MCW 30

Chapter 30    [Romance in the air]


Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Xiang Ba’s mind definitely must have short-circuited! I’m only saying such things to boast that’s all, how can he say it out loud!

Finished, how would Miao Tian see me now, would she treat me as a pervert? Although I am indeed one, but this kind of thing is not something good to say out loud….

Qin Chuan feels completely speechless. This Xiong Ba’s mouth is a bit too quick.

Miao Tian lowers her head with a red face as she toys with the edges of her clothing, “That…”

“What’s the matter Miao Tian? Don’t listen to this guy’s was just saying nonsense. He was only joking around and talking big with you that’s all!”

Xiong Ba wished to retort but got kicked by Qin Chuan under the table making him silent.

Qin Chuan pulls out his meal card and magnanimously says, “Did you forgot to bring your meal card? Let me lend you mine. Here you go, don’t be polite, just use it as you wish!”

Xiong Ba rolls his eyes, by the side, so magnanimous, giving a meal card to slash as he wishes. Who’s card does he think that belongs to!

Miao Tian shakes her head and pushes aside QIn Chuan’s card. “Qin Chuan…I’m not here to freeload a meal…I, I’m here to apologize….”


Qin Chuan does not understand why, “What’s there for you to apologize?”

“Sorry…for, for those things that I said to you before…actually they were not what I truly want to say. I hope that you did not take them seriously.”

Miao Tian took a deep breath before gathering her courage and says, “I’m just….slightly afraid…but I also do not wish to lose you as a friend. Thus I hope that you can forgive me.”

“This is really rare to hear such things.”

Qin Chuan laughs, “Miao Tian, I also treat you as a friend, thus there’s no need to say such things. On the contrary, it should be me who should be apologizing. Because of me, it caused you to to be reassigned out of the sales department.”

“Actually…after-sales is also not bad…”

Miao Tian sighs, “In the sales department, my sales volume is indeed slightly lower…every month, I relied on the basic pay to pass my days. If this goes on, even if the company does not fire me, I might also be unable to take it anymore…right now I got assigned to the after-sales department, there’s no longer that pressure of being unable to meet the quota.”

“Alas, being a sales personnel is rather tempting ah.”

Qin Chuan says, “If you’re a bit more magnanimous and knows how to speak a bit that would be good. But you’re also very shy did you usually get teased by the customer?”

“That, that did not happen.”

Miao Tian immediately shakes her head, “But the after-sales department is a lot more lenient…anyway, I hope that the two of us can still be friends…this, this 50 dollars, I’m returning it back to you.”

Finish speaking she stuffs the money into Qin Chuan’s hand before turning around and escapes. Qin Chuan watched her back and feels that it was a bit beautiful.

If I’m really able to date this girl, that would be quite good. Just that if I’m really going to, it’s just that that Sun Jialiang fellow would pop out and mess thing up.


“Young master Li, what do you think about that lass?”

Jin Jiu who was sitting there. Jin Yang was also called over by him and is pouring wine for Li Hua by the side. As he hints to his own to be a bit more quick-witted, he asks like he is currying favor.

If he wants to be the next president, then he must curry favor from these directors. Even if his son got used by Li Hua as a sacrificial chess piece before, but his attitude towards him is like he was treating his own father.

Director oppresses me a thousand times, I help the director like his first love! This is Jin Jiu’s doctrine!

“Cannot.” Li Hua shakes his head, “beautiful is indeed beautiful but too plain. You do not understand my taste. I like married women, only those young married women have flavor ah!”

Finished speaking he raised the winecup in his hand and swirls the red wine inside, “After experiencing a period of fermentation, it’s then a really good wine!”

Just as he was speaking, Li Hua’s eyes suddenly brighten.

Jin Jiu follows his gaze and looks over only to see a rather pretty young married woman. She was wearing a school teacher’s attire and carrying a small white bag and was walking in that blasted Qin Chuan’s direction.

Why are the beauties walking towards that security guard’s direction? Could it be that they are blind?!

“Do you see that woman…”

Li Hua licks his lips, “That’s a real woman!”

Jin Jiu immediately ask, “Young master Li is interested in her?”

“Interested is of course interested. But, after all, she isn’t my women hahaha.”

Li Hau laughs, while Jin Jiu gives his son a look.

Jin Jiu nods his head before saying in a lowered voice, “Young master Li, if you really want this woman, it’s not like it’s impossible…”

“Oh?” Li Hua’s eyebrow raises, “You have a plan?”

“As long as Young master li believes in me, hehe…”

Li Hua first state himself clearly. “I naturally believe you. But I did not say anything. If something really happens, it has nothing to do with me, Li Hua.”

“Young master Li relax. I understand!”

Jin Yang immediately gets up and leave.

“With my son handling matter, Young master Li can relax. Right now Young master Li can just go back to your car and wait. In a while, we guarantee to send the person to you!”

“Haha, not bad. Your Jin Family is indeed smart.”

Li Hua nods his head before getting up and walking out.




“Wife, why did you come?”

Xiong Ba is stun see this sexy teacher.

Qin Chuan is also shocked. This beauty is actually Xiong Ba’s wife? This is simply damn cool!

