MCW 31

Chapter 31    [Chase then chase Mercedes-Benz]


Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet

Xiang Ba slaps the table and stands up as he keeps trembling.

“Xiang Ba, what’s the matter with you?”

Qin Chuan placed down the chopsticks as he looks at Xiang Ba not understanding what was going on.

“Bro-brother Qian…my wife…”

Qin Chuan asks not understanding what is going on, “What is the matter with your wife. Didn’t she went home?”

“No…she, just sent me an SMS asking for help. She says that she got raped by Li Hua!”


When Qin Chuan heard it, he instantly got a huge shock, “Would she be joking with you?”

“My wife…had never made such kind of jokes before…”

Qin Chuan roars as he immediately rushes out of the canteen.

“What the, where is she then! Why are you still blank out for, hurry and save her ah!”

Jin Jiu who was sitting there smiles like everything was going his way when he sees Qin Chuan and Xiong Ba rushing out of the canteen.

Although this fellow does not play the cards according to their sequence, but in the end isn’t he still a chess piece in my hands! Nothing but a small security guard only. Very soon I shall let you know who calls the shot in this department store!

While Jin Yang is delighted, his treasured son suddenly calls him.

“Why did you call me at this moment!”

Jin Jiu frowns and asks softly, “Aren’t you supposed to hide?”

“I, I’m already hiding…originally I planned to watch the show…but in the end, I did not expect….did not expect that…”

“What did you not expect?”

“Did not expect that before Qin Chuan and Xiong Ba had come down, Young master Li had already finished the matter…”


Jin Jiu was greatly shocked. His exclamation attracted the gaze of the surrounding people. Jin Jiu immediately lowers his voice and roars softly, “Isn’t this just two fucking minutes! Even taking off pants need even more time than that!”

[Cry: I don’t think taking a pants of needs two minutes.] [TL: well…. maybe this Jin Jiu is one of those people who needs so long…]


“This…I also didn’t expect this ah…”

Jin Yang is about to cry, “Anyway this woman is tossed in the carpark, Li Hua is about to leave…ah, Qin Chuan and Xiong Ba had already come down!”

“Fuck…this Li Hua is really not useful! Anyways don’t show yourself!”


Jin Jiu hangs up and hides behind a car to watch the show.

Qin Chuan and Xiong Ba had rushed to the carpark and saw Liu Susu whose lying on the ground with only a piece of clothing covering her.

Xiong Ba’s eyes turn red as he cries out, “Wife!”

Xiong Ba hysterically kneels down as he embraces the unconscious Liu Susu.

“Fucking hell! This fucker!”

Qin Chuan’s becomes angry as he runs after the slowly leaving Mercedes-Benz.

Because the underground carpark is twisting and turning, the car was unable to drive swiftly. While Qin Chuan is using his powerful military trained physique to chase after the car like a bison. He runs swiftly as his muscles power along gathering strength in his legs.

“Boss, there is a security guard chasing after us.”

Li Hua’s driver who is also his bodyguard is behind the steering wheel, reminds when he sees Qin Chuan from the rearview mirror.

“Just two legs and he wishes to chase after cars. Does this security guard thinks that he’s Superman?”

Li Hua sneers and did not place Qin Chuan in his eyes.

At this moment, taking advantage that the car was turning around a corner, Qin Chuan had caught up. Just as the car is about to drive out of the car park, he leaps onto the air and jumps at the back of the car. He grabs hold of the car’s back. Like a gecko, he swiftly scuttles onto the car’s roof and hooks onto the canopy.

“This fellow’s movements are not bad.”

Li Hua is not worried at all. This Mercedes-Benz is a bulletproof car, thus he is not worried that the security guard is able to get in.

He casually lights up a cigar and takes a puff. “But if he wishes to deal with me, Li Hua, he is overestimating his capabilities.”

While he was speaking the Mercedes-Benz had already driven out of the carpark onto the streets.

Li Hua orders, “Toss that fellow off the car.”

“Okay boss.”

The bodyguard nods his head, and starts controlling the car and sways the car body.

Qin Chuan holds onto the car roof tightly. His body sticks to the roof tightly. Although the car was swaying violently, he was still holding onto car’s roof tightly and did not get flung off.

He wants to see just where would this car runs! There will come a day where it will run out of gas!

Qin Chuan holds onto the car roof with one hand while the other hand pulls out a cigarette which he lights up with his windproof lighter.

Not anyone is able to go for a spin like this, I can be considered as having special treatment.

[TL: right…’special treatment’ indeed]

“That fellow is still on top!”

After driving for a while and shaking like it was on a high tide, the Mercedes-Benz was still not able to throw Qin Chuan off. The bodyguard cannot help but shout making Li Hua unhappily say, “What’s the point of hiring you, take him down for me!”

“Understood boss!”

The bodyguard lowers the window before pulling out a stun baton and stretches his hand out of the window, hoping to poke Qin Chuan off the car.

But just as he stretched his hand out, Qin Chuan grabs hold of him and used his strength to pull him to the side immediately.

The huge bodyguard was immediately pulled out by Qin Chuan with a single hand and tossed onto the road. Without a driver, the car immediately started swaying. Qin Chuan swings in through the window and sits on the driver’s seat. He holds the steering wheel and steps on the gas pedal and continues to drive forward.

“What, what do you wish to do?”

