entrance of ‘Heaven’ private room. Perhaps the people at the bar had never thought that there will be people who dare to come here and mess around.

After Qin Chuan left. He circles around outside a few times before finally flipping over his black overcoat and change it into a red overcoat. After he wears this he walks back to his house.

Standing outside his single room’s entrance, Qin Chuan’s brows wrinkled slightly.

Every time he went out, he would place a thread on the door. But today when he returned home, this thread was missing.

He holds his karambit in his hand while his entire body entered a state of combat before he lightly pushed the door open.

The room was in pitch black-darkness. The curtains were closed and the lights were off. If you stretch out your hands, you will not be able to see your fingers.

Qin Chuan took off his sunglasses and puts them into his pocket. Because he had always been adapted to a darker vision, thus in this dark room, Qin Chuan was able to vaguely see some scenery.

The outline of the bed, the window…while on the chair in front of the window sits a shadow.

Qin Chuan pulls out a dagger with his right hand and prepares to take action first.

“Don’t move. It’s me.”

A very familiar voice called out making Qin Chuan relax instantly.

“Bro the way you come and pay a visit in the middle of the night is a bit too unusual already right?”

“Come in and close the door properly…”

Qin Hai’s voice seems to carry a bit of pain. As Qin Chuan enters, he stretches out his hand to turn on the light.

Qin Hai hurriedly says, “Don’t open…”

He had been sitting in the room for a long time and was already used to the darkness, thus he was able to see Qin Chuan’s movement.

Qin Chuan sensed that something was wrong as he immediately asked, “Bro, what happen to you?”

“Nothing much…just a small injury…I can deal with it myself…”

Qin Chuan’s voice carried a trace of killing intent, “Tell me who injured you?”

Qin Hai waves Qin Chuan over.

“This isn’t something that you should butt in. You come over.”

“There’s nothing that I cannot handle.” Qin Chuan says, “Tell me, who did it!”

“It’s an organization that you had not heard of before…”

Qin Hai smiles bitterly, “In the past I had served this organization before…anyways, I will handle this matter myself. You come over here. I have something to give you.”

Qin Chuan snorts coldly but still walked over.

“Just which organization dared to touch the people of my Long family.”

Qin Hai holds Qin Chuan’s arm before rolling up his sleeve. His right hand flips and a syringe appeared and he stabs the needle accurately into Qin Chuan’s artery.

Qin Chuan was shocked, “Bro, what did you inject me with?”

Before Qin Chuan faints, he was faintly able to hear Qin Hai say, “You will know very  quickly…”

Before he was able to understand what his brother just said his vision turns darker and darker as his body becomes heavier and heavier. Finally, with a plop, he collapsed onto the floor. Before he fainted he sees Qin Hai in front of him slowly standing up.

“What will happen…will depend on your luck…”

The moment he finishes speaking Qin Chuan’s vision turns dark as he faints.


“Instructor, quickly run!”

“Instructor go ahead first, we’ll resist for you!”

A few familiar mercenaries, comrade-in-arms were holding their weapons as they continued to shoot at their enemies.

While Qin Chuan was wearing a combat attire and was holding a suitcase in his hands. Inside was the articles that they were supposed to deliver this time round.

The enemies firepower was becoming fiercer and fiercer! Countless of comrades-arms had already died under their firepower!

Qin Chuan’s eyes were red but as a mercenary, he can only watch as his comrades die. Qin Chuan was bleeding from his eyes, but he can only continue to run forward using his comrades’ corpses to protect himself.

A so-called mercenary is a group of people who for money, pass their days licking the blood off their blades!

Not a single one of them feared death. They throw themselves forward crazily blocking the muzzles of their enemy to cover Qin Chuan.

They were not afraid of death but Qin Chuan was regretful. When he passed the chest of drugs to the drug lord who employed them, Qin Chuan personally killed off that drug lord.

From then on, because he had broken the rules of the mercenaries, he was forever expelled from the mercenary world. The mercenary group ‘War Shield’ that he was in back then, as a result break up. The enormous ‘War Shield’ dispersed into a few mercenary groups. But no one will ever forget the formidable and cold-blooded Instructor.


When Qin Chuan opened his eyes, the sky was already shining brightly.

He was lying on the ground as his muscles were somewhat aching.

“Damn it…”

Qin Hai had already left. Qin Chuan struggled to climb up to his feet. He feels that he was very thirsty, thus he subconsciously stretched his hand out to picks up the cup on the table to drink some water.

He grips the cup and the glass cup instantly got crushed by him!


Qin Chuan looks at his cut fingers and was slightly puzzled. What’s with this situation?

The injury is currently healing up and swiftly there was only a faint scar left of Qin Chuan’s fingers.

“What’s with this situation?”

Qin Chuan did not understand. At this moment he heard the sound of something hitting his window like someone was knocking on it. He immediately pulled open the curtains and his eyes were instantly in pain from the glaring sunlight. He subconsciously uses his hand to block out the sunlight.

An unspeakable feeling sprouts from inside his body.

Outside the bald eagle is using its wings to pat the window. After Qin Chuan got used to the light, he stretched out his hand to pull the window handle. With this pull, the handle was instantly tugged off by with a cracking sound.

“What the heck…this house is too old already ah!”

Qin Chuan tossed the handle away and pulls the window open. The bald eagle outside flies in. It lands on Qin Chuan’s shoulder before starting to clean its feather.

“Could it be that I’m still dreaming?”

Seeing that the time was still early and there was still time before he had to go to work. Thus he walks to the bed and sits down.

-cracking sound!-

The sturdy bivouac directly split into two when Qin Chuan sits on it!

“What the heck…just what’s with this situation!”

Qin Chuan was completely stunned. He carefully looked at his hands and realized that they were no different from usual.

“Could it be that I got possessed?”

Qin Chuan carefully takes out the cigarette in his pocket. He placed it on his mouth and the moment he lights it, the entire house becomes covered with smoke.

Originally the slightly tattered house is currently badly wrecked by him.

Qin Chuan recalls that injection from his big brother yesterday night…could it be due to that injection? Right, don’t know how big brother is currently. He had never brought a handphone when he goes out. Even when I wish to contact them, I can only go to the clinic to find him.

But Qin Chuan estimates, currently my big brother’s clinic is closed down for good! Although I don’t know if something happened to him, but with his capabilities, he should be fine.

Just as QIn Chuan is becoming gloomy, his handphone suddenly rings.

He carefully takes out his handphone and takes a look. It was actually Wang Yue who was calling him! Why is she looking for me so early in the morning?

[ Cry: If you see any mistakes at all that needs editing just tell in the comments or discord.]

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 33  [Strange injection]

Finally, that guy got killed…damn that brother of him…wonder what is that injection

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  1. Bro the way you come and pay a visit in the middle of the night is a bit too unsual already right?”
    Qin Hai smiles bitterly, “In the past I had served this organization before…anyways, I will handle this matter myself. You come over here. I have something to give you.”
    change usually to unusual
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