MCW 29

Chapter 29    [Give birth to child]


Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet

Director Liu had just invested in this department store, but he is also in the group that opposes Wang Yue.

In this department store, the authority of their board of directors is very large! But after Wang Yue came into power, she weakened the board of directors scope of authority which made the board of directors unhappy. What they need was a puppet, not a policymaker!

But what he did not expect was that in this department store he would actually see such a reckless fellow! Just where did this security guard pop out from! He’s too lawless already!

Qin Chuan turns around and asks the surrounding customers, “Safeguarding ‘the customer’s rights’, not letting the customer’s money suffer any damage, my dear customers do you guys think that what I did was right or wrong?”


The customers shouted at the same time making Director Liu’s lips to twitch.

This security guard is not stupid at all. he actually used the surrounding customers’ mood of watching a show!

Indeed if they support this security guard then he has no way to continue investigating! After all Qin Chuan did not really take action to hit people. He only lifts up Jin Jiu that’s all.

“Come, come, let Manager Jin be frightened.”

Qin Chuan places Jin Jiu back onto the ground. After which he smiles merrily as he pats his shoulder, “I’m really sorry, I this person am a bit direct and is just a small security guard. I believe that Manager Jin is broad-minded and will not lower yourself to the level of us small people right?”

Jin Jiu clenches his teeth as he glares at Qin Chuan ferociously like he wished to swallow him up whole.

But in front of so many people, he has no other choice but to smile along and say, “Thinking for the ‘customers rights’ is correct…”

Jin Jiu bears with his anger as he smiles, “But next time please take note of your methods. Doing it the way you did is a bit coarse, do understand?”

“What Manager Jin says is right! Looks like Manager Jin is indeed a magnanimous person ah! Furthermore, you really consider for the customer ah!”

Qin Chuan continues and says, “Then did Miao Tian offended Manager Jin is that why you reassigned her to the after-sales department?”

Jin Jiu’s smile stiffens, “This…”

At this moment from the side comes a familiar voice, “Qin Chuan have you messed around enough already?”

Hearing this voice, the insolent smile on Qin Chuan’s face disappears. He turns around and takes a look, indeed Wang Yue was standing by the side as she looks at him coldly with a trace of disappointment in her eyes.

Qin Chuan lets go and says, “President Wang, I’m not messing around but handling proper business.”

“Wang Yue you have finally come!”

Director Liu looks at Wang Yue and says in anger, “Take a look at the kind of person you recruited!”

“Inside the department store, please call me President Wang.”

Wang Yue impolitely say, “Furthermore, I don’t feel that a responsible security guard has done anything wrong.”

Director Liu cannot hold back his anger, “Wang Yue you actually dare to speak to me like this, I am questioning your management!”

“If you got any questions then wait till the meeting of the board of directors. A director actually wish to let the customers see a joke?”

Wang Yue says indifferently. Seeing the surrounding guest, Director Liu snorts before leaving.

“Qin Chuan, come with me.”

“President Wang, I still haven’t settled this matter…”

“If you do not wish to get fired then come with me!”

Wang Yue left behind these words before turning around and leaves. Qin Chuan did not have any choice but to obediently follow behind his boss.

Who asked her to be the one who provides my bread and butter? This is also something that he has no choice of the matter.

Wang Yue directly brings Qin Chuan to the 5th-floor office before sitting in front of her office table.

Qin Chuan stands inside the office and realized that Wang Yue only lowers her head to do her work, ignoring him. Feeling bored, Qin Chuan starts looking around.

“I must say being a president is quite good. One person using such a big office which is enough for three people to live in, it really is such a pity.”

“You think that this seat is that nice to sit in?”

Wang Yue finally raised her head and looks at Qin Chuan, “Do you know how many people are eyeing this seat? How many people are waiting for me, Wang Yue to go down?”

“Is that so? I see that you are sitting there quite firmly.”

Qin Chuan shrugs his shoulder, “Isn’t your life much more comfortable than us lower class people?”

“Developed four limbs and a simple mind.”

Wang Yue snorts. She crosses her arms squeezing her breasts together. It makes them look like they were about to burst out like a completely ripe fruit, very alluring.

Even Qin Chuan must admit that her figure is really great and doesn’t have any flaws. God is really unfair to create such a perfect woman and gives her such a perfect family. It’s really making people who compare completely envious!

Sometimes I feel like I’m dreaming. Such a woman actually is my fiancee!

“I originally thought that you were rather smart, but today I realized that you are just a hotblooded brainless idiot that’s all.”

Wang Yue smiles mockingly, “A woman is actually able to make you lose rationality. Looks like you are unable to become something big. Not to mention being a president, even this security guard, I see that sooner or later, you will not be able to work as it is!”

“If a security guard needs to live carefully every day like a dog then I’d rather not be one.”

Qin Chuan throws caution to the wind and directly say his true feelings, “For 4k a month I need to flatter this flatter that like a lackey? To be able to eat, I’m going to turn a blind eye to my friend being harmed by others? This kind of security guard, even if you want me to be, I will also not be!”

