MCW 26

Chapter 26    [Manager Jin]


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“Isn’t that the new security guard?”

“That’s right how come he’s with the sales department flower?”

“Are the two of them dating? What the heck, how can this be, the sales department flower is mine ah!”

There were a lot of people who recognized Miao Tian, there were also some who recognized Qin Chuan. Seeing the two of them going upstairs together, they instantly started discussing about them.

No matter where, as long as it is a place with a lot of people, gossip spreads around super quickly.

Originally only a few people saw them together but within a short moment, this gossip spreads throughout the entire Imperial department store.

“What? The new security guard had announced engagement with the sales department’s flower?”

“What? The sales department’s flower got knocked-up by the new security guard thus they are going marry because of it?!”

Qin Chuan and Miao Tian naturally did not know that their sex scandal had instantly propagated so exaggeratedly. They were walking towards the Honeybee Kitchen.

“This pair of shoes of yours is not bad.”

Qin Chuan’s gaze lands on Miao Tian’s slender legs. This lass legs are slender and her feet are also small. Wearing a pair of pink heart canvas shoes, it’s very cute.

“Where did you bought them from? I also wish to buy a pair of canvas shoes as well.”

Qin Chuan is classified under the category of a talkative person while Miao Tian this lass belongs to the silent types. Along the way, she did not say anything at all. This causes Qin Chuan to feel a little bored, thus without any topic to talk about, he stares at her legs and starts asking questions.

“Ah….bought, bought them online….”

Miao Tian was slightly panicky. She only feels that the gaze from the surrounding people was a bit scorching.

If my mother finds out that…I’m secretly having a meal with a guy…she will definitely become angry…but, but I’m also quite old already. Eating a meal with another guy should be nothing right…

Miao Tian consoles herself, while at this moment Qin Chuan raises his head and just nicely bumps into another person who was walking towards him.

What kind of physique does Qin Chuan have? The other guy instantly cries out as he retreats a few steps and falls to the ground.

“Ah! Manager Jin, are you okay?”

The person by the side was none other than Zhang Dana the security guard manager!

He immediately helps up the middle-aged guy sitting on the ground as he enquires about his well-being.

As he helps Manager Jin up, he berates Qin Chuan, “You this person does not have eyes is it!”

But when his gaze lands on Qin Chuan, he got startled as his calf trembles immediately.

What the heck is this situation?! Why is it this fellow! Didn’t he went out with President Wang to do some work? Why did he come back? Some more he had changed his clothing and is together with the sales department’s flower?!

Could it be that after this fellow had blessed by good luck, the two of them had gotten together?!

This damn Qin Chuan making himself looks like a gentleman, so in the end, it’s because he saw Miao Tian’s beauty! This fellow is really shady!


Open seeing Zhang Dana, Miao Tian becomes slightly afraid. She subconsciously hides behind Qin Chuan while Qin Chuan smiles. He smiles merrily as he looks at Zhang Dana.

“Oh, Manager Zhang, such a coincidence ah.”

Qin Chuan had one of his hand in his pocket while his other hand enthusiastically pats Zhang Dana on his shoulder.

Qin Chuan’s hand was very heavy and powerful. Every time he pats Zhang Dana’s shoulder, it causes him to grimace in pain.

But Zhang Dana once again got unspeakable suffering. This Qin Chuan’s finesse is very impressive. Even Jin Yang lost by his hand. Originally thought that he’s just a fellow with developed arms but did not expect that his brains are also very good, definitely not someone to be trifled with!

Especially since Zhang Dana was still afraid of the hidden identity of Qin Chuan. Right now in the department store, it’s spreading that this fellow is a trusted aide that Wang Yue arranged. Although I’m also arranged in by a relative…but it cannot be compared to President Wang!

At this moment the middle-aged man who was helped up says, “You are Qin Chuan?”

Qin Chuan looks at him and realized that this guy looks rather similar to Jin Yang. This father and son Jin’s look quite identical to each other.

“This person is the operations manager, Manager Jin!”

Zhang Dana immediately introduces, “He can be considered as the second-in-command in our company!”

This guy is Jin Yang’s father, Jin Jiu. He touches the short beard on his chin and clucks, “Don’t anyhow speak. Above me, there’s still the vice-president.”

Although it seems like he declines, but in his eyes, the proudness cannot be erased.

“Aiyah, when had our department store have vice-president ah!”

Zhang Dana starts flattering, “Isn’t this vice-president position sooner or later yours!”

“Don’t anyhow speak! If outsiders heard it, it will be bad!”

Jin Jiu berates while Zhang Dana keeps nodding his head.

Qin Chuan says in his heart, this guy is the same as his son oh, too good at pretending to be a pretentious prick!

“Looks like the standard of the security guards in our department store is becoming lower and lower.”

Jin Jiu shakes his head and sighs. He says, “Dana, the inner quality of the security guards that you guys hire needs to be strengthened ah.”

“Oh? Manager Jin is saying that I am not capable?”

Qin Chuan smiles merrily as he looks at the middle-aged guy in western suit. He asks, “Do you want to find a place to try it out?”

“Just base on your current way of treating your leaders!”

Jin Jiu says coldly, “Frivolous! How can our company have a person like you?!”

