MCW 32

Chapter 32    [Spend money to buy life]


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When Wang Yue came, she was still wearing a pretty white suit. Under her short skirt was wrapped with black lace while the policeman who was at her side followed her in was continuously swallowing his saliva.

“Aiyah, President Wang, you had finally come!”

Qin Chuan was instantly like he had seen his superior, “I had been thinking of you badly! You really are the savior of the people ah!”

“Why did you cuff him?”

Wang Yue did not care about Qin Chuan. She only glared at the policeman by the side.

The policeman is slightly embarrassed and says, “He had hit Mr Li…so got to keep in custody here.”

“Then can you release him now?”

“Ah, since President Wang came to bail him out personally, of course, you can!”

The policeman immediately helps Qin Chuan uncuff his hands and Qin Chuan immediately stretched his waist and said, “Aiyah, squatting for the entire night, my legs had turned numb.”

“Let’s go out then we’ll talk.”

Wang Yue tossed this sentence out before turning around immediately and walk outside.

Qin Chuan glances at Wang Yue’s back a few more times. Alas, you just have to question how is Wang Yue’s butt so perky. How did it grow so well ah, really makes people want to commit a crime ah.

Qin Chuan follows Wang Yue all the way until they have left the police station. The moment they walked out, he cannot help but ask, “President Wang, how is Li Hua, did he get locked up? And Xiong ba as well, how is he and his wife?”

“Xiong Ba had already resigned.”

Wang Yue indifferently said, “Li Hua was released as he is innocent. Perhaps he’s currently drinking somewhere.”

When Qin Chuan heard this, he was like struck by lightning.

“What, what did you say?”

“I do not like to repeat twice.”

Wang Yue turns around and looks deeply at Qin Chuan.

“I had already said before that you this person is basically a fool! Why did you not think of the consequences of your actions? What’s the use of you capturing Li Hua? His background is so thick and without enough evidence, what can you a small security guard do to him?”

“Then what do I do?”

Qin Chuan clenched his fist letting out cracking noises, “Could it be that I have to watch my friend’s woman be toyed by him? Everyone keeps silent and becomes an ostrich?”

“This is our society.”

Wang Yue reminds Qin Chuan, “I don’t know what did you do in the past, but this is not the world where you used to be. Some more do you think that you did well? The reason why Xiong Ba had resigned is most likely because of you. You causing such a mess, everyone in the department store knows that he had been put on a green hat by other people! How can he still stay in the department store?”

Following which, Wang Yue mocks Qin Chuan, “You’re only a small security guard that’s all. This time round if it weren’t for me bailing you out, if not for our history, perhaps you would still be squatting inside! This is the last time I’m going to help you. There’s not a second time.”

Finish speaking, she turns around and no longer cares about Qin Chuan.

Qin Chuan stood there blankly and did not come back to his senses for a while.

Did I, really did something wrong?

Looks like I am indeed really not suitable for this life, but I can also turn this society into my battlefield.

Qin Chuan pulls out his handphone that the policeman had returned back to him and dialed a number.

“Instructor! You finally called me ah!”

From the phone comes a slightly hoarse voice that carries unconcealed delight.

“Thorn Snake, help me find someone.”

Qin Chuan’s voice turned slightly cold.

“Who you do want to find ah, in City H there’s no one that I cannot find! Instructor, you just need to say! Even if it’s the secretary of the municipal committee, I’m also to find him within minutes!”

“Not the municipal committee’s secretary. it’s the son of the vice-mayor.”

Qin Chuan says indifferently, “He’s called Li Hua, the son of the vice-mayor, Wang Lihua.”

“Okay Instructor, give me 10 seconds…found it. This fellow is currently at the nightclub ‘Shout’. He’s in the private room named ‘Heaven’.”

“Okay, it’s been hard on you.” Liu Yi nods his head, “Later I’ll treat you to a meal.”

Finish speaking, he hangs up and walked towards his house.

“Qin Chuan you this fellow finally came back!”

Unexpectedly the landlady was blocking in front of the entrance. She had moved a wooden chair over and was sitting there waiting for the prey to come.

“This is this month rent.”

Qin Chuan pulls out 300 and tosses to the landlady which causes her to blank out.

Originally she thought that he would not be able to take out the pay to the rent and was planning to chase him out today. But he unexpectedly really did pay up!

“This is only the rent for last month…”

“I will give you this month’s one.”

Qin Chuan says coldly, “Can you move aside now, you are blocking my path back home.”

“Damn loser…”

The landlady mutters. After taking the money she no longer bothered him. She turns around and curses when the neighbor’s woman yelled out.

“Fuck quietly! You are calling for ghost ah!”

Qin Chuan directly returned his room. The bald eagle was dozing off on the window sill.

He did not disturb his pet and pulls out a very heavy suitcase from under the bed.

Qin Chuan opened the luggage and pulls out an article of black clothing, meant for war and puts it on.

[Cry: Think of spec-ops clothing all dark black fitting for raids in night and such. here is example]


After which he takes out another black overcoat and puts it on. A black defensive claw was also taken out as he touched it with his palm.

