MCW 24

Chapter 24    [Sales MM]


Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Qin Chuan glances at the beauty and blanks out for a bit.

The beauty was none other than Miao Tian whom he had helped in the company yesterday.

Miao Tian is wearing a white cheongsam. The black hair paired with a white skirt, a pair of small slender legs revealed below, she’s like a gem under the sunlight.

No wonder she’s able to make Zhang Dana have perverted thoughts. This Miao Tian is really beautiful. Especially those pair of eyes, it reveals a kind of pure temperament. It’s this purity that easily lured a man to commit a crime!

While looking that the current Qin Chuan, he’s in a rather sorry figure. His lower body was wearing western pants while wearing a pair of converse. While for his upper body, he was naked while on his waist tied a bloodstained western suit. As for the shirt that he was wearing earlier, as the cut was too thorough, he did not wear it anymore.

Especially with his entire face covered with sweat, it’s like he had just escaped back from a calamity in a third world country!

“Sweat…you this way…”

Miao Tian thought that he had been robbed by someone when she saw this!

“Nothing much. I’m too bored that’s why I came out to exercise to loosen my bones!”

The wound on Qin Chuan’s back was only left with a small red dot. Thus Miao Tian does not know that he had just gone through a very terrifying situation.

Miao Tian this lass is indeed very innocent to the max to actually really believe in what Qin Chuan says.

“Oh…originally I planned to give you a ride. But since you’re exercising then I won’t bother you. I’ll be leaving.”

Finish talking Miao Tian turns on the electric scooter and prepares to leave.

While Qin Chuan immediately stretches out his hand and grabs the brakes of the electric scooter. He smiles merrily at Miao Tian and says, “Miss Miao, actually I’m also a bit tired from running. Why don’t you bring me along…”

“Oh, okay. Get on then.”

Miao Tian pats her backseat. What she is riding was a Giant Manufacturing, thus the backseat was half the size of Qin Chuan’s butt. But Qin Chuan does not have any other choice. Under someone else roof, there is no choice but to lower the head. It is not like I can walk home.

[Cry: Giant manufacturing is apparently a brand for electric bike in China]


He is just recovering from his injury thus he very much is currently lacking of physical strength.

Qin Chuan sits to the side of the backseat. As the electric scooter starts it immediately sways slightly and he is nearly unable to sit still.

He basically subconsciously stretches out his hand and grabs hold of Miao Tian’s waist.

Miao Tian’s waist was so soft like it was boneless, the feeling was pretty amazing!

Miao Tian also turns completely rigid. Although her looks are not bad, but she had always been an obedient girl. Till now she has never been touched on her waist by a guy! Not to mention holding hands with a guy!

And right now being ‘sneaked attacked’ by Qin Chuan, she was a bit at a loss of what to do.

“Watch the car!”

Qin Chuan shouts into her ear which finally jolts her awake!

At the front was a taxi that had just stopped because of the red light. Miao Tian immediately brakes and nearly kiss the rear of the taxi!

“What the…indeed it’s not reliable for a woman to drive!”

Qin Chuan let out a sigh of relief. Just escaped from the grasp of the death god and now I nearly died on Miao Tian’s electric scooter! If other people know that the famous ‘Instructor’ had died on an electric scooter, they will definitely laugh their asses off!

“You….you don’t ** ah…”

Miao Tian’s voice was as soft as a mosquito. Although she is very anxious and shy in her heart, but she does not dare to show any temper.

Only then did Qin Chuan understand the reason why Zhang Dana dares to bully this lass. She is really….too weak!

“Miss Miao, this scooter of yours is not that big ah. I can only hold here otherwise I will fall off.”

Qin Chuan explains, display his helplessness.

Miao Tian is also embarrassed to let her waist be grasped by him. Thus she uses her mosquito like voice and says, “Then….then you drive…”

Qin Chuan pretends and says, “Aiyah, I do not recognize the road ah.”

But in reality, he cannot be any more familiar with this road! Although he had just came to Imperial to work, but to Qin Chuan who had also lived in City H for a while and his ability to remember roads is number 1!

Thus not only did he not loosen his hand, but Qin Chuan also holds tighter.

“I have a bit of fear of heights. Do not drop me ah!”

Miao Tian wishes to cry, just how high is this scooter ah!

“You…you don’t use too much strength…ah….”

Right now, Miao Tian was both ticklish and uncomfortable. She wishes to find a hole and jump in.

“If I don’t use some strength then what if I fall off?”

Qin Chuan says seriously, “This electric scooter is driving so fast, I do not wish to get involved in a traffic accident!”

Miao Tian nearly cried, just how fast can an electric scooter drive ah! At most, it’s only 30 klicks or so! If this was able to get into a traffic accident then it would have been strange already!

But Qin Chuan does not care as he sits at the back of the scooter and hums a folk tune.

“One day when I went to the streets and see a beauty ah~she was wearing short pants ah~I say, beauty your panty had dropped onto the ground ah, beauty laughs as she smiles and says, I’m not wearing one ah…”

Miao Tian’s face turns completely red, this stinky fellow just what on earth is he singing! Doesn’t sound nice at all….

Especially the lyrics, how is there this kind of lyrics ah…this is completely vulgar and cannot bear, entering a person’s ear…

Miao Tian is very ashamed when at that moment the car behind her horns crazily.

Qin Chuan clucks as he reminds, “Miss Miao, quickly start the scooter ah.”


Only then did Miao Tian reacts as she immediately adjust the scooter head and turns on the accelerator and the small scooter slowly drives forward.

