Chapter 3    [Real killer weapons]


“Security guard?”

Qin Chuan shoots to his feet directly, “CEO….CEO Wang, don’t you feel that I look very much like a wall calendar. Are you joking around with me? This is the rumored most important post that will affect the safety of the department store?”

“That is indeed true.”

Wang Yue says faintly, “Security guard is very important, they will protect the safety of our department store.”

“Do you think that I Qin Chuan is an idiot?”

Qin Chuan smiles in anger saying in his heart, damn lass you come over, I guarantee that I will not beat you to death!

“Qin Chuan you need to follow the arrangement of the group.”

Wang Yue drawls and says, “Every single position is very important!”

“I am not a child and you actually use this kind of words to dupe me?”

Qin Chuan says unhappily, “Just a security guard, don’t do it is fine! Since this path does not accommodate me, then why would I stay on this path. I can just go!”

Damn it, no matter what I am still a mercenary king! Back then I am called the Grim Reaper on the battlefield! Right now I become a security guard for other people, if those brothers of mine know, wouldn’t they laugh to death!

Saying finish Qin Chuan prepares to leave. That ultimate weapon is shocked as she looks at him like she had never seen a guy who goes against Wang Yue head-on before.

All the guys, which one of them are not like housefly seeing honey buzzing around her.

While this fellow in front…is he really a guy? Or is his lower body not capable? Er…seeing his fit figure why don’t I try in the house some other day…aiyah, what am I thinking of! Qian Jiao ah Qian Jiao, a girl 30 like wolf, 40 like tiger, you are not even 30 yet why are you so fierce!

Qian Jiao covers her heated up face and starts reciting English text to clear her mind of distracting thoughts.

Of course, Qin Jian does not know this lass is thinking of as he starts walking preparing to leave.

Wang Yue sneers, although if Qin Chuan really leaves, my father will definitely find trouble for me, but this kind of person, naturally I have methods to deal with him.

Thus she is calm as she says, “What is the matter Qin Chuan didn’t you say that you will be successful no matter what you do, right now you are terrified already?”

“Who says that I am terrified?”

Qin Chuan immediately turns around and pats his chest and says, “In my dictionary, there isn’t terrified this word!”

“Then let me ask you are you not a talented person?”

“Is there any need to ask? Of course!”

“Then are you not a piece of gold?”

Qin Chuan says arrogantly, “It is a must!”

This lass finally notice my light!

“Since you are a talent, a piece of gold, you should know that gold will let out light wherever it is!”

Wang Yue ask, “Could it be that you are afraid that you be overlooked if you be a security guy?”


Yin Chuan suddenly turns speechless, this Wang Yue actually trap me with words! Damn it, actually being tricked by a girl is really uncomfortable ah!

“Furthermore being a security guard is also not bad.”

Wang Yue says, “Do you know how many people are lining up to be the security guard of my Imperial Mall? Or could it be that you are do not dare to do it? If you do not dare then OK, I will not stop you. The door is over there. Before you leave, remember to close the door for me.”

Qin Chuan is very unhappy, since she says it like this how can I leave.

“Security guard then security guard, as long as you don’t be behind in the payment of my wages!”

“Our Imperial Mall had never been late in paying wages.”

Wang Yue immediately smiles, “You can work in relief.”

Qian Jiao is shocked. During her many years of working in this company, she had never seen Wang Yue smile before! Just who is this fellow, to be able to see Wang Yue smile! Looks like this fellow is indeed not common, I am starting to become more and more interested in him!

“Qian Jiao, I will be relying on your to arrange him to work.”

Saying finish Wang Yue lowers her head again no longer looking at Qin Chuan like she had finished settling her work as usual.

“Yes CEO Wang.”

Qian Jiao nods her head and then pull open the door, “Mr Qin, please.”


Qin Chuan nods his head. Wang Yue also lets out a breath, finally send this pest off.

Qin Chuan suddenly turn his head and says to Wang Yue, “CEO Wang, before I go I have something that I want to tell you.”

Wang Yue reply casually, “Oh, our company will take care for lunch. If you do over time, we will provide dinner as well. There is also a dining hall.”

“What the, I am not asking this! But do I have to pay if I eat in the dining hall?”

Currently, Qin Chuan is indeed embarrassedly short of money. When he retired from Africa, he divided all of his money that he had earned to the family of dead war buddy of his. I basically have hands and legs and is able to earn money. But their family have elderlies and young, alas…


Wang Yue cannot take Qin Chuan’s poor attitude and frowns. “Employee’s meal is 50%. At that time we will issue your meal card as well as the door card. Qian Jiao will pass them to you. Quickly go and stop bothering me doing my work. In future don’t come and bother me for nothing. I am the CEO, not someone anyone can meet.”

“Will not bother you one. But what I want to say is not this.”

“Then what do you want to say, quickly say it!”

Qin Chuan says, “Don’t just see that I am just a security guard now. One day I will reach your CEO position.”

A brilliance flashes across Qin Chuan’s eyes, “At that time, you better don’t cry.”

Saying finish he turns around and walks off. Leaving Wang Yue sitting there slightly at a blank.

Qian Jiao is shocked as she looks at Qin Chuan. This guy…is rather interesting!

Seeing Qin Chuan and another beauty walking out from the office, Jin Yang is very angry. When Qin Chuan walk past him, Jin Wang says in a low voice, “Little fellow I will make you regret joining this company!”

“Who are you ah?”

Qin Chuan looks at Jin Yang in puzzlement, like he is looking at an unfamiliar person, “Do I know you?”

“Damn it….”

Jin Yang is very angered. But seeing that beauty who has the identity of the director secretary he bear with it! In front of beauty, I must maintain my image!

But there will come a day, I will definitely take revenge for this anger!

Stinky fellow, I will make hard for you to move a single step in Imperial!

“When you reached the security guard department, remember to maintain lowkey. Do not let your manager to see your bad temper.”

Qian Jiao is rather kind-hearted. As they walk, she reminds Qin Chuan, “Although the security guard manager have high qualifications and talented…but his tolerance is not high.”


Qin Chuan is curious, “What is his background?”

“He is called Zhang Dana, a relative of a CEO. I heard that he used to be a soldier and have reached the rank of a company commander. Afterward, I heard that because he likes to mistreat new soldiers he got fired by the forces.”

Qian Jiao smiles and says, “You need to pay attention. The workplace is like a battlefield. This place is not as simple as what you think. Being a security guard is not bad, but wanting to be CEO….you can just think that’s all. Since CEO Wang passed to you me, in future if you have any matter you can just ask me.”

“Then can I ask you a very important question?”


Qian Jiao did is very shock as she did not expect that this fellow really wishes to learn.

“Secretary Qian….are your breasts real?”

Qin Chuan’s words are shocking, causing Qian Jiao to be instantly stunned.


Chapter 3    [Real killer weapon]

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