“How am I frivolous?”

Qin Chuan looks down. Because he’s taller than Jin Jiu, it’s like he is looking down on the other person making Jin Jiu have a feeling that he was a dwarf.

A small security guard…how can he have this kind of temperament…even when I face the board of directors…there isn’t this kind of inferior feeling!

“I’m a security guard. My responsibility is the safety of the entire department store, not responsible for pleasing you this operations manager. If you mind my working capability, I don’t mind you coming and test me. But if what you need is my flattering ability, then sorry. I don’t have any. You can go and find President Wang to fire me.”


Jin Jiu’s eyebrows crease but he restrains his anger.

He rearranges his slightly messy collar before saying, “Don’t think that just because you’re the person President Wang arranged in you can be free of worries. Let me tell you, you better not let me get my hands on anything that can be used against you, otherwise, I shall instantly make you scram out from this department store!”

“What leader says is right!”

Qin Chuan laughs and he also pats Jin Jiu on his shoulder. That pat nearly caused him to flop back down on his butt. “Leader you relax. I’m just a small security guard what skeletons could I have! But, leader your hobby is too unique, this kind of small advertisement you better not believe ah, there’s a lot of wily swindlers ah.”

As Qin Chuan speaks, in the fingers of Qin Chuan’s right hand there was a small name card. On the name card, there is the picture of a blatant woman and below it was a string of phone numbers. Obviously, this was those kinds of name cards in those small hotels.

Jin Jiu’s complexion turns ashen as he directly rejects, “That is not mine!”

“Then this wallet is not yours? The name card dropped out from inside.”

Qin Chuan waved his hand and like a magic trick, he takes out a brown dermis wallet. “Just now, I picked this up from the ground. Manager Jin, you should quickly count how much money you have.”

Jin Jiu immediately takes back his wallet, when did I drop it, why did I not remember?

“Aiyah, right. Don’t blame me if there’s any money missing, I don’t have any money on me ah. If Manager Jin does not believe you can go ahead and search me! You can strip me naked to check as well, after all, there are people who like to stuff their stolen stuff inside their anus. If Manager Jin wants to, I will definitely assist with the investigation!”

Finish saying so Qin Chuan started taking off his clothes scaring the three people present badly.

“Not short, nothing is missing, nothing is missing!”

Jin Jiu stopped Qin Chuan, how is it proper to undress here? At that time, if the top starts blaming, wouldn’t I be implicated! I’m not that stupid!

“Dana, you go and stop this subordinate of yours! I still have some matters and need to hurry and get it done!”

Finish saying, Jin Jiu no longer dare to look at Qin Chuan and walks away resentfully.

Zhang Dana also does not know how to stop Qin Chuan. He does not dare to use the prestige of a higher-up and can only beg, “Ancestor ah, you don’t strip ah, we’d be finished ah!”

“I didn’t want to strip ah, I thought that Manager Jin wants to check ah!”

Qin Chuan straightens his western suit, “Since there’s no issue, I also don’t have any shifts today, I’ll be going to have a meal. Ah right, Manager Zhang, I heard that you usually eat in the department store, and it’s very cheap. Tell me why is that so, I’m also very curious.”


Zhang Dana was slightly troubled like he does not wish to say.

“Ah, Manager Jin, don’t walk so quickly ah, you still haven’t searched my body ah!”

Qin Chuan starts walking in the direction of where Manager Jin went. As he chases behind, he starts to pretend to take off his clothing, scaring Zhang Dana into immediately stopping him, “You, you don’t ah! Okay, okay, okay. I’ll tell you okay!”

Finish talking Zhang Dana takes out a stack of coupons, “The coupons of most of the stores here…I have them…”

“Then thank you manager Zhang, you really love us subordinates a lot ah.”

Qin Chuan bluntly takes the entire stack of coupons from Zhang Dana before thanking him. Zhang Dana was about to cry already but he also does not have any methods to regain back the coupons. He can only stamp his feet and turn around and leave.

Miao Tian finally cannot stand it and asks, “You had offended both your higher-up and the operations manager…how are you still going to survive in this company ah?”

“Even if I did not go and provoke them, they will definitely use all kinds of methods to come and deal with me.”

Qin Chuan says softly to Miao Tian, “Since I had entered the department store, we were already destined to be enemies.”

“Why is that so…”

Miao Tian did not understand. Although she knows that the workplace is like a battlefield, but she does not believe that there will be people who will oppose each other to this point.

“Silly lass, because our standpoint is different.”

Qin Chuan stuffs the Ta Zi coupon into Miao Tian’s hand, “Keep it well, no point not keeping it.”

Qin Chuan had never like to passively bear with things. He likes to take the initiative to attack. Thus anyone who becomes his enemy will be out of luck.

“There’s no need for me to keep this…go back gift it to He Su.”

Miao Tian mutter, “I don’t need this to have a meal. The shop owner knows me very well. Let’s go, no need to think about all these matters, making my head big. Let me treat you to something delicious to eat.”

Miao Tian pulls Qin Chuan and continues upstairs, not knowing that Jing Jiu is watching them from downstairs with a sneer.

Qin Chuan, aren’t you wild, tomorrow I’ll make you obediently come and beg me!

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Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 26   [Manager Jing]

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