MCW 25

Chapter 25    [Security guard sudden change of fortunes]


Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet

In her entire lifetime, Miao Tian had never done such things before that overstepped the bounds of what is proper, not to mention looking at a male body.

Recalling when she was in university, back in the dormitory, those girls will watch romantic movies and the likes but she had never watched them before. Just listening to the sound already made her blush!

Because of this, she was nicknamed by her friends as, Pure Princess

Princess if princess, what pure princess…Miao Tian doesn’t really like that nickname but has no choice but to accept it.

Right now helping Qin Chuan button-up, she’s not used to it a bit. This Qin Chuan’s figure…doesn’t seem that bad. I originally thought that he was skinny, but I did not expect that despite looking skinny, after taking off his clothing he is very fit. He’s muscles is very firm, very streamline and filled with strength. Don’t know how it will feel if I were touching themt…ah, what am I thinking of!!

Miao Tian’s face turned even redder!

“Oi, Miss Miao, you buttoned it up wrong.”

Although Qin Chuan cannot bear it but he can’t go out to meet people like this right?

Thus he kindheartedly reminds the slightly panicky Miao Tian.


Miao Tian’s face instantly turns very red as her hands become at a lost.

Her hand was slightly trembling as she tries to unbutton Qin Chuan’s button. At this moment someone by the side starts saying, “Aiyah, this pair of lovers is also a bit too unbridled already.”

“Hehe…unbuttoning her boyfriend’s shirt in public while in front of so many people…oh this fellow’s figure is not that bad!”

“Right, young people these days ah, alas…”

Miao Tian’s face turned redder like she had a fever. She felt like she was about to faint here.

“Okay, okay. Let me do it myself.”

Qin Chuan let’s the cute little lass off. Continuing to take liberties to her will definitely make her fall apart.

After being given amnesty Miao Tian immediately runs away like she had escaped from a famine.  Qin Chuan silently buttons up before following Miao Tian into the department store.

Although there’s a very large hole on the back, it is better than being shirtless. Miao Tian leads Qin Chuan to the third floor to a male apparel store.

Miao Tian points and says, “The male clothing here is not bad. I frequently come here to buy for my father.”

“I feel that your temperament…is actually more like a manager. Why don’t you buy a complete western suit.”

“Buy so many western suits for what!”

Qin Chuan immediately shakes his head, “Too expensive already.”

“No worries. There are cheap ones which you can buy for leisure.”

Miao Tian explains. “I could see that you’re looks are not that bad wearing western suit…mm, furthermore, what you’re wearing is too formal already. You should buy one for daily use. Casual western suits are not that expensive. One set is around 3 to 400. I can help you match up for around a thousand.”

“What the!” When Qin Chuan hears this, his eyes widen, “One, one thousand?!”

“Hahaha, little fellow don’t be afraid!”

The boss by the side just nicely walks over. Hearing Qin Chuan’s shocked voice, he immediately starts laughing, “The base cost is not that high so I can give you a discount. 1 set is just 3 to 400 it is cheap enough already right?”

What the! This is also okay?!

“Aiyah, Miao Tian, you are usually buying for your father, today you finally brought your boyfriend over?”

The boss rubs his beer belly and smile towards Miao Tian and says, “I’m Directly giving you a 30% discount, see how much face this uncle is giving you!”

“Un, uncle..he, he is not…”

Miao Tian’s face was completely red as she tries to explain. But her tongue was somewhat not listening to her will.

“Little fellow, relax and choose. Miao Tian is a worker of the department store as well as a frequent customer who takes care of my business! 30% means that I am not earning money. After all the qualities of my clothing are not bad. Just this time only ah, the next time will not be so cheap!”

“All are Italy brand?”

Qin Chuan looks at the shop name at the entrance which is in Italian, ‘Gloria’!

“Gloria…why had I not heard of this brand before.”

Miao Tian is slightly shocked, “You also know Italian?”

“Still okay. I know 8 different languages.”

Qin Chuan winks at Miao Tian making her rolls her eye.

“Who would believe you!”

Miao Tian says, “If you really know 8 languages, then why is there a need for you to be a small security guard! It’s already enough to go and be the adviser of the department store!”

“Capable people are like me.”

Qin Chuan says profoundly while Miao Tian snorts and went to pick some clothes for Qin Chuan.

The boss pulls Qin Chuan to the side and secretly says, “Hehe, little fellow, well done! Did not expect that you’re able to pick-up the sales department’s flower! Don’t know how many guys are chasing after her but she did not even look at them!”

Qin Chuan nods his head, “That’s true, who am I ah! How is it possible for Miao Tian to block my charms!”

The boss reminds, “You must treat Miao Tian well ah, she’s a good girl.”

“Relax, guaranteed to pamper her like a treasure!”

Qin Chuan and the boss laughs together, after all, no matter how he explains the boss will not believe.

“Come, come, come, little fellow has a smoke.”

The boss pulls out a ‘Hongta Shan’ and passes it to Qin Chuan.

[TL: as usual it is a cigarette brand.]

“Ah, you are still smoking this!”

5 dollars a pack ‘Hongta Shan’, this boss is rather miserly with his smoking!

[TL: lols given the way chain-smokers smoke…it be 10 dollar a day even if this 5 dollar pack…]

[Cry: Why the f*ck am I getting Spelling errors with Hongta Shan with this 2 but the first one is not getting any.]

“Men smokes Hongta Shan! You looking down on mine is it!”

“Nonsense, I also smoke this.”

Qin Chuan pulls out his wrinkled cigarette box and shows the boss, after which they cluck.