Miao Tian suddenly remembers something and asks casually, “Right…you had not eaten yet right…”

“How is that so. Just now I had just followed President Wang out to settle some matters. President Wang is a good person who insists on treating me to western. Aiyah, just now really eat until very full!”

Qin Chuan wants face, thus he casually spins a lie. At this moment his stomach betrays him and lets out a growl.

It was a thunder-like growl, even the car at the side was able to hear it.

Miao Tian smiles, “Still saying that you had eaten. Just nice I also had not eaten. Last time I owe you one, let me treat you to a meal.”

Saying so she suddenly makes a U-turn and drives back from where she came from.

“Where are you bring me for a meal?”

“At the Company.”

Qin Chuan immediately asks, “What the, don’t tell me it’s the canteens food ah.”

“Am I that petty?”

Miao Tian was angered, this Qin Chuan is really a petty person, “Although I am only a small sales personnel, but my wages are still higher than yours, hmph!”

Oh, just saying a few sentences and she started showing her temper.

Qin Chuan clucks and asks, “Then how much do you earn per month? Us security guards earn 3k yuan! Add on the full attendance bonus and the rest, one month can reach up to 4k!”

Miao Tian pauses for a bit, “Ah, so much…”

Qin Chuan chases for an answer, “That’s right, quite little right. How much you earn ah?”

Miao Tian’s face is very red as she says, “2….2k+…”


“This, this, this is only the base pay!”

Miao Tian immediately explains unwillingly, “Us salespeople earn the base pay then earn a percentage of our sales! As long as we sell things properly we will earn more…there are some who earn 20-30k per month!”

“Then how much you earn each month ah?”

“I, In one month…one month…”

Miao Tian’s face is very red as she immediately says, “You this person, how can you be like this. How can you ask about other people wages, this is impolite!”

“Fine then, after all, it is definitely more than me right?”

Qin Chuan clucks, this lass really is unable to hide her thoughts ah.

The two of them rides the electric scooter back to the company. The super department store was very large. Furthermore, it was operating until 10pm before officially closing up. Besides that, there’s also a large cinema on the 12th floor as well which was open throughout the night. On the 6th floor, there’s also an arcade which also does the same.

As a large-scale synthesize department store, Imperial is completely worthy. But Qin Chuan feels that the system of the security guards has some problems. Such a big place, there’s only just 5 security guards and among which 4 of them are either old, weak or sick, isn’t this a bit too lacking of people?

“Originally there were 30+ security guards but no one knows why but most got laid off. Saying that the security guard department is ineffective by the subordinates.”

When Qin Chuan asked this question, Qian Tian drives the scooter as she says, “After all the department store is in the center of the city. There are so many people how would there be anyone who dares to cause trouble.”

[Cry: That’s one f*cking retarded reasoning. I could basically steal stuff there and get out without much trouble.] [TL: Thumbs-up]


“What you say is slightly reasonable.”

Although he says so, but Qin Chuan’s heart does not think so. Such a big place and there’s just this bit of security guards, it would be weird if nothing had happened!

Although currently, nothing had happened. But if something were to happen, it will definitely be a big disaster!

“Let’s go. There is a Honeybee Kitchen on the 6th floor which is not bad. Let me treat you there. I went there frequently and the boss is familiar with me. Can get up to 80% off!”

Qin Chuan subconsciously ask, “Don’t tell me that you spend your monthly wages on eating those right?”

“Of, of course not…”

Miao Tian’s face turns red as she pouts and says, “I, I am not a foodie…”

Qin Chuan feels like he is able to jab into Miao Tian’s vital point, but being a foodie not necessary is a bad thing. At the very least this lass is not fat at all, furthermore, she is very slim. Especially her legs are long and slim, very nice to look at. If Wang Yue is a 10 point beauty, then Miao Tian is definitely 8 point.

“Okay then. You are not a foodie, I am really a bit hungry. Let us go up and eat.”

Finish talking, Qin Chuan walked towards the department store with swag.

“Ah, you cannot go in naked ah…”

Miao Tian immediately stops him.

Qin Chuan was embarrassed as he says, “What to do…I only have this. The security guard uniform seems to be still with Qian Jiao over there.”

“You…put on your western suit first.”

Miao Tian says, “Later I help you sew it back properly. Let us first go to the 3rd floor to buy new clothing from the male apparel section.”

“I don’t have money!”

Qin Chuan’s pocket is very empty making Miao Tian instantly smile.

“Take a look at you. Take it as me lending you okay. I know the boss of the male apparel store, I can get an 80% discount.”

Qin Chuan asks, “Which boss do you not know ah?”

Miao Tian’s face turns red as she lowers her head and says, “Isn’t, isn’t it just two people…”

“I’m bringing you to a good place to buy male apparels, rather cheap as well….”

“Okay, when I get my wages, I’ll pay you back.”

Thinking a bit, I indeed cannot wear something like this and go to eat. If people who knew me sees this, how can I mingle around anymore in the department store!

He casually unties the western suit from his waist and wears it. He did not button up and walks in.

“Be-better button it up.”

Miao Tian stops Qin Chuan and stands in front of him and helps him close the buttons in front of his chest.

Qin Chuan’s pectoral muscle is very sturdy. The fish line is even clearer. When Miao Tian sees his naked body, her face instantly turns red as her heartbeat speeds up.

[Cry: If you see any mistakes or sentences that doesn’t make sense please comment it in the chapter or ping us in discord. Editing CN’s to proper English is sometimes hard cause we want to keep the translation at point. Broken English #1. ]

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 24   [Sales MM]

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