Seeing Qin Chuan actually jumping into the car, Li Hua was no longer as calm as before and his voice is trembling slightly.

“Young master Li, your bodyguard’s driving standard is too low already. You see how badly your car is swaying earlier.”

“Stop the car for me!”

Li Hua scots over and grabs to pull away Qin Chuan but is sent back to his seat with a punch from Qin Chuan.

This punch hits Li Hua’s face and breaks his nose instantly. He crashes heavily back onto the back seat and fainted.

Being idle, Qin Chuan pulls out a cigarette and continues to drive the car.

After an unknown amount of time, Li Hua finally wakes up and looks at Qin Chuan. He asks with a trace of horror in his voice, “Where…where are you bringing me to…”

“Just now Young mater Li played such so happily, right now I bring Young master Li to an even happier place.”

“Where are we going?”

“Aren’t we here already.”

Qin Chuan stops the car and the car instantly stops in front of the police station.

Qin Chuan gets off the Mercedes-Benz and pulls Li Hua outs of the car and escorts him into the police station.

When the policemen inside see a security guard bring in a person, they were all shocked.

What is going on this year? A security guard also coming to take over the job of policemen?

One of the policemen asked, “What is going on?”

“This is a rapist.”

Qin Chuan pushes Li Hua making him stagger forward. Nevertheless, he is unable to stand still and kneels onto the ground and is helped up by a policeman.

“I had passed you guys the person, you guys handle it yourself!”

“I am not a rapist!”

Li Hua roars and straightens his collar. He says loudly, “I am Li Hua, Wang Lihua’s son!”

“Ma-mayor Wang’s son…”

When the policemen heard this, all of them were at shock.

Wang Lihua is the vice-mayor of this city. What she’s in charge of was the security work! It can be said that she is considered as the higher-ups of this policemen!

Her son is actually captured here…what’s with this situation?

“Quickly please have a sit!”

The policeman hurries and lets Li Hua had a sit. He is also not police as he arrogantly sits down.

Qin Chuan is a bit unhappy, “Oi! This is a rapist! How can you guys let him sit?”

“Whether or not he is a rapist, it’s not up to you to say!”

The policeman glares at Qin Chuan, “We will not let off a bad person nor will we wrong a good person! We will investigate the actual situation before deciding!”

“Then you guys hurry up and investigate ah!”

“How we police handle the case is not up to you this security guard to teach!”

The policeman glance at Qin Chuan before sneering. Qin Chuan instantly clenches his fist before loosening it. Looks like I am really thinking this matter too simply.

“What are you policemen doing. Under broad daylight you actually let this kind of ruffian assault me!”

Li Hua reprimanded rudely, “If something happens to me, are you guys able to take the responsibility?”

“Right, right, right. What Young master Li says is right.”

The policeman nods his head before giving an eye signal. Two policemen from the side immediately walk over to Qin Chuan’s side and handcuff his hands up.

Qin Chuan instantly become indignant, “Ah? Why did you guys handcuff me for?”

“What did Mr. Li do, we do not know. But we saw, you assaulting people in broad daylight. First, we shall detain you for 24 hours. Stay in the detention room obediently.”

Speaking finish the two policemen escort Qin Chuan and pushes him into the interrogation room.

Qin Chuan frowns deeply, while Li Hua sitting by the side lights up a cigar and sneers at him with an air of complacency.

“This is society, not relying on fighting and killing to eat on.”

While Qin Chuan is being escorted away, Li Hua says impolitely, “You ah, is destined to forever be an ordinary security guard only! A trash of the society!”

“Young master Li, let you get a shock. Come drink some tea to calm your nerve!”

The policeman passes Li Hua a cup of tea. After Li Hua takes a sip, he immediately spits it out.

“Spits! What trash tea is this! When had I ever drink this kind of tea before!”

“Sorry, sorry young master Li, our place here is a bit lousy, only have this kind of tea…please put up with it…”

“Hmph! Really is unlucky…”

Before Qin Chuan got pushed into the room, he is able to faintly here Li Hua scolding outside.

If I’m trash, then he is a scum.

No matter what, Qin Chuan still believes that in this world there is righteous! The one who got harmed is Liu Susu, Xiong Ba definitely will sue! At that time, even if Li Hua was the son of the mayor, he will have to take the consequences!

[Cry: I doubt a nobody would win in court against a son of a mayor when the police are this corrupt already.]


Thinking to here, Qin Chuan calmed down. After being locked in the detention room, he is still smiling at the policeman in front of him.

“Big brother, pass me a cigarette ah.”

His cigarette, money, and handphone were all taken by the policeman.

“Still wish to smoke?”

The policeman sneers, “Where do you think this place is?”

“Forget it, give him a stick.”

The other policeman was rather kindhearted. He pulls out a pack of Honghe and toss it to Qin Chuan, “Don’t know if you’ll be able to smoke in the future, today let you smoke until you are happy.”

Qin Chuan is slightly puzzled, what’s the meaning of what you just said?

He stayed in the interrogation room for a long time. On the same evening, Wang Yue finally came to look for him.


[ Cry: If you see any mistakes at all that needs editing just tell in the comments or discord.

Reason would be because I lost motivation to edit this chapter (the bottom half the part where he brought Li Hua into the police station.) seeing this much annoying fodder of a police force being corrupt.]

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 31  [Chase then chase Mercedes-Benz]

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