“Old friend. Today it’s your turn to take the stage.”

This karambit is a curved knife. It is one of the favorite defensive weapons of some mercenaries. The defensive claw is also known as a karambit which was shaped like a sickle. This kind of defensive claw is very suitable for defending. It was also very convenient to carry around. When assassinating, it was a very effective weapon for cutting the throat! Qin Chuan treated this weapon as his treasure. Since he had retreated from the unit, he had kept it till now. Back then, he spends a lot of effort to get this through the baggage check. He nearly did not manage to get through the customs but in the end, he manages to take it back.

Shout Bar is a very famous bar in City H. Every night this place will become very lively. Those who like the nightlife in City H will all come here to drink their fill! There are also countless of young men and women dancing crazily on the dance floor venting their youthfulness!

Li Hua really liked Shout Bar because every day a lot of different kind of young married women will come here to get rid of their loneliness. These young married women were mostly a rich man’s wife or mistress. Their man was either busy with their business or other women, thus neglecting them.

Thus these women naturally become Li Hua’s prey.

Today is also the same. A young married woman was currently riding on top of Li Hua cheerfully in the ‘Heaven’ private room.

Two bodyguards were standing outside of the room. They are wearing a suit and black sunglasses and looks very professional.

While at this moment a guy wearing a black coat and sunglasses suddenly walks up to them.

This guy is none other than Qin Chuan. He was holding a cigarette in his hand and say to one of the bodyguards, “Brothers, borrow a light.”

“Don’t have.”

The bodyguard says coldly, making Qin Chuan sigh, “Alas…curses as tyrannical, death cannot wipe out crimes.”

Finish speaking he suddenly stabs the karambit in his hand into the bodyguard’s throat. The blade pierced through the neck and out from the other side.

Seeing this scene the other bodyguard was stunned silly. While Qin Chuan only stretched out two hands and grabs his neck and uses his strength to clamp.

-cracking sound-

The bodyguard’s neck snapped. His body gently dropped onto the ground and pressed against his buddy’s body.

Qin Chuan pulls out his karambit and wipes it on the bodyguard’s shirt before pushing open the door and walks in.

“What the fuck, who let you come in!”

Li Hua who was enjoying himself while the young married woman keeps shaking herself on top of him swings her head.

“Dali! Old Zhang! Are the two of you idiots?!”

“Stop shouting already. They are already dead.”

Qin Chuan kicks the door close before saying, “Since they are your bodyguards, I had let them open the path for me.”

“What, what did you say?”

Hearing this, Li Hua got shocked as his lower body soften.

The young married woman had clearly been drugged. She was still in a daze as she continues to grates while moaning, “Why did you become soft…give me…use strength…begging you…”

“You can sleep first.”

Qin Chuan stretched out his hand and chops the young married woman on her neck, making her faint.

“Who, who on earth are you!”

Seeing the karambit in Qin Chuan’s other hand, Li Hua nearly peed in fear.

“You take a look at who I am.”

Qin Chuan takes off his sunglasses, revealing his appearance.

“It’s you!”

Rage appeared in Li Hua’s eyes, “Just base on you this small security guard you dare to kill me!”

“Why not?”

Qin Chuan smiles, “I had already killed countless other people, one more doesn’t matter.”

Li Hua roars, “You are crazy! I am the son of the vice-mayor! If I die, you will definitely not be able to escape!”

“Me? There is no need for you to worry. Even if I’m unable to escape it’s nothing much. After all, I’m just a small security guard and only have this life. You are different. You are the noble vice-mayor’s son, the young master from Li Family. How much is this life worth.”

“How, how much money do you want, I give you!”

Li Hua immediately shouts, “My mother is the vice-mayor and my father is a shareholder of Imperial. Our family has money! As long as you spare me, I’ll give you anything!”

“Money?” Qin Chuan smiles, “How much money do you plan to bring out?”

“Two, two million how does that sound?”

“Oh? The life of Young master Li is only worth 2 million?”

Li Hua suddenly kneels down and hugs Qin Chuan’s legs and starts begging, “3 million…4 million….no, no, I’ll give you 10 million! You spare me please!”

He was not an idiot. Now that both of his bodyguards outside were dead, he is definitely not an opponent of this guy.

“10 million is indeed not a small amount…”

Qin Chuan sneers, “But this 10 million, is it able to buy back the purity of Liu Susu?”

Li Hua immediately refute, “10 million ah! A woman like Liu Susu, just 100 thousand is able to buy her once!”

“Who do you take other people as?”

Qin Chuan lowers his head and looks coldly at Li Hua who is begging him.

“Aren’t those ordinary people nothing but toys! As long as they have money, they are fine with anything!”

“Then how about you who is like a dog currently?”

Qin Chuan counter asks, “How are you no different from them?”

“Yes, yes, yes I’m not a thing. I’m lesser than a dog or a pig! You just spare me! How much money you want I can give them to you!”

Li Hua continues to beg, “10 million? Not enough, I could give you 20 million right now!”

Qin Chuan looks at him as his gaze seems to be slightly swayed.

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Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 32  [Spend money to buy life]

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