Speaking finish he instantly starts taking off his uniform.

“What are you doing?”

Wang Yue got a shocked, is this fellow crazy, taking off his clothing here.

“I’m returning you the clothing, I’m not doing it anymore!”

“Then resign, and let Jin Jiu those fellows laugh at you.”

Wang Yue’s sentence causes Qin Chuan to stop his hand what is removing his clothing.

“What do you mean by what you say?”

“You are finally starting to think?”

Wang Yue leaned against the chair and said indifferently, “You think that Jin Jiu reassigned Miao Tian to the after-sales department just to take revenge? You are too naive! They are doing it just to make you become angry and then make you do irrational things or you resign and don’t work anymore, scram out from the door of Imperial.”

“Since you say so then I’m not going to let them win so easily.”

Qin Chuan puts back on his almost taken off clothing. “Since they wish to see me as a joke, I’m not going to let that happen!”

“Aren’t you going to resign? Resign ah.”

Wang Yue points at the computer. “Since we know each other for so long, I can still give you the last bit of friendship. I can lend you the computer to let you type your resignation letter. I can personally help you approve it.”

“Forget it. How can I trouble President Wang for this kind of matters! As a staff of Imperial, I should help leader share the work. How can I give leader more worries and pressure! You relax, from today onwards, I, Qin Chuan will definitely work properly! Isn’t it just being a security guard, I shall make it colorful for him!”

Speaking finish Qin Chuan immediately walked out of the office.

What the heck why does it feels like I got indirectly influenced by Wang Yue again! This lass seems to be able to control me in her palm! Hmph, those who are leaders, none of them are anything good!

But since Jin Jiu actually dare to play tricks on me, then this matter shall not end like this.

Qin Chuan looks downstairs and realises that Jin Jie is on the first-floor inspecting, a smile appeared on his face.

“Ah, Li Hua also came?”

Qin Chuan sees that Jin Jue seems to be very respectful as he guides Li Hua around the department store. It’s really like-minded people mingle together. Qin Chuan does not wish to get involved with such matters nor does he feel like getting involved with such matters. He returns back to the first floor when Xiang Ba called him to have lunch together.

So I had actually tarried for so long? No wonder I feel hungry. I haven’t eaten since I woke up.

He follows Xiang Ba to the canteen. The two of them obtain a set meal each and Qin Chuan realize that the meal is still not bad. Two vegs, two non-veg as well as a soup.

[TL: in this case, non-veg can be either meat or fish] [Cry: It’s basically either someone who only eats vegetables only or someone who eats meat and vegetables.]


While Jin Jiu and Li Hua are also having a meal here. But they are sitting in the leader’s section and their decor and meal are clearly better, like a real restaurant as well as a personal chef servicing them.

“The classification in this department store is really severe ah.”

Qin Chuan looked around and realized that those higher ranking workers are sitting in the good positions while the middle-ranking workers are sitting in a lousier place. As for them these lowest layer workers, they can only seat near the corners to eat.

“No choice. This is the decision of the board of directors.”

Xiang Ba lowers his voice and says to Qin Chuan, “They say it’s to encourage and stimulate the employees to keep working hard to improve. Although President Wang keeps rejecting this kind of classification treatment, but she is unable to change it until now. You see us security guards are the lowest. Like them, sales personnel, shop assistants, they are considered as lower class employee. Floor manager, as well as some office workers, are considered as the middle-ranking employee. Further up is the high level, as well as the board of directors. Where Manager Jin is sitting is the specially constructed for the board of directors. They enjoy the highest treatment. Just the dining hall altogether have 8 regional cuisine chef, as well as a french chef who specially service them. Alas…when can I enjoy just kind of treatment, how nice would it be.”

“Don’t worry. No one is born to be a security guard forever.”

Qin Chuan picks up a piece of red meat and stuff into his mouth. He then mumbles unclearly, “Heroes don’t ask about their origins, perhaps us brothers will be able to achieve meteoric success!”

“Aiyah, I do not dare to think about those.”

Xiong Ba keeps shaking his head, “I just wish to be a small security guard. My wife is still waiting for me to earn more money so that she can give birth to a baby.”

Qin Chuan sneers, “No ambition!”

Xiong Ba becomes curious, “Then what does Brother Qin plan to do?”

Qin Chuan says heroically, “I’m going to make all of the women give birth to my child!”


By the side, a woman who had accidentally heard what Qin Chuan said, spit out her soup that she was drinking.

Qin Chuan smells a scent making him turn around to see a familiar figure standing by his side. Her face is completely red as and she appears to be awkward.

After listening to what Qin Chuan said, Xiong ba almost subconsciously followed up foolishly and asks, “Ah, Miss Miao, are you here to give birth to a child for Brother Qin?”

The chopsticks in Qin Chuan’s hand drops.


[Cry: If you see any mistakes or sentences that doesn’t make sense please comment it in the chapter or ping us in discord. Editing CN’s to proper English is sometimes hard cause we want to keep the translation at point. Broken English #1. ]

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 29  [Give birth to child]

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