MCW 27

Chapter 27    [Revenge]


Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet

Today it was hard to come by for Qin Chuan to wake up early. He wore the western suit that Miao Tian had bought for him.

The two female receptionist at the entrance who did not even glanced at him two days ago, today they kept looking at him.

“Good morning the two of you!”

Qin Chuan smiles merrily as he greets them before glancing a few more times at their tights before walking in.

The two of them blanked out for a moment before whispering to each other.

“This, that person was the security guard from back then?”

“I thought that he was someone from the board of directors ah…why’s he so classy…”

While they were whispering, their gaze towards Qin Chuan carries a peculiar tint.

Qin Chuan directly walked towards the security guard room on the first floor. Inside there’s only the thin and weak Xiong Ba who was sitting there eating his boxed meal in a hurry.

“Ah, Brother Qin had you eaten!”

Xiong Ba warmly greeted Qin Chuan, “If you had not eaten then let’s eat together!”

“Come on, it’s just a boxed lunch. It’s already not bad if you are able to eat enough!”

Qin Chuan’s mouth twitches as he sits down onto the chair and started smoking.

“Smoking before starting work is way better than living like a Daoist immortal!”

“Brother Qin, you look damn good wearing this set of clothing!”

Xiong Ba looks at Qin Chuan in admiration and says, “Heard that you had managed to date the sales department’s flower. This ability is really too big, please teach this little brother a trick or two!”

“Stinky kid, your resume is pasted on the wall!”

Qin Chuan points at the wall by the side and says, “Aren’t you married?”

“Hehe, then I also wish to know a few methods to fawn over my wife…”

Xiong Ba laughs embarrassedly, “My wife said that I this person is very wooden and does not have any sentiment. Marrying me is considered as having 8 generations of misfortune.”

“You married rather early ah.”

“That’s true. The two of us were childhood sweethearts, later on, as expected we got married.”

Xiong Ba rubs his head as his gaze is still with fortunes, “When is Brother Qin going to marry the sales department flower?”

“Hai, things had not even taken shape. Yesterday I only had a meal with her that’s all.”

Qin Chuan breaths out some smoke, “If two people would become together after eating a meal, wouldn’t the world become a mess?”

Xiong Ba cannot help but ask, “What Brother Qin says is true. But the sales department’s flower looks so beautiful, don’t you have any thoughts about her?”

“As for this…”

“I see that you are very interested right?”

At this moment from Qin Chuan’s back came a familiar female voice. This voice was rather sweet, but Qin Chuan doesn’t know why he feels his hair standing up when he heard it.

He turns around and sees Qian Jiao with her arms crossed as she stands behind him.

“Ah, Secretary Qian, good morning ah…”

Qian Jiao raises her eyebrow as she says sweetly, “Don’t speak, the way you smoke is rather handsome eh.”

“Is that so, I also feel the same.”

“That’s right. When you die from lung cancer, I will definitely help you light up incense.”

Qian Jiao adds another sentence which caused Qin Chuan to become very gloomy.

Looks like this lass is a bit angry today ah. Really don’t know who or what provoked her, could it be that her great aunt had come?

Qin Chuan subconsciously sniffs the air but did not smell any blood.

“What are you smelling for! Are you a dog!”

Qian Jiao rolls her eyes, “In front of Miss Miao did you also sniff like this?”

“Ah? What does this have to do with Miao Tian?”

Qin Chuan does not understand what’s going on.

“Hehehe, still pretending.”

Qian Jiao laughs, “Right now who in the entire department store doesn’t know that you and Miss Miao are already a pair.”

“Don’t you think that this gossip spread a bit too fast…”

Qin Chuan cough drily, such a big department store, why is it like the waist of padded trousers, so loose. There was nothing that can be concealed.

“Hmph, Qin Chuan, although the two of us have no relationship, but I still have something that I need to tell you.”

Qian Jiao crosses her arms as she strides over on with her high heels. She was almost the same height as Qin Chuan. Usually, she comes in contact with Qin Chuan, seeing this handsome face of his, she was suddenly a bit nervous.

But recalling that these clothes of his were chosen by Miao Tian that lass, she becomes angry.

But just what fire is this nameless fire!

“Hmph, let me tell you. President Wang let you become a security guard in the department store is to let you work properly. Although I should not care about your personal life, but I hope that you place all of your attention on your work, don’t only care about your love life!”

Finish speaking she turned and pulls out a new set of security guard uniform from a box.

“What you wore earlier had been thrown away. This is a new set. Yesterday I had placed it here. This is the department store. remember to wear your uniform when working! Don’t wear these kind of….fake goods!”

Qin Chuan takes the set of uniform, after which Qian Jiao passes over 500 dollars. “This 500 is the extra pay that President Wang is giving you. Hmph, don’t spend everything on a girl!”

Speaking finish Qian Jiao tossed down the money before turning around and leaves.

“Secretary Qian is usually a kind-hearted person ah. How come she’s like she had eaten a sour medicine?”

“Who says it’s not, who cares about her. I’ll go and change first.”

Qin Chuan extinguished the cigarette head before changing into the new security guard uniform.