Miao Tian was choosing the clothings inside. With a girl taking over the shopping, the two them squats by the door and started smoking.

At this moment the floor manager just nicely walks by. Seeing the two of them, he instantly glares. “What are the two of you doing?!”

Smoking is not allowed inside the department store. Thus the boss resentfully keeps away the cigarette while Qin Chuan stub out the cigarette. It is best to create less trouble for Wang Yue in this department store.

“Next time I see this again, I shall deduct your points!”

After throwing down this sentence, the manager turns around and leaves. Perhaps this is not the first time the boss committed this offense.

In the department store, every single store has points. Every month, there will be a competition over the points in the department store. The department store will give rewards based on how high the points were.

This kind of event can only be done by ‘Imperial’ this kind of rich and enormously imposing department store.

“Qin Chuan you quickly come over and try out this set!”

At this moment Miao Tian shouts out excitedly from inside the shop.

“Ah, coming.”

Qin Chuan flicks the cigarette head accurately into the rubbish bin by the side before dusting his butt and gets up.

Only to see Miao Tian standing in front of a clothes rack. She was holding a set of western suit and a black shirt which she passes to Qin Chuan, “Go, change into these!”

When Qin Chuan took them, the first thing he checks is not the quality but the price tag below.

“Don’t look already. You go and try out this set. If it’s fitting, I can still give it to you cheaper.”

The boss uncle waves his hand, “I see that Miao Tian’s eyesight is not bad.”

“Okay then, I’ll go and give it a try.”

Since the boss uncle had already said so, as well as the gaze of expectation from Miao Tian, Qin Chuan is no longer stingy about the price and obediently takes the clothes before walking into the changing room to change.

By the side a female shop assistant sneers, I had seen this fellow before. Isn’t he just the security guard from the first floor, to actually make a girl spend money to buy clothing for him.

Tsk, it’s not like he’s very handsome, also wearing a fake Armani, does he really thinks that he’s a gigolo?

Talking about this, this girl also looks quite beautiful. What kind of boyfriend can she not find, why did she choose this kind of gigolo, really don’t understand.

While at this moment the door of the changing room was pushed open as Qin Chuan walks out.

This time round, everyone turns blank when they see him.

That earlier dirty looking guy and had completely disappeared. In a blink of an eye, it’s a handsome and confident guy standing in front of them.

Qin Chuan who is wearing a black suit as well as a black shirt, looks very capable and devilish.

“Help me keep my clothing properly.”

Qin Chuan stretches out his hand and passes the western suit that he had taken off to the dumbfounded female shop assistant by the side.

“Ah, ah…”

The female shop assistant finally sobers up and her face turns red. She stands there and receives the clothing that Qin Chuan passes over stiffly.

“Leave it to me.”

Miao Tian smile towards the female shop assistance before taking over the clothing. The female shop assistant does not know why but at that instant she was a bit jealous.

That guy’s temperament is really too good. Especially after changing into a set of clean clothing, he appears very pleasing to the eyes and also seems to be a bit handsome! Especially that sharp face of his, it really makes people cannot help but make you look a few more times.

“This really suits you.”

When Miao Tian speaks to Qin Chuan, her face also turns slightly red. Why did I not notice in the past that when this guy dresses up, he will look so charming.

“It’s you who pick the clothing well.”

Qin Chuan smiles, as he sticks his hands into his pocket. He suddenly bends down and stares at Miao Tian.

Being stared at so closely by a guy makes Miao Tian a bit dumbfounded. She seems to be to sense the aura of Qin Chuan which makes her slightly flustered.

He, he, he….he is not going to kiss me right…can, cannot ah…we did not even date…cannot kiss one…furthermore, furthermore, I wish to leave my first kiss for the day of my marriage…so, so cannot be kissed…can not ah…

“There is something sticking to your face.”

Finish speaking, Qin Chuan stretches out his finger and wipes Miao Tian’s tender cheek clean.

Miao Tian’s face becomes even redder. So he was not trying to kiss me ah..ah! What was I thinking ah…Miao Tian, you had become bad!

“What Miao Tian choose is not bad ah!”

The shopkeeper uncle also blanks out for a moment. Did not expect that this fellow would be so handsome wearing these.

“One set already needs two hundred five from you already, is really not that expensive. This is the base cost, uncle will not pit you.”

“Then two hundred five it is.”

Miao Tian agrees and from the looks of it, she believes the other person.

Qin Chuan is a bit gloomy. Two hundred five, just listening to it feels uncomfortable.

But seeing the eyes that are shooting light at him, Qin Chuan cannot bear to escape.

Miao Tian’s insight is indeed quite amazing. In the future, I’ll just let her help to choose already.

Miao Tian paid the money before pulling Qin Chuan upstairs to the restaurant.

From the 5th floor onwards, it’s all sorts of food and beverage businesses, there were all kinds of restaurants. Sichuan restaurant, hotpot store, hong kong style restaurant, Taiwanese restaurant, anything that you can think of!

[TL: personally like hotpot but not the restaurant kind. Just throw everything you like into the pot!!!! A bit like the korean army stew]

[Cry: I don’t even know what hotpot is but I like anything with ribs and chicken.]

Along the way, the two of them were attracting the attention of a lot of people, envious and admiring this pair of lovely couple.

Miao Tian does not know why but she feels a bit excited.

It seems like…if I can have this kind of boyfriend, it’s rather not bad…

[Cry: If you see any mistakes or sentences that doesn’t make sense please comment it in the chapter or ping us in discord. Editing CN’s to proper English is sometimes hard cause we want to keep the translation at point. Broken English #1. ]

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 25   [Security guard sudden change of fortunes]

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