MCW 28

Chapter 28    [Customers are gods]


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Sun Jialiang is a butler of this department store. He had always been the pride of his family. Today he is 25 years old and had already become a silver butler of Imperial department store earning a 100k yearly.

His and Miao Tian’s family are both aristocratic friends, thus he and Miao Tian can be considered as childhood friends.

He had always been chasing after Miao Tian up until now but Miao Tian did not agree to him yet. In the end, this small security guard who had just worked for two days, the entire department store was spreading rumors that they were dating as well as … getting pregnant thus they were going to get married! This makes Sun Jialiang very angry!

Due to Qin Chuan, Miao Tian got reassigned to the after-sales department this cold office which makes him even more unhappy. I had carefully taken care of Miao Tian for so many years, how can I let this damn security guard defile her!

Thus when this Sun Family Jialiang sees Qin Chuan, he did not say anything and already wanted to fight! But who was Qin Chuan. How can he let this brother hit him.

Under Miao Tian’s panicking cry, he only leans to the side slightly and dodges the fist.

Sun Jialiang is also shocked when he punches the air.

He originally thought that he is going to beat Qin Chuan up, but who would know that he misses!

“Don’t hit people!”

Originally Sun Jialiang wanted to punch out one more time but got stopped by Miao Tian.

“Tian Tian, don’t stop me, I am going to beat him up!”

Sun Jialiang shouts attracting the gaze of the surrounding people.

“What are you doing?”

Qin Chuan frowns. Just now he almost subconsciously counter-attacked. But if he really did counter-attack, with Sun Jialiang this kind of skinny physique, he would be instantly knocked out by him.

“It’s all because of you! If you had not provoked Manager Jin, why would Tian Tian be reassigned to the after-sales department! Originally my family’s people had already accepted Tian Tian, right now with what you did, they will definitely look down on her job! How am I going to marry Tian Tian!”

Qin Chuan smiles, marry Miao Tian? Base on what I know about Miao Tian, she isn’t even dating at all, isn’t this brother imagine that his love is one-sided?

“Jialiang, don’t say anymore!”

Miao Tian also becomes anxious, just what’s going on ah.

“For Miao Tian’s sake, I will not lower myself to your level.”

Finished speaking Qin Chuan pulls out 300 dollars and stuffs them into Miao Tian’s hand, “Miao Tian, thank you for lending me money yesterday. The remaining 50 is the interest for lending me the money! Although I, Qin Chuan is poor, but I had never owed people! There’s no need for you to worry about the scandal between the two of us. We are only ordinary colleagues only, as for the matter of you being reassigned, I’ll try and solve it.”

Finished speaking Qin Chuan immediately turned around and walks off while Sun Jialiang was a bit stun.

Only ordinary colleagues? What did he mean?

Miao Tian watches Qin Chuan’s back view blankly. She feels like she had done something wrong. Her earlier attitude towards Qin Chuan was indeed slightly cold, but…it’s not like she was doing it on purpose. It’s just that recalling the gossip that the surrounding people are spreading around, she was a bit horrified.

Since young, she had experienced this kind of matter. Her results when she was young was quite good and during junior high, she was one of the top few students in the class.

In the end, back then a student who is really good at mingling around set his sights on Miao Tian. When he had nothing to do, he will purposefully disseminate sex scandals about the two of them. In the end, Miao Tian got called out by the teacher to be criticized and her parents also scold her as well. In the end, Miao Tian completely collapsed and her grades suddenly got a devastating decline, until in the end she was unable to get into a good university, thus she can only be a sales personnel in Imperial.

Currently, Qin Chuan’s and her matter makes her have the same feeling. But seeing Qin

Chuan’s back view, she has some difficulties that she was unable to say.

I…seemed to had really been a bit too excessive.

“Tian Tian, why did you keep pulling me ah. You should have let me go and beat him up! This fellow is just asking for a beating!”

Sun Jialiang shouts by the side, “If it’s not for you pulling me, I would have already beaten him up! With his size wouldn’t I have beaten him until he cannot take care of his own daily life!”

[Cry: I really do wonder where in god’s green and blue earth does he get this statement of his.]

“Enough! You go and be busy with your work! Stop bothering me okay!”

Miao Tian suddenly berates, “I’m not a kid anymore, there’s no need for you to keep taking care of me! Furthermore, I am also not your girlfriend!”

“Tian Tian…”

Sun Jialiang was stun. The always obedient Miao Tian is actually saying such kind of things to me!

After Miao Tian finishes her temper, she returns to her work post and no longer cared about Sun Jialiang. Sun Jialiang resentfully stands there and feels likes he was a clown. Finally, he placed all of his resentment onto Qin Chuan.

It’s all because of that fellow! If it wasn’t because of him, why would Tian Tian treat me like this!

Hmph, I will definitely find a chance to ruthlessly take revenge and make that security guard completely be humiliated!

Qin Chuan didn’t know that he had gotten targeted by someone. Current he directly went all the way to the 5th-floor office and with fixed eyes he pushes open the operation’s department’s door.

When the people from the operations department sees Qin Chuan walking in suddenly, they immediately berate.

One of the female staffs identified Qin Chuan’s attire and instantly berates with a frown, “Ah, who are you ah?”

Qin Chuan immediately gets to the point, “I’m looking for Jin Jiu.”

“Is Manager Jin someone you this small security guard are able to see?”