He had thought that Xiong Ba’s wife would be those kinds of swift and fierce woman, 1.8m tall, build like a bodybuilder those kinds of women! But who would have known that it was a beauty!

“Hubby…today I do not have classes anymore and wish to go back home but forgot about the keys…”

The beautiful teacher speaks very softly, which was really pleasant. Although Xiong Ba himself is very good-for-nothing, but being able to marry such a good wife ah!

Xiong Ba says, “Ah, then why didn’t you just give me a phone call and I can just come over and pass the key to you!”

“What’s the point of making make a trip for something like this. Some more, you’re still working…how can you leave as you like.”

The beauty smiles, “Just give me the key already. This one is your colleague?”

Xiong Ba immediately introduces, “Ah, this one is my new colleague, Qin Chuan. You can just call him Brother Qin like me! Brother Qin. This is my wife, Liu Susu!”

“Brother Qin.”

Liu Susu magnanimously stretches out her hand and shakes hand with Qin Chuan.

Qin Chuan grasps lightly before withdrawing his hand. Like the saying, you should not covet your friend’s wife. Qin Chuan does not do things like taking advantage of other people’s wife.

“Okay, here’s the key you quickly go back home.”

“Mm, recently I also have a bit of flue…then I go back first.”

Speaking finish Liu Susu nods her head towards Qin Chuan, “Brother Qin, if you have time, come over to our house and play. I go back first.”

“Bye bye then sister-in-law!”

Qin Chuan waves his hand and after saying her goodbyes, Liu Susu turns around and left the canteen.

In the end, she meets a guy wearing a black suit at the entrance. That guy points at the nametag on his chest, “This woman, I’m the butler of this department store, please wait.”

“Ah? who are you…”

Seeing Jin Yang who was standing in front of her, Liu Susu is slightly curious. Why did this guy find me for?

Jin Yang sighs and says with a serious expression, “Actually I’m looking for you is because I wish to discuss with you matters regarding your husband.”

“Ah, what, what happened to my husband?”

Hearing that it’s something related to Xiong Ba, Liu Susu, instantly becomes slightly anxious.

“No worries, there is no need for you to be too worried. Let us go to the VIP room and slowly discuss.”

Finish speaking Jin Yang leads Liu Susu and walks into Li Hua’s VIP guest room. When Liu Susu walks in, she looks around and gasps in surprise at how luxurious this VIP room is.

“Come, please sit.”

Jin Yang picks up two cups and pours out red wine, “No need to polite. It’s just an ordinary family member dialogue. The main point is for you to understand your husband mode when he is working.”

Liu Susu breath out a sigh of relief. She had thought that Xiong Ba had made a mistake and is going to be fired by the department store.

“Come have a drink. There is no need to be so anxious. Xiong Ba and I are good colleagues. Our relationship is not bad.”

Jin Yang pushes the cup in front of Liu Susu. Liu Susu did not suspect him and just pick up the wine up and slowly sip it.

“Talking about this, I really did not expect that Xiong Ba would actually have such a beautiful wife like you.”

Jin Yang clucks, “Really is out of my expectation.”

“The two of us are childhood sweethearts.”

Liu Susu smiles warmly, “Since young we had been together. Xiong Ba is a good person. Perhaps he is a bit thoughtless, I hope that you guys can take care of him.”

“Relax, even if it is in view of your face, we will take good care of Xiong Ba in the future. Hehehe…”

Jin Yang suddenly smiles as a trace of evil light appears in his originally clear eyes.

“Why, why is it in view of my face…”

While Liu Susu was speaking, she suddenly feels dizzy. Following which a hard to endure fire rises from within her body burning her entire body making her skin to turn pinkish.

“Because very quickly you will have the fortune of serving one of our directors.”

Finish speaking Jin Yang stretched out his hand and pulls Liu Susu into his embrace.

After Liu Susu got affected by the aphrodisiac, she subconsciously stretches out her hands towards Jin Yang’s throat. A fragrance enters Jin Yang’s nose almost making him almost unable to take it and want to take her first. But he manages to control his lower body.

His father still needs to rely on this woman to exchange his position!

There’s a total of 11 members on the board of directors. As long as my father is able to obtain the support of 6 of them, my father will become the next president!

At that time, what kind of woman am I not be able to obtain? A young married woman…just bear with it for now!

Jin Yang carried Liu Susu and secretly slip out from the VIP room’s back door. After which he rides the internal lift to the carpark downstairs. Li Hua’s Mercedes-Benz was parked in the underground carpark.

When Jin Yang walks up to the car, the car door was opened. A bodyguard gets off the car and watches Jin Yang carries Liu Susu in before locking up the car door properly.

Very quickly the Mercedes-Benz starts rocking as a girl moaning can be heard from inside.

“Ah…so…so hot…hubby…use…use strength…”

In her daze, Liu Susu had taken Li Hua as her husband Xiong Ba.

Jin Yang by the side starts to feel hot-blooded as he listens. Looks like tonight I need to go and find a woman to vent.

He retreats a bit and picks up a call.

“Mm, already doing it now…relax father, what is left to do is to watch their show.”

Speaking finish Jin Jiu hangs up before sending an SMS.

Currently, Xiong Ba, who was eating with Qin Chuan in the canteen, his expression went through a large change after he received an SMS.


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Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 30  [Romance in the air]

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