“Ah, isn’t that the newest style of uniform for the department store?”

Xiong Ba looked at Qin Chuan enviously, “It’s said that this style was personally chosen by President Wang. But we still don’t have them yet, even Manager Zhang did not manage to get them as well.”

Xiong Ba mutters in his heart, indeed his relationship with President Wang is different ah.

This security guard uniform is way better looking than the one that I’m wearing. Right now compared to him, he looks like someone from the army while we are from the bandit army…

Qin Chuan takes the rubber baton from the wall and stuffs it into his waist hanging pouch. This looks rather presentable eh.

“Oi, Xiong Ba, do you think I look like a hired thug like this?”

Xiong Ba immediately says, “Brother Qin you really know how to joke around! If you looked like a hired thug then what do we look like?”

“Hahaha, I’m not going to talk to you anymore. I’m gonna go and patrol around as well as returning Miao Tian’s money back.”

“The two of you are still talking about money?”

“Get lost, didn’t I say that things had not even gotten to shaped yet.”

Qin Chuan strolls outside while he was thinking in his heart, if I really did date Miao Tian, this seems to be quite good. Miao Tian that lass is rather good. Her looks are also not that bad and her character’s very good. She’s definitely an optimal candidate for a wife.

But in Qin Chuan mind the figure of Wang Yue suddenly appears…he got a shock, why did I suddenly think of that tall and cold lass! That lass is basically carrying an aura of rejection not letting any creature get close. Even if I’m her fiance, but I am no different from a stranger.

He immediately shakes his head and expels Wang Yue’s image from his mind.

Really must be crazy how can I think of that lass. The two of us are people from two different worlds! It’s basically impossible!

One is the female president from high up, the other is from the lowest layer in society, a small security guard who had already been chased out from his family and right now he can’ even pay for his rent.

This is the reality of society. A romance between a princess and a loser is basically impossible. In a novel, it was very normal and can be seen on tv’s.

“How are you, did Miao Tian not come to work today?”

Qin Chuan walks over to the cosmetic counter and asks a salesperson.

The salesperson glanced at Qin Chuan before shrugging his shoulder.

“I’m looking for Miao Tian ah!”

The sales personnel sneers, “She’s no longer working here.”

Qin Chuan is shocked, “Ah? She resigned?!”

“That didn’t happen, but she got transferred to the after-sales department.”

The female salesperson points to the side.

After-sales department? Why did Miao Tian get transferred there?

Qin Chuan immediately leaves the cosmetic store and runs to the after-sales department to find Miao Tian.

The moment he reaches the after-sales department to take a look, indeed that good-looking lass is wearing the ash grey uniform of the after-sales department. She was sitting there with her eyes slightly red like she had just cried.

Qin Chuan walks up and asks directly, “Miao Tian why did you get transferred here, who bullied you?”

The other employees in the after-sales department glance at Qin Chuan, did the rumored sex scandal boyfriend find his way here?


Miao Tian forced out a smile, “I’m working ah, let’s talk after work.”

“You had just cried.” Qin Chuan frowns and asks Miao Tian, “Who’s the one who bullied you. Tell me.”

“No one….”

Miao Tian immediately shakes her head, “I still need to work….you, you go back first.”

“Comrade Miao Tian, right you are not a good friend ah!”

Qin Chuan says, “Right now you are my creditor, I have the responsibility to not let you get bullied by other people!”

“You are saying these preposterous arguments again.”

Miao Tian pouts before saying, “It’s really nothing…you quickly and go back to work…if other people see us like this, it will be bad…”

“Friend Miao Tian, what you say makes me unhappy!”

Qin Chuan frowns, “As the proverb says, ‘An upright body is not afraid of a slanted shadow’! The two of us are purely friends, why should we care about the gaze of other people!”

“Qin Chuan…”

Seeing how serious Qin Chuan is, Miao Tian does not know what to say. At this moment, from the side, a human figure suddenly appears. He immediately blocks in front of Qin Chuan and shouts towards him, “Qin Chuan! You still have the face to come here! You this scumbag!”

His hand pressed against Qin Chuan’s chest as a trace of savageness flashes across his eyes.

Qin Chuan frowns, “Who are you?”

“Jia Liang! Don’t be like this!”

Miao Tian got a shocked as she immediately stands up and tries to stop him with words. By the side, a lot of workers were watching the show and no one tried to step forward to stop them.

“Tian Tian! Don’t be afraid, with me here, this guy will not dare to do anything to you!”

The guy was wearing a western suit of a butler. He looks rather fair but his small physique is a little thin and weak. That pair of legs is even more slender than a woman.

“Qin Chuan do you know why Miao Tian got transferred to the after-sales department? It’s all because of you!”

“Because of me?” Qin Chuan is a bit torn, “Why would you say this?”

Miao Tian’s voice is slightly choking, “Jia Liang, you don’t say anymore…”

“No, I must definitely say it!”

The guy roars in anger nearly sprayed his saliva onto Qin Chuan’s face, “Not only am I going to say it, I am also going to beat this scum!”

Speaking finish his fist start punching towards Qin Chuan.

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Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 27  [Revenge]

Interesting way of getting revenge I must say…

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