The female staff immediately berate, “Still not scramming out!”

“What is it, leader does not dare to see people is it?”

Qin Chuan laughs coldly as he stands there while looking around the surrounding coldly.

Being stared by him like that, the female staff instantly feels slightly numb in her heart. This guy…what a sharp gaze.

When did the security guards from the department store become so impressive?

“Ma-manager Jin is currently on the first floor touring with a new board director…”

One of the staffs was slightly fearful of Qin Chuan’s imposing manner and was unable to bear it and informs him,

“Thank you.”

Qin Chuan leaves speedily, leaving behind a group of wide-eyes staffs. What the heck, what’s with this situation, how are security guards so overbearing nowadays?

Jin Jiu was currently accompanying the department store’s new director to look around the department store. Currently, they are standing in front of the household electric appliance area.

“Director Liu, you see, this is our department store’s biggest household electric appliances area! Inside here are convergences from all of the household electric appliances in our country. In my operation, every year the sales rate had always been unceasingly increasing, helping the department store in generating a number of profits!”

“Not bad, well done.”

Director Liu rubs his beer belly as he praises Jin Jiu by the side, “Little Jin ah, I had always looked well on you. Although Wang Yue that lass isn’t bad, but she’s still too young. Letting her became the president when she is so young is really willful.”

[Cry: Beer belly: Basically a fat-ass.]

“Director Liu had overpraised!”

Jin Jiu laughs and keeps nodding his head, “President Wang is very good. Even if she’s young, her experience is lacking! As the operation’s manager of the department store, I will surely assist President Wang Yue!”

“Alas, you see, you are too modest.”

Director Liu clucks as he pats Jin Jiu on his shoulder and says, “I had heard that you are quite influential in the company? A lot of staffs support you to become the president?”

“Aiyah…you are overpraising…but my popularity is indeed not bad. Hahaha, my methods of treating my subordinates are comparatively good-natured. I would usually look upon them as my children while they also respect me as a father, hahaha!”

Just as Jin Jiu just finished speaking a security guard walks over aggressively.

This security guard did not say anything and immediately stretches out his hand and grabs hold of Jin Jiu by his collar and lift him up.

“Ahhhh! What, what are you doing!”

Jin Jiu was completely stunned as he kicks his legs while his face turns red from being choked. Very quickly he was unable to say anything.

Director Liu also got a shock as he immediately berates, “Who are you, what do you want!”

His secretary by the side also steps forward to try and pulls Qin Chuan away. but Qin Chuan’s body is like an iron pillar. Even after using all of his strength the secretary was unable to pull QIn Chuan’s arm away.

“You, you, you, you quickly let go of your hand! Quickly let go! Security guards, where did the security guards go!”

Director Liu roars out, immediately attracting the attention of a number of guest in the area.

They watch as a security guard lifts up a fatty and raises him into the air.

This scene is rare! A lot of people immediately takes out their handphone to take picture crazily and starts microblogging.

With Director Liu roar of anger, all of the security guards in the department store ran over.

Zhang Dana who was holding a rubber truncheon separated the crowd as he brings a few security guards and walks over.

[Cry: But wasn’t there only 5 or so guards and all in the doorstep of death?]

“Damn it who have such guts and eaten the gut of a leopard to dare to cause trouble in Imperial! Watch how I….”

Before he speaks finish, he was stunned there.

What the heck the one who is the one causing trouble, isn’t it Qin Chuan!

The security guards which includes Xiong Ba were badly frightened. They did not dare to tarry and hurry up trying to pull Qin Chuan away.

But even when they use all of their strength, with all of them pulling at the same time, they were unable to move him.

“What, what do you want to do…are you crazy, still not letting go!”

By the side, Zhang Dana is so anxious that his face turned pale!

“Not doing anything.”

Qin Chuan is smiling, but behind this smile hides a very thick killing intent, “I only feel that Manager Jin likes to stand up here to talk to me, thus I’m helping him out and lift him up so that he’s able to look at me properly.”

“You are crazy! Really a madman!”

Director Liu roars in anger, “Who’s the one who brought this security guard in! Too lawless already!”

Qin Chuan smiles merrily and asks, “Ah? How am I lawless ah?”

Director Liu berates, “You actually attack your higher up in public, isn’t this not considered as lawless?!”

“Then what this director means is that if I find a corner it is fine?”

“Of, of course not!”

Director Liu feels that this security guard in front of him is very crafty to instantly capture the hole in his words.

“Furthermore, I did not attack my leader ah.”

Qin Chuan clucks and says, “This leader, in our department store customers, are god right?”

Director Liu says positively, “That’s right! This is the forever constant rule!”

“Then that is right.”

Qin Chuan nods his head and points at the ground. “Just now this customer had dropped a hundred dollar. Which our Manager Jin had accidentally stepped onto it. I had lifted up Manager Jin is to guarantee that our god’s property does not receive any damage!”

With Qin Chuan saying so, the customer who was pointed out suddenly feels his pocket in shock, “Ah! It really is my money!”

Everyone is shocked, what the heck, this is also alright?

[Cry: I got cancer editing and reading this chapter. Too many annoying characters that make me wanna shoot them]


[Cry: If you see any mistakes or sentences that doesn’t make sense please comment it in the chapter or ping us in discord. Editing CN’s to proper English is sometimes hard cause we want to keep the translation at point. Broken English #1. ]

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 28  [Customers are gods]

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